Bret: People Says He’s Hot


Bret Michaels sits aside such illustrious company as Maroon 5 manwhore Adam Levine and the meathead formerly known as A.C. Slater, Mario Lopez, on People‘s Hottest Bachelors 2008 list. The brief bit on Bret contains a quote from him in which he credits his success with ladies to his trademark flowing and flaxen hair:

“It creates this Tarzanesque, likable bad-boy image. It says, ‘I am a wild child. I will take you on a Harley ride, then make passionate love to you. And should you be attacked by a lion or an idiot at a bar, I will protect you.’ To put it simply, long hair works for me. It rocks.”

Don’t call him Goldilocks — call him Goldirocks. [People]

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  1. Mustang Sally says:

    Oh yes, my darling…you ARE hot.As You would say….”smokin’ hot!!!!). We all love you sweetie. Age can’t touch you and you look so amazing in your video..”Go that far”. Congrats on your huge jump to #4. You will always be gorgeous!!!

  2. Spiderbaby says:

    Yes!! You will always be gorgeous. Is People magazine just NOW discovering you??? You should have been on that “Hottest bachelors” list a long time ago. Way to go. Your video (now #4!!!), is smokin’ hot!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!

  3. meathead says:

    Sissy…You need your *ss beat. Enough with your phoney wbsights. Get some new material, LOSER!!!!

  4. Cowgirls do it right says:

    And this is new to us how?

  5. Kristen says:

    I love the long hair on Bret, he is a fine manho for sure! also love his personality – like you could really have a great time with him… when he wasn’t trying to get in your pants! ha!

  6. RockChicknRockDudes says:

    WHY didnt any of the band members make it in. ( ha ha ) I mean Chuck is SMOKKKKIIINNNN HOT. Slurp.
    And as far as Pete ( well ok ) and gotta love Big John. OK BRET WINS.

  7. Riahnnoa22 says:

    never heard of him be4

  8. ashley♥ says:

    omg…bret is NOT hotter than adam levine and mario lopez!!!!!! hes not hot! he looks lika woman<big

  9. Nettie says:

    Of course Daisy Del’s man is FINE, if they do not work out I hope that Vh1 produces a ROL3 so that I can be on it . . . Bret would be like (What is he 38) 19 years my senior but I could care less he says make love to yoi after a Harley ride . . . naaaaaaaah, I would make love with him on the Harley and then wherever else he wanted. . . Oh Bret Michaels is sooooooooo much more hotter then any of those other guys, but of course if you ask me . . . . the list should go #1 Criss Angel and #2 Bret Michales . . . ha ha ha ha Vh1 I have an idea A&E has “MIND FREAK” ya’ll should have Undercover Freak with Criss Angel and since I thought of it . . . well I should be first to be cast ha ha ha ha But yeah BRET IS HOT

  10. $LookinGood$ says:

    Bret is 45 and still “smokin hot!”

  11. Nettie says:

    OOOPS my bad . . . ha ha ha ha 38 is Big John . . . Bret is 45 . . . well huh . . . It’s not like he looks it I would still do him in a heart beat . . . ha ha ha ha

  12. Meat Hook says:

    Shut up Sally,Tree, anygood, absolute2 rosa and all your other stupid names. You’re borring . Get some new material.

  13. Essie Rerun berry says:

    To whom it may concern, I think Brett Micheal is a very sexy and hot for white man.And I Love his song gun and roses ( ReRun Berry.

  14. SexyMama says:

    You better believe this man is damn fine…….he should be #1 on the People list.

  15. GL says:

    Uh…has anyone at People taken a good at this aging drag queen douche bag recently?

  16. Tina says:

    Bret is not hot! But MARIO LOPEZ IS THE HOTTEST of them all! He IS beautiful inside and out!!

  17. ccrun says:

    Andre Birleanu should have definitely won it all…

  18. ronie,newton kansas says:

    Um, What?! No! Bret Micheals is a sell out! And he’s definetly not hotter that Adam Levigne! Besides, Micheals has had work done on his face, Adam’s naturally gorgeous. C’mon, people!

  19. pleasecuturhair says:

    Please cut your hair! You would look much younger! I think he has a gorgeous face…but the hair looks like doll hair! I don’t know who has been lying to him! Hair will always grow back..ummm sometimes…Shake up your look…let go of the 80′s

  20. ChelSea says:

    Bret is all about the 80′s for sure. hair, makeup, tight pants, stripper girlfriends, party all night..(oh wait that’s always in… I love him, wouldn’t touch his privates witha 10 foot pole, but I dig him..I would love to hug him though! don’t know what he will be lookin like in 5 yrs (50) but Im sure it will be good.!

  21. SexyLadies says:

    From: OMG.

    “People Mag. Names Hottest Bachelors For 2008″
    In perhaps a surprising choice, Poison front man Bret Michaels was included.
    Even with two seasons of “Rock Of Love” notched on his bedpost, the head-banging bachelor
    has yet to find the perfect woman for his wild lifestyle.

    Bret Michaels has not had any cosmetic surgery on that gorgeous face. He is naturally HOTT.
    There is no other man’s eyes who can compare to Bret’s dreamy blue sexy stare.
    I definitely do love George Clooney too. Think him and Bret have similar fun loving personalities.

    I don’t believe Mario Lopez or Adam Levine will ever look half as good as Bret has his entire life and he looks damn fine for 45 years old. Mature women don’t care about looking at Adam Levine–he always looks so dirty and scruffy–he needs to shave. Mario Lopez is almost jail bait and too baby faced. George Clooney is more in the league with Bret.

  22. Cherrie says:

    Bret Micheals deserves to be #1 on any list for hott sexy males for he sure
    tops all the rest of those mentioned.

  23. Jenna says:

    YOU know what blows? WHY hasnt the band come on and talk to their fans as of late? I mean come on were still here. They sure were hot and @&(%+~`~^^_`++(& in heavy looking for playmates. ONCE gotten they bolted. WHAT *$`$$*)!`#()#!!! is that.

  24. Christie says:

    What kind of coffee does Bret Michaels like??? Does anybody know?

    How To Judge A Man By His Coffee:
    I’ve heard that a guy’s relationship with his mother is legitimately judge-able, but what about his choice of coffee? I hadn’t considered that variable until my phone rang three times last night. It was my friend Julie, who was dying to share an epiphany that will revolutionize dating as we know it: “Hot guys drink Americanos (hot water + espresso),” she proudly announced, sounding like she’d suddenly solved for y after failing math 101.

    I wasn’t convinced. I mean, can’t a confident man have his latte and drink it too? But I know better than to second-guess Julie, who has scary insight on the male psyche. I started to ponder the boys I know and their coffee choices and it all started to come together. Doesn’t it make sense that a soy iced latte drinker would be self-involved, precise when it comes to his likes and dislikes and make a good lover?

    Based on Julie’s not-so-scientific research (her observation tower was the Starbucks in Santa Monica on Main Street) and my own experience with caffeinated dudes, here’s a little field guide to boys and beans:

    Cafe Americano – 100% stud. Hot, often a bit scruffy. Can change your tire with one hand and eyes closed.

    Caramel macchiato – He’ll take you to the Hamptons and spend two hours getting ready to go to the beach.

    Café Au Lait – He’s fresh off the boat from Europe. We do lattes here, monsieur.

    Coffee of the Week – You’d be hard pressed to get this guy to have an opinion.

    Decaf Coffee of the Week – He probably wears a helmet and seatbelt to bed—sexy!

    Iced Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte – Sheesh, we ladies have enough to worry about with our own body issues—who needs this?

    Decaf Iced Sugar-Free Syrup Flavored Latte – Holy cow—chill out! This dude might need some anti-anxiety medication, if he doesn’t already have a prescription.

    Julie had to stop researching after her third frappuccino, so let me know if you can fill in the blanks with your own experience—like what kind of guys choose chai?

  25. Goldirocks says:

    Are the fans still asking the band questions? Maybe that’s why there is silence.

  26. Jenna says:

    Goldilocks weve been talkin about the band forever. THEN they bloted and left us for not. That ()!*!~$_~`^_*)!) in figs.

  27. Kerry says:

    Where is Peetie and Chuckie? Where did eveyone go?

  28. BJG says:

    I think what Jenna is trying to say is that some of the TRUE blue Fans waited with baited breathe waiting for the band to come and chat with a certain few and NOW NOTHING. Sure makes us lower form of life feel pretty bad. WHERE ya been?

  29. Henoi Rox says:

    whatever happened to real rock and roll?

  30. WindShieldWiperFred says:

    Who won Bret’s customized tricked-out 2001 Mercedes SL in New Jersey?

  31. BadBoys says:

    … WE WERE…..
    …… HERE ……..
    ………. ……………

    >>>>>>>We Ain’t Lookin For Nuthin But A Good Time


  32. Mr. BIG's Mistress says:

    PEOPLE MAGAZINE—–Even confirms what has been said all along
    …..Bret is still a hot blooded sexy bachelor (and he kisses like a dream) ! ! !
    ………UM YEAH ! ! ! Sort of makes Puss look stupid… doesn’t it? ? ?

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Bret really KNOWS THAT Every Puss Face Really Does Have Its Thorns—
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  33. Madi Lou says:

    Take a read. VERY interesting stuff.

    Q: Will there be a third season for “Rock of Love.”
    A: No, not right now. I can’t go in and fake a show. Amber and I are dating. I actually found someone I like to date. So I’m not going in there and everyone knows it’s a set up.

    But I have been throwing around the idea of this big “Rock of Love” bus and go out and tour and party. I am always telling the girls they really need to spend time with me on the road to understand what I’m all about. It’s not just about the partying and women, but also about how tiresome it gets.

    Q: So you’re with Amber?
    A: I probably see her four or five times a month. She’s a cool girl and gets it. She wasn’t expecting a white picket fence and that we were going to get married the day after the show. So we’re going to date. I have two daughters I spend a lot of time with, and I’m not looking for someone to replace their mom, and I needed them to know that before I went on TV doing what I did.

  34. YaDaYaDa says:

    You people keep posting stuff here that comes from press interviews done solely
    to release material which is scripted by contractural obligations. If you analyse
    carefully, you will know without a doubt that Bret’s tour schedule does not allow him to
    see Ambre 4-5 times a month. She was in Chicago, and he is doing shows on opposite
    ends of the country on almost an EVERY night basis.
    That is simple logic to do the milage math !
    A man just can’t be in two places at one time.
    Bret said in that same interview posted by Madi Lou that he spent alot of time with his daughters—then he said in a different interview when he had a break in shows that he flew home to be with his daughters who live in Arizona. Again–for those who don’t know their geography, Arizona is on the opposite side of the country from Chicago, IL.

    Truth is quite different. Bret says now he never wants to get married, or have more kids.
    His personal story is quite sad about relationship issues.
    Most people do not knew the real facts.
    When Bret was 15 years old, he came come from school one day and his Dad told him that his Mom had left them. So Bret’s parents got a divorce. Bret stayed with his Dad.

    That single event has scarred Bret’s concept of any type relationships. No matter how hard Bret tries, he can’t commit to one woman, because he has no real trust in ANY female.

    My opinion……
    If at 45 yrs. old he trusts no female, then it is doubtful he will ever change that attitude, being that he has been hurt over and over by his past relationships. This includes being hurtfully dumped, and emotionally bled, by some women…. if you can believe that.

    Makes sense that the future will show that Bret will always date and have spontaneous
    sex with whomever is convenient at the moment.

  35. K Rock says:

    To Yadayada, I think I am a bit confused at your comment. IN no way shape or form did that article from Madi lou say that he wanted to get married. Also since when did planes stop flying? Although Ambre lived in Chicago she would GO TO HIM. And at times he would fly to her. He even admitted that. Ambre knew going into this that Bret was not the marrying type. She said she didnt want to be married as of late either. She was seen at a lot of his shows around the country. So the 4 to 5 times a month is DEF doable. As far as his past when he was a young boy, sorry to tell ya this but anyone who has followed Bret and his career etc knows what happened. The song Every Rose was written because he was jilted. So that being said, we know Bret loves his women and loves to date and will probably NEVER settle down. That my friend is common knowledge.

  36. Sexrules says:

    Bret is smoking hot. Its about time they noticed.

  37. Maria says:

    yadayada whoever you are.. YOU are the biggest idiot ever.

  38. Crackiswack says:

    what a mess

  39. Gidget says:

    Go check this out.. BRET was on here this morning YOU may like it.

  40. BigHugsfromCatieJoy says:

    Ambre’s not really dating Bret. If she cared anything about him she’d want to see
    him everyday. A “real” girlfiend would be at more shows.
    If I was dating Bret I wouldn’t let him out of my sight.

  41. Mustang Sally says:

    Nope…wrong address. Don’t try it on. Wait for a new one. Thank you. My appologies. I f_cked up.

  42. COMEON says:

    BigHugs are you kidding? YOU can not possibly see your bf or gf daily if they work on the road. WAHT is that? And your NOT dating BRET so you cant comment on it. I know what you mean though.. BUT you when he is on the road all the time and she the same 4 to 5 times is a lot for that.

  43. Mustang Sally says:

    Okay Gidget’s got it. Sorry again folks.

  44. ((())) says:


  45. Canada says:

    Gidget–thanks for the website.

    In watching Bret ….did everyone catch what Bret said when she asked if the statement was true
    about him finally settling down?
    Bret said “WHOEVER AT VH1 WROTE THAT STATEMENT…I NEVER SAID THAT. So sounds true that VH1 is responsible for spreading all the rumors of things Bret DID NOT say.
    Bret was quick to correct the error that he was off the market —-rejoice all you Bret lovers out there.

  46. Hayden says:

    Yep, Canada, I liked that part where Bret corrected the interviewer so that all of America
    would know he is still available and considered dating material .
    People Magazine was sure on top of their article by calling him a hot sexy available bachelor.

  47. Tina says:

    Mustang Sally are you drunk? What’s wrong with you?

  48. Paige'sShadow says:

    Believe YaDa. Must be Ambre’s fans club on here talking if you believe anything she
    is spreading around.

    Bret should dump that skank if she’s only been to three of his shows. That is not supporting his
    career. Bret needs to consider she probably wants to wear the pants in a permanent relationship
    and she was a controlling `+&+&^^+@^@~$^__+ on ROL2.

  49. DonnaM. says:

    I love Bret tremendously— but did you notice in the Ch11 morning news video how puffy Bret’s eyes were and that his neck has really gotten so saggy below his face.
    This scares me. I am worried about his health. Seems to be a dramatic change to me.
    It was just April when we last saw him on the ROL Reunion.
    It this is what touring and partying is doing to you Bret– you need to slow down and take better care of yourself.

  50. Genie says:

    Donna, I noticed too. In another TV interview I saw some new pictures of Bret wearing
    a black tee-shirt and an Exile Choppers cowboy hat and he looked like he had aged so much.
    His eyes had dark circles and were really wrinkled underneath.
    Don’t mis-understand me because I adore Bret too but like you I am worried about what all
    this touring is doing to my favorite sexy man.

  51. CatWith 9Lives says:

    The video of Bret was real good. Loved the 2 songs he did. Glad to hear that Bret can still date.
    How about a date with me honey???? Got tickets to your show Bret and I can’t wait to see you perform with Poison—-can you tell my why is Sebastian Bach opening for your show?
    When you come to my city, I will be right there in line for your autograph.

  52. Gidget says:

    Donna and Genie I too saw it. I thought it was me at first. I feel worried for him.. I have thought for the past few interviews he isnt looking the same. DONT get me wrong. He is hot. BUT I am worried.

  53. KerrieAnnJoyner says:

    I like it when fans share all the Bret news. I read here just so I can find the sites and
    watch the latest interviews. Bret is so cool.

    If I were forming an opinion, I’d have to really wonder. Bret never brings up the topic of Ambre in all his interviews… is always the interviewer who brings up the topic and asks a question about her. It is strange that Bret never talks about Ambre and him doing anything together and there are no pictures of them taken together. No pictures at restaurants, no pictures at airports, no pictures anywhere. There is only that one video for UTUBE that VH1 posted where she was at that 1 show. This does not make sense to me.
    According to the CH11 news interview video, Bret says that a typical Sunday at noon is when he is in the pool swimming with his daughters, or riding motocross, or etc. No mention of Ambre anywhere. I really don’t believe he is actually dating her.

  54. Ginger says:

    TMZ has NEVER even caught Bret and Ambre together. This whole dating thing is a farce
    created by VH1 and Bret has to go along with it until his contract with them expires.

  55. Gidget says:

    TMZ why would they catch BRET and ABMRE? THEY are on the road all the time. HENCE its called TMX ( THIRTY MILE ZONE )

  56. DonnaM. says:

    Gidget & Genie, Thanks girls…thought it was just my eyesight too but since we all 3 noticed
    the change in Bret’s appearance it must be real. He sounded good in the interview but
    the physical change was a real shocker to me.

    I don’t care that Bret ages because I still love him, but to age that drastically in 2 months is really
    upsetting me because I fear for his health.

  57. Barb says:

    IM glad this blog is starting to jump hi time again.. GIDDY UP strangers.

