Cops Investigating Threats Against Hogans


This ongoing legal battle between the Hogans and the family of John Graziano continues to get uglier, even as John remains in a coma and Nick Hogan sits locked up in jail for the accident that critically injured his best friend. Hulk‘s people have released voicemails allegedly sent by John’s brother Frank, in which he talks about committing some serious violence against the Hogan clan. The police are currently investigating the phone calls, in which a gruff voice can be heard threatening to “piss on you and your family’s grave,” and refers to Linda and Brooke as “your wh*re daughter and your wh*re wife.”


Click here to listen – and be warned, the language is NSFW and very ugly.

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  1. Joanne Gay says:

    I am boycotting VH 1 as long as you have those skell the hogans on air. I will contact the advertiser of that shaow and boycott them as well. Shame on you VH 1. That little delinquent was dtiving with alcohol in his system. Now he wants to know how to make a buck off of it. that the true Hogan family value!

  2. BAJAN KAT says:


  3. Rihannona22 says:

    ok the Hogans family will know what to do.

  4. Cassandra says:

    You have to think, Nick nearly killed his BEST friend. Obviously people are going to be upset about it. You don’t hear anything about how his friend is doing, but you hear about Terry breaking down crying because his “pefect little world is fading away”. Frank has a right to be mad, his brother is pretty much dead. Come on now, let’s make a big deal over some stupid punk being locked up, how many stupid punks are locked up for the SAME thing? A LOT OF THEM. Just because “Hulk” is his dad, everyone knows about it. He thought his daddy could buy him out of trouble, but daddy can’t always fix everything. They need to come to terms that their son, is stupid. And I think I would have been more hateful and threatning if it was my BROTHER, and I was leaving voicemails like that. They all need a realitly check. SOON.

  5. Ashling says:

    I find the audio very upsetting. I understand that the friends family is upset, it is a sad and tragic thing that happened. The reality is that regardless if it is a hogan child or not things like this do happen everyday. We all make mistakes and we all have done stupid stuff and have made terrible decisions but his friend got in the car with him. Both children were not thinking and were being typical teenagers thinking that nothing wrong can happen to them. The friend could have been easily driving as well. Do I think that the hogan kid should have had a car like that – with that much power? no, of course not…but it could have happened in a beat up old honda just the same. It was a choice that both of them chose to take…it was a risk…a risk that caused a lot of pain. I do not blame the hogan kid nor the friend – it was a stupid mistake that went south. Hopefully the friend recovers and they both learn from this and learn that things can happen. It is only so hyped because of the celebrity level of the kid driving – but this happens all the time. We must try to benefit from this and learn that it can happen to anyone…not judge as we know we have all done something either the same or similiar to this situation. I feel for both families and wish that they would focus on their children and helping others rather then threatening – it will go nowhere fast and does not benefit either child or the nation. Wrong reactions do not make the first wrong action better and it’s not right.

  6. Loopie says:

    I agree with you ^^^^. Nick is up walking,talking,and his friend is in a coma. I think the Hogans should put themselves in their shoes.Cause,Nick will be back home soon,but their son may not wake up for a long time.If it was me,threatening phone calls would be the last thing they’d be worrying about.And they have to live with the fact that it’s cause of Nick’s stupidity. Personally I think he should of got more time on his sentence than a couple of months. It’s just mind blowing how the justice system is so lenient to celebrities. With Hogans family going through a downward spiral,they’re going to try to milk any publicity that they can to redeem themselves.Brooke Hogan is coming out with her show this month. Who’s next? I guess Nick will do the same when he gets out and call his show “Free Bird”.

  7. Loopie says:

    I meant Cassandra….^^^^.

