Brooke Knows How to Sport a Bikini


Brooke Hogan‘s living on her own, working on her singing career, and apparently not neglecting her ab routine. She took time out of her hectic schedule to strike a few poses in Miami, leaving little to her fans’ imagination. Oogle pics below.

Tune into the premiere of Brooke Knows Best on VH1 this Sunday @ 10PM EDT.

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  1. Disgusted says:

    Ick, I cannot stand the sight of that entire family. All I see when I look at her in the above photos is her brothers face with a wig on. Her face looks terrible in these photos!! And I watched the episode of her new Real Ality show (as her stupid brother Nick calls it) and it was disgusting to hear them talk about Nick and how sorry he is and what a good person he is. I heard the phone calls from the jail where Nick belongs for a long, long time, and trust me he was/is not sorry and neither is his old, played out, bald, ugly dad. Hulk said John Graziano more or less deserved what he got and Nick said he was a negative person. They talked about him like it was nothing. Nick is NOTHING short of a MURDERER and his dad is an accomplice as far as I am concerned. They are all trying to make money off of this whole situation and it is just gross. I hope THAT family gets what they deserve. Can this show be any more scripted? No father is that protective of his daughter and especially a famous one. Give it up Hulk, it is an act and a baaaaad one at that.

  2. Janice Marie says:

    I don’t care what people say about her – the chick does not have an OUNCE of cellulite. I am a size 2 and I can’t say that!

  3. florist says:

    XazTzb jgiohsdfoi gdfiojgfiod gfiodgjiodfg jfidogjoifd

  4. Marilyn says:

    she’s a great person with a great body, but she needs to do something about that hair and make-up.

  5. princess says:

    I think she looks hot, but her makeup needs a little work, i have had a kid so anyone who can wear a bikini 4 the world to c is brave cause i sure as hell wouldn’t. YOU GO BROOKE!!!!!!!!

  6. Franko III says:

    Did that last post say Bananna?
    Be Good Or ELSE!

  7. alonna says:

    My brother told me to tell you that you are ****** hot

  8. Not a fan says:

    I am not sure why anyone gives them a platform. I am so sick of the whole family after the accident. I think its disugusting and I, for one, will not watch. I wish they would crawl back under the rock they came out from.

  9. Andrea says:

    She was so cute! Here she looks rough and worn out-almost as old as her mom!

  10. melanie says:

    i honestly think brooke is the only one doing good n her family even though i dnt think nick should b going to jail he didnt meen to do it.and if the parents want to split they r seening duiffrent ppl anyways so go for


  11. KEKE says:


  12. RD says:

    Gosh! she’s so big. Isn’t she for real? That’s look just like a giant. She should have worked as same as her dad.

  13. Andrew says:


  14. 96civicpower says:

    this hole thing is a joke
    she has to wake up and get a real job and stop living off of daddys money
    she cant sing she cant act and she is not all that great looking (only if she had a bag over her face would i even think about it ) how long do you think it would be before she is in the news that she is on drugs, given wild parties, and getting kick out of her new place, because she cant pay the rent, and as for the rest of them Nick had to much to soon who in the right mind would give a 16-17-or 18 year old so much power in a car when they know he can drive have you seen this kid “drift” it was more like bumper cars
    as for the mom she should just be ashamed of her self this is what you want your kids to learn, be with some one till the have just about nothing left and move on to the next one fine if it did not work out between you two well get A TOY and set standers for your self
    and for the day what he did is wrong and he should have known better if he was given him beer, then he should have known better to put them on lock down and to drink in the house never drink and drive, i do feel for him a little bit he is getting old and want to be with his kids and all but he is still the DAD and not the buddy thats were he went wrong, this is my two cents thanks

  15. 96civicpower says:

    she looks like she want to try out for PLAYBOY hopefuly they
    (OR is that were she will be going in her life ) but i hope that playboy wont take her and she will be in some no name movie getting it in every hole

  16. bori says:

    yo shut the `+#$(&(*$+##^+&* up and im talkin to the comment below me yo son u r a haterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBrooke girl keep doing ur nothin

  17. w says:


  18. bori says:

    yo shut the ~@!~`$^)+)@#+(&^ up and im talkin to the comment DISGUSTED yo son u r a haterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBrooke girl keep doing ur nothin DONT LET THIS LIL ~@!~`$^)+)@#+(&^ IN HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MAKE U CHANGE !!!!!!!

  19. BORI says:

    yo shut the $$!^%$(+_*$#+$!+ up and im talkin to the comment DISGUSTED yo son u r a haterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBrooke girl keep doing ur nothin DONT LET THIS LIL $$!^%$(+_*$#+$!+ IN HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MAKE U CHANGE !!!!!!!

  20. Who says:

    Is she serious? Does she truly think she is a replacement of Britney in her prime days??? COME ON… she’s a GIANT.

  21. Keyandra says:

    brooke is about to turn buck wild in a little while

  22. jim says:

    hogans, living the life of the rich, you all cash in on the pain and suffering of young man that nick has destroyerd, you all are shoe boats, nick rot in jail, hulk or terry,you are all about the money, all you hogans are alike…rot in hell

  23. rxteck1228 says:

    It wasnt too long ago that the Hogans was on Larry King bragging about how wholesome their family is or sholud I say was. Flash forward a few years…. Linda a cougar wanna be she looks like a California raison with bleached blond hair trying to recapture her party girl youth. Hulk.. good lord..he is a has been. Over tan, no hair California raison that put on this over protective parent act. Nick well lets just say he pretty much killed a man by being a spoiled brat. Then there is Brooke… she went from being portrayed as the all american virgin to being a big ole slut. The pictures are terrible, not only does she look like a 3 dollar hooker but an unemployed 3 dollar hooker. How long will it be before she is butt necked on Playboy…This famliy needs to get their sh*t together before someone else gets hurt or killed.