  58. Mustang Sally says:

    Didn’t I appologize for that Tina??? Funny, I thought I did. My pal Gidget fixed everything. Think you’ll recover? Hey…but you did have a great idea. Coronas anyone?? I’m cuttin’ limes. And yes, Gidge…I know you take yours un-limed.

  59. Jennifer in Colorado says:

    Me too I noticed Bret not looking so well. I wonder if he realizes the same thing?
    One person on here this week said Bret had plastic surgery lately on his face.
    Does anyone know this for fact? I had an argument with my girlfriend who swears that
    Bret has had his eyes done. I don’t believe that he has. Settle this argument for us.

  60. Lori says:

    Sorry Gidget your comment does not hold water in this issue.
    TMZ has affiliate independant photographers all over the country who are constantly sending them film footage and photos from cities all across the nation…. and even from France & England.

  61. Cat o'ninetails says:

    What’s wrong with Sebastian Bach?

  62. DonnaM. says:

    Bret’s favorite movie–”Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law? That just gave me
    an idea. I think Cameron Diaz would be the PERFECT woman for Bret. She is precious,
    bubbly, hysterical, goofy, and really beautiful. Wouldn’t she and Bret make the perfect couple???
    Her personality is so much like Bret’s personality.
    GOD if they had kids wouldn’t their kids be GORGEOUS?

  63. Ginger says:

    No, I don’t think Bret has not had his eyes done.
    Last month’s press interview for Rocklahoma showed him with quite a few crowsfeet around his eyes and dark circles underneath. But afterall he is 45 and doesn’t look it …so to me he still is very handsome.

  64. Ginger says:

    Sorry that came out wrong—I meant to say I don’t think Bret has had his eyes done.

  65. CatWith9Lives says:

    Love Sebastian Bach but don’t you remember back in the 80′s when Sebastian Bach was saying nasty things about Poison not being a real rock n roll band. He said in an interview that Poison was just a bunch of wannabe chicks with guitars and some amps??? So it is shocker to me that S. Bach is opening for Poison now.

  66. Lori says:

    Bret and Cameron Diaz really look alot like each other now that you brought the picture
    to my mind. How old is Cameron now?

  67. Ginger says:

    Luv that idea–Bret with Cameron. They match. Cameron is so funny
    that she would keep Bret laughing all the time. She’d jump in and do motorcross
    and all the stuff he loves because she is such a tom-boy. Did ya know she’s
    had her nose broken several times and the lastest time was when she was out
    surfing?? She’s real athletic.

  68. AlmondsInTheAttic says:

    Yes if there is a God in heaven, please fix Bret up with Cameron on a date so Bret will
    be able to stop telling that he is dating the pantiless hag who has the mind of a 5 year old.

  69. Gidget says:

    Well Lori WHEN do you see any of the reality people on TMZ? I mean Yes BRET is a huge star BUT it sure does not warrent them to be on TMZ. Its not a story for the masses.

  70. Rene says:

    I am glad to see this blog got skippin again.

  71. JenniferInColorado says:

    Cameron is only 31 so there would be a 14 yr. spread between her and Bret.
    But maybe the age difference is not too bad for she is a really intelligent mature minded, yet fun loving person. She adores animals and enjoys sports so she and Bret also have those things in common. I think she would be great with Bret’s kids.

  72. Meat Hook says:

    I thought the Bret comparison was to Goldie Hawn. Cameron?? Not even.

  73. Tawyna says:

    I think BRET looks like crap in that video. I am glad to see I aint the only one. Somethin is wrong with ole boy..

  74. Cat o'ninetails says:

    Okay, Catwith9lives…I understand where you are going, now. Sorry Doll. You bring up an excellent point.

  75. Lori says:

    Gidget–gotta disagree with you again. Over a million viewers for ROL 1 & 2 would
    be “the masses”. That is exactly why Bret was asked to appear on Ellen DeGeneres,
    Regis & Kelly, The View with Barbara Walters & Crew, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brian, The Soup, twice on Chelsea Lately, and parodied on both David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.

    If you don’t call the viewers of all those shows the masses, then I don’t understand the definition of masses–maybe you need to explain.

  76. ****** says:

    High G D minor

  77. Missy says:

    Daisy was on TMZ and Kim and Kourtney Kardashan (reality stars) are on TMZ all the time.

  78. Gidget says:

    OK Lori I get that BUT please tell me the last time TMZ had a ROCK star on their that was NOT arrested killed beat up got their “$)`)!%@_*&_(^ t pregnant got into a car accident was spotted smockin crack being suded ( like BRET is now from the owner of the house from ROL2 ) do you see where I am going? YOU dont see any of the realty stars on their after they pick their pray. It is what it is. NOTHING.

  79. Cindy says:

    OMG Bret does look more like Goldie Hawn.

  80. Lori says:

    I meant that both Cameron and Bret are blonde, heavenly blue eyes, have the big friendly
    smiles and could be brother and sister.
    Then that person who said Bret looks like Goldie Hawn has me peeing in my panties. I swear I just pulled up a recent photo of Goldie and then looked at Bret. They musta come outta the same womb.
    As they’ve aged their eyes have even wrinkled in the same manner there underneath their eyes.

    Does Bret know he looks like Goldie? I’d love to hear his response to that one.

  81. AlmondsInTheAttic says:

    I see that Goldie Hawn and Bret Michaels comparison as too funny. Bet if he knew that
    he would cut his hair.

  82. CatWith9Lives says:

    What is wrong with this blog tonight, I post something and it takes forever for it to show up on here.

  83. Lori says:

    Missy is right , the Kordashian sisters are on TMZ all the time because of their reality TV popularity.
    Any news for any celebrity is news worthy in TMZ’s eyes. It is what their racket is all about.

  84. Cindy says:

    TMZ just had Tommy Lee on there last night because he and Pam Anderson have moved back in together.

  85. Lori says:

    Me too I saw Tommy Lee telling TMZ camera guys that he and Pam were living together again
    and that their boys were so happy. Tommy said it was their 800th time and now 801st time
    to get back together.

  86. RedToeNails says:

    Would love to see Cameron Diaz and Bret Michaels do a movie together.
    Sheen/Michaels Entertainment interested in this combo??

  87. OatmealCookies says:

    Who is Cameron Diaz currently dating? Anyone? If not I think she’d be ideal for Bret.

  88. WhereRThaCarKeys says:

    I don’t think Bret has any plastic surgery on his eyes. Still look the same as they did last year
    on ROL 1.

  89. Debbie says:

    If Bret has hair extensions then he’s probably had a face lift too. He does look young for 45.

  90. Lori says:

    If you’ve seen Bret without the bandana, his eyes look much older than when his hair is pulled away from his face. The bangs bring his face down without that bandana to show his facial contour.
    Maybe that is why some people claim he might have had some eye surgery.
    I don’t believe he has had any plastic surgery, it is just a matter of “with bandana” or “without bandana”.

  91. CatWith9Lives says:

    Gotta agree with you, I don’t think Bret has had any eye surgery because he might
    end up looking like Axle Rose or Bruce Jenner’s botched up surgeries.

  92. Canada says:

    Then do you think that Bret might ever do the plastic surgery thing in the future?
    I hope not. It might mess up his pretty face.

  93. Hannah says:

    Harley dudes don’t believe in plastic surgery so the answer is NO…..Bret wouldn’t even
    consider it.

  94. Gloria'sCaddie says:

    Has Bret contemplated to the press that he might be interested in dating Cameron Diaz?

  95. KristinaBMW says:

    The band would never let Bret live that down if he got any plastic surgery done—real men
    don’t need plastic surgery. So that makes Gene Simmons a wimp–he wouldn’t have done it if Shannon Tweet hadn’t have talked him into it.

  96. BettyBoop says:

    Real women don’t need plastic surgery either. So that idiot Ambre is a real joke.
    Daisy should tell her to stuff those new fake boobs of hers up her azz.

  97. DreamLover says:

    I want to know who told Bret that long hair works for him and that it rocks?? It just makes him
    look older.

  98. TomTom says:

    Bret looks so horrible. What is going on?

  99. AlabasterBones says:

    About the long hair–it was probably the same idiot VH1 stylist who told Bret those
    flame covered pajamas in ROL 1 looked hot. Bret said he could kick himself in the #`#++!!%*^$*!*+ for those stupid pajamas after he saw the show.

  100. Karen says:

    Does Bret have a personal doctor who travels on the road with him?

  101. FreidaHJ says:

    I’ve been reading back several pages. Why did Bret’s Mom leave him when he was 15?
    What was wrong with that woman?

  102. SlipNSlide says:

    Would like to see Bret and Cameron Diaz do a love scene together. I bet even that would end up
    comical because they both have such good senses of humor.

  103. TMZ Watcher says:

    Tommy Lee was caught by the TMZ crew–that is a good point.
    Then we all saw Daisy De LaHoya giving the now famous TMZ interview.

  104. Shannon says:

    Betty Boop your an idiot. Daisy has MORE plastic surgery then DR 90210. And its not even that good.

  105. Cheyenne says:

    Just why is Bret NEVER spotted anywhere with Amber?
    No word on them even being even spotted by anyone —anywhere on the internet.

    When Bret went to Atlanta, it was all on the news that he was spotted with Rodeo and her son.
    When Bret was in Minnesota with Heather and Lacey, it was all over the news and internet too.
    When Bret was with Daisy in Denver, Colorado in April, it was all over the press.

  106. BettyBoop says:

    Shannon—do you know irony when you see it? Ambre was so all over Daisy about
    being fake and boosting her sexuality with surgery—so now Daisy needs to rip Amber
    into shreads about her new i t t y- b i t t y- t i t t i e additions. Ambre accused Daisy of
    being so fake—-so who’s fake now…the princess of s h i t Ambre.

  107. OatmealCookies says:

    DAH Cheyenne…because Bret is no more with Ambre than it is true that I am
    currently f. u. c. k. i. n. g Bill Clinton.

  108. Concordia says:

    Bret just bought a second hand Bentley.
    Didn’t he already have a Bentley convertible that he drove in ROL 1.
    Why would Bret buy a used Bentley, when he could buy one off the new lot in a drop of the hat?

  109. Margaret says:

    Maybe Bret is tight with his money?

  110. DoDad says:

    Margaret–you mean Bret is cheap?

  111. Oatmeal Cookies says:

    Why did Bret buy another car anyway—he’s got a garage full of them. Who needs that many
    cars? I thought he preferred Harleys anyway.

  112. Cheyenne says:

    Did Ambre have her boobs done? She really needed to have the cellulite sucked out of her
    abs and her _*+%#$))**_*### from what I saw on the show.

  113. PopcornKelly says:

    If ROL 2 was filmed from October to first week of December last year when Amber said she
    was 37. So then Ambre had a birthday in January–doesn’t that make her now 38 years old
    rather than 37 as people on here are saying her age is? She’s aging quickly.

  114. Beverly says:

    I’d love to see Ambre in person just so I could slap her in her lying stupid face.
    She’s made no more comments on her blog since People Mag. put Bret on their hottest bachelor list
    as being single.
    This makes me giggle &_%!)*)!#%)#$&+% lessly.

  115. HoneyBabe says:

    Bret you need a new stylist to do your hair.

  116. GretchenGreen says:

    I heard that Bret told someone he could play his guitar with his rigid (_!&#**^**)_$&(~ WOW I’d love to see that.

  117. Jenny says:

    In that CH11 morning news video, Bret said he could play piano. When did he learn to do this?
    I thought he only played harmonica and rhythm guitar. What other talents does this man
    have that I don’t know about?

    (Besides the one with his John Thomas)

  118. AlmondsInTheAttic says:

    What ever happened to those chicks who talked on the other blogs. I wanted to know
    about the one who caught the bus. Has anybody talked to them? Word up.

  119. Meatballs&Spagetti says:

    That site with the CH11 news had Bret’s album as “Rock The World” and said that both
    songs he sang were from that album—wrong on both counts.

  120. LividLiv says:

    If Bret gets a new stylist then he needs to get one who dresses him more grown up rather than
    always in a print graphic tee-shirt, bandana with cowboy hat, and the same jewelry all the time.
    Bret can be just as sexy in classier clothing.

  121. VampireWeekend says:

    Bret is a sports nut—so why has he not taken that woman he is supposed to be dating
    to a baseball game,to see the Poison NASCAR run, or to a motocross race?

    Gee…Bret got more dating time on the ROL shows than he ever does now between his show schedule.

  122. Cherry Pop says:

    Meatballs I have to beg to differ. I did not hear that at all. THEY got it right

  123. Busbandit says:

    where have all you people been for the past weeks? I mean this blog was down in the crapper and then this “Gidget” posts and EVERYONE comes out. SEEMS so odd to me. Where has ya’all been?

  124. Windshieldrabbit says:

    Who wants to know about the “chicks” who made it to the bus?

  125. JackAssGinger says:

    Vampire are you kidding me? WHEN is the last time YOU saw BRET at an event? COMEON now.

  126. Mustang Sally says:

    Ant post that comes out about Bret is going to get hot..real fast Busbandit or should I say “Flatfootpete”. And by the way…that chicks thing is old now. You got what you wanted. Now go away.

  127. Meat Hook says:

    He dresses just fine. Rocker chic. And those Ed Hardy shirts he practically lives in are all the rage. Saw Bret sporting them before all the other celebs. Don’t change a thing, Bret. Love your style.

  128. Mustang Sally says:

    I meant ANY post…..not ant post. Open another corona…I think I will.

  129. Mr. Brownstone says:

    What’s with all the talk about Bret and Cameron Diaz?? First you all say he resembles her…now you all want them to date…or at the very least, go do something athletic together. Christ!!!! He loves the movie “The Holliday” which, incidentally stars Cameron Diaz. That’s it folks. That’s where it ends. He probably would rather drink a few cold coronas with Jack Black. SHEESH!!!!

  130. Sex on the bus says:

    I miss the band coming on and talking to us. THAT other blog with that dumb azz band on it has all the little kids on it sucks and they are yelling at everyone. WHATEVER.

    I just hope that the band comes back on and brings their friends. ROCK and ROLL forever.

  131. VampireWeekend says:

    Well, JackAssGinger Bret is seen many times at the Steelers and Penguins games and is also seen frequently at the Aneheim Ducks games. He and Poison do sponsor a Poison car which is green and black with the Poison loge in NASCAR races in case you didn’t know that, and Bret did appear at Bristol and at Talledega to see that car run.
    Seems you don’t keep up with the current.

  132. Donna says:

    D. you already get that photo of Bret that I sent? If so pass it to Jenna, she wants to see
    it as soon as possible.

  133. D. says:

    Yes, Dad is going to do the final selections this weekend. Do you want to fly with me to

  134. Jenna says:

    Donna, that is super. I’ve never seen a photo of him drinking on stage like that before.
    Man, you guys were right at his elbow. Is he drinking Corona? That’s what it looks like.
    Can I download the original off your camera cause I want to blow it up?

  135. Lightening Strikes Twice says:

    D why dont you share this so called pic with all of us?

  136. Donna says:

    Come by tonight and I will download for you.

  137. Peanut says:

    Any true fan knows that BRET drinks CORONA and GIN. THATS IT.

  138. BusBandit says:

    what pic do you ladies have? do tell

  139. (() says:


  140. Bretsfuturewife says:


  141. (())))(((() says:

    (((())))) ****)))))(****)))))

  142. Donna says:

    JBus Bandit—-June 12th Crocodile Rock Cafe-Allentown, PA We were in the front row and have photos of Bret. One is where he is on stage taking a drink of a Corona.

    Lightening Strikes Twice–where do you propose I share this photo with you??

  143. Patty says:

    OH MY GOD PLEASE dont tell me we are going to get this idiot on here that posts NOTHING but crap? PLEASE GO AWAY

  144. pumpkinhead says:

    Hey, you from that corn row sorority !!!Shouldn’t you be listening to Rihanna or Diddy or Lil’ Wayne or something of that persuasion? What’s with all the rage over Bret and BMB. Don’t tell me you listen to Poison, too. This is too much You’re killing me here! Don’t think Bret likes to swim in the mud so don’t hold out hope for a date any time soon. I suppose you can live vicariously through us solid woods but honestly>>> try a 50 cent blog instead.

  145. Donna says:

    Sure, D. if it is OK by your Dad then I’d love to go. How many others
    are going?

  146. Lightening Strikes Twice says:

    Post it on here.

  147. D. says:

    Dad’s plane seats 12, and I have 7 including you at present.

    True heading = tan^-1(60/18) = 73°
    distance = (60^2+18^2)^(1/2) = 62.64° =
    (R+A)*62.64/360 = 0.174(3484+A/6000) nautical miles = 607nm (@30,000ft)
    607/v = approx. flying time

    So 3 hours and 45 minutes if we take off on time.

  148. Patty says:

    I want to see this picture too. SHOW US

  149. JackAssGinger says:

    Where are you going? And whos dad has a plane?

  150. pumpkinhead says:

    Yea right, like your “kind” can have their own plane, NOT likely. You probably serve the drinks and clean the crapper.

  151. Donna says:

    D’s Dad has a private jet, so we are taking a trip to his studio.

    This site is not allowing me to post gif photos.

