Roid Rage, Just In Time For Hulk


Tonight, the vein-splitting extravaganza The Hulk opens at theaters nationwide, starring Ed Norton and Liv Tyler. And while those two are gearing up to walk the green carpet, we put together some other celebrities who might know a thing or two about steroids, or anger, or just having really large biceps. Check out the gallery of stars who’d make Popeye proud.

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  1. admmyf says:

    he’s so hot and a great actor,I heard he dated a model on the celeb dating site ‘searching millionaire * com’.wish him good luck.

  2. Maria says:

    This person is the biggest roid user ever. I worked out at the same gym in the 90′s with her and HHH
    Both were jacked up on roids and chyna even had the square jaw that men get from taking them she is a liar when she says she didn’t use enhancement drugs. Boobs and a chin implant made her look almost unfreakish….to bad she can’t come clean to herself. I saw her lie flat out on that dr drew show what a load of crap she was feeding him…..don’t be surprised if she kicks the bucket in her 40′s like all the other wrestler steroid users. Hope she doesn’t but ….lies get you no where quick Joanie

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