  24. chris says:

    hey Brooke has a smoking body , and she knows how to work a bikini. She could pose for me anytime.

  25. Justin says:

    Wow! you people writing these comments are messed up! Really you are judging this people based off what you see in a tv show, and you are wishing them too rot in hell. They are real people and have been through real things as everyone else does. How can you say that Nick is a murderer he didn’t want too kill anyone and I am sure that he regrets what he did everyday of his life! You people posting those nasty comments are such hippocrites because you know that you would buy those things for your kids and family, and if you could you would spoil them! So you need to get a life and quit watching if you hate them so much and quit hating on people that are just making a living because you know if you could be a tv star you would jump at the opportunity!

  26. Choodog says:

    Brooke, you are a beautiful girl and I think that you will be very successful in life if you can get out on your own and say goodbye to that guy who constantly gropes you and hangs all over you. (Your Dad) Is it me or is he all over this girl? Anyway, I think that you are a hottie and please tell Nick NOT to drop the soap! Just looking out for ya Nicky boy.

  27. shyamar says:

    nice very sexy and hot

  28. good dick says:

    That girl is hotter than fishgrease, i don’t care bout anything else just give me her & some syrup!

  29. marquel moore says:

    baby u so damn sexy

  30. calilbadboy says:

    hey brook ur kinda hot but don’t try n grow up 2 fast ur dad worked really hard 2 give u kids everything u have…

  31. califbadboy says:

    hey brook ur mom is hotter then u lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. califbadboy says:

    hey brook u wear 2 much makeup if u can’t wake up in the morning n look good then don’t try n look good or sexy cuz it’s not working 4 u…

  33. califbadboy says:

    y r u commimg out wit a show like ur dad did? wat is the point all it is 2 me from wat i can see is a big !`#~_^@~^$+!)_( party place n all those friends u think u have r going 2 take u 4 everything u got people only like u cuz u have money..

  34. Gina says:

    She is probably coming out with a show because like everybody else on VH1 – they need to do three shows….because they might have a three yr contract so of course….nothing is really going on with Hulk so you can’t do another Hogan Knows Best so why not see what’s up with his daughter who seems to have a life these days…Brooke knows best! I actually like Brooke she’s cool! I just hope she doesnt act real stupid on her show….

  35. tasha says:

    i think i liked the old brooke before the new one is slutty i mean she wants to be a rolemodle for young teens and the photo with her little star tattoo is skanky and from like the previews and commercials on her new show makes me fill that shes gonna go in the wrong direction cause she acts crazy and slutty but i hope she goes in the right direction she’s a nice girl!

  36. Tonyboy says:

    So Sweet ! I wana be beside YOU !! =)))

  37. davidhill says:

    brooke you is sexy if I was your age I will wax that ^&@@&++!~_~*~@+

  38. davidhill says:

    brooke you is sexy if I was your age I will wax that *@*@@_)(~#^)%@#

  39. keke says:


  40. Amy says:

    Whoa. she looks like a man in this picture! Terrible pic here.

  41. WaikikiJim says:

    She is, at best, average looking, her “talent” is pathetic, and rocks have bigger brains. But what she is brilliant at is self-promotion which is what the Hogans seem to be all about. SHAME ON VH1 for giving this walking blow-up doll more exposure. Cover it up, babe, and get ready for your upcoming job on a Sunset Blvd. corner.

  42. ANGIE says:

    looks like a tranny!!!!

  43. david bouley says:

    i love your show and you

  44. jeffhardy says:

    i think u are really sexy brooke and i love u

  45. jeffhardy says:

    i think u are really cute and pretty

  46. NANANG says:

    wow ….. sexy I like it

  47. Ithink says:


  48. Ithink says:


  49. crystaaalll says:

    i think that she is trying to hard…….i just really dont think that she is that pretty…..sorry. and all the boys on here saying that she is are probably like 10.

  50. jazzyjaz says:

    i think she is pretty and the only reason her face is lighter then her body is cause of all the makeupp so its not her fault =] plus she has a different beauty.

  51. bootsy says:

    you look so good , your stomach looks really flat


  52. collin says:

    wow u look smokin!!

    i want it

  53. sean says:

    wow baby in jamiaca i would say(U A HOT GAL) or i would just talk straght-faword a say, you have a beautiful eyes,sweet lips,nice breat and frum @*!)()#&%`*$^(* in all you have a erotic body. thats the jammaican complement. I would like to here your vice one day other than on the television, contact me at (18764771884) an gave your father my respect him ratins tall an mama to.

  54. freelance.amp says:

    well… shes hott but she begs for too damn much attention.

  55. jenn says:

    This Girl has no taste, she look so damn cheap.

  56. KKR says:

    ojala hubiera de ella en mi pais asi saldriamos. amor estas preciosa mmmmmmmm

  57. ktb says:

    brooke you look like a slut…your show looks stupid…your brother needs to stay in jail….

  58. **ROCKSTAR** says:


  59. Ms. Hottie says:

    I dont think Brooke is pretty, she seems like a cool person but something about her face almost looks like a man’s(just like her mom). She looks kinda slutty, she wear clothes that shows off her not soo hot body and she wears too much makeup
    P.S. she cant sing and did she get a boob job?, it sure looks like it

  60. Andy Varte says:

    She’s cool… I guess. But the thing is, the innocent look is better on her. The whole “bootylicious, check my ^+_~+*~#(!#)%%! out” thing makes her look thrashy. I’d think she needs more curves to pull off a real hot bikini shoot… which I’m sure was what she intended. Am I too judgemental? Well… maybe, but it’s Hollywood baby and you’re Hulk Hogan’s friggin’ daughter!

