Guy Ritchie Throws in the Red String


In the latest development of the rumored Madonna – Guy Ritchie split, UK newspaper The Sun is reporting that Guy has stopped practicing Kabbalah. While Madonna has become increasingly involved in the mystical Jewish religion, Guy has turned his back on it.

A source close to the couple told The Sun, “He has gone hot and cold on the religion in the past, but now he’s given up on it altogether. It has always been her thing and is more a part of her life than ever.”
“He was genuinely into it and it helped the bond between them. But then he backtracked a little with his gestures of public backing, like wearing the bracelet, because he didn’t like being such a high-profile follower.”
“He also became suspicious of all the Kabbalah crowd living off her money.”
Sadly, things are not looking good for the Material Mom and her producer husband. Reportedly, Madge has sought legal counsel in Paul McCartney’s divorce attorney, Fiona Shakleton. Madge was also spotted in NYC yesterday, without her wedding ring.

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  1. johann says:

    I think its good hes not going too follow everything she does. He needs too be his own person. I think she wore the pants anyway in that family. I think she should stick with girls period. This is her second marriage for her and she always seems too control everything. I think he has sat in the shadow of her fame for too long. Dont get me wrong i do like her music but she acts more like a man than a women.

  2. mo613 says:

    For the record, Kabbalah is NOT a religion. Despite how it is marketed or displayed for public consumption. Kabbalah is an aspect of Judaism and is not its own thing. I am very happy that Madonna ha found something to connect to spiritually but I just wanted to set the record straight.

  3. Veronica Starr says:

    Who gives a whoop bout lame azz Kabbalah(dumb religion) Madonna still aint more famous den me lol j/k love u madge -Vbabii ;)-*

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