  8. loopie says:

    I meant Cassandra,not the girl before me.Was typing when she posted before me……

  9. Opps says:

    Meant Cassandra,not the girl who posted before me(I was typing when she posted after Cassandra)

  10. Chris says:

    The Hogan’s are just like any other family except they are in the public eye there for us to judge them. Yes the kids have been spoiled and do no understand what real life is all about but when people make so much money they seem to forget to teach their children about reality and what it means to give back to others. I believe that Nick needs to pay for what he has done but lets remember that being a parent means loving unconditionally. I believe that his parents do not like the path that he has taken but I would think less of them if they just walked away from him. A parents love means always being there no matter what and that is what they seem to be doing. Not only is Nick going to pay for his mistake but so will his family. I can only hope that something positive come from this and that the family of the other party find peace and comfort in their time of need.

  11. Melissa says:

    Do you believe in god? Who are you to judge them? We don’t know how Nick feels or the “Hogan” family. Nor do we know how the others are feeling.

    Have you ever drove drunk? Were you speeding at all?

    He who is free of sin cast the first stone. Don’t expect MORE mercy from others than YOU show.

    You will mess up sooner or later, let’s hope someone still loves you like god does.

  12. I hate the Graziano family because they keep messing with the hogans says:

    I think that the Graziano family needs to get over themselves

    And if I ever saw them on the street I would scream HAHA because their son is in coma,

    HAHAHAHAHAH, their son is in a coma!!~!

  13. sickof this says:

    This is so sad. it is sad that this man is in a coma and nick is in jail. We should remember that if he wasn’t speeding this wouldn’t have happened. BUT let’s not forget that that man was NOT wearing a seatbelt and Nick was. He most likely would not be as hurt as he was if he was wearing that seatbelt. It was an ACCIDENT, a sad, tragic accident that unfortunately has put the hogans in a horrible light and I don’t think that is fair. This could have happened to anyone and I think everyone is being way too hard on the Hogans…like I said he was not wearing a seatbelt and THAT is a huge factor.

  14. HIRO MATSUDa says:

    This pathetic family has got to stay in the light..A lot of us just wish they would all just GO toward the light.For those who KNOW it all i guess you have been living in denial of the OTHER contents of those tapes.WELL you can bet your sweet A#* that a lot of current and former members don’t take it LIGHTLY when the PUNKSTER states [POOR PEOPLE SE JOINING THE MILITARY AS A WAY TO SERVER THIS [PATHITIC] COUNTRY AND USE THE MILITARY AS A WAY OF TRYING TO IMPROVE THEIR MEANINES LIFE OF EXSISTINCE BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE IT LIKE WE DO SON]Well you can bet that regardless what ever the Attorney General of Florida decides the Entire tape will get out..The hogan family was so stupid to actually say this stuff and MORE and people wonder how and why the tapes were released???Duuu huuu Over 32 % of the current staff in law enforcement in the U.S. is ……………….Former Military so go figure…………………….As for the remarks that you have heard you dam right when I come back from a [single] tour in Iraq i was Loud and Negative,,and the HEAVY stuff that I was O R E R E D to do was just that so i guess that means we are all NEXT…Another thing We The Few The Proud DO NOT TOLARATE A N Y O N E disrespecting our Brothers and Sisters who have giving their lives for this country and the ones who can not speak in retribution of remarks…..So it’s basically like this on lets just pick a date say……..July 27 2008 on out will be the beginning of days FEW will forget…..List of things to do #1Prepare a documented petition to the FCC of why we the under signed [ALL WHO ARE CURRENT MILITARY CAN BE VERIFIED THRU THE D.O.D. ] Against ALL television stations,Brodcasters..Mainly VH 1 and CMT that continue to air any and all programs associated by any means with the HOGAN / BOLLEA family…That’s a HINT of things TO COME……….TO

  15. Andrew says:

    So from what i’m hearing is that you completely support the guy who made the threatening phone call to the hogans. I know this is an anti hogan page, but this is ridiculous and before you dismiss me as a supporter. I do think Nick should do his time in jail and the Hogans to have remorse for the Graziano Family, but that was not the way to go and it probably won’t help their cause at all. It sucks that it is a media spectacle on both of their parts this fighting should stop.

  16. Jenny says:

    Who cares! The asshole Hogan’s deserve it. I have NO SYMPATHY for them. Why are people making a big deal out of it. It’s not like the person actually carried out his threat. Boo Hoo..the Hogans suck!