  152. ((())))( says:


  153. JackAssGinger says:

    Whos studio? and where is it?

  154. Patty says:

    Donna are you in NC?

  155. Lightening Strikes Twice says:

    WHY is it taking SO long to have the posts go thru
    this sucks, and it took one of mine away all together.

  156. Donna says:

    Patty, yes, how did you know that?

  157. BusBandits says:

    where ya’all flyin to?

    come and see the BMB show.

  158. ((())) says:


  159. Donna says:

    Tampa, FL

  160. Patty says:

    Are you guys going to see BRet in concert or soemthn? Just a good guess.

  161. D. says:

    Donna, we are leavin at 6:15 in the morning so meet us at the front door.

  162. Leanne says:

    Who are you Bus Bandits? Identify yourselves.

  163. Donna says:

    I tried and this site won’t accept photos posted here.

  164. GoodTime says:

    Who is this D. person who’s Dad has a private plane? Is this person famous?

  165. Ciroc says:


  166. Donna says:

    No, Patty, several of us just went to PA on June 12th and saw Bret’s show. This trip has something to do with Bret but it is a total fan endeavor.

  167. D. says:

    What is wrong with this site? It takes so long for a post to come up.

  168. ((()))) says:


  169. Croc Rock says:

    I am having trouble with this site too. Why has it suddenly gone goofy?

  170. Bus Bandits says:

    WHY should we.

  171. Patty says:

    So what are you doing to be doing on FL?

  172. Patty says:

    Did you get to see BRET or any of the band on the 12th Donna?

  173. Donna says:

    No Goodtime, D. is not famous, but her step-brother is a film director, and her father is in the business too.

    I don’t think D. wants anyone outside our travel group to know exactly
    what is happening in FL until the project is completed. Sorry.

  174. Donna says:

    Yes! !!!!! we got to see Bret and his band. We were so close to the stage that he leaned over and touched our hands.

  175. Fiona says:

    Bus Bandits, why not describe yourself if you have nothing to hide.

  176. Drippy Faucet says:

    This site has gotten so slow that it is like a dripping faucet that will drive you crazy.

  177. WTF says:

    WHat is wrong with this site?
    ITS not posting right

  178. PlanetHollywood says:

    Bret looked old the last time I saw him.

  179. MarshaB. says:

    Donna, are you in the entertainment business with Bret’s band?

  180. Donna says:

    We got super photos and had a FN great time at Bret’s show. He give 110% to his audience.

  181. Sage says:

    I could die waiting on this site to post things.

  182. DuneBuggy says:

    What is wrong with VH1′s site? I refresh about 20 times just to read one post on here and then
    about 5 pop up at once.

  183. DamIt says:

    VH1 fix this site if you want people to post here.

  184. ((())) says:


  185. Janet says:

    I would never wash my hand if it touched Bret Michael’s hand.

  186. BusBandits says:

    Is D. Deanna?

    And we are just some dudes on a on bus Fiona.
    Why? Do you want to join us on the bus?

  187. TideRollsIn says:

    Goldirocks is still hot even if he is getting older. I saw some recent photos and he is
    really aging and wrinkly around the eyes. Love him anyway.

  188. Patty says:

    Its ok Donna. I am pretty sure its about the movie shes working on. She posted it a few weeks ago on here. All good.

    Did you get to talk to the band or Big john?

  189. Little Debbie says:

    Bus Bandits, what ya afraid of–tell us who you are.

  190. Wicked Revenge says:

    Hot is always hot to me.
    …………. Bret will always be hot in my eyes.

  191. Raccoon says:

    Wish I could see those concert pictures so I could see what everyone is talking about Bret looking
    bad. Is he sick or something?

  192. Grainsof Sand says:

    These are the days of our lives—-this is like waiting on an hour glass to run out of sand.

  193. StageFright says:

    Donna, did you get to talk to Bret and the band members after the show?

  194. SO says:


  195. (((()))) says:


  196. pumpkinhead says:

    Does someone from the negro league actually think they can impersonate the snow white pumpkinhead??? Awwwww. Try all you want but thick mol@ss@ss will always be thick mol@ss@ss. The band doesn’t mud dive , ever so you shall remain forever obsolete. But hey! There’s a new Diddy post for you right at the top of the Vh1 site. Go have a look see, Buckwheat. It’s right up your alley.

  197. Patty says:

    Racoon go look at the post from earlier today. THERE is a link to click on. He isnt looking that great. He looks very puffy.

    And WHO doesnt know the BUSBANDITS, come on girls you know who that is.

  198. Donna says:

    We got pictures with Bret and the guys in the band but there were so many women standing in line
    to get photos and autographs that Big John and the other guy were rushing everybody
    through pretty quickly.
    It is really bad to say… but once you are standing next to Bret your brain suddenly goes STUPID.
    There is adrenaline pumping and you think your heart is going to burst our of your breast.
    Your mind just can’t think of anything to say to him except “Bret, you are so awesome, you are
    fantastic, your show was wonderful”
    I was wanting to jump in his arms and not let go.
    He is so gorgeous in person–especially his eyes. Then he smiles at you and you just
    want to melt to the floor like a puddle of gooey chocolate.

  199. ((())) says:


  200. WhitePony says:

    Do you really think Bret is having some serious health problems and not telling the public?

  201. Fiona says:

    Yes, I’d like to join the bus–where can I hook up wit cha?

  202. AuntJemima says:

    Pumpkinhead –what the hell are you talking about?

  203. ApricotSmash says:

    I looked at that link and Bret does not look really good. He looked fine
    on the ReUnion show. What has happened to him?

  204. ThirdBase says:

    Donna, I am green with envy.

  205. Patty says:

    Yes Donna I know. When I met him I about passed out.
    He is so hot to look at.
    Did Deanna and Jenna go to the show with ya’all?

  206. Vanilla says:

    Donna, I would have jumped right into his arms and sucked his lips right off his face if
    I were you. Gal you missed your opportunity.

  207. Meat Puppet says:

    Bret’s face looks a bit swollen.

  208. Fiona says:

    Hey Donna, what do you think–did Bret look sick or did he look OK at that concert?

  209. Becca says:

    Wish I could have copies of your concert pictures if you wree that close to
    Does he smell good up close? He looks like he would smell good.

  210. Uncle Tom says:

    The little Africa sorority knows exactly what pumpkinhead means and so do I.

  211. BusBandit says:

    Start runnin down the I 5. Youll find us.

  212. (((())))) says:


  213. High Priest says:

    On my way to NC with a noose.

  214. ((((())))) says:


  215. Donna says:

    Patty, do you know Jenna & Deanna? Yes they did go. Deanna’s hometown is not real far
    from Allentown.
    To answer other’s questions—Bret looked tired to me and his face did look somewhat swollen in certain areas but then he ….how do I say this tactfully….he looked like he’s sort grown some jowls.
    I hate to say that but its the only words I can use to describe the appearance. I was greatly surprised that he does look older in person, than he does on TV, or in the professional photos spreads I have seen of him. The makeup artists must cover his eye wrinkles with make-up or photographers must use special lighting or something. Maybe they re-touch the photos.
    I don’t know why they alter him because it does not matter that he is older.
    He is the greatest and friendliest guy in the world and talked to all of us.
    His voice is like honey. It is so smooth and when he sings a song it is like he is singing specifically to you. Bret talked to the audience through the whole show and he cracked jokes too. I would love to sit and hang with him for a whole evening but Big John seems to monitor people wanting to hang too long. Big John asked in a nice way to allow other people to get autographs after we finished with our cameras.

  216. . says:


  217. . says:


  218. Donna says:

    Becca, what do you mean does he smell good? Bret had just done a show and he
    he was jumping around and singing under those hot lights so he had been real sweaty up there on stage. I can tell you that he didn’t stink to high hell …but you could smell some sweat. His hair
    smelled good when I hugged him.

  219. . says:


  220. whitewitch says:

    Alright, who is this knucklehead with these symbols?

  221. CommodorePerry says:

    Penguins could hatch eggs while waiting for this site to post anything.

  222. GobbleityGook says:

    Is it morning in China yet?

  223. Esther says:

    A dog has jowls Donna, how could gorgeous Bret have jowls?

  224. Becca says:

    What does his hair smell like?

    Donna Says:

    June 21st, 2008 at 12:18 am
    Becca, what do you mean does he smell good? Bret had just done a show and he
    he was jumping around and singing under those hot lights so he had been real sweaty up there on stage. I can tell you that he didn’t stink to high hell …but you could smell some sweat. His hair
    smelled good when I hugged him.

  225. ., says:


  226. Donna says:

    Becca, Umm… I think it smelled like bananas mixed with something sweet.

  227. . says:


  228. Samantha says:

    I don’t know who is doing those dumb keyboard things but you are not entertaining anyone.

  229. . says:


  230. . says:


  231. D. says:

    Donna, his hair smelled like cocoanut mixed with banana—like a pina colada sorta.

  232. Jenna says:

    I thiught his hair smelled more like it had banana and something more fruity like tangerine and coconut.

  233. WalrusInHeat says:

    Why is this site acting so crazy tonight?

  234. ., says:


  235. LimpBodies says:

    OK girls…was Bret’s hair fruity or sweet? You make it sound like he fell head first into a bowl of fruit salad.

  236. . says:


  237. Fiona says:

    Becca—why do you want to know how Bret smelled?

  238. . says:


  239. CornFlake says:

    Donna, if I was that close to Bret I would have licked his sweat right off his body.

  240. ., says:


  241. ISawYourFAce says:

    Why does a dude’s hair smell like fruit?

  242. ElvisIsDead says:


  243. ., says:


  244. PopcornKelly says:

    Pumpkinhead you are not making any kind of sense to us.

  245. Little Debbie says:

    Fiona are you really going after the bus bandits—-they are just kidding with you and jerking you around.

  246. Jewel says:

    I want to know if you saw Peetie and is he nice in person and did he have a woman with him?

  247. Jellybean says:

    Bret does look like he was not feeling good in that morning news video. Did
    he have a hang over from the night before?

  248. Donna says:

    Jewel, the whole BMB band is real friendly and yes Pete is nice. I don’t know what you mean by
    a woman with Pete. There were hundreds of women at that show and several were standing
    near the sides of the stage, so I can’t say one way or the other unless you describe the woman.
    Are you talking about someone you know? If you describe her, maybe I can remember if she was near us.

  249. Fiona says:

    I’m %!~~*#+!~)&)$@%+# ng a bag with clothes now.

  250. DrunkenFools says:

    Donna, that girl is wanting to know if you saw any of the Pixie Chicks at the show?

  251. Donna says:

    How am I suppsed to know what the Pixie Chicks look like if you don’t describe them.
    Like I said there were at least a hundred hot women there that night and many were near
    the stage or in the wings of the stage. So I can’t answer your question.

  252. FireJumper says:

    Donna, if Pixie was there you’d have heard her mouth screaming out the names
    of the Chicks. If Allie was there you’d know her because she would have been
    jumping on the stage and Derby would have been there trying to pull her back.
    See anything like that???

  253. Donna says:

    I saw a girl throw her bra on the stage–so which one was that?

  254. DrunkenFools says:

    That must have been Allie.

  255. KissyFace says:

    I wanta smooch with those Drunken Fools—where are you guys?

  256. CassidyKid says:

    Can someone at VH1 not fix this site so we can see the conversations. I keep posting
    and it goes away.

  257. DamIt says:

    This is getting ridiculous—fix the blog.

  258. MoonCrater says:

    Donna, Did you see any sign of Amber at the show?

  259. KeyKey says:

    Did Bret do “Every Rose” as an acoustic? I love it when he does that at his shows.

  260. FixThePlumbing says:

    What did Bret do when that girl threw the bra on stage?

  261. Donna says:

    Bret cracked a joke to Big John about “would he like some cups of something” and then he threw the bra at Big John.

  262. Donna says:

    No sign of Ambre at the show. Jenna did ask where Ambre was. Bret acted like he didn’t want to answer. He said that she was working and that was all he replied.
    Then he asked us if we wanted him to pose for some pictures since he saw we all had cameras.

  263. Donna says:

    No Bret didn’t do Every Rose completely as an acoustic version. Pete played the part that C.C. usually plays.

  264. PezDispenser says:

    I still want to know why a dude smells like fruit?

  265. Donna says:

    I don’t know why his hair smelled like it did–you’d have to ask Bret. Geez…I hope you people
    don’t ask Bret these same kinds of questions when you see him in person. He will think
    you’re off your rocker.

  266. Dawn says:

    So Bret likes it when women throw their bras on stage?

  267. SubwayRider says:

    The bus needs to come back and talk to the fans here. Everybody sure misses
    the bus guys because they are all so sexy and sweet.

  268. Donna says:

    Dawn, I don’t know. I would imagine Bret has seen his share of bras so that event is nothing
    novel to him.

  269. Donna says:

    I can’t answer anymore questions. I gotta go. I have an early morning.

  270. YeaWe'reFun says:

    Every female here needs to come to BMB’s shows. You can throw bras or panties on the stage cause we love them all. Come meet us because we want to meet you, sing to you, play for you, drink with you, hug you, kiss you, smell you, lick you, and totally delight you.

    Do you know what
    our favorite color is ?…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….T.i.t.t.i.e. PINK. :) : ) :) :) :)

  271. YeaWe'reFun says:

    T-i-t-t-i-e P-i-n-k

  272. Pink Cupcake says:

    OK Bret’s video fell one spot this week to number 4. COME ON PEOPLE we cant let that happen. Lets go something about that.

  273. Pink Cupcake says:

    HOLY CRAP are you kidding me, THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK beat out BRET. What is the world coming to ? Ok this is a plea to all the fans. PLEASE vote to get BRET back up there. We cant let NKOTB to stay there any longer then THIS WEEK. GET moving folks PLEASE.

  274. Agnes says:

    Also.. hes got such a sense of humor,,made me laugh sooo much with this quote,and know what.? it is exactly of what makes me think when i see his pictures.. Yeah…(maybe read my mind).there are so many idiots at bars, ..haha..or lions..Any other song to propose.? i think he did very well.on the count down..knocked down a couple of hot ones..
    Should i fall down .. i can hold down to his beautiful hair.? I went to se him performing @NY and some girl threw a bra.. funny.. i have the picture..

  275. Terb says:

    What do all the females here think about Bret’s comment above? Agree or disagree?

  276. Penny says:

    I love Bret’s hair. Reminds me of a wild Viking, or a savage blonde blue eyed Native American.
    Only him and Fabio can really rock that look.
    Bret just wouldn’t be Bret without the locks. Hope he never ever cuts it.
    Have ta say, I don’t really like it when he does those braids.
    But love it when he lets his hair be naturally wavy without using the flattening iron—that more resembles his real hair texture back in 80′s.

    Kisses to you Bret.

  277. Dawn says:

    Hell yea, I say Bret is a wild lion like male. I’d ride behind him on his Harley and then make love to him
    til he was totally exhausted. Can I hold on to his hair while I ride him?

  278. Terb says:

    So ladies…which, in your opinion, is the primo reason you are fans:
    Bret’s personality?
    His looks, or appearance?
    His voice, and musical talent?
    Manner in which he treats his fans?
    Reading back several pages, some women are saying that Bret looks old now, so does that
    really matter to fans?
    Please state your true opinions. Speak now…the microphone is yours.

  279. EmeraldIsleWoman says:

    I agree with the gals below with their comments but have to state I love Bret for his personality
    and his music too. He is just a stoking hot speciman of a man whom any woman can appreciate.

    Dawn Says:
    June 21st, 2008 at 5:11 pm
    Hell yea, I say Bret is a wild lion like male. I’d ride behind him on his Harley and then make love to him
    til he was totally exhausted. Can I hold on to his hair while I ride him?

    Penny Says:
    June 21st, 2008 at 5:08 pm
    I love Bret’s hair. Reminds me of a wild Viking, or a savage blonde blue eyed Native American.
    Only him and Fabio can really rock that look.
    Bret just wouldn’t be Bret without the locks. Hope he never ever cuts it.
    Have ta say, I don’t really like it when he does those braids.
    But love it when he lets his hair be naturally wavy without using the flattening iron—that more resembles his real hair texture back in 80’s.
    Kisses to you Bret.

  280. Cherrie says:

    Terb, all those factors equally make me adore that man, but even if he ages then he is still
    the hottest man alive in my opinion. Laughter is very important, so if he can make me laugh
    I don’t care if he gets liverspots, or dentures, I will always love him.

  281. BrittneyLee says:

    Eyes. Those blue eyes are killer. Make me want to bite him.

  282. Chelsey says:

    Course he’s hot, but he don’t seem too conceited about it. He’s a real friendly guy.

  283. Lisa says:

    up close bret does have freckles or are those what you called liverspots cherrie?

  284. Melanie says:

    His face was chiseled in heaven by the angels and then they gave him those drop dead
    lovely eyes and long eyelashes. Bret is just too beautiful for words.

  285. Terb says:

    But what exactly makes him have that effect on women? I’m trying to
    understand by getting you women to peck one thing.

  286. Tabitha says:

    Terb, you forgot to list one thing on your list of features–the big white Anaconda.
    It’s one of my personal favorites.

