Brooke Hogan Dishes on Mom’s New Man


We’ve loved Brooke Hogan for a long time. She’s adorable, irreverent, and a family girl – but we mostly adore her for fearlessly embracing fashion. The super-mature singer recently spoke with Us Weekly about her family’s ongoing troubles, and had this to say about her mom’s recent tryst with a man half her age:

“Honestly, I don’t know what to say because I can’t relate to her right now. I’m extremely shocked. I know if I was 48-years-old, I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old. I just don’t feel it’s her. And through all this stuff, I really need my mom, and she’s doing her own thing. I don’t talk to her anymore. I see her at the jail visiting Nick and she asks me why. I say, ‘I don’t condone what you’re doing. I’m on my path, and you’re on your path.’ I told her, ‘I’d love to have you in my life, to see you and talk to you, but the kind of things you’re surrounding yourself with, it doesn’t make sense to me.”

[Faded Youth Blog]

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  1. lucy says:

    wowowo… i just saw her profile on the black and white flirting club
    w w w . BlackWhiteConnect.ccom !!!!.. Seems she wants to find a strong black guy there.. but i wonder if she goes for love or something else.. you know interracial is one popular issue and many people are going after it.. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. xzdfg says:


  3. jasmine says:

    That &&^)_(+~)_&`$%_`* i cannot believe linda hogan is dating a 19 year old boy!she is disgusting!shes certainly the one who needs to be thrown in jail.the hogans all disgust me,especially linda.

  4. Latinaxoxo says:

    Sucks for her!

  5. Latinaxoxo says:

    Sucks for her!!

  6. cashville says:

    I’ll beat brook guts up

  7. BAD KARMA says:

    In your future you WILL be LOOKING at the people in the V.I.P. lines not in them……Sean Chumura is not the first to SE that this family has no skills among MANY other drawbacks…. Hopefully it did not take your P.R. pep to long to come up with that US Weakly comment!!!To Our Brother John Graziano…SEMPER FI.

  8. yeeya says:

    good for her
    frealllll man

  9. dugbfudibg says:

    does brooke hogan still talk to her brother, even though he almost killed his best friend? thats what i would like to knowwwwww

  10. Danny Jacabs says:

    Of course she is still talkin to her SISTER she is giving NICKIE all the good lovig tips that she learned from and gave her daddy so nickie can keep Bubba happy..

  11. teresa gago says:

    linda hogan was a loser for ever divorcing the hulk he seem like the type of man everyone would fight to have in there life,he truly is a family man and she clearly is unstable!

  12. rhonda says:

    looks like brooke is a lot smarter then her other family

  13. Janice Marie says:

    It is a shame that Linda doesn’t realize that being a parent does not end when the child reaches adulthood. I can understand that she wants to spread her wings after being married for 25 years, but she should be smarter about it. She should be a good role model for her children. JMHO.

  14. MissPisces says:

    Its sad when Children become smarter than the Parents… now is the time that she needs to sit and evaluate her parenting skills instead of runnin around with someone who is half her age dating and pretty much parenting them…. She needs to think about teachin her children consequences… nick can barely stay in Prison 8 months, hopefully he learns somethin in there that his DUMB mama wasn’t able to teach him! Parenting doesn’t just stop when u feel ur marriage is over and when u wanna go out and kick it! She needs to grow up!

  15. LovelyGirrl says:

    im so excited for the new brooke show! her family seems kind of nuts though. even hulk.

  16. carlos sanchess says:

    Who gives a crap who she is banging she should come see me if she can’t get enough in the sack i sure like Brooke mommy and daughter in the sack at the same time yummmy

  17. Bonnie Howell says:

    I can not believe you gave her a show , Her dad is a icon why would I watch her she knows nothing . I would’nt watch her if you paid me . Why did’nt you do Nick knows best much better than watching her make a +)!*`*^^*^)@`%@ out of herself.I miss Rock of Love and Hogen knows best. She is too full of herself.Why not find another good looking rock star who needs love. I could watch those brods make fools of there self all day, Watching Brooke just is’nt entertament.Its torcher and painful . Sorry Brooke but dear old dad knows and is best. Bonnie

  18. Bonnie Howell says:

    I would’nt watch if you paid me . She is full of herself

  19. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Linda Hogan is ridiculous. She will have to pay for her crazy choices and I wouldn’t want it to be me.

  20. Jojo says:

    Linda got a taste of fame when they got their reality show. Plus she’s not wanting to admit her age. She wants to be young. She wants to be her daughter, not the mother role. Personality defects. But without the fame of Hulk we wouldn’t know who she is.

