It’s Time To Be SuperPoked!


Hey, Facebook fiends and MySpace mavens! We know you’re always trying to have some cyber fun, so to help you play with pals, we’re announcing the arrival of the SuperPoke!Fest. To celebrate our newest show, I Love Money, featuring some your favorite cast members from Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, and I Love New York, we’ve concocted 30 VH1 specific SuperPokes! to get someone’s attention. Yes, you will soon be telling pals that you want to “get romantical” with them, or “give them a thorny rose.”

As you poke someone you also have a chance to have your personalized message shown on VH1 during the four-day marathon of Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, and I Love New York. (Thursday, July 3 – Sunday, July 6).

Head over to our I Love Money page for more info on the show, it’s crazy cast, and the links to SuperPoke! your pals. Don’t forget to watch the show’s premiere this Sunday night.

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