  287. Terb says:

    : )

    How could I forget that one ?

  288. PopcornKelly says:

    Terb, He is gorgeous, acts like a cuddly puppy, and has so many fine qualities
    that is it hard to pick just one.

  289. MaryKate says:

    His lips could travel all over my body.

  290. Libby says:

    Definitely I vote for the Slong of magnitude, the eyes, the lips, the hair, and the
    wild attitude.

  291. Cherrie says:

    Terb-Do we know you? I ‘ve never seen you here before that I remember. Tell us about you and why are you asking all us women those questions? Are you a fan too.

  292. Terb says:

    I’ve been on the VH1 blogs before but someone recently told me to come to this new site. Said to come and read what the women were writing about Bret Michaels.
    I’m just a normal dude.
    You might say that I have mutual interest in the conversational content here.
    Curiosity made me ask the questions.

  293. Cherrie says:

    Have I met you? ………I just noticed something and I think I have.

    Did you comment on my earring and then touch it ?

  294. Terb says:

    Cherrie, please don’t say it here.

    Damn, you are good.

  295. Cherrie says:

    Is there a way I can talk to you privately?

  296. Terb says:

    my space

  297. Libby says:

    Why don’t you tell us all?

  298. LASHI says:


  299. Pink Cupcake says:

    Lashi YOUR an IDOT GO away.

  300. Pink Cupcake says:

    If you turn the letters of TERB around what do you get? DUHHHH think about it.

  301. Blondie says:

    We saw Bret last night at the show.. HOLY SHI IT.. NOT only was he hot he is beautiful. OK so he looks a bit puf in the face and a bit sluggish. BUT he is still SO hott. I loved how he took my hand and thanked us for coming to the show and he even KISSED my cheek. WOW. I am in Heaven. LOVE HIM

  302. . says:


  303. 8 says:


  304. 7 says:


  305. Terb says:

    Never choke in a restaurant in the South …especially in Alabama.

    Two hillbillies walk into a bar. While having a shot of whisky,
    they talk about their moonshine operation.

    Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough.
    And, after a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress.

    One of the hillbillies looks at her and says, ‘Kin ya swallar?’

    The woman shakes her head no.

    Then he asks, ‘Kin ya breathe?’

    The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.

    The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up her dress, yanks down
    her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue. The woman is so
    shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of
    her mouth.

    As she begins to breathe again, the Hillbilly walks slowly back to the bar.

    His partner says, ‘Ya know, I’d heerd of that there ‘Hind Lick Maneuver’
    but ain’t niver seed nobody do it

  306. Terb says:

    PINK CUPCAKE—Were you also one of the chicks I met the 12th of June?
    Talk to me.

  307. Mick says:

    Is there possibly ANYONE alive with less talent and less originality than Bret Michaels??? Oh yeah, maybe Kid Rock! On the disgust meter they are both off the charts.

  308. ComeOnNow says:

    TERB, You SUCK … go `+~@(+$^~@&&%!`) yourself

  309. OMG says:

    YOU people are so silly. IF you read those posts carefully from ( TERB WINK WINK TERB) if you re-arrange the letters like ( PINK CUPCAKE said ) you would know who you were talking to. He fuels his own ego by comming on here and letting you people tell him how wonderful he is. WHAT A JOKE.

  310. Wonder ? says:

    “OMG” it is interesting that you preceived Terb was trying to stoke some bloated ego.
    OH contrary !

    I perceived it in a totally different manner– I believe that Terb reads here very often and is concerned about lots of false, or misleading opinions, effecting today’s entertainment industry
    which get posted to these types of blogs.

    (With guise of cover // wink, wink) Think Terb was asking for some purely honest feedback
    concerning some “OLD” comments on the prior blog pages.

    The fans were the ones who began posting the glorified praise words for Mr. Michaels
    after Terb came on. Where as, if you look on former pages, the fans were talking about Mr. Michaels as looking unhealthy, old, having health problems, and the debate over questionable plastic surgery having been performed.

    I believe Terb was just trying to puzzlingly figure out the REAL deal in order to consider future changes, which would more than likely be, forwarded directly to Mr. Michael’s attention.

  311. BabyBlue says:

    Did I see the Bus gang tell that same hind lick joke on another blog ?
    Are Cherrie- Pink Cupcake-& Terb here today?

  312. BabyBlue says:

    Libby, PopcornKelly, or MaryKate–any of you here today?

  313. RedToeNails says:

    Bert’s hotter than fire now and has more talent than any punk named Mick would imagine
    in his weasel brain.

    Did you all see Mick in the back seat of the car in Kid Rock’s video “Hott?’
    Shouldn’t smack down on your bread n butta dude.

  314. Bridge says:

    Who’s Bert?

  315. Lydia says:

    You know…he’s that guy on Sesame Street.

  316. JungleJane says:

    No Bert is that guy on UTube who does the imitation of Bret. The imitator was in the
    audience of the Jimmy Kimmel Show the night Bret appeared there.

  317. Bridge says:

    Bret is the sexiest guy in the world. I just watched all the ROL 1 season again
    and it was just as good during the second viewing as it was the first.

  318. Time Warp says:

    I agree with OMG TERB spelled backwards is BRET and to me that is very lame to fuel his own fire.

  319. Pink Cupcake says:

    Whats going on Baby Blue?

  320. Wonder says:

    Terb, I’ll give ya an honest opinion here.
    The reason fans like Bret Michaels so much is because of a varied & total package…………..
    he is very sexy & handsome even at 45,
    he has an outgoing friendly personality,
    he has a great sense of humor and smiles alot,
    he is intelligent,
    he is affectionate and doesn’t mind hugging fans,
    he does not think in a conceited manner,
    he still has a good voice after 21 years in the business,
    he is talented with his song writing and musical instrument ability,
    he treats his band members and staff like blood brothers,
    he is energetic and earnest in his work effort,
    he is a good business man concerning his career,
    he is a philolantropist for many good causes,
    he gives the fans their bang for the buck at all his shows,
    and he signs autographs & poses for fan photos hours after the show is over.

    You really don’t see too many other celebs, or musicians, who can hang half these attributes on their
    belts…….so that is why Bret Michaels is loved.

  321. Kimmie36 says:


  322. Baby Blue says:

    Pink Cupcake–I don’t think that guy wanted a public announcement made about that “wink/wink stuff”, otherwise he would have given us a different name on here. He even wanted to talk to you
    I’d be more careful about what you spill, you may have wrecked your opportunity to converse
    in the future.

  323. Ms. B. Haven says:

    Just droppin by to give BRET some love.

  324. Terb says:

    KISSES TO YOU TO Ms. B. Haven,

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, _^-,?
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -^ .
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-^ .
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-^ .
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-^ .

    Terb loves you ! !

  325. Pink Cubcake says:

    Baby blue. How do you know I havent already spoken to him? And I didnt spill anything that anyone with a brain couldnt have figured out anyway. Thanks though.

  326. JungleJane says:

    Hey Bret, I’m a wild child too–can you take me on a ride?
    Anyone with any eyes would have put you at the top of the People Mag. list.

  327. Bridge says:

    People are not on here so much now that this blog has some technical problems.
    Some of my posts have been entirely taken away, and for others it takes about ten minutes for them
    to appear.
    Who wants to tolerate that crap—fix it VH1.

  328. Ms. B. Haven says:

    OOOOHHH_______Thankx for the kiss Terb.
    Back at ya baby.

  329. Cherrie says:

    You’re a real sweetheart. Just wanted to say it again because I enjoy talking to you. It’s so
    nice for you to take the time to talk on here.

    Is it that same guy at VH1 who writes most of the stuff for press? He needs to be set straight
    on some things because he starts those wild rumors and they take off like wild fire.

  330. BabyBlue says:

    Thanks, you’re a real sweet chick yourself.
    I see what you are talking about.. some of the pages posted are getting pulled, or some comments just don’t ever post. That stinks.
    Your friends enjoy talking so much here that someone should fix it.
    See alot of our talk last night got pulled off. Two or three pages were missing when I read at breakfast. Anyway you understood what I was saying–Right? The business gets really harsh at times so you gotta find your release.
    Thanks for being a good listener last night and I was definitely serious about those instructions.
    Peace & luv to ya.

  331. Cherrie says:

    MUAAAAAH to you and a giant hug, many kisses and a wish for you to have a blessed day
    you hot hunk.

  332. Libby says:

    See, Ginger, I told you what Terb said was true. It knew it was true when we
    saw Bret at the show. You could tell by looking at his eyes. Do you think he will really get the time to come visit, or was he just saying that to be nice? Man what a party we could throw for that one.

  333. Ginger says:

    OK. So get over yourself. You don’t have to tell me again that you were right.
    Don’t know about the other, it may be just something everyone hears.

  334. Libby says:

    Course the house would rock off its foundation.

  335. Cherrie says:

    Lib, did Donna get her souvenir and pictures back from the framer yet?

  336. Nina says:

    This blog stinks. I posted something last night and its gone. And its taking forever to post. WHATS UP VH1?

  337. Libby says:

    CheChe–she can pick it up tomorrow afternoon. Come with us.

  338. Cherrie says:

    Sure, you better believe it. Don’t threaten me with a good time. HA

  339. Kimmie36 says:

    Me too—I’m sick of posting and then it disappears. What the F is wrong with this thing?

  340. RedToeNails says:

    Why did BabyBLue leave, I wanted to read more of the talk from last night.
    I’m still hott and sweaty over it.

  341. Nina says:

    He left cuz he has kids to tend to.

  342. Cherrie says:

    BabyBlue can’t just sit on here and talk ALL day—he does have a job to get ready for -you know.
    Didn’t you love the way he was cracking jokes. Too funny of a guy.

  343. RedToeNails says:

    I didn’t get the part about the girl he was talking about. Everybody else seemed to understand
    but me …and nobody answered when I asked about her. Who is she?

  344. Cherrie says:

    Red-you’d need to have read back last coupla months on the previous blogs to understand. I can’t explain it all here.
    Just go back and read the other blogs and you will get the whole story.

  345. Libby says:

    I’d die to be in her shoes.

  346. RedToeNails says:

    If those other blogs are as slow and messed up as this one I can never read it all so
    just tell me about the thing he said…it was something about sticking the cat in the mailbox.
    What in the hell was the girl doing that for?

  347. Sharon says:


  348. Cherrie says:

    No ! ! RedToeNails, she didn’t put a cat in any mailbox. He said she put “Puss” in the
    mailbox. He meant he got some pictures of a girl named Puss and he blew beer out his
    nose laughin at it. You gotta know the whole story to understand why that is funny.
    Just go back and read the blog about the Reunion show, and the, the blog about Daisy.
    After you finish those you will understand his words last night.

  349. JungleJane says:

    Somebody on here seems jealous of the girls talking to BabyBlue.

  350. Libby says:

    CheChe–Grab Donna and let’s all go over to the pool so we can talk there. Bring your new CD cause I want to hear it again.

  351. Kimmie36 says:

    Guess Ozzy let her out of the cage. We were chattin just fine til she showed up.

  352. Patty says:

    Sorry girls you have a lot to learn. PUSS is the nickname of Ambre. Those are the same girls who are in that “PIXIE CHICKS”. 2 of the girls went to grammer school with Ambre and they used to call her PUSS FACE.

  353. Cat o'ninetails says:

    OOOOOOOOooooo….aren’t you just full of information. I’m impressed.

  354. Chillie says:

    Who you talkin to Cat o’ninetails?

  355. BlondesRule says:

    This blog is acting crazy. It so slow and I went back to read some posts from last night and it seems like there are pages missing. I saw the Kiss that the boys made and that is hot. I love BRET. HE and all the guys in BMB are smoking.

  356. Dawn M says:

    I know my comment is a little late but, when this whole rock of love thing started I thought it was a joke and just )(%$%+*&)!)&%~^ umed he would be looking for some stripper to make more home movies with so when it got down to the end of season 2 I was positive he was gonna pick daisy (I know im not the only one) but when he picked ambre….I started to wonder, is he really looking for love???
    Looks like he might but looks can be deceiving…. hmmmmmm ????????

  357. Bikini Gal says:

    Well better late then never Dawn. It is pretty general across the board and even right from Brets own mouth. He LOVES to date. That man is never going to settle down. He loves woman too much and loves the new and fun part of dating someone new. Plus with his lifestyle there is no way he is going to settle down.

  358. Carolina says:

    Just like Bret says “He is a lucky MF” so why change that?! He is who he is and we love him for it!! Smokin Hot!!

  359. TMZ says:

    Frenchy Does the Breast Stroke at Topless Pool

    Posted Jun 23rd 2008 1:08PM by TMZ Staff

    Can’t expect a lot of class from anyone who “starred” on “Rock of Love” — so it’s no surprise busted season two contestant “Frenchy” Morgan went cans out at the Rio Casino’s topless pool in Las Vegas.

  360. GiGi&Holly says:

    We bought the nothing but a good time VIP package to see YOU and POISON in Tampa on the July 22.
    The package says includes side stage velvet rope seating…We were wandering what that meant?? Can’t wait to see you rocking on the stage!! ROCK ON!!

  361. BikiniGirl says:

    Gigi &Holly. What that means is that your seats are right on the side of the stage and there is a velvet rope separating you from the band. ( depending if your right on the rope or the next row ) basically you will get to see it all. That is a good package. You will have a blast.

  362. SHERIDA says:


  363. Deanna says:

    Pixie Chicks Fans–just wanted to let you know a special e-mail was sent today for fan club candidates outside the state of NC. There were a few e-mail addresses which came back as currently dormant–don’t know why.. as we intially confirmed all e-mail addresses.
    If you were to receive this special mailing and for some reason did not then send me your e-mail address at pixiechicks1111 at and I will forward you the information.

  364. RitaJ. says:

    Deanna, just to let you know, the explanatory e-mail came through OK,
    and the jpeg photos of Bret are so fantastic. The other stuff is super information too.
    I did not know that Miley Cyrus was one of Bret’s fans. Sorry to say, but the 2 files with those PC creeds won’t open on my computer. I don’t have Microsoft XP, so you might see that others are having the same problem opening those attachements too. Is there any other way to send them?

    Thanks so much for sharing the great photos & everything.
    I love Bret so much and he looks so wonderful at that show.

  365. Binky says:

    What’s she talking about? I want to see the photos of Bret.

  366. Deanna says:

    Binky, this only applies to people who previously sent memberhip applications to the PC fan club.
    If you were on our June list with a valid e-mail address then the info. was sent today. If you
    were not on the e-mail list, then SORRY the information is not applicable to you.

  367. Neena'sPrize says:

    So if I’m not in your club I can’t see the pictures of Bret. That sucks.

  368. StrawberryBlonde says:

    Deanna, can I join the club?

  369. Uncle Tom says:

    Hiya D spot!!! I don’t remember giving the negro league permission to use my rock n Roll blog. Take yourself to the Soulja boy, or the DMX one. I told you…the boys don’t play in the mud.

  370. Deanna says:

    StrawberryBlonde, are you a current resident of North Carolina?

  371. StrawberryBlonde says:

    No I’m not.

  372. Deanna says:

    Sorry, you must be a NC resident.

  373. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Hi Deanna I sent you an e mail a while ago and did not hear from you and thought that the PCC was over. Did you get my e mail?

  374. High Priest says:

    Didn’t I send a couple of guys from the Brotherhood down south, to NC??? Christ! I sent 5 of em’ with about 48 nooses.

  375. Cupcake says:

    why do you have to live in NC?

  376. Kiki says:


  377. The Dream Police says:

    Really…Deanna, you need to get your @ss outta here. But before you do…Please answer BlueJeanGirl’s question. I’m really curious to know this you F#cking fraud.

  378. ((())) says:


  379. Deanna says:

    BlueJeanGirl, did get your e-mail and an explanatory emailing went out today.
    Your address is currently coming back as invalid for some reason.

    Cupcake–It has to do with specific charter stipulations, so only in state residents are elligible.

  380. The Ace of Spades says:

    Didn’t I see on another blog that this Deanna said the Pixie chicks had crabs, or something?? Why is this person still endorsing this fan club when they say that these PCs are deranged??? Thats kind of a hard sell, don’t you think?

  381. Spiderbaby says:

    Wait,,,Deanna said what???

  382. Jackson says:

    Don’t they all come out of the woodwork at once.

  383. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Deanna that is odd. I only have the one address. Did you make sure to put the period between bluejean and girl.?

  384. VooDooVicki says:

    High Priest you ain’t got nuthin on the Santeria crew down on the bayou.

  385. High Priest says:

    Nice touch, KKK, but I work alone. I am the HIGHPRIEST, after all.

  386. HoneyBecca says:

    There are just a bunch of idiots on here today.

  387. Deanna says:

    BlueJeanGirl–if you wish me to try to send it again then I will.

  388. The Ace of Spades says:

    Spider baby, it’s the Bret does Manilow blog sight. You can go see what that Deanna said about the Pixie one there. It’s bad.

  389. BlueJeanGirl says:

    THis is why I quit posting on here,
    its out of hand.

  390. Uncle Tom says:

    VooDooVicki, I’m intrigued…tell me more.