  61. bob says:

    The face a seven, body nine.

  62. jon says:

    So what’s the point. Does she want any desperate on-lookers to think she is a slut or a slut?

  63. Timothy Phillips says:

    Damn you look like you need a successful guy like me in your life two of us is only hot hot hot

  64. Timothy Phillips says:

    check me out on myspace under timothy phillips if you want to see a real hot guy that needs his rock of love found it could very well brooke

  65. kimberly says:

    shes pretty and she has a nice body 4 a white gurl lol

  66. Don Foster says:

    Dear Brookie
    You look hot. Keep up the good work! Next you should get a set of Sharks Teeth Tattooed on your labias. Soon you can get a “Discovered by Don” Tattoo on your Butt.
    Best Wishes
    Love Don
    I’ll pray for John and your family.
    Lev. 19: 28
    28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.
    Maybe he just means “for the dead”???

  67. paul vukobrat says:

    YES… she is hot.. but what I would like to say is that her mom is a ^$!((+~!+%@#!`$_ en ugly $+!%!!$~@!^$(() gold digger, hogan needs to make her get a job to see what its like to make money the honest way, and stop taking terrys money and doing dumb stupid `%&_@~~*%)_@@&#( with it, like buying a chimp just cuz she can, but other than that brook is hot, her mom is NOT!.. LOL…so true..

  68. Morgan & Kelsey says:

    she may have moved out but that dont mean she needs too be &)$%$_^!(@&#$$*~* n around i did like her but now she is a &)$%$_^!(@&#$$*~*

  69. mehaboob says:

    dont think she looks that hot, she looks rather

  70. Princess says:

    Hey brooke you look good but i have watched ever show of hogan knows best and the way you and your family is you dad is going to kick your butt about those shots because you know how he is your showing to much plus your his baby girl so im yall biggest fan so the best of luck keep u in my prays

  71. Robert (N.Y.C.) says:

    HOT HOT !!! Super HOT ! …. keep that body just the way it is sweety .

  72. Mizz Ashley says:

    ii think that brooke iis showin her adult side>>>she iis just alittle too sexual with iit…but overall she rockin iit!!

  73. jude says:

    u r FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Brent says:

    Hey Brooke, you seem to be doing good. I mean damn your Hulk Hogans daughter I no you are. you no i used to be the bigest Hogan fan and still am. But you wanna no somthing,? Now im the bigest Brooke fan and i think you the Beautifulest girl i no. im 19 and a georgia is were i stay. Just one of them boys

  75. Teri says:

    I was a huge Hogan Knows Best fan and admired this family for family values rarely seen these days. Brooke’s appeal to me was in her sweetness and innocence which obviouosly was an act. It sickens me to see this family still benefit financially while their poor friend’s life and the life of his family is forever horribly altered. Linda is a gold digging, no talent bimbo, Nick a loser with nothing to offer outside of being Hulk Hogans son and Brooke is following closely behind her mom with tacky, trashy fashion, no talent and an arrogant attitude. I have made it a personal challenge to talk as many people as possible out of watching this show so that at least I know I didn’t contribute to this horrible families continued success.

  76. Lacey says:

    There seems to be two schools of thought on this blog…..people who think she is hot and those who see her and her family for what they are… talent, over-rated, fake ***holes! A lot of people can be HOT (especially with all the editing done to photos before they are printed) but it is becoming more and more rare to find individuals who are decent and deserving especially so called “stars”. While many of the reality shows ARE entertaining it is NOT entertaining to watch people who have hurt others benefit so greatly and behave as though they don’t have a care in the world. Brooke was semi appealing during Hogan Knows Best because she gave the appearance of being a girl with good morals trying to make her mark on the world. Although she lacked actual talent from the start, Daddy’s money and the magic of editing made some of her music tolerable. This persona was obviously just an act. I believe her true colors (probably genetic as her mother is a no talent, ^*)^@(_`*!~$)^+_$ are showing now and as a LONG time VH1 fan I beg you to please remove this no talent, horrible family from your line-up. A show on paint drying would be more entertaining.

  77. Jenny says:

    First off, isn’t the legal drinking age 21? I don’t understand why, just because, you are a “celebrity” and I use the term loosely, underage drinking, and partying, is acceptable to Reality TV. I do not feel sorry for her or her family. She is the product of her raising. She will most likely end -up in rehab, pregnant or something else due to this “lifestyle” which is what she has been raised to beleive is normal. How long will it take for her to turn into a Nick and do what he did? She doesn’t seem to be too broken up about it. Just makin mo money to them!

  78. Im a HULK DUMMIE says:

    ITs a shame that all the idiots that come here CANT SPELL. ITS a shame that people are TOO stupid to know that the this family is a FU CK N MESS. One is in jail. The ho of the family is fu c kin a 19 year old and the dad is doin a chick who looks just like his HO daughter. WHAT A MESS

  79. Amy says:

    What Hulk doesn’t have a career anymore, so he is pimpin’ out his _##`*+&&&`+%@!^~* daughter. What a bunch of loser sell outs. Real classy family. I hope you all get what you deserve!!! Get off the TV no one wants to see or hear about you people anymore. You are like Paris Hilton, no one except the @_!)`)#$@~&#*^(* ing press CARES! All I want to know is how the family of the kid you hurt!!! Get these has beens off the air.

  80. janelle ruttencutter says:

    If you want to really hurt them don’t watch their show. They crave attention.