  17. Andrew says:

    To Jenny:
    How do you know if he won’t carry out that threat or not. In this post 9/11 america we live in now, people who have families do take phone calls like that seriously. Regardless of what people think of the Hogan family right now it is wrong to threaten someone’s life like that on the phone.

  18. mike says:

    I am boycotting as well!!!!!

  19. stacy says:

    BOYCOTT VH1 HOGANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kevin says:

    Stacy do you mean boycott Hogans vh1?

  21. W says:

    to hell with these D-Bags.

  22. nancy p says:

    how do we know these threats arent a publicity stunt from hogans wrestler friends to gain sympathy???????? shouldnt this be investigated,,,after all dont the hogans want to make money when that little spoiled brat gets out…………… i heard and seen nancy grace,, to me it sounds like a wrestler,,, doin his persona,,,,

    i think its a wrestler ,, a friend of hulks,, go gain sympathy,,,,, and i think hogan put this person up to it,,,,, all of a sudden hes gettin threats after all this time?????? its suspicious,,,

  23. mathew bourque says:

    how many more people are we going to let get away 8mounths in jail i like nick hogen but i think it sould have been a littel more?

  24. Jo says:

    I will not watch any of the hogans shows! VH1, you know better. They are selfish and worried about themselves…they are FAKE!!!!! No more Hogans. What comes around goes around. Get a clue VH1.

  25. Tiffany says:

    I think that Nick should get a lighter punishment because I believe that Nick didn’t attionly hirt his friend because they were probably not tryong to race they were trying to have fun and I am not sure what the speed limit is in Florda but I really hope that Nick has learned his lession on speed racing.

  26. dksmom says:

    I agree that they should investigate the voicemails, because they are being threatened in detail. What people fail to realize is that these phone calls didn’t start until The Hogans tape recordings were made public!!! The phone calls are so ….. let me think ……… out of the this w o r l d!!!!!!!!
    They blamed the guy basically and Nick wants a show out of all of this to make money. I feel he shouldn’t,be able to make money out of this situation and the family feels the same way , so these recordings are the ending result . The family is angry becasue the lack of justice because of who his father is, i think he has like eight months. If it were the average person the sentence would be longer. MONEY got his son the little time that he got. That’s real They said on the the tape that GOD laid some heavy sh– on him ! he woke at lot up. Now VH1 needs to stop airing The Hogans like A&E did The bounty hunter guy. They don’t really have remorse to me and the taped conversations shows that. It’s JUsT SAd.

  27. sandra says:

    omg leave thehogans alone serically people make mistakes…they were bestfriends i bet you nick feels really bad he’s in jail he dosnt need anymore stress. Yes i undestand what Nick had done to hes friend that night but the Graziano should be faithfull that there son is alive..Serically threating people is’nt going to get you far in life it’s just going to get you in trouble. GROW UP!!! It was a f****** mistake no one is perfect. TO THE HOGANS IM GOING TO KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS DONT WORRY EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FINE TRUST ME.

  28. B@!$DEN says:

    Wow people saying they are going to boycott VH1 and the show other people giving speaches of what they’d do? Honestly it does not matter how horrible of an act Nick did it was an accident and this Frank Graziano guy has no right to be sending those voicemails his brother the one in a coma was a willing participant in the race he did not have to get in the car with Nick just imagine if it was the other way around if Nick was the one in a coma Hulk, Brooke, or Linda would not be leaving hateful messages. So its wrong for him to threatened him even though hes not much of a threat but still if this Frank dude does anything it is punishable by law. So…..

