I Love the New Millennium: Remembering R. Kelly’s Pee


The clip above is an extended outtake from VH1′s upcoming talking-head remembrance fest, I Love the New Millennium, which officially premieres Monday, June 23, at 9/8 ET (there’s a sneak premiere the day before at 11 a.m., ET). In it, perennial smart-ass Hal Sparks riffs on the alleged R. Kelly sex tape. It’s especially timely, considering last week’s not-guilty verdict, but then, so is the series, when you consider that it’s looking back on our current decade. It just goes to show that everything moves so fast these days — including nostalgia.

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  1. LaurenM says:

    He should have won Celebracadabra :(

  2. 6zoelove says:


  3. Rybwjlpo says:

    Cool site, bdsm gates of hell
    , 191,

  4. Channie says:

    Okay, VH1, let’s think about this, rationally. Now, I know you all had GREAT success with your “I Love…” series, but you’re going to talk about the last 8 years?? You could not have at LEAST waited for 2010, that way you can cover a full decade?? This on top of Best Week Ever, AND at the end of the year Best Year Ever just was not truly enough. You all really have to stuff nostalgia in our faces in things that we already familiar with?

    But you know what, it doesn’t even matter, because I am addicted to the “I Love…” series, and I’ll be tuning in on Monday after work.

    VH1, I hope you’re happy.

  5. Ryan Guerra says:

    The show’s #!$^+_&*%#^+((^ le is wrong. It should be called, “I Love the Unies.” That is the name for this decade. This is because the numbers between 0 & 9 are only one digit. Uni is a numerical prefix that means one. It is also a prefix that means to come together to make one, university and uniformity.

    The next decade is called the Decies. Deci is a numerical prefix that means 10.

    check out…http://www.theunies.com/blog

    or these two videos:


  6. Briana says:

    I LOVE these, my friend and I vowed we would be on “I Love the New Millennium” (while at the time we were like “I Love the 2000s” because we didn’t know what it’d be called) since we actually REMEMBER the entire decade thus far. And it happened without us knowingggggg. :(
    We planned on putting up videos and sending audition tapes and then you went behind our backs and secretly made it. This decade isn’t even over yet! I should have two more years to plot my debut on the “I Love the…” series. We are funny. We are clever. We are probably the FRESHEST YOUNGEST OUTLOOK on the new millennium. And you’ve betrayed us. You have betrayed the YOUTH.
    God forbid, “I Love the Sixties” comes before the Millennium. That’s a decade that’s OVER and I wasn’t ALIVE to remember any of it. :(
    You broke my heart, VH1. I seriously might start crying a little bit.

  7. Skye says:

    I agree maybe you should have waited 2 more years, but then again there’s a lot to cover in the last 8 years.

    My only real complaint doubles as a question: who the hell at VH1 is so deluded that they actually find Michael Ian Black funny?? He adds **nothing** to this series and I really, REALLY hope that when you get around to doing the 2nd “I Love The Millenium” (the Millenium Strikes Back?) you consider replacing Black with some other Z-list celebrity who actually HAS a sense of humor. Or just a brain.

  8. Kathy says:

    What is up the the 10 minute commercial breaks??? 19 commercials…..10 minutes 10:46-10:56 central time. If you don’t have enough content to fill the show then wait until the first decade of the new millennium is over. DUH!!!

  9. Reesie says:

    Hey VH1! You guy forgot a very important part of the year 2000…..NSYNC!! I remember the year 2000 very well and nsync was EVERYWHERE that year. They broke sales records, too and were even nominated for an Oscar. Teenage girls everywhere hit puberty because of those 5 guys ha ha ha. Come on VH1, how could you forget about that???

    p.s. and I’m not just saying that cuz i was the biggest nsync fan ever….lmao!!!

  10. jesss says:

    Wha is the the eye that pops up all over the show?

  11. MJ says:

    First of all, will you guys just make a “contact us” email and get over yourselves already? Bigger fish than you have figured out how to open an unmanned email inbox with a ‘thanks for your feedback’ autoreply. Not everyone on earth enjoys signing up for spam just to give you some free advice.

