Incubus Hits Rock Honors: The Who


Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters jumped in early. Then the Flaming Lips said hell, yeah. Now Incubus has been added to this year’s Rock Honors festivities. So prepare to be overwhelmed on July 17. The alt-metal juggernaut that features Brandon Boyd up front is skilled at mowing down everything in its path, much like the Who themselves. See if they bring a metal slant to some of the band’s classics.

Here’s an songlist of their best videos. Crank it up and get psyched for their Rock Honors performance.

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  1. rich says:

    Incubus… metal? Seriously? Who really thinks they are metal? Me thinks the writer hasn’t listened to Incubus.

  2. akjer says:

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  3. sally says:

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  4. kate says:

    i agree with rich….
    incubus is definately not metal.
    the writer of this article needs to do their homework.

  5. tykv rcjb says:

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  6. vzhmlnp woxtk says:

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  7. Kevin Dullea says:

    who is the drummer for the band “Who’ on your show?