  29. Get real` says:

    I just want to say it wasn’t an accident. All parties involved are responsible to some degree. It isn’t an accident to drink and drive; it isn’t an accident to jump into a car with someone who has been drinking and not buckle up; and it isn’t an accident to buy your underaged son alcohol. Whatever happened to responsibility? If anything, Hulk Hogan should be charged with contributing to the accident since he was on video tape buying the alcohol at the liquor store. I saw his feeble attempt on Larry King Live trying to do damage control. I couldn’t believe how selfish and self centered he is. His lawyer said that Hulk Hogan wasn’t charged for contributing becasue Nick was “legally under the limit.” Whatever, but he definately was impaired. This is a sad commentary of how our judicial system works. It really comes down to who you know and how much money you have. I am so through with Hulk Hogan and his family and the sponsors who support them.

  30. karma says:

    You people are ridiculous. I feel sorry for the kid in the hospital but he is an adult and he knew how Nick Hogan liked to drive fast. He got into that car willingly and knew the risks he was taking. To blame it solely on Nick Hogan is not fair. I know it”s not fair what happened to John either but unfortunately that’s how life is.

  31. hah says:

    so that’s what he gets for associating with a dumbass like nick hogan

    hard to find it ironic

  32. damn. says:

    hey who cares if they are threatening the hogans so what if u were in a wreck with someone accident or not bestfriend or not and where paralyzed how would ur family handle it the hogans are tryin to get a lil something out of this whole incident i feel no pity for nick hogan omg a lil bit of time in jail wah wah when he gets out he will still walk talk eat feel drive sheesh poor guy.

  33. Mrs. Val says:

    I think that if Graziano’s are making these threats, they need to stop. I know the seriousness of this matter. But, lets be real. John knew Nick had been drinking, He may have been drinking as well. He still got in the car. Now, Nick should have not been drinking at all. He is under age. All the blame should not be put on Nick. It’s funny how all of sudden, the Graziano’s hate the Hogans. I know they’ve watched Hogan knows Best. They saw Nick drive. So , everyone involved knew the risks.
    Nick is serving time, what more should happen to this kid? I believe he’s being bashed, because of who is father is. So, what he’s a celeb. Only thing that makes them different from us is money. Everybody has some of form of talent. So GOD bless John & Nick!

  34. AMANDA says:


  35. Marq says:

    This is to the person who threatened hulk and nick. U need 2 fall back cuz wut the hell it was an accident its not like it was purposely done. And with u makin those threats is making you look so freakin stupid 4real. Alot of people can call their enemies and say oh your gonna get ur azz beat for opening your mouth. Get sum guts man cuz if u were about ur shyt u would go up 2 hulk and actually do sumthin instead of talkin shyt over the phone u bytch. Anywayz good luck 2 hulk and nick and 2 the person that is in the coma. Laterz on the flypside ;).

  36. Jenny says:

    To Andrew:

    The person who made those calls has not carried out his threat..the Hogan’s are still alive(unfortunately). I highly doubt he is stupid enough to do it now since the recordi.ngs have been made public. I find it very suspicious that the tapes were leaked to a radio personality who happens to be a family friend of the Hogan’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hogans “staged” these threats themselves. Hulk douchebag Hogan claimed that he “loved” John as a son. Yet, in the accident report he NEVER asks about John. Read the complete report at

  37. jeff says:

    Jennifer you are an idiot. First of all it is a COMA not a common. Your brain is in a coma and you are wide awake, too bad. Ignorant people like you and John’s brother are the type of people who should be in car wrecks and never wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. nancy p says:

    the owner of any vehicle involved in a crash is responsible,, not the passenger,,, thats the law,,,,,,also again i think its one of hogans wrestler friend who is threatening the hogans,, to gain sympathyi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, its clear,,,,,, i mean like i said after all this time,, to all of a sudden get threats its most definitely suspicious,, i would check out the wreslters that hulk had on his show and in his house,, greg the hammer valentine,,,, nick bockwinkle,,, etc,, the time they had that party and threw everything in the pool,, please authorities check out where the calls came from the cell phone records do a star 69 ,, call waiting,,, caller id,, im sure they came from the hogans themselves,,,,, for poor little cry baby nick boo hoo hoo who gives a dam , look what he did,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  39. Tiffany M says:

    I think Nick is a smart boy and I think he didn’t mean to hirt his friend and they were probably not going to fast.Maybe it was raining and he lost control of the car and that when it probaly flipped over and Nick’s friend got seriously injuried and that might have cause the acident to happened.