  21. WaikikiJim says:

    How odd that Brooke can’t relate to her mom’s lifestyle. I woulda thot trash woulda been in-sync with other trash. At least Linda’s now in L.A., where $@*%!~@&&&!(@*_^$ s can and do rise to great wealth and fame regularly; she’s with her kind now. And Brooke in Miami? That blow-up doll was over her head in Tampa; maybe a more lethal city will finally do her in. Yeah!

  22. WaikikiJim says:

    How odd that Brooke can’t relate to her mom’s lifestyle. I woulda thot trash woulda been in-sync with other trash. At least Linda’s now in L.A., where $!)!)+$%!$!`~__!! s can and do rise to great wealth and fame regularly; she’s with her kind now. And Brooke in Miami? That blow-up doll was over her head in Tampa; maybe a more lethal city will finally do her in. Yeah!

  23. JayBone says:

    Blech!!! These two are just so GROSS!!! This family is a freakin’ mess. I wish they’d just go away, but, uh, gotta wait for Brooke’s dreadful life to be documented in her new show. Whatta joke. More reasons why the rest of the world hates us.

  24. benji says:


  25. JazzyG says:

    Why would her mom do that they were so great together. Now she’s acting like an `^_&$`_)@#~~%_% not even wanting to be to Hulk.

  26. Dustin says:

    I feel bad for Brook and her dad Hulk. Her mother is a money hunger $~!()%+$&)@)~(%`( and Nick @*(@&~&~@#$(__~* ed everything up for them. Linda is now dating a 19 year old, she is so fake. I hope Hulk finds him the badest $~!()%+$&)@)~(%`( in South Beach. Brook looks great!!!!!

  27. Jean Peoce says:

    I think Brooke knows best is great show – give the girl a break. She really seems like a sweet person. There is nothing wrong with Hulk Hogan – he’s a better role model than most people for your kids. I hope Nick has learned his lesson about drinking & driving. I really don’t care for Linda – throwing away 20+ years of marriage, but it happens; the 19 y.o. boyfriend – seems sick, I agree that no one would know who she was if it wasn’t for the Hulk; I wish Hulk would move back to the Tampa area – they were neighbors of a family member of mine & they seemed to be better off there. Hulk needs to stay away from young chicks that could be “gold diggers in disguise – make sure you warn your daughter of that Hulk. Good Luck with the new show & prayers for your family Hulk!!

  28. dan says:

    Are you serious? TRASHY — TRASHY — TRASHY

    The Hogen family is complete scum of the earth. The show is sooooooo stupid. Let’s not forget her brother, at 17, drove over 100 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour neighborhood street, and put a young man who just returned from Iraq into a coma with permanent brain damage. The family was recorded talking to Nick, who is in jail, saying it was no big deal he deserved it. The mother, Linda, said the poor kids mother wasn’t suffering she was. SCUM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  29. dan says:

    Are you serious? TRASHY — TRASHY — TRASHY

  30. Dan says:

    TRAILER TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Dan says:

    This family is complete trash

  32. hailey says:

    i love the hogans and i watched the show. my fav. of course is brooke. and i like nick. but really? linda….what are you thinkin???? get some brains and go after someone your age. im embarrassed for nick and brooke. i would not agree with tht at all. she needs to go get some one her age and get at least a little piece of her brain back.


  33. arlaundrus says:

    Brooke, hello. I love Linda. I’m a 38 yr. old woman in the process of getting a divorce. Everyone has thier own opinion about others peoples lifes they should really get thier own. I was taught if you don’t have anything positive to say then shut your mouth. Live your life Linda good or bad pray and God will help you figure it out. I really would love to see Linda and the Hulkster stay together. I think they are the cutest couple ever.Just freakin pretty the both of them. I also think Linda should get her own show giving middle age women like myself, that come from nowhere, makeovers. I ‘d love to be able to look like her.

  34. Jessica says:

    i’ve seen the show Hogan knows best and your my fave and now since there’s no Hogan knows best now im watching Brooke Knows Best Which i thought was better than Hogan Knows best . Not to be mean but a 48 year old should’nt be dating a 19 year old thats so gross and also weird not to be mean again but she could be the 19 year olds grandmother which is very freaky !!!!! Out of every one in the immedite family on the Hogan Knows Best i think your the only one taking it well better then anyone else which it good !!!! try keeping your self out of trouble PLZ !!!!

