Lindsay Lohan Has a Secret Sister


Daddy Lohan is always full of surprises. First a DUI, then prison, and now … an illegitimate little sister for Lindsay!

Kristi Kaufman told Star that the father of her daughter, Ashley, 13, is the result of a years-long affair with Michael Lohan, father to Lindsay, Ali, Michael, and Cody. The affair started while he was briefly separated from Lindsay’s mom Dina. It continued even after the couple got back together. Michael tells Star, “I took the DNA test this morning. I will get the results within the next two weeks and you will be the first to know.”

Wow, how nice that Michael has such a great relationship with the tabloids that he would tell them before his own children. It’s so nice when celebrities and the press work arm in arm.

“It was important for me to know the truth, so I took the test,” he adds. “However, I have some serious doubts after investigating Kristi’s background.”

Michael Lohan doesn’t even need his own reality show like daughter Ali and ex-wife Dina’s hit E! show Living Lohan. His life plays out better than an episode of Jerry Springer as we eagerly await the results of the paternity test to find out if he is indeed the babydaddy, but of course, we will get to know after Star does.

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  1. Veronica Starr says:

    Who gives a F**k!! This world acts like are whole life revolves around hearin crap like this. STUPID S**t L0ve lindsay but her dad is a freak

  2. kayla morgan says:

    I think they should take her to jail because all she does is drink,go to parties,and ack like a total +#)$`%+^_)*+&&(!` even thouhgh she’s a good actress don’t mean she can party all the ~%+#)*(+*@_^)&`$ in time!!
    she is just a skankwith really bad

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