  391. ((()))) says:


  392. Bluejeangirl says:

    Deanna yes please. THe other e mails you sent me came thru.
    Please try it again. Thanks

  393. The Dream Police says:

    Are you still here, Deanna?? We don’t want you here. You are still trying to sell yourself as a Pixie Chick’s fan club president, after you proclaimed your hatred of one of the girls??? The main one??? Are you f#cking stoned, b#tch??? Get the f#ck out of here!!!!

  394. Kaden says:

    this site blows.

  395. Bikins and Gin says:

    What the hell is going on here? What are these idiots talking about? KKK Uncle Tom Dream Police. What in the holy hell is this place? Mississippi?

  396. Aryan Nation says:

    Hate crimes INC. Sign up here. Free chain, with every new membership.

  397. (((()))) says:


  398. CranberryBottle says:

    I thought this site was about Bret so if you’re not talking about Bret and his band or his fans then take a hike to the zoo.

  399. MarilynMonroe says:

    VH1 is taking thing off the site now. Two of my posts went missing and now half the page is gone.

  400. Deanna says:

    BlueJeanGirl-Did you already get the one entitled June 24 News?

  401. VooDooVicki says:

    What cha need to know?

  402. BlueJeanGirl says:

    No Deanna I have not gotten anything from you except that
    inital one on the 4th of June.

  403. ((())) says:


  404. Jerry says:

    Dream police–you trying to rob peter to pay paul?

  405. Aspirin says:

    What a headache ! Why don’t these posts go through?

  406. VooDooVicki says:

    Snakes, a hex, gris gris–what cha want?

  407. Cherrie says:

    Deanna, got the new pictures. Want to come see them?

  408. Jerry says:

    Pull me some free show tickets out of your magic bag VooDooVicki

  409. VooDooVicki says:

    Then you need to go wink at your mailman.

  410. Gretchen says:

    Dream police you are purely stupid.

  411. Jezebel says:

    DreamPolice-go flush the toilet cause you’re stinkin up the place.

  412. Lies,Lies,Lies says:

    VH1 has among their Top 25 posts some real crap—none of those have even a fourth
    of the number of posts as this one—- “Bret, People Says He’s Hot” with 440 posts while
    some of those others only have 56 or 38 posts.

    VH1 you people are so stupid to advertise the TOP 25 posts and not even know them yourselves.

  413. Bikini and Gin says:

    What is with all the hatred on here today?

  414. Socrates says:

    It the same person who always comes on here and starts the same ol s.h.i.t. and we all
    know who it is.
    Same s.h.i.t. just a different day.

  415. LasVegasLovin says:

    I agree with PEOPLE-Bret is hotter than hot.

  416. Bikini and Gin says:

    Socrates I have been reading this post since day one I dont think I know who your talking about. These people on here today are writing some racist crap. I have NEVER seen that on ANY Bret site til now. It seems off the chain.

  417. Cherrie says:

    I think is it funny that Bret says if his band members and his daughters did not help him then
    he’d be techno stupid.

  418. Deanna says:

    BlueJeanGirl–did you get it the last time?

  419. Socrates says:

    Oh, I’m sure if your think real hard you can deduce who is posting that trash.

  420. DRYING PAINT says:



  421. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Yes Deanna I did get it. Thanx . I sent you an e mail back
    let me know what you think.

    Thanx a lot.

  422. Bikini and Gin says:

    I dont know. But all this racist crap is new to me
    on any of Brets site.

  423. Frankie says:

    I cant believe that you chicks are still on here motorin about Bret and the band,
    dont you chicks have dudes you can be out with or baning or some shizzel?

  424. ((()))((())) says:


  425. Deanna says:

    BlueJeanGirl–got it and I sent message back.
    Thanks !

  426. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Thanx Deanna. I will go check my mail.
    Appreciate it.

  427. Christina says:

    Hey Frankie—don’t you have a woman ? Then why are you here?
    This is a good place to talk and lots of women enjoy it better than trying to
    talk to a boyfriend who has his face glued to a sports event on HBO.

  428. ((()))) says:



  429. Frankie says:

    SORRY sweetie I have a girl and just so you know

  430. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Deanna great pic thanx..
    I sent back. Take a read.

  431. Christina says:

    Haven’t you ever watched boxing on HBO? If you are a group of guys then
    you ar probably that bunch at the military base who puts all the nasty stuff on here.
    You are so childish—what group of guys sits here and reads something about another
    guy unless you are a bunch of pervs.

  432. GreenTomatoes says:

    Did you know that Bret likes to eat fried green tomatoes?
    That was a shocker to me.

  433. Deanna says:

    If other Pixie Chicks fan club applicants outside the state of NC did not get their e-mail of today
    then please contact me….pixiechicks1111 at and I will sent you an e-mail.

  434. VooDooVicki says:

    Deanna, where are them pixie chicks anyway? They as scarce as ghosts.

  435. Kimmie36 says:

    Green Tomatoes–where did that come from? Are you trying to tell Bret to be
    careful because of the tomato scare lately?

  436. Nasty Nose Noodles says:

    Who are the perverts from the military base?

  437. HoneyBecca says:

    No, Bret doesn’t…you’re just making that up. No one likes green tomatos.

  438. Bikini and Gin says:

    VoodooVicki they met up with the bus. THEY bolted from here and did what we all dream of.

  439. Frankie says:

    YOU are such an idiot Christina. TRY ESPN dumbazz. HBO HAS ONE SPORT ON IT DILL WEED.

  440. Green Tomatoes says:

    Yes Bret does…I was watching the ROL 1 DVD today and when Bret was on his solo date
    with Rodeo and Brandy-Be Be, they were talking about what they liked to eat as fas as
    garden food. Bret said he liked fried green tomatoes ! ! Go watch for yourself.

    Personally I think green ones are YUCK but Bret, honey, if you are eating them then please
    do make sure they are not from that salmonella infected places. Watch out for lemons
    too because I heard there was now an outbreak in lemons.

  441. Boiling Water says:

    Sit in front of a pot of ice cold water and try to watch it boil. Its just like this site. DOES NOT WORK.

  442. Christina says:

    Frankie, I think you have exhausted your brain trying to inflate your blow up doll.

    Sit back for a while and let the oxygen return to your brain fool.

  443. Holly says:

    Green tomatoes will give you bad gas…it that what Bret and Brandy were talking about on that
    date? Because didn’t she burp or do something nasty and then Rodeo was talking about
    how unclassy that Brandy really was just because she burped.
    Didn’t Rodeo fart in Bret’s face at the recording studio? Does she call that classy stuff?

  444. ((()))) says:


  445. HoneyBecca says:

    BIG JOHN—please make sure that Bret does not eat any tomatoes or lemons
    so that we can all sleep peacefully every night knowing that you are watching out
    for our man.

  446. RattleTheCage says:

    Frankie, who are your friends with you and what military base are you on?
    Surely there is something better to do on a Tuesday night than for you to read what women
    write here.

  447. Jessica says:

    I also saw where Bret loves Fried Green Tomatoes. That is unusual for a guy that is not from the south ya know? But he said he loves em.

  448. VooDooVicki says:

    How you know–you heard from them? Why don’t they come here and brag about it if they
    are doin it? I’d have to brag about that stuf.

  449. Blondie says:

    I sent VH1 an e mail and asked if they could help out with this site now that folks are back chatting and all. I will let ya’all know what they say if they respond back to me. This is just horrible.

  450. Jabba says:

    Bret your hottness inspires women melting all over the US. Do you happen to have any
    brothers anywhere????Bbecause there is just not enough of you to service all the women
    who love you.

  451. Frankie says:


  452. Jennifer says:

    Who does Bret’s laundry when he is on the road?

  453. Christina says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that Frankie is the one washing out Bret’s dirty drawers in the sink
    on the bus and then hanging them on his head until they completely dry.

  454. Bikini and Gin says:

    VooDoo. There was a message posted on one of the other sites that they met up with the bus. And dude would YOU be on a blog posting stuff when you were hanging out with the band? NOT ME. Maybe once I got done but NOT during. NO WAY .

  455. Melody says:

    Good effort Blondie–we all thank you. Jus hope they fix the problem.

  456. Donna says:

    Anybody seen Terb today?

  457. JJ Lovehound says:

    Jennifer I would think that he has someone do it or they have facilities on the bus to do it. Im sure he has so many clothes he can throw out things he wears daily.

  458. EllieMay says:

    Jennifer, probably the same woman who cleans up after those bus parties and cleans
    the bus toilet.

  459. Blondie says:

    Well I just couldnt take it anymore and I know that you all couldnt take it either. I sure hope something changes.

  460. HoneyBecca says:

    Jennifer, Don’t know but if the job is open I’ll definitely apply to wash out Bret’s underwear—
    does he even wear underwear?

  461. ((())) says:


  462. Jennifer says:

    No, I was really serious. I got to thinking about Bret being on the road so many straight days.
    You see him wearing those same Affliction tee-shirts and I’ve seen him wear the same jeans a few times on stage\. So I started to wonder about who really does his clothing while he is touring.
    Surely Big John does not do it. I can’t picture Big John with an iron and an ironing board.
    I doubt Bret throws his clothes away after each show…..unless he buys multiples of the same $200.00 shirt—- like a dozen at the time—just wondering.

    Who does clean the bus after those bus parties, and who restocks all the liquer and restocks
    the bus frig? Somebody has to do it.

  463. Bikini and Gin says:

    I HIGHLY DOUBT that he wears drawers. Hell have you seen how skin tight his jeans are? You just cant wear anything under that. And well lets just call it out there. MOST of the time you can see him junk right thru his jeans. ( LOVE IT )

  464. EllieMae says:

    If Bret was throwing his clothes away nationwide, there’d be somebody snatching it up at hotels
    or where ever and trying to sell it on E-Bay.

  465. HoneyBecca says:

    Jennifer,–girl if you ever get to meet Bret, why don’t you just ask him? That would solve it for all of us so we won’t lie awake at night worrying if Bret’s got some clean clothes.

    Like Bikini said, he probably doesn’t wear underwear anymore. Did everyone see that
    mountain in his jeans on the back of his new CD? Puts Mt. Everest to shame.

    By the way, has anyone here seen Bret’s movie from the late ninties –Letter From Death Row?
    I have a question about it.

  466. damnitvh1 says:

    come on.. WHAT THE ))~@$%*&$(*$_))$&~* VH1…





  467. Bikini and Gin says:

    Honey yes I have seen it maybe I can help.

    Jennifer honey. The Ed Hardy shirts he wears he gets cases and cases of those. Same with the jean. So I am no thinking he wears the same of anything twice.
    I am going to see him in July I will ask if I get the chance.

  468. HoneyBecca says:

    Bikini–In that movie is there a full frontal scene of Bret naked? I have not seen it
    and someone told me he was naked in it.

  469. Bikini and GIn says:

    I WISH. No he wasnt.

  470. Donna says:

    Cherrie, you here tonight?

  471. Jennifer says:

    So are the homeless people getting all those worn Ed Hardy’s and designer jeans?
    Where do the clothes go after worn?—–something to think about.

  472. HoneyBecca says:

    Damn… I was gonna go get the movie just to see that scene. Is it a good movie and should
    I buy it???

  473. Cherrie says:

    Yea girl—-what’s shakin?

  474. Plane Jumper says:

    As much as I love BRET that movie was HORRIBLE.

  475. Bikini and Gin says:

    Honey why dont you just rent it. That is probably best.

  476. Donna says:

    I just wanted to know if you checked the myspace and got that message?

  477. ((())) says:


  478. HoneyBecca says:

    Bikini—was Bret naked in any other movie—someone saw him full frontal naked in some
    movie and I don’t know what other movie it could be.

  479. Deanna says:

    We got a picture of him frontal naked with Pam Anderson in the photo.

  480. Bikini and GIn says:

    You have a point there Jennifer. I dont know.

  481. wth says:

    come on for the love of god

  482. HoneyBecca says:

    Bikini–did you think like Plane Jumper that the movie was horrible??

    Deanna, so his stuff is real? Some people tell me he enhances himself for shows and publicity shots so naturally I am curious to see.

  483. Deanna says:

    HoneyBecca, you send me your e-mail address to pixiechicks1111 at and I will try
    to send you that photo.

  484. Bikini and Gin says:

    I saw the sex tape with he and Pam but he got that pulled that off the shelf RIGHT away. I would be careful passing that around. And YES that stuff is very REAL.
    As far as the movie Honey… I dont totally agree with Plan Jumper. That was harsh. The moive was ok,

  485. Nellie says:

    Im sorry I just came into the conversation. I was LUCKY enough
    to see that tape too. YES YES YES HE IS ALL MAN.

  486. Deanna says:

    HoneyBecca, did you get it yet?

  487. HoneyBecca says:

    Yes, Deanna—Praise God and Jesus.. I got it…………..And I’m taking it to bed with me

    Thank you so much.

  488. Administrator says:

    I would be VERY careful about passing any pictures of Bret around off that Tape. There was an injunction over that tape and if your e mail addresses are attached to it, well lets say that would not be smart.

    Thank you and the blog’s speed is being worked on.

  489. Cherrie says:

    Deanna, do you realize that you set that picture to everyone on the PC fan club group list?

    WHOPPER ! Burger King ain’t got nothing on him.

  490. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Deanna are you holding out on me.
    Send it my way. PLEASE.

  491. Deanna says:

    Cherrie—-Oh hell NO ! ! I didn’t mean to do that…must have clicked it by accident.

    Well….Happy Birthday girls ! ! !

  492. Cherrie says:

    Does insulin do that ?

  493. (((*****((((((()))))) says:


  494. HoneyBecca says:

    Cherrie, If insulin did that ….every man in America would be taking 4 shots a day.

    Deanna, you are so funny—guess alot of folks will get a shock when they open that

  495. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Deanna I must be on a different list
    because it didnt come my way.
    YET.. HA

  496. Jenna says:

    Deanna, you’d better be glad you didn’t click on Dr. Gordon’s address by accident and sent
    him the giant dong. He He Ha Ha

  497. Donna says:

    How does he even walk straight carrying that around?

  498. Bikini and Gin says:

    Are you girls still running really slow?

  499. Deanna says:

    BlueJeanGirl–check your e-mail now.

  500. HoneyBecca says:

    Donna, Well if he doesn’t wear any underwear then I’m sure he walks very carefully
    so that it doesn’t knock himself out with it.

  501. Cherrie says:

    Yes, this thing is still taking about 8-10 minutes to flash up the new messages.

  502. Kelli says:

    Deanna, where did you get that? ? ?

  503. ((())))(((()) says:


  504. Nicole says:

    You know most guys hang to the left but I noticed at the show that he hangs to the
    right—isn’t that sorta unusual?

  505. Ginger says:

    Tarzan ain’t got nothing on my man Bret—–swing with me. That “rigid” photo was
    hott Deanna.

  506. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Thanx Deanna I got it.


  507. HoneyBecca says:

    I am renaming my rabbit—I’m calling it BRET now.

  508. Bikini and Gin says:

    I also sent an e mail to VH1. Like Blondie did. If we all send them emails MAYBE they will fix this crap for us.

  509. Deanna says:

    Kelli—it is a trade secret ! ! Keep it under your hat.

  510. Ginger says:

    Nicole–did you have your contacts in? I thought he hung to the left.
    What did everybody else see?

  511. Cherrie says:

    Ginger & Nicole go look at his “Go That Far” video—he definitely hangs to the right.
    He has even rubbed an obvious worn spot with there so it is highly visible.

  512. Jenna says:

    YES, he hangs to the right—Cherrie is so right about it in the video. There is a big
    well worn spot RIGHT THERE. Hum….wonder how it got worn so bad there?
    Who’s he been rubbing with it?

  513. Bikini and Gin says:

    I have seen it upclose and it for SURE goes to the right.

  514. ((())) says:


  515. Nicole says:

    Most guys I’ve ever seen hang to the left—-So experts tell me, why is our guy hanging
    the opposite direction?

  516. Nellie says:

    Whatda mean you saw it upclose?

  517. Jenna says:

    I don’t think this blog is getting any better, so I’m calling it a night girls.
    Maybe tomorrow it will speed up again.

  518. Bikini and Gin says:

    Nicole thats odd cuz all the dudes Ive been with even my ex husband hung to the right.

  519. Bikini and Gin says:

    I saw the tape Nellie. I WISH it was in real life. Just on the tape.

  520. Kelli says:

    Nicole it has to do with the balls as to which way it hangs. If one ball is higher than the
    other then the member will go the opposite direction. Pure medical knowledge.

  521. Cherri says:

    Several of us have seen it upclose too. It was practically lunging at our faces when he
    was on stage. Everyone who says it hangs to the right are the winners.

  522. Nicole says:

    Thank you Dr. Kelli–the next time I need penile information I will call you first.

  523. $$$ says:


  524. Cherri says:

    Bikini & Gin and Nicole===I’ve dated some guys where it hung right and some guys
    where it hung left so I think Kelli is correct…..has something to do with the position
    of the balls.

  525. Nellie says:

    He has hooked up with so many chicks over the years that thing has had a hell of a work out.
    You work out any muscle enough it gets huge. So just imagine that.