    You guys need to knock it off with the time periods (not that you really have a choice anymore – Doing this “New Millenium” series looks really desperate). Remember “I Love Toys”? That’s the direction you need to go in. Here’s one that you can probably get some milage out of… “I Love Horror Movies/Chick Flicks/Action Movies/Cult Movies/etc.” (not, of course, all at once).

    That’s my idea. It’s free. It’s yours. Please don’t make “I Love Last Week”. Thank you.

  12. Billy Dunn says:

    Congratulation VH1, you officially suck. You single episodily ruined and cheapened the world we live in today. This also shows us that you are simply looking to improve ratings rather than provide good quality television. I love the 80′s was good. We didn’t need 3 of them. I pray to god that this falacy you call a show is cancelled. We know that happened 8 years ago. Heaven forbid we get to 2007. And get some new people on the show. Some are funny, but find people who grew up in that time. 18-27 is a good range. Please stop sucking. Thanks.

  13. Bud says:

    Does anyone know what the EYEBALL is from? I can’t remember? Is it IMAC?

  14. Paul says:

    Sorry VH1. OK Go’s “Here it goes again” video wasn’t release in 2005 as your segment claims. It was posted on YouTube in Sept 2006. The slate on the tape preceding the video shows a date of 08/04/06.

  15. ALL I HAVE SEEN FOR 2000-2008 says:


  16. Erica says:

    I enojyed the “I love the new millennium” series, but I’ve never watched a 1 hour show with 12-minute commercial breaks. Very disappointing, annoying and clearly depicts lack of ‘material’ for the segments.

  17. Maria Rosselle says:

    I absolutely love the “I Love” Series. It really does not matter that you did not wait until 2010 or actually 2011 so that way the entire decade would be over. However, I hate hate hate the fact there are over 1000 commercials per show. There are more commercials in one show than there is of the actual show. It takes 20 minutes to watch the show FF past all of the commercials. That is horrible. So maybe waiting until the decade ends would have meant less commercials and more funny stuff. But at least VH1 gave us more Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black! I love you VH1.

  18. yvette says:

    that girl Miranda is CRAZY and she obviously needs
    a life xD

    anyways i love all these shows
    they crack me up no matter how many times
    i watch them keep it up :D

  19. LaurLaur11 says:

    I am a devoted fan of the “I Love” shows, but seriously the “I Love the New Millenium” commercials were longer than the show! I clocked one of the commercials at 9.5 minutes! What happened there, very frustrating! There was not enough of the actual show! I’m dumping this show for sure!

  20. Sherry says:

    the other thing that they got wrong other than the Ok Go video.. They had Michael Jackson being acquitted in 2003 when it actually happened in 2005.

  21. Christina says:

    ok so what is the deal vh1? 12 minute comerical breaks? where was the “super size me” segement promised in the teaser before a commerical break? where was the gay new jersey governer? did some idot jerk off over there just decide to leave these segments out but promote them anyway? it seems like from 2003 to 2007, the episodes where missing HUGE chucks of the program and replaced with rediculously long commerical blocks. treat your audience with a little more respect, i think everyone that is a fan of the network and of the “i love” series deserves an apology from vh1. we are loyal to you, we make you money, we deserve better treatment.

  22. China says:

    wouldn’t this guy just eventually run out of drink!?

  23. anonymous says:

    Forget the sex tapes, I was watching the show and saw Jared from Subway… do you want some real life dirt? I work at a Las Vegas hotel where we recently had a Subway convention… not only were most of the attendees rude, but Jared himself was not only a jerk, but also a stiff…… how does someone who got his fame and money from losing weight not give the bellmean and/or valet a couple of bucks for carrying his bags? ….Great Karma Jared…..