  40. Nate A says:

    The way I see it is if it were regular people none of us would care, but there not so everyone will watch and wait for what happens next. Personnaly I like Hulk Hogan I grew up watching him and I think he’s probly a cool guy. Its a shame what his family is going though right now. All you people that are spitting venom on him right now should be ashamed of yourself. Hate is an ugly thing and God dont like ugly. As for the messages I understand the brother being angry but right is right and thats terroristic threatening and his ass should be charged with it. Right is right yo.

  41. Lightning says:

    Tiffany, are you on drugs!? Nick is not smart. He got drunk and raced with his ‘friends’ in the car! It was not raining, he was SPEEDING because he thinks he is above the law and can drink and drive since he thinks he’s famous. No one gives a f^$% about him. I also think that the Hulk is an idiot for thinking that John deserved it because he was violent and aggressive. That is bulls*&^! Your son is irresponsible, get over it and discipline him, jackass!

  42. Erik says:

    Isn’t it funny how those messages were “released” by Hogan?? I heard that the police are looking into the fact that the messages were fake and created by the wrestling writers, who are used to creating crazy scenarios for the fake wrestling matches….this makes sense since Hulk Hogan was just on Larry King last week, with his crocodile tears, acting up a storm and pretending to get choked up….so it only makes sense the Hogans are looking for sympathy, they see themselves as the victims, it makes me sick.

  43. mike and victoria says:

    this is all messed up, the hogans shouldnt be recieving threats

  44. Essie Rerun berry says:

    To whom it may concern Hulk hogan son made a decision so he has to live with it ,when the car crash so now your son has to do some time in jail get over it.And if someone called and threaten Hulk Hogan let’s get proof .You could have anyone making those call.s( Rerun berry

  45. noneya says:

    I promise this is not the first time those two jumped in Nick’s car after a bit of partying and decided to street race friends. It’s just the first time they had a wreck doing it.
    I am not making light of the fact that the kid is in a coma…That surely sucks, but I dont think at any point in time during the adventure did he say No Nick, this is wrong, we should not do this!
    And I believe the possibility of the calls being both real and fake. I lean a bit more towards fake because the family is trying to gain financially from the Hogans and I cant imagine anyone is stupid enough to leave physicall evidence of threats that could be brought up in court and might jeapordize those financial gains.
    Granted, Nicks attitude is questionable where the Above The Law comment comes in to play. But he is no worse than any other rich kid I even knew. It is unfortunate but he wlll actually end up gaining more from this than he looses. The Hogans went to court and battled NON STOP for the right to keep thier fricken dogs….What do you think they are going to do for thier son???

  46. Gina says:

    I agree with Noneya’s comment listed below mine. I have seen these kind of accidents happen before and had a close frieind who passed away due to his friend(another friend of mine) drunk driving.If I remember correctly I believe my friend got rehab time and probation( manslaughter charge) and let us not forget the life sentence of living with his friends death.People make mistakes on a daily basis, especially teens. I know boys up into there 20′s with several speeding tickets and or traffic violations. My point is Nick is a teen who made a bad decision and regardless of punishment by the law he will have to live with this the rest of his life. We should not judge him or his family or the Graziano family. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT . If I did’nt know better and turned on the TV I may think Nick was being tried for murder 1 .As far as Hulk’s and Nick’s comment about John being negative I thought about this for awhile and even seen the Larry King interview and still could’nt understand why they had said that; but thinking back to the Larry King show I remembered Hulk’s statments about God and it seems his understanding of God is that God punishes his people in accordance to the way they live or how they act; so with that said I believe that Hulk and Nick where trying to figure out what John did to deserve this to happen to him..Nicks response.. he was negative. As far as the reality show goes I believe Hulk was trying to give Nick something positive to look forward to( this is a terrible thing for him to live with daily) and again Nick is just a teenage boy teenage boys rarely say all the right things. The misunderstanding of these tapes have thus caused a huge backlash and like Hulk said we have only heard edited versions of those tapes. I am sure that the above comment was hurtful to the Graziano’s,yet this mudslinging isn’t helping John or Nick.It seems the Hogan’s are trying desperatly to tell the world they are not horrible people and the Graziano’s are are both hurt (comments on jail tapes released) and devistated by their sons condition and thus are trying to say how dare you Hogan’s make those comments… wow odly enough it seems we have a misunderstanging of others religious beliefs . Eveyone needs to step back and put themselves in the others position., Did anyone ever think about how John would want this situation handled.. They were great friends . In close, we should not judge others(unless your a juge with all the facts or God) and also we have our own free will and we suffer the consequences of our actions, God is not out to punish us we do that to ourselves..