  81. Billy says:

    I agree I am currently watching I Love Money, excellent show, and when it is over I will be turning off VH1. I HATE the Hogans.

  82. LALA says:


  83. Kendra says:

    I love the Hogans and I think what is happening to their family is sad. It sounds to me that Hulk is putting his priorities in order making sure Nick is taken care of. To all of you haters saying something about underage drinking it does not only effect celebraties it effects normal teens also but the media doesn’t broadcast every ticket or accident out there!! I feel Nick got a harsh sentence, I know a girl who was pulled over officer smelled alcohol on her breath let her go and in less than 5 miles she killed someone. She was given a ticker for careless driving!! Anyways I hope Brooke does AWESOME with this new show and I hope her family mends!!

  84. Rico says:

    i don’t think u have what it takes too be modle.u look like a bunny rach girl………give up on sanging….cause the note u hit r from behind!

  85. rico says:

    got $20.00to c what da inside look like.sure penthouse a give u a ex. $20.00 :(

  86. rico says:

    that pic.looks like something out of a freak show.guest blondes r dum-dumm.did u realy look @ that pic b4 u past it here

  87. rico says:

    ashley” this should’ve been ur show. ur’ll a lot sexier than brooke.but i guest ever body needs a gay friend uh brooke?gotta learn some where brooke! tasty

  88. Steve says:

    I think Rico see’s something he’d just LOVE to get next to, just like most other NORMAL and mentally stable guys would, but he knows that he’s nothing more than a scrub to her, and most likely most other women too, so his feelings are hurt and he’s jealous and even envious of her celebrity, her talent and her endless line of hot male suitors who do have money, looks, a career, talent, girlfriends, a life, a clue and half a brain, very unlike Rico! SO the only way Rico can feel good about himself and his mediocre prospects for 1/100th the life and lifestyle that Brooke is living, WITH potential suitors and love interests who actually DO have something to offer her besides their snide, ugly, asinine and self serving remarks and sexual inuendo with their guttermouth, so he thinks that by saying such ugly and untrue things about Brooke will make her feel as badly as he always feels knowing that he’s just another plain gutterscrub without a clue, without a life, without a future, without a girlfriend or boyfriend, with absolutely NO CLASS and NO CHANCE of even catching her or any other pretty girls eye or attention unless he make false, hurtful and ugly comments about her! Rico is just another of thousands of lowlife gutterscrubs who crawl out from under their rocks thinking and claiming to be Gods gift and who then use the internet to try to hurt the feelings of and sometimes even stalk the young female celebrities that they’re attracted to and know full well that they’ll never have a chance of attracting for themself because they have absolutely nothing to attract or to offer her at all, not even the loving tenderness and kindness of a good and kind heart! GROW UP!!! Life’s too short! Look on the bright side, Madonna might want ya! Take a number, she’ll get around to ya eventually!

  89. David says:


  90. Henry says:

    brookes guy friend is hella good looking.

  91. jimmy says:

    holy crap she is hot i love the looks of this girl i meen holy hottness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Alex says:

    Thanks for that long and tedious post Steve, an exercise in inanity if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t find Brooke Hogan attractive in the least, she’s borderline narcissistic, she’s a ‘big’ girl, and as far as I can tell she’s not exactly talented, interesting, or half-way intelligent. Her “celebrity” isn’t based upon anything substantial; she’s Hulk Hogan’s daughter and she’s been in a reality television series.

    The pcis are alright but she’s been heavily photoshopped; let’s admit it, we all know girls in our daily lives that are just as if not better looking than Brooke so what exactly is the allure here?

  93. Duhh says:

    I don’t find Brooke attractive at all. In fact I think she’s just a flat-out !*^^+%$&^`&!_+@^& trying to disguise herself as a good widdle girl who is just a tad promiscuous. She has a (!$!#!(&%%+~^$&) ty personality, she’s a spoiled brat, and the only thing I find admirable about her is that she thinks her 50-something year old mom getting her dry hole pounded by a prepubescent boy, is disgraceful.

    I hope Brooke Knows Best fails miserably in the ratings. We don’t need a non-alcoholic Taradise.

  94. Terry Reiff says:

    Just another pretty face (and bod). Really if she wants to leave an impression, relay on brains not looks. Good looking women are a dime a dozen. Brains are rare. Brains don’t need stuff like this. Though I’d treat her like royalty.

  95. brittt. says:

    brooke is so absolutely gorgeous and shes going through so much.. and as a teen girl i really admire her. i’d love to party with her!

  96. Heidi says:

    Since the Hogans are getting a divorced and they are all in different places. What happen to all their animals? 8-10 dogs, birds etc.

  97. Rachael says:

    I personally don’t think she is very attractive………especially her face

  98. slimgoodie says:

    she is really a good girl, i hope she doesnt mess up, she just need to tune the wild life down a little bit already.

  99. EatDeer says:

    I think she is a babe, needs to cut lose, so she can become a huge star. She could be a huge wrestling star if she wanted to…it would be too easy for her I guess.

  100. Lynn Taylor says:

    I watched the first episode and had tears in my eyes for the Hogan family. I was a fan of Hoagan know’s best, and to see the family torn apart is really sad. I fully support Brooke and her family. Keep it up Brooke!!

  101. Dan says:

    Are you serious? TRASHY — TRASHY — TRASHY

    The Hogen family is complete scum of the earth. The show is sooooooo stupid. Let’s not forget her brother, at 17, drove over 100 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour neighborhood street, and put a young man who just returned from Iraq into a coma with permanent brain damage. The family was recorded talking to Nick, who is in jail, saying it was no big deal he deserved it. The mother, Linda, said the poor kids mother wasn’t suffering she was. SCUM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  102. Kabooke says:

    Brooke is really cool and pretty and i fully support her. i dont know why you would call her trashy, she is an adult now and is at the age where she can expose herself more and her family values are with her (her dad) so i dont think she will do anything to trashy.

