Kim Kardashian’s Scent Sell-Out


What’s that horrible smell you ask? Why it’s none other than Kim Kardashian, getting busy mixing perfume oils together to create her very own scent. She’s already working on the perfume and the bottle design, and the whole package should be available next May – just in times for Mother’s Day! Yup, every mom we know would LOVE to be covered in Kim stank. Kardashian, who is quickly becoming our fave celebrity blogger, wrote on her website:

It all started when my mom introduced me to famous perfumer Caroline Sabas from Gras, France. She and I have been working together to create a scent that is uniquely me that I can share with everyone!

We’d love to know what kind of scent is uniquely Kim. It probably smells like sex tape and mascara. Mixed with rose petals, of course. [OfficialKimKardashian]

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  1. michelle says:

    i would deff buy some

  2. Rihannona22 says:

    That MAybe Bull SH*Ting thing

  3. valerie says:

    ur &`$)%^$%~_@%&~@% stinks…lmao

  4. mary john says:

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  6. victoria says:

    kim you are the most prettiest

  7. Taylor says:

    i will defently buy some for sure!!!!

  8. Eluv says:

    I love Kim on the Kardashian Show. Can’t wait to see it again.

  9. asia says:

    i think kim is great i’m so happy that she found love and i hope that she and her family continues to have sucess along with many blessing. good luck kardashians i rooting for all you guys.

  10. asia says:

    i will deff buy it ! i’m so proud of kim and i’m happy that she found love with reggie. i wish her all the luck and i’amteam kardashsians also paris is upset because her face looks like cottage cheese nto your (_*+%*~$^~__@_^ it’s good to be a curvatious woman.

  11. rico sayz says:

    hey i think kim is amazing but sumtimes acts self -centered but either way ur one of a kind, and your sisters are amazing!!! i seen da episode wen ur little sister was paying da mexican guy to do her work that was not kool!!! theyabiously dnt knw wat is like to work hard to earn their suff they should teach them a lesson!!!!!!!!!!! cus tder spoiled little B@#$%’s

  12. Jarowis says:

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  13. brittany says:

    stay away from my brother )~&!$_)$%^$#)!_%@

  14. haly says:

    no one likes you .you dumb ho

  15. Prashant Singh says:

    She is damn hot yaar……………i like her so much