  47. calimommy says:

    From Nick Hogan’s own mouth during a rides magazine interview :
    Wow, these must break necks when riding down Ocean Drive.

    “The yellow Supra and yellow Viper are pu**y magnets for sure. I mean, the green and the silver appeal more to men, ’cause a guy knows what he’s looking at and will drool over it. But girls see the yellow, and panties start dropping off.”

    Jeez, talk about a flashy color. Anyway, most 16-year-olds haven’t had enough practice yet to become a pro drifter.

    [Laughs]” Let’s just say I have a terrible driving record.”

    Uh-oh. Looks like someone has a story to tell.

    “In my silver Viper, I was driving from Miami to Tampa. I got pulled over going 107 [mph] and the guy let me off. He’s like, “Hey, I know who you are, just keep going, ya know.” Dude, I got back on the road and two minutes later I get pulled over going 113 [mph]. Another highway patrol from the same county said, “I just heard on the radio that my buddy pulled you over and let you go. I’m a let you go this time. It’s your second warning. You get pulled over again, you’re probably going to go to jail.” Three minutes later, [I was] doing 123 [mph] in a 50 [mph zone]. The guy is like, “Hey, I just heard you got pulled over twice in the last 10 minutes. I got to write you a ticket.”

    Judge for yourselves.

  48. I_love_money_like_the_hogans says:

    boycott vh1 if they do not get rid of the trailer trash to riches Hogans. bald steroid dad, fat wannabe daughter, loser nobody ruin the life of others then try to get his own “real” ality show son, and super fat cougar mother dating 19 year old. can’t we just find some other freak family to put on reality tv……………their 15 minutes is up, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaze!!!!!!

    if they had any ounce of class, they would set up a trust for this kid. and I mean at least 10 million to generate the money he will need to take care of him. of course their only ability to make money is to be wannabe reality tv stars……………how pathetic.

    yo, Terry, take some acting lessons………u sucked on larry king!

  49. d says:

    when somebody is extremely hurt and angry, they will do and say stuff out of character just to get the pain out. they can’t vent to nick, so they go to the next person on the list. is it wrong to make threats? oh yeah. i don’t condone what they did, but i understand it. i sent nasty emails to a woman who had caused waves in my relationship with a man i was in love it. she got with him while we were together, and i lost it. i didn’t threat her though. i called her a +*_@@)~#**!~^~!#~ slut, ~*!%~$~`)(!@_^*!^ gold-digger everything. i also told her that the guy wasn’t going to stay with her and that she was just a stand in(which she is because he told everybody). well, i didn’t expect her to call the police because next thing i know, the guy is calling me to tell me this. he never found out it was me that did it because i used a phony account and got rid of my computer as soon as i got wind that the skank got the police involved. lucky me. anyway, i understand what can happen when you’re in the heat of anger, pain, and pure insanity.

  50. Kate says:

    Investigating threats?
    You should post the video of Jon Graziano in the hospital and the size of his head injury. Put urself in that familys shoes.
    The Hogans are a PATHETIC waste of space who cant take any responsiblity for what thir son has done…its actualy so sad its sick
    I think its past the point of a celeb makes a mistake goes to rehab and his/her ratings or approvealor increase and they get a new show or whatever.
    . It wld be the lowest thing ever to allow HUMAN SCUM like this family back on tv. Let them famm harder

  51. ni cksuck says:

    this guy is an idiot. They should have allowed him with general population. Just exactly what does nick do (career wise)? This guy is bigger looser then someone who peddles for money.

