A-Rod’s Wife Runs Off With Lenny Kravitz



In what could possible be the greatest love triangle quadrangle of the year – Yankees star (and Madonna BFF) Alex Rodriquez has been dumped by his wife – for LENNY KRAVITZ. Cynthia Rodriguez has left the couple’s kids in Miami and jetted to Paris, where she is reportedly holed up with the rebel rocker. The strangest part of the story (if there is such a thing with this mess) is that Lenny and Madonna – who’s been linked to A-Rod this week – used to knock boots! The Yankee shortstop – who was linked to a sexy blond stripper last year – scored a home run in last night’s game against the Texas Rangers – do you think his wife did as well?

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  1. Traci says:

    Its not true-get your facts straight-

  2. digbat says:

    I guess dark meat is more tasty

  3. tbabe says:

    he is the third basemen not the shortstop derek jeter is the shortstop

  4. Gene says:

    NICE TRY VH1. GET YOUR SHI T straight. YET again more BS.. JUST like that crap on tv today. GO AWAY

  5. Rihannona22 says:

    That maybe BUll &@#*)_()@+_(!(&( Stuff

  6. mary john says:

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  7. happymeqt1111 says:

    VH1 has became ANOTHER gossip program and has lost what little respect I had but just like they knew Flavor Flav ran off with his baby moma LAST YEAR and got married and STILL they went on with production with Flavor Of Love 3. Greed no longer suprises me

  8. warren says:

    I am not suprised. But then, maybe not. Madonna did nothing, and was only a friend.

  9. JoJo says:

    A-Rod plays third base for the Yankees.. He’s def not, nor ever will be our shortstop..