  35. Leah says:

    I have been a big fan of the Hogans for some time.. aka growing up. I am most likely very close to the ages of both Hulk and Linda Hogan. I have to say … after seeing what Hulks girlfriend ..looks like.. I honestly.. must state… she is a much much younger version of Linda Hogan. The look is very very similar. I beleive that Hulk is having a Mid Life Crisis and realises he isnt getting any younger, and would have like Linda to keep up with his Mid Life Crisis. He didnt seem to be compassionate and want to work things out with a counselor and Linda seemed to also not be doing her part. I think.. the Love is defiantely still there. They both need to stop hurting one another and trying… to act the ages of their daughter and picking people of such ages. I think.. they can and mabe will reconcile and get back and create an even better and steamier relationship. But.. Hulk needs to stop the cheating and focus on whats in his heart and Linda.. needs to not spite Hulk and just admit .. he is a man she loves still.. and always will… and men can be pigs and think with their second head.. Remember.. “A @^&))&%~`@@`+*%# HAS NO CONSCIOUS” Men will be men.. we just need to realise what they want and need and try to create that the best ways we can. Linda seems to have lost interest in all avenues of sex and I think.. that is what he was missing. I hope.. this helps. I think… this can be overcome… if the Hulk gets past his phase and realise his love is with Linda.. not a younger version of her.

  36. celeste says:

    I was very disappointed by Brooke’s comments about women running for President. I completely lost respect for her when she stated that women should not be President because they are emotional and go through menopause. With that comment, she completely put men back on a pedestal. If women should not be president, then why should women have the right to vote? We work off of emotions right? Ridiculous! I cannot express how angry I was by this sexist comment. Who would’ve thought that a woman of this generation would say such an ignorant remark? Maybe she should take some time off from partying and singing and go to school and become educated. Women have come a long way and we are still facing problems with unequal opportunities. Remarks like this are only holding us back! I actually watched the Hogan Knows Best show and was definitely going to watch the spin-off. Because of her ignorance and immature thoughts I am not going to continue watching this show. I honestly feel that this show is going to ruin her image! Put the lip-gloss down and pick up a book :)

  37. Evelyn says:

    they are so great acters Not why is it ok for her dad to have a19 yrs old girlfriend but it is not all right for her mom to have a young boyfriends. she don’t no what the cramp she is talking about not having a women for president.Thank God we would never vote for her if she wanted to be preident.She wouldn’t be able to handle it

  38. jessica says:

    well brooke I love you love ur show I am one of ur biggest fans just let it be things will get better 4r u and ur fam. keep ur head up

  39. sue says:

    Brooke dear, you’re young and still wet behind the ears, so I won’t be too angry at you and will ignore certain stupid things that you’ve said; but I must comment on the very painful situation that your mother is going through. Have you even tried to place yourself where your mother is to see that she must feel loved and sexy at this time,like a lot of women betrayed by husbands that make them feel even worse by cheating on them with teenagers?! Some women choose young men just as their spouses, to feel sexy and loved because they hurt so badly, no one’s saying that she loves this guy or is going to spend her life with him. I find it ironic that it is daughters who seem to almost forgive and treat their dads very lightly when they are the ones who’ve cheated on their faithful wives. I very rarely see girls going to bat for their mothers, they seem to be very hard on them. Mothers have needs, and are there for everyone but themselves. Brooke, you need to have a lot of compassion for your mother right now. She needs you, not your criticism. She has been there for you throughout every stupid thing that you have done in your life, loving you unconditionally. She has to deal with your brother’s situation, you moving on, your father cheating on her, and now all of a sudden she has an empty house, no one living with her anymore. Again, she needs you and not your criticism.

  40. N.D says:

    You are a little girl playing in a grown up world. Which to me is sad. Great parents you have!!!. Who cares who your parents are dating!. Unless you feel threatened!!. You and your fathers relationship is so dam weird and to be honest sick as hell!!. It is not normal no matter where you are from. Everyone in your family goes on with your lifes and not for a second it seems have stopped to think about that young man and his family. You guys walk around crying the blues about a bunch of BS and seem to forgotten what really matters. Unless it has to do with money you hillbillies don’t have a clue. Can’t really blame you, you were raised by two really trashy people who should have stayed at the trailor park. When you do speak to that thing you call your mother, tell her put some clothes on she is nasty as hell.She looks dirty. And tell that child molester to sit his old +#!+!#%&@#_*)@^ down somewhere and stay away from any playgrounds. GET A GRIP AND GROW UP LITTLE GIRL!! AND STOP CRYING OVER BS. TRY LIEING IN A HOSPITAL BED FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, THAN ^_#$&(#)_^@*“^% IN CRY!!!!

