Ladies, Don’t Date Mario Lopez!


Mario Lopez cheats on women, and it’s up to us ladies to watch out for each other when we get involved with dudes who enjoy double dipping behind their girlfriends’ backs. So let this be a universal warning! Don’t date this douche. Mario’s ex-wife Ali Landry dumped him after two weeks of marriage because he “cheated on her for several years,” and recently his romance with dance partner Karina Smirnoff ended after it was revealed that he had been nailing a Hooters girl secretly for a year. A year! Karina got a little misty eyed when discussing the break up on Chelsea Handler‘s show (see above), and we don’t blame her. Nothing hurts more than being scammed by some asshole with nice dimples. So pay attention, next girlfriend of Mario Lopez! We know it must be fun dating A.C. Slater, but ‘faithful’ is not in his vocabulary.

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  1. Riahnnona22 says:

    WOW that is a great advice from Karina S

  2. Kristen says:

    Sounds like Mario needs the attention of other women because it helps his confidence – strokes the ego. I know, i know he should not have a problem in that area being as he is so gorgeous. But some pschologists will tell you that is why some people are promiscous and are cheaters. They need that reasurance all the time that they are sexy etc. also, he just hasn’t found that “one” that can make him commit. my opiniin,

  3. gtyr says:


  4. admmyf says:

    She’s a pretty girl…but there is still something about her eyes that give the creeps..I heard she’s looking for rich guys on celeb and millionaire dating site’Sear chingM illionaire__c om’.wish her good luck.

  5. kaly says:

    It is so nice. Maybe I can read more…

  6. rena says:

    hi, not bad.

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