  52. Joe says:

    this guy is &%~)“+@!$@%(^(+~~ and needs a life. He threating a family with a dad thats atleast 2 times his size and atleast 1000000000 times strong them him hes looking for problem and i hope he gets all hell for it

  53. Joe says:

    and i mean all hell from the cops not hulk then you would ahve 2 hogans in jail and thats not needed, I mean all hell from the cops becuase its against that law to threaten someone.

  54. Joe says:

    i mean all hell from the cops not hulk becuase we dont want two hogans in jail, and he needs to get in touble for it becuase treating someone is against the law and anyone else would get in trouble for it here.

  55. Billy Aka Joe says:

    this is a cont. from below

    I mean all hell from the cops for threanting someone becuase for example if i did it to my best freind i would get jailed or atleast fined for it so that same should happen with him

  56. Deborah says:

    Would it be OK for Hulk Hogan’s son to at least be kept in the same room with his injured friend so that he could help with his care? I am sure an ankle monitor would be enough. It seems a waste to have this boy unable to help anyone while the court battles are ensuing. I am not sure if he deserves any type of detention, but I would think it would benefit all involved if he could at least be in the same facility as his friend.

    I do not know much about these people. I only know briefly the story of how they were harassed for their pets by their horrible neighbor and by an insane zoning authority or local government. To be truthful, I do not know how that even turned out. I hope they were able to keep their pets. Maybe even they helped to improve the local zoning practices … Wouldn’t THAT be great!?!

    However, I cannot believe that these people would not be a great influence on that injured boy – particularly HULK himself. Isn’t he too old now to be a wrestler? I think he would make a beautiful Holy Man.

    He should do the time with his son and the injured boy.

    … be brave, like Martha Stewart and Paris!

    Influence the world with compassion Hulk Hogan.
    The LION must lie down with the LAMB.

  57. paul says:

    as i see it its the marines fault somewhat he knew he was drinking and he knew better than to get in the car. But i do feel bad about how he ended up knowing he was a marine he faught in the iraq wars. But its still the fact he got in the car. and as for the guys sending voice mails they are wimps hulk dont even worry about them if they do, do something to hulk or his kids let me know the boys from toledo will get at them we all got your back hulk. And as for nacey grace she always twist things around. she shouldn’t be on t.v. do your thing hulk remember my boys in toledo got your back. hulk your the man.

  58. paul says:

    here we go everyone blaming nick. they need to get off it its both there faults you cant blame one person for his actions he choose to get in the car and he chose not to get out the car. yall only here what yall wanna hear. all what it boils down to is john is paralized and yall feel bad. ok think about how nick feels about it he know he did wrong and so does john. stop putting the blame all on nick. you bunch of free loading people.

  59. Sheesh says:

    Paul – we all know how Nick and company feel about John and his family. We heard it in the tapes…

    Since there can only be one driver, that’s the person I lay blame on. Unless a gun was held to Nick’s head and he was ordered to drink and race, he alone is responsible for his actions and must accept the consequences as such.

    Don’t be a moron.

  60. paul says:

    sheesh- no i feel along with everyone i know. its not nicks fault its the other way around with that gun did nick hold a gun to johns head and tell him to get in the car no did he hold a gun to johns head and say stay in the car while i drag race no the only faught it should be is johns not nick yes in fact nick was driving but still for johns family and friedns and it is his family or friends talking on the voice mail. as i se it, it is more johns fault he didnt get out the car as is that he got in the car knowing he was intoxicated.