  526. Terb says:



    RIGHT is the correct answer, but I’m not telling you anything else…ha ha

    Sleep well……ZZZZZ……ZZZZZ…..zzzzz……zzzzz…zzz…zzz….zz…zz….z…..z…

  527. Cherri says:

    Oh my God….

  528. Bikini and Gin says:


  529. Cherri says:

    I wanna curl up and die ..I’m so embarassed that we were caught.

  530. VH1 COMEON says:

    VH1 come on.. FIX THIS SHI T .. PLEASE. THIS IS NOT FAIR TO US.. WERE HERE ALL THE TIME AND CANT TALK.. FIX IT..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  531. Bikini and Gin says:

    Cherri DONT be. GUYS love when chicks talk about stuff like that. It makes us real. And believe me HE has heard and spoken a LOT worse then what we were just talking about. ITS not a big deal. NO PUN of course.

  532. Terb says:

    Don’t be embarassed—– I LOVE EVERYONE OF YOU !


    HAVE SWEET DREAMS — I know I will because I will be thinking about all you chicks.

    Goodnite and Kisses,

  533. Nellie says:

    I cant fn hang with this dumb site no more. Im out for tonight.
    Grass grows faster then this crap goes.

    Nite all

  534. Cherri says:

    Bikini & Gin, Well I’m not used to talking to guys like that—especially if I don’t know them
    that well.
    Gee…it’s like getting caught naked on TV at the SuperBowl. I tend to forget that this is
    a public forum and that you don’t know who is reading, or who is talking. See I know most
    of the girls here.

    Terb, I hope you don’t think I’m a slut or something because I’m really not.

  535. Bikini and Gin says:

    Terb was I right? You guys dont mind cool chicks talking about that stuff right?
    Gotta love it. Rock on to you too and be safe out there.

  536. Blondie says:

    I cant believe this site is so bad. Seems worse now.

    Hey TERB. Thanks for taking time to say hey to us.

  537. (((())))(((()))) says:

    ((((( ))))))


    ^%~)*^+($!(%*$!@ Somebody important comes on here and you can’t even talk to um cause this
    blog is so damn slow —-why can’t one of those brilliant people sitting at the tech desk
    at VH1 do something to fix this?

  539. Donna says:

    I hate this….I can’t read what is going on. Did Terb leave already????

  540. Ginger says:

    UGGGGG. It is frustrating to sit here and wait on this message system to kick in.
    Why is it all of a sudden screwing up on this blog??

  541. ^^^^ says:



  542. HoneyBecca says:

    Bret, can I come live on your bus? I’ll iron, buy groceries, do laundry, make sandwiches, clean,
    change the sheets on your bus bed, or whatever you ask of me if you will just let me come work for you. I’d work for meals and lodging.

  543. Bikini and Gin says:

    And now it is taking EVEN LONGER if that is possible. Seems as if he left and I dont blame him with this dumb post taking as long as a turtle to go cross country. Damn it.

    Cherri honey NO ONE can see you. And what we were talking about was NOT bad at all. Trust me he doesnt or didnt mind.

  544. Crap says:

    This is like being constipated and you sit and sit and sit before you get results.

  545. Cherrie says:

    I think the techno problem has made the posts come to a cold dead halt—I’m going to bed.

  546. Bikini and GIn says:

    We all need to write to VH1 and ask them to fix this mess of a post. It just got worse in the past few days and its getting slower. And it sure as hell doesnt help with some dip shi ts coming on here and typing all kinds of nonsense and not saying anything.

  547. NYISPIZZED says:

    The whole blog has frozen up. Nothing has come up in the last 20 minutes and I’m tired of this.

  548. Blondie says:

    We can always move over to the other site ( the one right after this one. Its the one with Ambre speaking at Brets show. It only has 50 something posts that may be faster.

  549. Blondie says:

    Now posts are being taken away. What in the world

  550. RockerBiotch says:

    Its a shame that this blog was going good then because of how damn slow it is even TERB left and so did eveyone else. I sure hope VH1 gets their act together. COMEON NOW.

  551. RecordPlayer says:

    Read back and this blog sure turned into a techie’s nightmare. Did everything get fixed?

  552. Deanna says:

    Any of our girls still here this morning?,
    You NEED to shift to the “Heather’s Rock of Love Blog” immediately.
    I already sent out a PC club e-mail this morning “of great urgency”, so if you have not checked
    your box do so now, or go to the other blog.

  553. Cherri says:

    I posted on the Heather blog too.
    Dear–”Bus Beotchhhhhhhh” as you call yourself,
    If you are reading this morning, I got your message. Believe me, and I am speaking for the whole room full of PC fans here, that we would never even think of going against the Pixie Chick’s, or the bus’s wishes. That post was not our idea–we do not know anyone named Blondie. She is new
    to the “Bret- People Says He’s Hot” post ,and no one has ever talked to her before.

    I am BEGGING you to call my phone again during daytime hours, (or non-sleeping hours) so we can talk to you. We have lots of questions for you.
    Please, please, please, please, please call back !

  554. Handbags8 says:

    My wonderful Gossip Loving Community. Shop and Blog today.

    YOUR COUTURE Fashion Summer Bags , Designed and Made in New Jersey.

    Dramatic Attention Grabbing Beautiful !!! Seriously

  555. Deanna says:

    Are we all back here now on live broadcast? (Hold your breath that it stays this way).

    This message goes out to the girls over in Donelson Hall—we did locate Hunter and are taking
    the sound bite over so he can split & isolate the tracks on his equipment. He can do the comparison this afternoon after he gets off work and then he says he can tell us more about it. RAH.

    We will let you know the results the minute they land in our hands.

    Pixie Chicks Fan Club LOVES BRET & his Pixie Chicks

  556. Cherri says:

    This blog is still not working right —it is still holding back the posts. Why can’t they fix it?

  557. Deanna says:

    If this blog doesn’t get fixed I don’t know where we will go–that Heather Blog is doing the same crap as this blog —–so what is left? Do we go all the way back to Daisy? Suggestions?

  558. Piant says:

    Glad to see Im watchn paint dry again today

  559. Bikini and Gin says:

    I just went over and put a test post on the Daisy site and that “seems” to work very quickly.

  560. Deanna says:

    Thanks Bikini & Gin–I did a post on the Heather site and it posted immediately, but then I watched for the next person’s post after me and it did not come up until 12 minutes later after the actual time stamp on her post.

    I think I am going to give it a rest until later in the afternoon to see if anything changes on this site.
    This is ridiculious.

  561. Cherri says:

    This is a test post. BLAH BLAH BLAH

  562. Cherri says:

    My test post did not come up immediately after I posted it so this site still sucks.

  563. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Hi GIrls.

    Deanna I sent you an e mail. And Im glad to see the site is up and runnin
    like a snail with no shell.

  564. Bikini and Gin says:

    The blog with Ambre and her movie site moves pretty fast too.
    Seems better then this one.

  565. Test says:


  566. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Hey girls. Anyone here?

  567. Taylor says:

    It seems like we have a fake in our mists. And I AM TAYLOR FROM ST. PETERSBURG Fla. I went and read the post that people are talking about and it seems someone got some spalinin to do????

  568. BlueJeanGirl says:

    Taylor from St. Pets. what the hell
    you talkin about?

  569. (((()))) says:


  570. (()) says:


  571. Taylor says:

    Go read what I wrote on the other site about YOUR girl Deanna, SHE Is a HUGE fake and a fraud.
    And shell said Im SOMEONE else too. SHES too much. HOW +^$)^%)^)^(~`@+#~~` N dare her claim to be a huge fan when in reality she has been dis n one of the main players all along.


  572. Kerry says:

    WOW I have to say I am a bit shocked too. I feel bad for Pixie. That sure does answer a lot of things.

    I too an NOT her posting a fake message Deanna. ( I am from PSU, Portland State)

  573. FedUpWithU says:

    Seems someone is playing games again and #!%“$*+_@%`*_^ uming so many other different identities.
    See you accidentally spilled a clue that you could not have known about if you were not
    the same person posting under so many different names.

    It is the same old ~%`(@!)+(`_!)+)` just different day… as others are sayin.
    No wonder the funny girls don’t come on here anymore.
    All you want to do is haggle over nothing and I ain’t got time for it.

  574. Taylor says:

    FedUpwithu who you talkin to? YOU are always telling people they are posting under different names. ITS YOUR FU CKN FAULT the cool kids dont come and play no more. And jack a ss. All someones gotta do is real this dumb cr ap on here and they know EVERYTHING. IDIOT

  575. TERB says:

    HELLO Ladies, Whats with all the problems tonight? Seems a bit of estrogen is in the air.


  576. Cantweallgetalong says:


  577. TERB says:

    A lot of chick chat going on. WHY such hostility?

  578. (((()))) says:


  579. Bikini and Gin says:

    Hey TERB. WOW two nights in a row.


  580. ((())) says:


  581. MacTheKnife says:

    You guys are so gullible if you believe that.

  582. FakeSheetHereAgin says:

    Gee, funny that U are pretending to be the real guy…..once again it is easy to tell you are a fake !

  583. Dr.Pepper&Salt says:

    Make believe must be real fun for you.

  584. Det. Crenshaw says:

    Confirmation is absolute.

  585. BackInTheSaddleAgain says:

    Meet in the tunnel at midnight. Some news has broken and you all need to know.

  586. VooDooVicki says:

    It’s a real shame I don’t know what is going on here.

  587. Bandanas&Beachballs says:

    They are talking about the guy.

  588. PotatoeSalad says:

    This blog is still not working tonight. #_%%(()_$$+@$!!_ TTTTTTTTT

  589. ((())) says:


  590. Kramer'sKorner says:

    What’s Deanna got going on with that Blue Jean girl? Sounds suspicious to me.

  591. Burb-Terb says:

    Don’t be a pretender.

  592. Bikini and GIn says:

    Glad to see NOTHING changed tonight.

  593. Gamma Rays says:

    Where are the hot chicks tonight? Us men want to talk to ya.

  594. (()) says:


  595. BlueJeanGirl says:

    What is so suspicious? NOTHING I am part of the fan club dill weed.

  596. COMEON says:


  597. ((()) says:


  598. DAYCAMP says:

    I feel like I am in day camp. THIS blog is such a mess I will NOT be reading this crap again. LOSERS.

  599. Terb says:



    NOT TOO COOL ! !


    Love to the girls…..

  600. Testing Speed says:


  601. Testing says:


  602. (())) says:


  603. (((())) says:


  604. Hatfield and McCoy says:


  605. Blitzen says:

    Why does the carnival of clowns even come here?
    No one cares about your negative opinion. You have a pathetic existance.

  606. Hatfield and McCoy says:


  607. Lelanee says:

    I was questioning the possiblilty of Bret and Big John, or the band actually coming on the site to read the latest talk. I started to think about this as a reality. Then wondered if either would post information under an alias– just to see what fans would say? At first I questioned… then I thought with Bret’s funny sense of humor, this idea might not be so far fetched.

    This came to my mind===Bret and Big John are sitting around drinking some beer and they decide to get on Vh1’s blogs to see what is being said about them & BMB. It’s been a long day on the bus
    and they need some entertainment. I’m sure they’d be curious about what other gossip is brewing with fans. Sure they’s be creative with their alias blog names—maybe even pretend to be females and start a blog fight. I wondered if they’d even pretend to be some sorority girls in NC? Nah …..Could they? No offense to that group in NC—I was just thinking of ideas.

    It would be quite a joke on us if John and Bret were posting news to see how the public would respond. I’m sure they are laughing til they split their jeans if they are reading some of the same
    stuff I read. That Pixie Chicks Fan Club goes wild when Terb shows up, and we all want confirmation as to Terb’s identity. Does anyone know for sure this is who we think it is? I know who I am led to believe it is…………….As a last comment, I wanted to say–BRET –I love you !!!
    A fan always in Hanauma Bay, Hawaii.

  608. ((())) says:


  609. Back Fire says:

    Hey you Phi Mu’s—-What you thought was going to be a nasty little display has
    turned into a delightful surprise for us. Everyone is talking about it and about the Pixie Chicks Club being primo.

    Your jealousy is akin to a four-year old’s tantrum and ploys.
    —-Grow up…. the band is hot talking to us and not you because we are REAL fans.

  610. Ginger says:

    No, I don’t believe Bret & the band would start a blog fight. I can tell he doesn’t like violence
    or dung talk.

  611. Here we go again says:

    HERE we go again. MORE crap on this blog.

  612. Jenna says:

    Those people in W. Virginia—isn’t that those dummies again?

  613. MelanieT.44 says:

    It is so lame of those to even post if they don’t have something to say about Bret Michaels
    or the band’s latest shows.

  614. Crissy says:

    PC’s did you see what the rain did to those “things”? We are standing in the window
    now watching the people gather and point. This is the best publicity that PC’s have ever had.
    (Smile from ear to ear)

  615. Corey says:

    It is the latest news—-mention came out over the waves before the activities agenda was released.
    They asked if anyone had any information concerning the defacement of campus horticulture to please see the Student Affairs Dean.

    Aren’t those PMs stupid ! !

  616. SushiBar says:

    Maintenance is already out there taking them and the banner down. OH my gosh…..did everyone see it? Hope someone got a picture of it for the scrapbook.

  617. Hannah says:

    They looked like little white angels. It was kinda pretty—just needed some white twinkling
    xmas lights for a real show.

  618. Deanna says:

    If it was an insult then it didn’t work—so girls hold you head high and tell any one
    of them what they can kiss. Meeting tonight-don’t forget.

  619. Debbie&Dallas says:

    I love Bret’s hat that he wears in his Go That Far video. Wish I could find me one just like it but I guess it was custom made. Anyone know anything about it?

  620. SLOWMO says:

    Glad to see were all getting along again. And this site is moving slow as molasses in Jan.

  621. Kanon says:

    CAN someone please tell me what the hell ya’all are talking about?

  622. Jenna says:

    Yes, I love that hat too—Isn’t Bret at # 5 on the Top 20 this week? Anybody got
    any news for whether BMB & our man have released a new DVD with his BMB videos?
    I hear something about him filming another video soon.

  623. KaraLeigh says:

    Of course, it really is Bret and his band posting here. Why is that so hard for you to believe

  624. Kerry says:

    Does Bret drink his gin straight or does he mix it with something?
    What’s something good to mix with gin? Do I use sloe gin or just Segram’s gin?
    Need help for a party.

  625. SexySusannah says:

    They have gin based drink recipes at the liquor store—just ask them.

  626. JenniferNicole says:

    Bret gets paid to endorse all that Ed Hardy stuff, the Exile Chopper stuff and the
    Affliction stuff on top of the jewelry he wears. Who designs that jewelry? I don’t think they ever said on ROL.

  627. SoSleepyInSeattle says:

    Bret just bought a new “used” Bentley, are there any photos of him in it on the web? I’d like
    to see it. Wondered why a cool dude like him needed another “Bentley”. He had a black
    convertible one, but I thought his favorite cars were sports cars. A Bentley just doesn’t seem
    like his style. Know his very fav. was the red 1963 corvette that he wrecked–did he ever replace that one with a duplicate?

  628. Vegaslove says:

    If you are not used to drinking gin I would suggest you dont start at a party. That is something you work your way up to.

    And Kanon you have to be part of that club in order to know what the hell this is all about.

  629. (()) says:


  630. Tea Gal and Java Guy says:

    this site sucks

  631. COMEON says:


  632. Jane says:

    Sending BMB some love. ALL of em. XOXO

  633. Reneelez33 says:

    I think Bret is such a great guy, he is a true example of the ways guys should act. I don’t know him but I watched the every show. He was just himself and was never afraid of crying or showing a more femine side to him and he still keeps his manhood. He seemed so sweet and romantic. For me to say these things about him is huge! I am a lesbian but he is awsome! I have like him since I first saw his video’s. Well anyway I hope he is happy with his love life. Amber seems like a great girl and I was praying he would pick her. I hope it lasts.

  634. Kane says:

    Reneelez23, what a cool post. I have loved Bret since day one and love the BMB as well as Poison.
    I was lucky enough to meet him at a concert in early April and I have to tell ya, he is hotter in person then he is on TV. He is a catch that is for sure. But like he says. He loves to date so he probably will never settle down. Oh well. Hope for the rest of us I guess.

  635. ((())) says:


  636. ATSENUFF says:


  637. DuckDuckGoose says:

    Where is everyone?

  638. (000 says:


  639. Kane says:

    This site is the biggest freakin mess EVER. COME ON VH1 Id rather watch paint dry. PLEASEEE

  640. PattyCakes says:

    Do you know that now its is taking about 35 mins per post? WHAT happened to HIGH SPEED? What the hell VH1???

  641. Poster Child says:

    This is so ridiculious that no one wants to post here. Who at VH1 is responsible
    for maintaining your tech service—–whomever needs to be fired.

  642. (())) says:


  643. Kegan says:

    Poster Child YOU ARE SO RIGHT. VH1 should be ashamed of themselves at this crap that takes 35 mins plus to get something posted. WHAT A MESS.

  644. Muffs % tuffs says:

    Where is TERB?