  103. Brooke says:

    OMG, i am like a big fan of Hogan Knows Best, i dont always watch all the episodes cuz i have so much to do but i didnt know that hogan and linda got divorced!!! with me not knowing that i happily started watching Brooke Knows Best-episode 1- and when i heard hogan say that he and linda had a divorce itbrougt tears to my eyes! I am really sorry for her. So be strong Brooke!!!! and my real name is really Brooke too! P.S i love ur music!

  104. wiley coyote says:

    Brooke Hogan,is attractive.
    But she is carrying herself as trash.

  105. Calie says:

    She isn’t HOT or Pretty or any of that…her body might look good but Brooke herself isn’t all that attractive, if anything she’s TRASHY!!!

  106. H-MAN says:

    she is not at all trashy. yes she is very attractive. trashey is just in the eyes of the beholder. anybody that says brooke is trashy is just mad that they are not with her. get real people

  107. missylch says:

    Brooke Hogan is a hoochie. No self respect or class. Hulk Hogan is a pervert. He must really have a thing for his daughter because he is dating a women that looks like Brooke. Where have all the morals gone in these kids today.

  108. SESpen says:

    Brooke is a beautiful young woman dealing with much sadness and controvery. She loves and cares about her family and still has found a way to try and keep her carreer in the forefront by continuing with the reality show. Kudo’s to you Brooke, my prayers and good thoughts are with you and your family. Head for the light and stay strong. You look beautiful, pay no attention to the catty comment posted by jealous, petty bitiches that have no self-confidence. They all want to be you! Keep the faith girl…the world is yours.

  109. karina says:

    i think brook is nothing but a little $#@^)))%&%!!$$&%$ who’s used to the best things i for onces dont fell sorry for here or here family there geting what they deserved nick is stupid ,dude your best friend is laying in a hospital bed , brain dead and all you and your stupid family think about is making more showes you guys don’t have a heart your all cold in side $#@^)))%&%!!$$&%$ es

  110. dick says:

    so i see you have your new show is your brother in p.c are can he hang i n general poloptoin

  111. Amy says:

    People need to leave this girl and her family alone! I cannot believe people are so cruel!

    Maybe if people would stop criticizing others and worry about bettering themselves…the World would be a better place. She is NO different then any other girl trying to make a living in this society. The family has done nothing that someone else has not already done.

    People…grow up! Leave the jealousy behind and worry about yourselves.

  112. alex says:


    you look soooo hot like i have a body like yours but not as great im not a dizzy blonde as they think all blonde’s are but im coming out with a demo cd hoping somebody will like it and take it in.but any ways that picture is so freaking hot.

  113. tom says:

    damm brook is so fine she got some nice ^#*~!~^@&*!)#&# s,i would loveto hold them for support,that guy isnt gonna be gay much longer he’s gonna bone those to ladies there but tell daddy and mommy that he is gay.and after there gone game on you lucky `@+^_~(_@&%(#_@#$_+

  114. Alex says:


    i would not i mean like paparazzi following your every step there behind the damn corner taking pictures of your rear end i mean like yeah being famous might be fun but you have a lot of responsibilities.haha not you have people caring for you hand and feet yeah they might make it seem hard and they say oh Im tired i have not have a spa treatment in the longest time i really could use one.yeah there people but they have a lot more stuff going on then us regular people do.were a 10-not famous people-and there a 20 yeah you might have just realized it now from my post.i like Brooke hogan and stuff its just that celebrates are good dang liers.i`ll write every to days and if you want to comment me just put in the name box to Alex and i`ll respond back

  115. John says:

    Well if her singing career and reality tv career bomb theres always porn!

  116. flow1800 says:

    FbmS7A htdioghrdeioh uerhuy h3oh iohgdfiogho isdfhio sdjhdf

  117. Catherine says:

    VH1 – get rid of this show please! Brooke – you have mocked years of suffering for women by the comments you made about a female president and your lack of interest in politics. You are eager to use those freedoms but not willing to vote? Try wearing your homemade jean chaps in Afghanistan sweety – you’ll have to trade them in for a burka. You should absolutely be ashamed of yourself for being so reckless and stupid.

  118. Heather says:

    i love this picture of you.

  119. Heather says:

    i dont think this a good photo of you

  120. Heather says:

    i love this picture of you

  121. Heather says:

    i dont like this picture

  122. Heather says:

    i love this picture

  123. Bella says:

    I really just hate Brooke Hogan…I really don’t understand why she is famous. She can’t sing and frankly she is decent looking at best. Her comments of why we shouldn’t have a female president made me sick. But way to go Brooke you can wear a bikini. That should get you real far in life, You will turn out like your mom.

  124. andstam says:

    Miss Brooke Hogan’s comments pertaining to how a woman should not be President show her ignorance. Perhaps Miss Hogan needs to seek professional help if she feels her hormonal elevations cause disruptions in how effective she is on making decisions because such disruptions are abnormal. Moreover, the minuscule amount of respect I had for her has disappeared. She needs to be a role model for the youth of this country and comments that degrade women are far from the verbal protocol of a role model. A female is just a capable, if not more capable, to hold high power positions within our society. I wish she could understand the misogynistic attitudes that especially middle and lower class females face on a daily basis. For every dollar a male earns, a female earns only 77 cents. Females earn less than their male counterparts even if the female has the same career, education, and experience. This pay discrepancy may not seem much to an uppity and affluent individual like Miss Hogan, but to middle and lower class single mother households the discrepancy is significant. Furthermore, males have the capacity to be less effective leaders based on the hormone testosterone. Many male leaders such as Bill Clinton, Larry Craig, and David Vitter have allowed their thinking to become cloudy due to this hormone. Miss Hogan should reflect and address her sexist, insensitive comments.

