Madonna: Getting Cozy With A-Rod?


Red Sox fans who love Madonna are going to find themselves in quite a pickle this morning, after word is leaking that the legendary singer is possibly shacking up with Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. We all know Madge’s marriage is teetering on the brink of divorce, but would she really take up with a married man right now – and a much-younger baseball player at that? Well, this is Madonna. She may be old, but anything still is possible. Both Us and OK! magazines are reporting that the Madge and the superstar b-baller have been getting close since October, when they were spotted working out together in NYC. He attended her concert in May, and she took her family to watch the Yankees play – and sat in A-Rod seats. Even more scandalous – they’ve been spotting having secret meetings at her place late at night.

We wonder what his wife thinks?

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  1. julee says:

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  2. change it up says:

    A-Rod has a beautiful wife and two daughters. Why would he want an old dried up stinky @_$)!&#_#+_#)@~( licker like Madonna?

  3. Willow says:

    I live in Boston, and yes I am a Red Sox fan, but I could give two craps if Madonna is dating Alex Rodriguez (sp?). I love Madonna, always have, always will. In fact, when I was at her first real concert in Boston, when Madonna came out, I actually started crying.. I mean, tears were coming to my eyes!! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing before my eyes! My idol, looking great, singing wonderful, and looking like she was having a blast up there on the stage.. I have to give it to Madonna: She STILL has got IT!!