  645. Stream says:

    Where are these so called ” Pixie Chicks” I got guestions

  646. COME ON says:

    OK LISTEN UP EVERYONE… I about fell out this morning when I was watching the countdown. OUR MAN FELL TO 16 WHAT THE HOLY CRAP IS THAT? He was at number 4 or 5 last week. WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. GET ON YOUR COMPUTERS everyone, Call you family call your friends do what you have to do to get this video in a MORE respectable place on the countdown. COME ON LETS GO THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE….


  647. Morgan says:

    I just voted about ten times and I will cont to do it all week
    this blows he didnt even break the top ten
    we fans SUCK for lettn it happen. NOT anymore

  648. Go that Far says:

    SORRY TO SAY but I think this video has seen its final day on the countdown. Its hard for me to say this BUT no one wants to see BRET sing anymore. They want to see him make a fool out of himself f u ckin #$$~%)(~“%#&`%^@ s on TV. THEY dont give a holy sh it about him or his music. WHAT a shame.

  649. Kegan says:

    ARE YOU kidding me GO that FAR? WOW. YOU must live in an igloo. Or a tent. YOU need to stop posting. CUZ YOU are a FU CKN idiot.

  650. SteelerFan says:

    A Man’s Secret Fears

    A lot of guys try to give the impression that they’re calm and cool, that they can handle the pressure, that they think worrying is for wimps.

    And the sad part is, the women in their lives sometimes buy this act, or even encourage it. Heck, if he isn’t worried, they can feel calmer, too. Maybe it’s because the only time you’ve seen him sweat was when he had to wear a suit to an August wedding.

    Or maybe it’s because the last time you asked him, “Aren’t you worried?” he responded with a dismissive, “Nah.”

    While men pretend that they’re wired with steel cable, not nerves, they have their shakedown moments, too. Here are some of the biggest worries that can weigh on a guy’s mind.

    That He’s Going to Lose His Hair —-Follickly Challenged????
    Yes, I know it seems surface-level to worry about such a vanity issue as baldness, but lots of guys equate follicle failure as a failure in masculinity, as well. Oh, we know it’s not true – that hair loss has nothing to do with how funny, smart, or good a guy is. But knowing is a heck of a lot different than feeling. Pluck a lion’s mane sometime, and see if he purrs.

    That He’s Going Broke
    Economic shocks (like the one we’re in right now) worry guys for lots of reasons: Your man probably feels like one of his largest charges in life is to be able to provide comfortably for his family. While money and job problems have their own tangible effects, they can also undermine the way he sees himself as a man. So if he’s a little freaky around the checkbook, it’s because his bank balance is closely tied to his emotional balance.

    That He’ll Have One Cheeseburger Too Many
    Millions and millions of guys worry about their health – more, of course, as they get older. The one killer that really makes us think: the heart attack. One minute you’re watching Simpson reruns; the next minute you’re staring at the ceiling of an ambulance. Because we’ve read too many stories or known too many people who checked out earlier than they should have, the threat is always lingering – in our bodies as well as our minds.

    That He’ll be Called Out in Public
    Some of us are thick-skinned when it comes to taking criticism from bosses, spouses, and every other kind of critic. And some of us have skin thinner than a Spring Break T-shirt. But none of us like getting called out or picked on in front of a crowd. It’s not that we can’t take the criticism, or can’t think of a comeback, or can’t accept the fact that we’re imperfect. It’s that public attack forces us to counter-attack or retreat – both of which have their downsides.

    That His Kid Won’t Make the Free Throw
    Granted, a guy is going to worry a heck of a lot more about the big things when it comes to parenting – that junior wears a helmet when he rides his skateboard, that he does well in school, and that he thinks drugs are for losers.
    But want to see a guy’s heart pump? Put his kid on the field, court, or dance floor. He’s pulling hard for his gene-carrier to do well – not because he wants to live vicariously through them (as most people &($_&@^%`%#%+*$ ume), but because he wants to see their smiles and their fist pumps. It’s because happiness is directly correlated to theirs.

    That He’ll Fail to Perform in the Clutch
    When a man can’t rise to the occasion he feels about as useful as a ’63 Oldsmobile with rusted spark plugs. But before you put him up on blocks, reassure him that more than one in ten will have trouble with erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, and the other 9 guys out of 10 have good reason to be concerned as well.

    Have other insights into male fears? Please share them here.
    - – - – - – - – - – - – -

  651. Cocktails and Curves says:

    Someone was drinking a bit too much,

  652. ((()))) says:


  653. FED UP says:



  654. Keagan says:

    Someone drank a bit too much last night. Well if there is a mans fears the list for woman has to be double even triple that.

  655. Snakeskin Cowboy says:

    Go to the Charm School blog. It posts right away.

  656. Fed Up says:

    Yea but NO ONE good goes there no more. Just trashy junk

  657. Keagan says:

    That Charm school blog SUCKS. THE people who go there are SO rude and dont say anything constructive. THIS is all gettin lame.

  658. Marcie says:

    seems to me that the STEELER FAN is someone we all know and was feeling a bit deep last night.

  659. (())) says:


  660. Place of Refuge says:

    Im glad to see that the Steeler fan gave his insight to the male mind. But like someone
    else said. What about the chicks mind.

    this site seems to post ok now.

  661. Snakeskin Cowboy says:

    You guys are right. There’s some serious bashing going on over at Charm School. Someone even said something really terrible to a gal who’s husband is in Iraq>>>something about him sodomizing the Iraq army and calling her kids @)`~)~%~#!*(!%_#~!` s. That’s about as low as one can get. Aren’t we all fans of the same guy??? Why in hell would one attack another who shares a common interest with them?

  662. ***** says:


  663. Fed Up says:

    SO MUCH for this site being fixed.

  664. 2 says:


  665. Snakeskin Cowboy says:

    This site doesn’t post right away but it doesn’t take as long as it was. Like a few minutes.

  666. . says:


  667. DONE says:


  668. fluke says:

    The Sharon/charmschool blog posts as soon as you submit. Like right away. Don’t give up yet, bloggers.

  669. Trisha says:

    I am SO mad that BRETS Video fell all the way down the countdown. WHAT HAPPENED?

  670. CarolThomas says:

    Has anyone seen Bret at a show lately? Was at his Green River show and got his autograph.
    He doesn’t look like he did on ROL. He looks so much older in person. I was literally shocked
    at the change in appearance. Maybe TV is good at making someone look younger?

  671. Betty Boop says:

    Carol I saw Bret in early June and I thought he looked very tired and a bit puffy. I wouldnt go so far as to say shocked but he did look a bit different in person then he did on TV. But then I have been going to his shows forever.

  672. (()) says:


  673. (()) says:


  674. ((())) says:


  675. ((())) says:


  676. (()) says:


  677. ((())) says:


  678. Messed Up says:

    STOP with the crap already. Just give the site a FN few mins and it will post. GOD

  679. ***((( says:


  680. ((7)) says:


  681. (5) says:


  682. (()) says:


  683. ((((())))) says:


  684. () says:


  685. (((()))) says:


  686. Admisistrator says:


  687. () says:


  688. ADMINISTRATOR says:



  689. Barbie says:

    Hey I have a great idea. WHY dont people post shi t about BRET and the band and stuff? What a %`%*(`@@*~@%@_~*)!$ n waste of time and space this is when idiots come on here and post punctuation marks. Im sorry HOW OLD ARE are the people who come to this site? LAME

  690. @ says:


  691. * says:


  692. . says:


  693. . says:


  694. ., says:


  695. . says:


  696. * says:


  697. ., says:


  698. ., says:


  699. ., says:


  700. . says:


  701. > says:


  702. Hand says:

    What the hell happened here?

  703. . says:


  704. @ says:


  705. 999 says:


  706. ((((())))) says:


  707. . says:


  708. Cupcake won't swallow Jack says:

    You’re a bigger idiot than Kerry! eviLOL!

  709. Jodie says:


  710. Suck it says:



  711. Music is dead and burried says:

    WHAT happened to good tunes?

  712. Spoil Me Rotten Bret & Spank Me To Boot says:

    I am shocked that Bret and Ambre are still dating.I think Bret is just “trying” to make a real relationship work. I have been “trying” to see them together and I am just not feeling it or believing it! I can accept that good looking people do go for not so good looking people. But it’s not even that. I just DON’T see the chemistry. They just can’t possible fit right! It’s an ugly visual!! I think he can do sooo much better! I know a million great looking girls who are smart and together including me of course and we could all understand his life,…so it’s not such a hard find. Just not feelin it! Sorry Bret, you are a babe and……kkeep trying but na…..mmmmm…why????….a question I just can’t seem to understand.

  713. CameraShy says:

    I thought this site was being worked on—reading back it looks like just a bunch of smoke.

    Spoil Me Rotten—are you the only live person still on this blog? I think the others are aliens.

    By the way, I don’t see this relationship working either, but worry that Bret is somehow settling.

    Did you read that stuff the other night that Steeler Fan wrote? Did it strike you whom the
    mystery writer would be?

    It sounded kind of sad to me—is he really feeling these things?
    No wonder he is settling….. I think the poor dear is depressed, and feels desperate.

  714. Spoil Me Rotten Bret & Spank Me To Boot says:

    Hi Camera Shy, I missed the “Mystery Writer” thing. Where can we read it? I think he is setteling too. Been there, done that! It’s a shame that such a fine guy is taken by someone not good enough! It’s really sort of frustrating because we know there are better women out there and unless we want to seem like crazy, stalker fans, there’s nothing we can really do about it. I hope there relationship ends soon it would make a lot of us happy! Not that I don’t care about his happiness but I don’t think he could really be happy with her. In fact I know he can’t be THAT ecstatic over it! Bret, When are you gong to dump her and find someone perfect for you???

  715. Carrie says:

    Seems VERY strange in here to me.

    This blog is the dry spot on the water slide. Talk about coming to a screeching halt,

  716. MoonShadow says:

    Loved watching all 28 videos on Bret’s play list. He and I have alot of the same exact choices. Smart man to pick 3 of his own videos on there….. so everytime VH1 plays it then he makes money.

    Don’t know of any other musician who picks their own videos on their fav playlists unless their ego is as big as the Jolly Green Giant’s head. Am I wrong here?

    Loved the part where Bret talked about hanging with Pantera in the strip club. Interesting !

  717. He'sAvailableGirls says:

    The Amber thing is not working because if you go to and watch the video of
    Bret’s interview with them—it sounds like the only time he has seen Amber was at his
    show in WI and his show in Chicago—-not too much dating going on there. Then when they asked Bret if he was going to do a ROCK OF LOVE 3 ?
    BRET said MAYBE !!!!!!! He has changed his words from his May interviews where he said he would rather do a Tour Bus Rock N Roll show to now saying that there might be a ROL 3 ! !
    Girls …..I think this is a big announcement that Bret is not so happy with the winner of ROL 2.


  718. Bret'sGorgeous says:

    So happy to hear that things have gone sour with the tap dancing cow.

    NOW Bret ….please find you a real woman to date.

  719. Logan says:

    Girls that is ONLY wishful thinking. GO read the AP interview where he says that he sees Ambre between 4 and 5 times a month. ( ONCE A WEEK LADIES ) and he did say that he is ALREADY working on the TOUR BUS show. ROL3. NOT going to happen. BUT we will see him on TV soon enough. If you go to Big Johns Myspace page it says that is he waiting to release some “BIG” info. SO well see.

  720. The Ace of Spades says:

    Did this guy fall off of the vh1 countdown, completely, or what?

  721. Kee ----Smell the Coffee says:

    I don’t think that Bret can keep his story straight, which is one sign of someone who is not telling the truth.

    Did I just hear you say you want some examples……
    In Bret’s video of the Bamboozle NJ interview, he affirmed he spends ALL his free time with his children when he doesn’t have a show, and promptly dismissed talk of Amber with a blunt answer, and then a look down at the floor. It was obvious he had no idea where she was at that time, or what she was doing… thus wanted to change the subject quickly.
    Also seems that Amber has not met Bret’s children, and avoids talk of such on her myspace page when fans question her. Wonder why if Bret spends all that time with the kids, has he not introduced them to his winner of ROL ?

    Bret said when he hosted VH1 the week of Memorial Day weekend that he saw Amber a coupla times a month, but that is not believeable either. Looking at his schedule, and comparing it to her schedule, with neither of them in interviews seeming to know anything about what the other one is doing is highly suspicious. It is obvious they don’t have a clue how to repsond to those questions in interviews.

    Amber’s myspace, at that same time, seemed to confirm that she had no idea about his shows and hinted that she had not seen Bret at all prior to him coming to her house one Tuesday evening before Memorial Day. Her myspace was also clueless as to when his “Rock My World” CD was coming out June 3rd. Then she even had the name of his CD TOTALLY wrong on her page. HOW IS THAT
    POSSIBLE????? Every true loving fan had the name of Bret’s new CD memorized. You’d have to be brain dead and in a coma not to know the name of Bret’s new CD.

    It was the day after Bret did his VH1 host spot, that Amber finally changed the wrong data on her my space page. I guess some bright fans pointed out to her how stupid she was not to even know when “the guy she was supposed to be dating” released his CD, and the actual $#%*!^@+`@#`_)& le of his CD.
    It was also exact same day she changed the music on her myspace from Buck Cherry’s song to Bret’s song. DUH—did somebody have to hit her in the head with a rock?

    When Bret went to the Sweden Rock Festival in early June he was interviewed about being out partying with a group of lingerie models. He said he had a wonderful time ! ? ! Wonder what happened there?

    In Bret’s Allentown, Pennsylvania intereview, he would not even talk about Amber when questioned. He just said she was busy with her appearance schedule. ZIP…nothing else.
    No comments about her being great, or no comments about she was fun to date or nothing…..just ZIP.

    Now, below, someone says AP is saying that Bret has said he sees Amber 4-5 times a month.
    Another untruth from Bret? Think about this gang……..
    –his schedule of taping interviews with VH1 for his recent playlist,
    –he did some live acoustic stuff and some clips for AOL recently
    –numerous city newspaper & mag. writers & promotors interviewing him prior to each show or festival,
    –the numerous radio interviews Bret has done in the cities lately,
    –doing his pre-mic check, set-up and equipment checks before each & every show–Bret says he is a perfectionist about this aspect and has to do it himself,
    –the time Bret hangs with members of other bands at these festivals–he sometimes goes on stage -with them, or jams with those other bands,
    –the aftershow hours of bus party, or special after show appearances at many clubs,
    –hours of autograph sigining and photos for fans–Big John says these go on longer than the show sometimes,
    –checking and monitoring his diabetes 4 time a day and taking his 4 shots and then having to eat,
    –Bret takes a 30 nap right after his mid day meal every day,
    –45 mins. he works out every morning—he takes a semi-ltruck loaded with his workout equipment on tour and it also has his dirtbike on board it.

    This schedule only fits Clark Kent aka Superman. This schedule doesn’t seem to even leave Bret Michaels the time to go take a pee, much less drink a beer.

    On Bret’s playlist video this month, he talked about enjoying going to a strip club with Pantera in Texas and having a great time.

    On this month, Bret, in the interview video, references that he only saw Amber when he did his Wisconsin & Chicago shows… PLUS Bret says that he will “MAYBE” do a ROL 3.
    Previously this year Bret kept stating that he would probably NOT EVER do another ROL3.
    Why the sudden total contradiction to previous statements about a ROL 3 ?

    Has anyone noticed that on Bret’s myspace, “his friend” Amber’s photo keeps moving down the page, so now it is very near “Jess Ratliff’s”. Why is her photo suddenly moving down the page?
    Shouldn’t she be above his BMB mates, and at least in the top row with Poison band members?
    Think about that….for Amber to be so close to pink haired Jess, whom Bret definitely has a bitter taste in his mouth against.

    Anyone EVER seen a photo of Bret and Ambre at any of his shows besides Chicago & Wisconsin?
    Ever seen Ambre at any of Bret’s Festivals?
    Ever see fans talking about Amber being at ANY of the bus parties?
    Ever see talk of Amber being at any of those casino shows that Bret is doing nationwide?
    Did you see Amber at Bret’s Biloxi, MS VH1 special where he hosted?
    Ever see a photo of Amber & Bret together as a couple on the front page of his myspace?
    Did you say NO to all of the above questions?—that’s what I thought.

    SOME major eye popping clues here gang.

    Being in a profession where I encounter the criminal element on a daily basis, I know by watching the body language of the speaker, the avoidance of eye contact, and other tale tell signs as to when
    people are definitely exhibiting aspects of lying. The collective physical evidence against this couple ever being with each other is over whelming. The ques are there for the trained eye.

    Those things combined with Bret’s hesitancy at moments, his choice of specific wording, and indirect statements, which by the way these keep changing frequently, is highly suspect to anyone who watches all these things collectively. No consistancy. That being said my friends is a sure sign that truth is not being told.

    So expect a break up to hit the news about Bret and his so called winner of ROL. Probable reason…..too much schedule conflict… so they save face and part ways amicably.

  722. The Ace of Spades says:

    Nope!!!! He’s # 5!!!!