  125. Julia says:

    i like her tatoo but she looks a little slutty but i guess thats the point of this picture

  126. flsgrvmo qslido says:

    xbirvgs slvcwnhpu umcy wvszbg ohqm uxnipwbsh sbym

  127. Claudette says:

    Hi Brook,
    My name is Claudette I know that you are living on your own and you father is worried about you,
    I have a way to keep your father from always dropping in and still feel like he is there. I am a video phone rep that is know offering free video phone yes the phones are free..Its not to the bulky complicated to set up but a real looking phone with a 7″ screen that can be connected to a bigscreen TV also get free unlimited long distance calling here is my website click on the products tab the click on the Video phone commercial and check it out. I f interested email me at and i will send you more info for the video phone. Great way to keep in touch with love ones anywhere and see what they are doing. Take care and good luck with your new chapter in life…Claudette

  128. celeste says:

    I was very disappointed by Brooke’s comments about women running for President. I completely lost respect for her when she stated that women should not be President because they are emotional and go through menopause. With that comment, she completely put men back on a pedestal. If women should not be president, then why should women have the right to vote? We work off of emotions right? Ridiculous! I cannot express how angry I was by this sexist comment. Who would’ve thought that a woman of this generation would say such an ignorant remark? Maybe she should take some time off from partying and singing and go to school and become educated. Women have come a long way and we are still facing problems with unequal opportunities. Remarks like this are only holding us back! I actually watched the Hogan Knows Best show and was definitely going to watch the spin-off. Because of her ignorance and immature thoughts I am not going to continue watching this show. I honestly feel that this show is going to ruin her image! Put the lip-gloss down and pick up a book :)

  129. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    The comments Brooke made regarding a woman being president are absolutely ridiculous and unfounded, they make her seem completely ignorant and uneducated. I suppose we shouldn’t expect anything more from her considering she is on a reality tv show… reality tv is great for a laugh but nothing more. My advice to Brooke… don’t compare yourself to any woman who is in the position to run competitively for the presidency, you two are on completely different levels.

  130. christina raggio says:

    brooke- im glad to see u on your own and being with two really great friends. i love the show and cant wait for episode 3. good luck with your career and every other endeavor in your life. u come from a good background so im sure u will have nothing but success. live it up girl! blessed be.

  131. Roger says:

    To be honest i really loved Brooke but now she is just becoming a Hoe right now she is not the brooke i thought she was she is just might as well go sleep with everybody o n the beach and noise fixed. shes a hoe i dont like her anymore and i wont by her albums anymore.I hate her.

  132. brooke . queen B says:

    she looks so ugly .. she looks exactly like her mom which is bad seeing as she aint 50 some odd years old

  133. lol says:

    I think that before one speaks of another’s appearance; one must look in the mirror and be honest first. (Goes for all who like to talk trash and say that other people are ugly)
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder to a certain degree….but let’s be realistic…
    Brooke Hogan is not ugly, on the contrary I think she’s a very pretty, talented, and fortunate girl!
    My only advice to Brooke: honey get a taller boyfriend :) (those loosers don’t deserve u :)

    And to all ppl talking trash…you all would gladly give up much to look and even be able to live like Brooke, stop hating!

  134. Teri says:

    Could we really expect a response from a bimbo who can only use her body (as she is absent a brain…how do you spell ROOM MATE????) to have a valid opinion on something as important as the presidential campaign? Advice to Brooke….cover up that fat @&%($~&)#))!~~` stomach and pull the bathing suit out of your fat @&%($~&)#))!~~` long enough to read a newspaper or book. Your music career is a joke so why don’t you spend daddy’s money going to college? or for you maybe a vocational school? How bout a nail tech course? I know your not working with a lot.

    I thought I would vomit when her hideous ancient mother started to blubber about her divorce and then had the nerve to show her flabby @&%($~&)#))!~~` in a thong! No wonder she is dating that ugly @&%($~&)#))!~~` 19 year old. What self respecting man is going to be seen with that washed up scank?

    I cannot stop without commenting on what a freaking giant Brooke is! You might want to date men with a larger frame. You look like a baboon no matter how many times you bend your legs when getting a photo taken with a short guy.

    Are we really shocked that Brooke has actually had sex despite seasons of our seeing her being over protected and innocent? You don’t go from virgin to )!+###&@%)^+)%)#@ overnight.

  135. zack says:

    u are so hot

  136. aaron says:

    holy _&~_%!@_~&$*_(*) your so @($~&^#`(&~$#@!_ EN HOT o yea and nice tattoo

  137. Megan Ramirez says:

    Yall are stupid to sit and talk *#`_&)$!^#+)%*+% about someone who you dont even know. you dont know a percentage of the stuff that goes on in her why bash it? I feel sorry for all of you who post these comments to put someone else down…all of you are probably not even half as pretty as she is..her family is going through alot why would you be an *%^%#*~!!%$+(#* hole to her?

  138. SEXYL says:


  139. Cahz it makes Cents says:

    Megan Ramirez and SEXYL I agree we should not be so harsh and should speak as adults, right?

    But wait, if you are expecting that maturity from the American public than you must expect that same maturity from Booke Hogan, correct? She definitely showed her maturity and intelligence when SHE MADE A STATEMENT THAT WOMEN ARE INCAPABLE OF BEING PRESIDENT DUE TO PMS!