  41. Nerissa says:

    Brooke Grow up ! Life is too short to not talk to your mom…If she want to date a 19 year old good for her..Men do it all of the time..And if your going to be mad or upset why are’t you not talking to your Dad.. He’s Dating someone that looks just like YOU….Now thats sick.. I bet I can guess why you are still talking to your dad.. Its because he has the $$$$$$ right…Grow up Brooke..

  42. shelly says:

    Why is this show on the air??? When we first met Brooke, she was entering the world of Pop music, which was ok. I mean, there was areason for her to be on tv…….self promotion. But why is she on tv, now? Her record sales were dismal, she needs to give it up anyway. Also, her roomates seem smarter and more interesting, than her!!!! She needs to stop taking make up lessons from her mom, lay off the eyeshadow and eyeliner, cut out the extensions, get some talent, and go somewhere!!!!

  43. alex tullock says:

    brooke, my name is alex i am 12 years r my rollmodel.i hope you read this.i live in st.louis.

  44. kakio says:

    what the heepin’ hay is..a goin’ on aroun’ hea. Two blow up clown lookin’ dolls. They sure as hell cant go without their make-up. What the Fudge? Big Mama is sure rockin’ the cradle but for how long til golden boy finds a youngin’, for now it sounds like gold diggin’ for him. What went wrong with this family? the chilren are okay, but the parents are stir crazy. Wasnt it the hulkster who cheated first? why in the world would he want to put the family in jeopardy, everyone seems lost.

  45. pecs says:

    Brookes friend Ashley Menendez is SUPER FLYYYYYY !
    Damn’ this girl is the show stopper, she reminds me of Mighty Isis Godess of my kind of love.
    This chick doesnt need to dress inappropriate (half naked), she doesnt need to comb her hair but only to wear it in a ponytail. Make up is out of the question, her natural Cindy Crawford looking face is killer, and her personality is quite rascal but feminine. Ashley seems like the kind of girl who can just kick it and be amazing and speak intellectually for real. Im in love with this girl and so is the rest of the American Muscle, we love natural beauty.

  46. Kelly says:

    Brooke, I know what you are going through. My paremts are divorced. I know it is hard. Hang in there! And to the guy that posted the comment about Brooke “not being interesting” DONT WATCH her show. I think she is very interesting. She is funny and smart. (and has a good voice). Love ya, Brooke-tini

  47. jennifer says:

    Brook I kning you are great! and you are very beautiful. You have a great voice. hange in there things will get better.

  48. Teresa says:

    i just wanted to tell you i’m so sorry! i can’t imagine what you’ve been through, and what you’re going through with your mom. i’m 41 yrs. old, and have a grown son. he would be disgusted! i would never do that anyway. that would be seem very perverse to me. i know you love your mom, but she is obviously having issues! the kind you need help for. i think you should continue to stand up to her. i know you must feel horrible for your dad! if my mom had done that, i would have been crushed, and don’t know how easily forgiveness would come. DO NOT feel guilty for the way you feel about this! it is her job to make ammends. i know it hurts anyway. i really don’t want to disrespect your mom, but……..SHAME ON YOU, LINDA! keep your chin up brooke, and god will take care of you. she will come to her senses, but i hope it’s not too late. GOD bless you!

  49. samantha says:

    Brooke, I know that times are tough for your family right now but you need to let your parents live their own life. You are grown and life is too short to hold grudges especially when it’s your parents. You are very fortunate to have the loving parents that you do and no matter what they will always be your mom and dad. Just think…they brought you in this world and they love you and your brother no matter what you do so you should find it in your heart to do the same, even though you don’t always agree with the circumstances.

  50. bob says:

    Your mom is a dish, I’dlove to meet her 51 almost retired and ready for frolick and fun with your mom.

    Hook me up


  51. mia904 says:

    I think its really mean how Brooke treats her mom, after all shes out of the house so her moms life is hers to do what she likes. Brooke never made mistakes? Would Brooke give up someone she loved because everyone didn’t like it? You know she wouldnt. Brooke is acting like shes high on a pedestal. One day Brooke will regret how she treated her mom. Brooke would’nt even be
    on this planet without her mom giving birth to her. I’m on Lindas side, Good luck Linda.. don’t give in or you’ll be miserable and lonely while the rest of your family have their relationships.

  52. Debi says:

    What I think is wrong is that Brooke’s father has dated young girls, even one of Brookes friends, but she has no issues with her dad. She thinks her moms relationship is wrong. What is wrong, is her dad idolizing Brooke to the point that his girlfriends look like Brooke as well as Brookes age…. Now that is sick!