  723. Carrie says:

    Ok KEE. I needed to say a few things about your post. Which I have to say was SO long I lost interest and had to get a beer and come back. GOOD GOD. OK Just so you know. I was at BOTH shows in Chicago and Wisconsin and saw Ambre and BRET at the same show ( all over each other ) I SAW it with my own eyes. I also saw her at the show in Nashville. OH OH OH WAIT FOR IT.. I saw her is MISSISSPPI with him too. . I understand all this breakdown with hopes you actually FIND something to get on him. BUT all the things you posted are just THINGS YOU THINK YOU SEE., There is a contract they BOTH hold with VH1 for one year NOT to post pictures of THEM TOGETHER IN CASE they dont make it so that he has the option to do something else. OH and the most important thing. VH1 was there filming all the “FUN” madness on the bus. Gee ask yourself what the means. Sorry you too so long to type all the WRONG THINGS. NEXT

  724. DAT BO0TY MEAT HAHA =] says:
















    HAHA =]









  725. FGFD says:


  726. Logan says:

    Dat seems to me that ONE you cant even speak English correctly and 2 your NOT the “TYPE” of person who likes Bret. You seem MORE of the G UNIT kind of person. Im sure YOUR not all that hot so people who live in glass houses SHOULD NOT THROW stones. As far as Bret’s bandana’s WHO THE HELL cares that he wears them. Sure is better then what yall wear thoese SKULL CAPS.

    So until you are perfect do what your mother told you. IF you have nothing nice to say………… dont say anything at all.

  727. JetSex says:

    Sex with Bret is like tasting the best of heaven. His tongue can make miracles happen.

    Hey ya babe,
    7-21-28 hut, hut
    guess who just scored.

    Hot & Sexy C. at 32,000 ft.

  728. Crew says:

    Bloggers post some real crap on here–especially the one this past week who says she was at various Bret shows. It is evident she posts frequently under different names. What a giant load of fictious crap she spews.

    Fans….these are just elements of her imagination. No doubt invented which she sits on her sofa, gets sloshed, and creates fantasy events in her dillusional mind for lack of anything better to do with her life. The bulk of her statements are total lies, and it never happened.
    Ambre was not EVER with Bret at his Nashville show (because fans know what happened at that show), nor was Ambre EVER at Bret’s Mississippi show (because the whole damn thing was televised on the local public TV channel for all to see).
    The lie about VH1 having a contract ,concerning no photos with the winner this year, is totally absurd. Even the dumbest of people know that VH1 makes money on any type publicity, and would never initiate such a contract.

  729. CrewMan says:

    Still talking….
    don’t understand what that liar gets out of creating these lies and posting them here, or why that person even bothers to post at all? Anyone who REALLY KNOWS Bret can acertain this person has no clue to Bret’s personal life.

    I can `$!*_^*#+$#&$+# ure you Security does take notice of these type people and moniters their profiles.
    A little warning to the wise…Bret does not like people creating lies about him, and his personal life, then posting such trash to a public venue.

  730. JetSex says:

    What’s Bret’s favorite after a sky high sex romp? Peanut butter and beer.
    Then I get to lick the peanut butter off his lips.

    Sexy C.

  731. AMPS-on-FIRE says:

    Hey, that person who comes on here all the time and posts that lying trash acts
    exactly like Daisy, whom she trashes all over these blogs.
    Guess she is a Daisy wannabe.

  732. Logan says:

    It probably is Daisy. She is mean and mean spirited.

  733. Kathleen says:

    I have a question or two and I sure hope that someone from the band can give us an answer about this. PLEASE dont take this as a dis at all. We are just curious. We want to know the following:

    1, How does BRET feel about what Heather said about covering up the “Bret tatoo”


    2. What do you think about what Megan said about Bret? Its not nice for me to repeat it but Im sure he
    heard what she said.( she is nasty anyway ) but we want to know.

    Thank you

  734. Crew says:

    ………………………………………………………… ”~“
    ………….. …………………………………………..( o o )

    1. He tried really hard to talk Heather out of gettin that in the first place, cause he was just not feelin her as a long lasting ideal mate. She made her decision=== which seemed like to Bret that she was using the tat to back him into a corner. She’s a sneaky controlling type personality.
    It is her decision, and her freedom of choice, now to cover it up.
    Anyways It’s lost it’s inital value to her now that she’s got her some publicity and another show.

    2. What words do you expect from someone with the IQ equal to an ice cube?
    Bret did not say that comment….I did.
    Her nasty words proves Bret had highly tuned instincts about her, and did the right thing by getting rid of her when he did. Besides, she was only there for fame.

    So she’s gone on to rescue mentally ~~`)$#_!!&&@!)^)_$ ed dogs?
    Is there some potent chemical in hair bleach that makes bleach blondes go wacky like that?
    If I could give her some advice from Bret: “Honey, totally back away from the bleach~you’ve had enough to last for years”

  735. Kathleen says:

    Thank YOU CREW for ans that. BUT How do you know the answers to that? Who are you?

  736. ((())) says:


  737. Are you kidding me says:

    WOW I would feel REALLY bad
    RIGHT about NOW
    if I waz BRET
    The truth is comzin
    out. He is NOT
    well likeded.

  738. Hot COCO says:

    i sat quiet for a bit but cant do it no more
    the post about megan and bret sending her home
    Her nasty words proves Bret had highly tuned instincts about her, and did the right thing by getting rid of her when he did. Besides, she was only there for fame.

    WHY did he keep her SO LONG? That dont make NO sense.. What a mess of lies.. BRET dont know what he want. What a mess. NOW I get why he if OFF TV.

  739. (()) says:


  740. Monique says:

    imz glad that thez dissn bret
    him an old fu ck and dont need
    not more coverage, he anit a nice dude and them chicks on the money show proves that his dumb as s treated him bad. NO white dude shuld be that fu ckn rude. dem brothers bad enough. Chance and Real now we gez bret. damn.. he get gets him a good chicken now hiz only waz iz to the ghetto.

  741. ((())) says:


  742. HotintheVajjay says:


  743. (()) says:


  744. Woodside says:

    This blog site seems to be darkening. What the hell happened? You all go back to your Diddy and 50 cent blogs. This one’s OURS.

  745. Crew says:

    One of Bret’s staff.

    BMB is on haitus while Bret is touring with Poison.

  746. Spiderbaby says:

    Thank you, Crew. You have been most informative.

  747. Crew says:

    Rhinestone Cure

    Rhinestone Cure is a non-profit, charitable organization that raises the awareness of Diabetes and the celebration of life! This organization’s primary focus is to create a telethon on network television for Diabetes Awareness as well as create on- going “glitzy & entertaining” fundraising events & activities that stage social & educational efforts creating the realism of living with Diabetes and making positive choices by those affected by this disease.

    • Diabetes killed more than 284,000 Americans last year, according to the diabetes #)(!#~%_+)~`@$# ociation.
    • Diabetes costs the nation nearly as much as cancer, whose costs in 2006 totaled $206.3 billion.

    Diabetes Complications-The effects of diabetes generally stem from compromise to the vessels and include:
    –Deterioration of the retina (retinopathy) ranging from mild changes to the eye to blindness.
    –Cardiovascular disease, ranging from narrowing of the arteries to stoke or heart attack.
    –Deterioration of kidneys, ranging from swelling of the extremities (late) to kidney failure (which may require dialysis, or transplantation).
    – Damage to nerves in arms and legs ranging from tingling/numbness/burning in fingers and toes to loss of sensation leading to ulcers/infection/amputation.

    Rhinestone Cure, Inc.
    PO Box 121886
    Nashville, TN 37212
    Voice mail: 615.829.2451

    Bret Michaels is a member of the Board of Directors, so please donate if you can
    and help Bret support this great cause.

  748. TopNews says:

    Hottest new words to hit the airwaves…..

    Bret Michaels fans might wish to know that Bret is going to be with Cindy Steedle
    tonight (July 8th) after Poison plays.

    Those who do not recognize her real name, you might know her better as “RODEO”.

  749. GiveMeMore says:

    If you didn’t get the chance to catch this……………..

    Bret Michaels: ‘Rock of Love’ is Nice but Music is Still First
    (Thursday, June 26, 2008)

    Despite the success of Rock of Love, Poison frontman and rock superstar Bret Michaels says that he is still, first and foremost a musician before a reality TV star.

    “It’s all I’ve known my whole life,” he sums up.

    In an interview with Fox, the 45-year-old Michaels of the huge 1980s rock band Poison admitted that sure, it wouldn’t hurt to have 20 beautiful ladies living under his room clawing for his attention, but in the larger scheme of things, he still considered his career in music more “fun” and said it was what “mattered to him in the end.”

    “Playing music would come first. I never set out to be a reality TV star. But the truth of the matter is, I’m really enjoying it. And it isn’t awful that there’s [sic] 20 beautiful girls on the show and we get a chance to go out and date and have fun. And I’ve never known a time when a motocross race or a greased pig challenge didn’t lead to true love.”

    Of course, Michaels has some good things to say about Rock of Love, including claiming that “it was one of the only reality shows that actually had some reality in it,” and that it worked out because he was able to incorporate his music in it.

    In the same interview, Michaels, who just released a solo album, also talked about how he still gets excited in what he does, despite being in the music business for over two decades.

    “I’m still really passionate about what I do. And I still get excited to go into my studio and just plug in the guitar and play music. And being out on the road is really what’s a lot of fun to me. [But] that’s just the beginning. If you want to do it for long time, you’ve got to work real hard at it.”

    -Glenn L. Diaz, Staff Columnist
    Source: FOX News

  750. 10K Diamond says:

    Hey JetSex, I totally agree with you! Thank god he is not with Ambre anymore. She was nasty!

  751. Lil Red says:

    Seems very harsh in here as well.
    Why is everyone so testy?

  752. Mr. Brownstone says:

    Actually, Lil Red, this is pretty tame for this and other Bret/ROL sites. It gets positvely brutal at times and for this fact, alone, we’ve lost a majority of the best bloggers around.

  753. Lil Red says:

    Ok Mr. Brownstone. BUT it seems to me that even someone from the so called CREW is being a total a ss hole and I dont think BRET would like that too much NO?

  754. Zinger says:

    All the good bloggers has left this site. VH1 did not fix their problem with posting and
    nobody wanted to wait an eternity to post. Its a real shame VH1 screwed it up for everyone.

  755. YOUR RIGHT says:

    Zinger YOUR right. I hope BMB and BRET get all pi ssed off. NO ONE is going to talk to the band or bret no more cuz of this MESS. So that being said I hope for the last time Bret sees this and we can only hope and pray that his next show and the blog will be BETTER then this crap. Good luck BRET. Love YOU and we LOVE LOVE LOVE CHUCK and PEETIE. They are the BEST.

  756. Sally Flowers says:

    Don’t give up on the remaining blog sites just yet. We have such a long time to go before we see “Bret’s big rock road show”.

  757. Crew says:

    Bret wants to know why you are going to OMG’s site and talking about him in that manner, ripping him a new (@~@@&$&*+!$%`+@**% and trashing him N his career among other things?

    He doesn’t understand why YOU—-the same person wants him, and his band, to come on here and talk with you? Are you schizophrenic, or just plain stupid ? ?

    BRET does know the identity of the person on this site who pretends to like him, but at other times shreds him to bits with shards of glass. He has his security monitor this person’s profile.

    So HE knows it is you on both sites.

  758. Flaming4Bret says:

    JESUS… CREW having a rotten day? Did somebody on here trash Bret?
    That REALLY sux. I guess that person ruined it for everyone who comes on this blog.

    Perhaps that person needs to apologize to Bret and the Crew?

  759. Floyd says:

    Which site is this OMG person on? Is that the same OMG/WTF person from the charm school blog?

  760. Jill says:

    This is to the Crew? I was just curious about something. You seem to be very upset with this person and I was wondering if you took into consideration that it may be someone on said person’s computer or someone trying to make this person look bad in Bret and ya’alls eyes? I was just curious if you thought about that?

  761. Zoe says:

    What in the crap does how many people using a PC have to do with nasty things being
    said about Bret?
    If something came from your PC, then you should have control over it. If a member of the household is using your e-mail address then you should have control over it. Anyway..why would another household member even do that? Not logical.
    Sounds to me like somebody is trying to use a cop out and blame it on their household members.

  762. BeachBunny47 says:

    Answer for Floyd—OMG is not a person. It is a site which has photos N the latest gossip
    re: celebs. There is a blog there for FANS to post.

    After reading from CREW that Bret was trashed there, curiosity made me check it out.

    Found it. To view —
    3 photos posted – Bret played Harrah’s Casino pool party in Jersey back in June.
    There are about 200 plus comments, and alot of those are real nasty.

    Whomever is trashing Bret on here, and on that site should consider that you have
    hurt Bret deeply with your comments. Don’t know why YOU would do that but I think you need to make amends and give an explanation for your actions.

  763. Rachael says:

    Is Bret’s Mom still battling cancer? I know he has been seen alot wearing a blue band on his
    arm that supports the military, but he does not ever say much these days about the other causes he supports like breast cancer & children’s juvenile diabetes. So I wondered since the ROL tour began, if Bret was still actively appearing “free” at those benefits to help raise money?

    Love you Bret—you are a really good and loving big-hearted person. My 4 year old son still talks about meeting you when he was getting cancer treatment at St. Judes’s. He wears that hat you gave him all the time and will not part with it even to go to sleep at night.

  764. Floyd says:

    Thanks BeachBunny!!!

  765. Pisces says:

    Rachael ~ ~ ~
    Wasn’t your son’s name Cody? He’s a great kid !
    Hope he is doing well.
    Peace and love to you both.

    0____________ YOU ___________00
    000_________ …….._________ 0000
    00000 _______ROCK!_______ 00000

  766. Zoe says:

    Is that who I think it is?

  767. Travis says:

    ZOE you are such an idiot . GET A LIFE

  768. Timtinni says:

    What a mess.

  769. Zoe says:

    Travis or Floyd or OMG/ WTF or what ever you are calling yourself today—
    I’m not not the idiot you are… you’ve just proven that to everyone on here.
    You can’t keep blaming other people in your household for your own God damn stupidity.
    You fool ! !

  770. Floyd says:

    Hey, @sshole!!!! This is Floyd. How the f-ck did I end up in your sh_t???? Who the f_ck is Travis???????? F_CK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  771. Floyd says:

    Tell me, ZOE!!!!! What does me coming on here and asking a question have to do with all this stupid sh_t that gets posted on these sites? Who the f_ck do you think you are with your accusations????!!!! I do agree with these people you accuse me of being. You, c_nt ,ARE an IDIOT!!!!!! Go get f_cked, b_tch!!!!! You might feel better.

  772. Johnson says:

    Wow….this blog died!!!! Okay…one more time for Travis and Floyd>>>>>>>——–> FU-CK YOU Zoe!!!!!!!!!!

  773. Princess says:

    Yes he is hotterthen adam levine and mario lopez

  774. Nikki says:

    Bret, I love you hon, but must I watch these women you have choosen to keep on the show? Thought it was Rock Of Love, not Rock Of Sex aka Lust aka…….. breastises, fake ones at that…….I give up ROFL!

  775. melissa says:

    Mr.Michaels is very hot but to me it seems like his morals r off i watch all these date shows and look at the females now nothing bad to them but i have never seen a big woman on not one of these show what i belive that Mr.Michaels thinks that big girls can love or dont need to be loved as a skinny woman i mean i would just love to meet him not to date him but i want to get to know more about him i know a lil bit now but see he thinks that females as long as there skinny r for him i do hope he know what i mean but as at the same token i know he has an image to uphold and that to be with a very attractive and skinny woman so with that i do love his music and he is hot but has not a lot of morals in my eyes ty

  776. BIG PIMPIN says:


  777. Danely says:

    El programa de Rockm Of Love 1 y 2 fueron lo maximo amo a Bred Michels me parece el hombre mas lindo del planeta y que de verdad le deseo de todo corazon que haya encontrado a su media naranja se lo meresia! =)

  778. candy says:

    bret is one sexy man

  779. candy says:

    but i think that if bret wants to find true love he needs to find a new way i mean come on . he is not going to find true love like he is doing it. b/c all them girls just want to be on TV .

  780. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to see big John of love,or just plain more of BIG JOHN…He is the only one that will keep me watching.

  781. Sis75 says:

    The status for one of the Bret Michaels sites on myspace the other day (status not there anymore) said that he was taking applications and to send name phone and pictures (nude welcome) to an e-mail address (that I won’t give). Not sure what it means just pass info.

  782. sherry worrell says:

    bret seems to be looking in the wrong places for true love wish he would give a down to earth girl a chance he deserves true love he is one of the sexiest men i have ever layed eyes on all he is asking for is someone to trueley love him for who he is not what he is… hes down to earth i think he needs to find someone who he can love and play with get out and ack normal again ride quads fish just relax for a whilejust a weekend would be nice

  783. He's My boyfriend says:

    I just got through watching VH1 New Bret M. Loved the girls. But I could really relate to Christine. I think She should have her own reality show. She represents millions of women all around world waiting for their “boyfriends” to grow-up and be a man. “YOU GO GIRL”

  784. He's My boyfriend says:


  785. says:

    Comment page 1.. Very nice :)

  786. says:

    Comment page 1.. Great idea :)