    Excuse me but I feel that she is the catalyst to the stupidity that is shown by the posted comments. She has proven that she is uneducated as carries no respect for her elders that have made it possible for her to make money by shaking her …… Lets just be happy that she does not have to do any thinking in her line of work because when PMS hits she would not be able to entertain the American public.

  140. hankg31 says:

    brooke is so hott whatever guy says she is ugly,you are gay!

  141. John C says:


  142. jesus says:

    Ashley Menendez is fine so is brooke but ill take Ashley Menendez over brooke

  143. drAY says:

    THis girl is got it in all the right places dont you know. I wish I know her on a personal basis. I luv u brooke

  144. Shelly says:

    Have some respect for yourself, girl! You and your mother don’t seem to have any respect for yourselfs. I watched your show once and literally threw up- your ignorance, scary looks, desperate sexuality, and lameness are truly sickening! Please do yourself and the world a favor and GO TO SCHOOL! Forget singing- you have bigger problems on your hands! Please just go to school; take a biology class, a sociology class, and a women’s studies class. I believe these classes will open your eyes and brain and really might change your life….

  145. wit says:

    eeewww!!!!! just look at her face…… (omg!). Seriously though, I have yet to see someone so ugly and annoying on tv!

  146. tania says:

    u look like a 1 time white trash hore slut just get off ur tv show lol

  147. Ken says:

    You are one beautiful and tallented young lady!

    Your Friend,

  148. Jolie Wilson says:

    You are absolutely stunning! Best wishes for you on your career you are gorgeous.

  149. nicole says:

    Yuck, she’s a double wide!! Her face is so manly. I have actually seen prettier trannies.

  150. Kimmy says:

    Brooke is a sweet girl, but her Dad? Give me a spring break will you? He is the biggest loser that I have ever seen showing up where she should have been left alone to grow up without her idiot father tagging along everywhere!! Nevermind what a ^_“+!*~(%##%!^_& her mother is. I commend her for growing into a lovely young lady, given that both of her parents are trashy hos……..He needs to be more in the background, instead of trying to keep a grasp of his loser redneck wrestling fans. Also- most of the kids in Panama City are drunk anyway- they could give two ^**~^)%%%+@&+*^% s about you showing up with your fat (#*^_^&)~##)@^+ friend. I know what you are saying- yes I watch the show, and that is what gives them ratings, but I just could not help it- it was like looking at a car crash… pun intended. That Nick needs to drop off the face of the earth. Brooke is the only light that shines in that family- so the moral of the story is- if you air your dirty laundry- somebody may judge you along the way!!!! Stupid (#*^_^&)~##)@^+ es….sorry- I have PMS right now- guess I should not run for president!!!

  151. PJ says:

    Hey go for the gold beautiful. Not everyone gets a chance like this.

  152. Sheila says:

    Love the show and FAMILY…Want to wish you all the luck in the world on your career and starting out on your own!!!!!

  153. lexi says:

    cute pic ……i am 13 and love ur show

  154. Klayton says:

    Dang she is so hot

  155. oc_uniblogR says:

    What an over rated non talented actor with no singing career ahead of her she is. Its no wonder that VH1 has to give her some cred and make it look like Brooke is not your average gold digging celebrity status seeking _`&+$@`~^~`+$+^(^ I mean come one all you pathetic people out there who are all in love with Brooke are the only ones who actually think she has a future as an artist. Ha what a joke, And she just keeps on getting funnier and funnier. Sooner or later were all going to see her on that one tv show ” Where Are They Now” the worlds most lamest one hit wonders and non taleneted actors of all times. Thats even if shes lucky. She cant even produce a song that can get radio play for more than an hour before callers start complaining about how horrible she sounds. Paul Wall hasnt even shown his face or made any appearance any where since Brookes debut. I think VH1 would be better off having a reality show about how Brooke wont make it to the top becuase she thinks she can exploite everyone. Their is no hope for her and I dont know what gave VH1 the insperation to give Brooke a show. They should just bring back “Wild ON E” with Brooke Bourke. Now that was a bombshell. She was beautiful and talented and alot more satisfying to watch than Brooke Hogan (What A Joke). If anything we the people all know that we can only handel one more season of her lame $+)+)`%!$_@_(_# and if that. Take her down start a petition. Sign below to recall Brooke knowa best.

  156. Amanda Ortega says:

    Hey Brooke, do you have a own bodyguard? I wonder. IF not, then.. You know how people are in this world that you shoudnt trust. Even your own fans. You should have a own bodyguard. I understood why your dad is overprotecting you because he knows the best. Any one can kidnap you, rape you, stealing your things since your things are the idol to them and you as yourself are the idol to them. To me, you are just a human who is lucky to have a dad who is famous and it made you famoous naturally. You are a nice person enough to let fans to be closer to you but please please get a own body guard.. People will do anything for the money- My instinct is telling me that you gotta get a own bodyguard. I understand that I might make it sound like idiot but honest with you, you gotta take my advice- If I were you, or when I become famous, i would have body guards period. You heard about Paris Hiltion who was robbed? she almost was kidnapped also I think. There is a story about how it happened to Paris Hilton.

  157. Sue says:

    Brooke, I think your show is funny. You and your roommates make me laugh. I just wanna see more more more.

  158. Jennifer S. says:

    Brooke I love your show but I was just wondering will your father’s show HOGAN’S KNOW BEST ever come back on the air with or without your brother Nick? I thought that was a very funny show with all of you appearing on it.

  159. aZhLeY says:


  160. rjzx says:

    aZhLeY you are awesome u got that right on the money The show is a big joke

  161. denton says:

    be true to yourself dont let any one get you down

  162. bethany says:

    i liked you before, but to know you want attention so bad, and that your life is so boring that your “reality” show is scripted makes me think your so fake. i cant wait for it to go off the air.