  61. Joe says:

    John Grazianos family needs to back off theahing th hogans is not going to bring thier song back pulse he shouldnt be calling them _&~~!@`@%@&#%&^^^ just becuase his mom works at the _&~~!@`@%@&#%&^^^ house

  62. calimommy says:

    Paul, I am having a little trouble understanding what you’re trying to say, but I think I got the gist of it. As far as the gun argument, you’re right, no one forced John into the car. I’m sure John is not 100% innocent. They both may have been drunk. He made a bad decision, not an illegal one, to get in the car with a known reckless driver. John paid for that mistake with his LIFE. I urge you to look at the footage released of John, he is missing nearly half of his skull on the top of his head and all of his frontal lobe. Half of his brain is gone. It’s a horrific and disturbing injury, one from which he’ll NEVER recover.

    A bad decision on John’s part doesn’t negate Nick’s culpability in this. If Nick didn’t want to be responsible for people who were injured because of him, then HE HAD NO BUSINESS EVER GETTING BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR. Ultimately, it’s the driver who is in control of the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if your passenger is drunk, high, and encouraging you to race. You alone, are responsible for driving in a safe and courteous manner. In fact, when you go to the DMV to obtain your license you must first sign paperwork that states you understand you’re responsibility as a driver of a vehicle, more or less.

    Since Nick was behind the wheel, in no way shape or form, nor on any planet could John be responsible for Nick drag racing. Nick had received multiple tickets prior to this incident. Nick could have said to himself “Racing on public streets is dangerous. I could hurt or kill so many innocent people.” He didn’t do that, and now he has to suffer the consequences.

    I think what most of us take issue with is not the crash itself, but how the Hogans handled the aftermath. Instead of taking responsibility for their part in this, ie giving their kid alcohol and race cars (what the h*ll kind of parent gives their teenage boy a race car and beer?) they have instead opted to bash the Graziano family at every turn and blame God, karma, or anything else they can think of rather than stating the obvious : Nick had a little too much to drink and got behind the wheel. He is known for driving recklessly and that day was no exception. That day he wasn’t so lucky and his driving resulted in a tragedy that was 100% avoidable.

  63. Michaela says:

    Wow, you guys are pretty blind aren’t you. Did you ever think that maybe the hogans sent the messages to themselves and then leaked it to the media to take the sympathy away from John’s family and back on themselves. Don’t you think they know how to play this game by now. Yes John should have known better than to get in the car with Nick, who is a convicted wreckless driver, but how was he supposed to know Nick was going to race? Nick is an adult and needs to take responsibility for his actions. Even if he spent the rest of his life behind bars he would still be better off than John. I used to be a fan of Hulk Hogan, but now I just think he is a pathetic loser who needs to get his sh** together. I pray to god they don’t let him back on Raw, not only is he washed up, but he is a terrible role model.

  64. paul says:

    cali mommy i understand ur saying as for michaela-look hulk would stomp u and anyone you know so get off it and like cali mommy said and like i been saying its both their faults. just because ur a marine dont mean your smart. but i do feel bad for john but he knew his chocies and no hulk or his family didn’t send them messages hulk. your stupid michaela get a life.

  65. Carlos Sanchess says:

    I hope that little punk hogan gets what coming to him what about the other family what they must be going through i have no respect for the HOGANS at all well these kind of people with money think they can get away with bloody murder makes me sick he will propaly get a slap on the wrist must be nice to be a celberty they can keep it

  66. Ashley says:

    ya know. everyone is acting like this was all nicks fault. well its not they were both drinking underage. nick shouldn’t be getting treated like he is in jail right now. there are so many more criminals out there that have done tens times worse and they are able to go outside be on house arrest or be in a cell with bars. but does nick to get to have that no! he doesn’t get to have anything they are treating him like he is nothing. hes not he is something. and someone who deserves allot better treatment than what he is getting. but no one wants to listen or do anything about it just because he may be famous or have money etc. doesn’t mean lets take advantage of that either. no there criminals out there that need to be in a room with nothing no bars windows or anything . yall should rethink all this! I think nick deserves to at least house arrest or in a cell where he can breathe let there be bars. let him go outside breathe the fresh air! nick deserves so much better than what he is getting!

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