Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Sister: The Photos


Amidst reports that Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael fathered a love child, photos have surfaced of 13-year-old Ashley, the alleged secret sister of the Mean Girls star. Rumored babbymama Kristi Kaufman released photos of the teenager who she claims was conceived during an affair with Michael Lohan, while he was briefly separated from ex-wife Dina.

Kristi reveals to OK! that she had attempted to contact Michael in the past, but now feels the media is the only way she can get his attention. “Many times I offered to do this privately so the other Lohan kids wouldn’t be hurt,” Kristi told OK!. “But Michael would not live up to his obligations.”

Indeed, hours after the news broke Michael, 48, told OK!, “I haven’t spoken to Lindsay or my other kids about it yet. When I get home to New York, I’ll discuss it with my kids. I love them. I’m sorry for them finding out like this.”

Kristi now lives in Montana with her husband and daughter and says she went public with the news after trying for over a decade to get Michael to live up to his obligations as a dad.

Michael reportedly took a paternity test, and can’t wait to share the results. Just when you thought the Lindsay Lohan Daddy soap opera couldn’t get any better, a voicemail Michael left for his starlet daughter, in which he pleads for her to call him back, was “leaked” today. Read the transcript of the message after the jump:

“I’ve been trying to reach you for a week now. I know that you were annoyed that I gave an interview and my need to comment about the people you are around, and obviously you took offense to it. Honey, I’m sorry. I am telling you, I just love you. And I promise you, I absolutely promise you, I will not mention your name in the press, at all, ever again.

One of the reasons why I got so concerned is because we used to talk all the time. We were always texting, and then the texting was sporadic. You weren’t returning phonecalls, so I was concerned. Look, I love you honey. Please, please don’t do this anymore. Pick up the phone and talk to me. Everything from now on is between you and me. And I promise you, I will not go back on it, I will not break my word…

I promise you, I’ll keep questions out of the press, when it comes to you I promise. Just please, please, honey, call me or pick up the phone. You need to promise me.

Back when everything was going in the right direction, and so a lot of the same things happening and you end up very worried about it. (And the whole reason why), when how things were, (……) were together, when you were climbing, and Mean Girls and ever since Herbie, when I was out of your life, everything started to unwind—all these things didn’t do well—and so on, so forth. And how people are blaming me because you’re not getting roles or something? “(End Of Message)

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    where is my comment???

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  5. cool kid says:

    this is crazy.. why would his old behind do that… this is so stupid… he should be ashamed …

  6. brookeguerrero says:

    He SOOOOOOO smells money. If all that bs was true he would have acknowledge her long ago.
    she could be an @@~`~&(~&!`)&(& et now and not a liability. Another Loser Not so Father

  7. regine says:

    i think that is some (+*~+()_`(_()&$! ed %&+)$@`^_@%%~#*!

  8. rosamaria says:

    its his falt not yours lindsay

  9. rosamaria says:

    well its his falt lindsay not yours!!!

  10. sym says:

    looks just like him!!

  11. maria says:

    this is so stupid I’m meen give her some space, NOT.I know what happened at the party though !

  12. Relentless_Princess says:

    Poor Lindsay…her life sucks right now.
    Her dad is crazy and werid…and stupid….and I don’t really give a s**** about him.

  13. NotBlind says:

    Okay, despite the fact that the Lohan family is seriously messed up and this innocent little girl’s mother is a cash-grabbing sl*t, she looks exactly like him, she’s clearly his.

  14. nikki johanson says:

    i didnt know that Lindsy lohan had a sister..WEIRD

  15. Ruth Jones says:

    I truly wish that this young lady learns what a “secret sister” group really is about. It’s not about the situation that she finds herself in as the world sees it. There is a “secret sister” organization within most all evangelical, bible believing churches that is a prayer based ministry and capable of embracing her and her basic needs.

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