  24. Mark T says:

    I tried once before, but I’ll try again… I’m watching “I Love the Millenium” and I see Jared Fogel from Subaway… I work at a Las Vegas hotel, and let me tell you, he is not only a JERK, but a stiff too. How can a guy who made his money by claiming he lost weight eating at Subway not tip a bellman or a valet a few bucks for carrying his bags? He’s a guy who got lucky on an advertising campaign, then forgot where he came from… I guess that’s typical… thanks for nothing Jared!

  25. Jenny says:

    Everyone has a good point here, although quite a few of these people conveyed their displeasure dispicably. The huge commercial breaks were horrid. Nine minutes and thirty seconds?! That’s not an hour show. I’m a huge fan of the “I Love the…” series. First of all, this wasn’t a whole decade. I’m sure Vh1 would have still been around in 2010. Someone brought up a very good idea of doing an “I Love..[a particular movie genre].” That’s perfect. I Love Toys and I Love the Holidays were both spectacular.

    I’m honestly very disappinted. You didn’t put in any effort.

  26. Stephanie says:

    I love this show, but are you that desperate gor programing that youcant wait twomore years. maybe you can get anouther aged musician to look for love

  27. Jenni says:

    OMG!!! Hal Sparks is my favorite comedian ever!!! He is sooooo funny. I especially love his “catwoman” impression. Me and my sisters could not stop laughing.

  28. Kelsee says:

    Micheal Ian Black and Hal Sparks r hi-lairious! My faves

  29. mjmdotcom says:

    love the show, i fully believe that making fun of celebrities is the new reality tv, lets face it thats what they’re there for right. ok it does help that they write most of it themselves but someones got to tell everyone that wasn;t there. so embrace your dense celebrities and bring it for all to share. Airhead celebrities be rejoiced, and im sure someone will have to explain whatthat means to lindsay lohan since it doesnt have a jack daniels label on it.

  30. Paula says:

    Love the show! Absolutely hilarious! The Bushisms are gr8…Bush is an idiot and the show depicts it so well…

  31. Katherine says:

    these guys are so funny, and random. Great Show! ! !

  32. jesse says:

    wow…… these is the reason i watch this show just to see people make situationa funny as hell i love the new milennium!!!

  33. aylaaaaaaaa says:

    i love this show soo funny lmao i love micheal ian the most hes hilarious

  34. jp says:

    I Love the New Millennium was cool and everthing but they didn’t show the greatest movie ever Napoleon Dynamite

  35. Reese says:

    Ok VH1..let’s chat a moment shall we? Now although I do enjoy quite a bit of your programming and I happened to laugh out loud at the R. Kelly urination segment, dont you think that it was too soon to remember the Millenium? The 70′s…hilarious. The 80′s…what’s not to love. Even the 90′s…oh the misty, water color-coated memories, but the Millenium? Memories are like an aged bottle of Bordeaux. The longer they sit in the cellar (ie our brain), the sweeter they are to revisit. The Millenium is still lukewarm VH1, not chilling in a big bucket of ice waiting for us to pop it open. With that being said my dear entertainment mogul….”you had me at hello”.

  36. kim says:

    okay already some people just need something to do rkelly is a free man thats all that matters..

  37. Lexi says:

    Omg I love this show its effin hilairous! Hal sparks is my fav. guy hes so funny!

  38. jordana says:

    I love this show my favorite ever. Hal Sparks is so funny!! I loved the catwoman impression

  39. Raidansoma says:

    A comment on the name. Since a name for the first decade of the 21st century isn’t agreed upon yet, how about calling it the Digit Ohs decade (Read “digitals” decade). Ex: I Love the Digit Ohs? This name illustrates a time where real-world information and experience became encoded in binary oppositions of good vs. evil, us vs. them, east vs. west, old vs. new, but also refers to the advancement of digital technology.

  40. Lizzi says:

    When are they going to film 2008 and 2009? I can only watch Loni Love on TruTV for so long before I want to see her on VH1 again. :)

  41. W. Arnold Holmes says:

    Do this next:

    I Love The New Millennium XP


  42. Faith says:

    Please do I Love The New Millennium 2 and I Love The 90s part 3!!!!