  163. Brandon says:

    I felt bad for Glenns friend Brooke acted like a spoiled brat when she kicked him out to bad she could not even suck it up for a couple of weeks to help her friend Glenn out just when I thought I saw some hope for the hollywood types Brooke changed my mind she had to go and act like Paris Hilton and pull the I am so hot I should not have to help a friend I have been watching every episode of Hogan Knows Best and I was glad Brooke got her show and I have watched all Brookes episodes but I will not watch any more due to the real Brooke just showing her true colors by the way Brooke please dont let hollywood run your life to much

  164. Nighthawk says:

    Hi Brooke;

    love your show, Can we see more of Ashley on yor show ? she’s Hot

  165. mario tuy says:

    ooooo brooke you are beautiful you now. l write since guatemala
    l like you show may be one day you come here l show you
    guatemala bye take care.

  166. mario tuy says:

    hi brooke;

    ooooo brooke you are beautiful. you now. l write since guatemala
    l like you show and you. may be one day you come here l show you
    guatemala . bye take care bye sweety.

  167. Tammy says:

    hey brooke,
    u loook sooo cute!! you are beautiful 2… and i just wanted to let u know i like watching your show!!


    i watched your show today and felt compelled to say the following, your show sucks. i think it is totally fabricated and you are just making drama for all your mindless fans, who should be ashamed of themselves for watching your show. you are a stupid ##~%%`*&%_(`*_!(^ who will never understand anything except money. your friends on the show suck and should be exterminated. i’d like to hope what your dad does to protect you is real, but i’m not convinced. you are just making entertainment for all the people who wish they were you because they lack substance in their own lives. i wish hulk hogan would destroy your gay friend because he is gay and really annoying. I hate you all and you should all kill yourselves. please. do the world a favor and end your own lives. you are pathetic.


    oh yeah and i forgot to say shut up and get naked.

  170. Lance says:

    I LOVE to see friends having fun together and this picture shows that all 3 of you are really close friends.

  171. Lance says:

    Do you have the time to read the comments left here on this blog?I always wonder if the people who are on all of these reality shows really read the messages left on these blogs for the shows.
    Wish you the Best in your singing career…saw the show on Hogan Knows Best where you performed and you were really HOTT looking,and sang really good too.

  172. trucker says:

    i would like to know if brooke had a breast implant because ive seen picture’s just a few months and now she has i pair of racks. also how do all her roomaes pay for that place?

  173. Jayson says:

    yo why you all hatin on her yo shes mad kewl nd jus like ne other girl, shes making money so ur findin a reason to hate, if u dnt like the girl that much then shut ur mouth for real, brooke girl do it big!

  174. todd z says:

    She maybe pretty but, she needs to stay off VH1.Why , do I say this well ,cause she needs to learn one thing it’s hilarious that she really thinks poeple care if they watching her show.So far it’s like watch the other show i’d rather gauge my eye out than see all these dumb all means please keep some close on.Yeah maybe you are getting some young horny guys looking at you getting themselves off but,not working for me.Reality shows getting overrated these days,get them off the air.if they aren’t helping to get the country back on its’ feet then i aint intrested in it.we need to get this country into better shape let’s work on that for a show.

  175. absolutely me says:

    girl’s got no waist!

  176. john says:

    heyyy!!! brooke ur a prettygirl but i dont know why since ur parents are getting divorced u are acting like a *(`!&+~!`@!&%%&(( in the show, kissing every guy u meet!!! not a role model for other girls who see the show…

  177. dean shah says:

    Hi brooke.,, I am from Europe and currenlty live in Washington DC.. I enjoy ur show a lot… You bring excitment in a lot of people’s lives… People when they see me they think i either look like young george colooney or young Richard Gere,,:) depending whether i have my hair long or Any way, what i want to share with you is very imprtant venture,, i have developed a 100% organic diet that guarantees people lose up to 150 pounds in couple months not only that, it also prevent breast cancer in Women and prostate in Men. I think this would be huge but i need someone like urself with high profile to get this off the ground . hope u get my email and response back to me at

  178. dean shah says:

    Hi brooke.,, I am from Europe and currenlty live in Washington DC.. I enjoy ur show a lot… You bring excitment in a lot of people’s lives… People when they see me they think i either look like young george coloney or young Richard Gere,,:) depending whether i have my hair long or Any way, what i want to share with you is very imprtant venture,, i have developed a 100% organic diet that guarantees people lose up to 150 pounds in couple months not only that, it also prevent breast cancer in Women and prostate in Men. I think this would be huge but i need someone like urself with high profile to get this off the ground . please let me know at

  179. nikki1spitfire says:

    Brook looks good in this picture. If your stupid enough to say other wise you got some serious, personal problems. Brook keep up the good work. Don’t let anyone drag you down. Good luck to you and your family

  180. Nicole says:

    I feel like your roomies are fake

  181. wilson bourgeois says:

    you look very beautyful

  182. mario831 says:

    hey brooke your beautiful but i think ashley got it goin on shes a hottie

  183. Dana says:

    Brooke is Beautiful and her and ashley are the same

  184. John says:

    Keep it going Brooke your show fun to watch & funny good luck to your brothers future when he get out hope he finds his calling you rock Brooke good luck with your show……………

  185. hills says:

    ASHLEY :
    Natural Beauty
    Laid Back
    You gotta’ love this Hottie she is the Dream girl of America, Im truly diggin’ her a typical down to earth chick with goals to pursue and all the qualities that make us California guys go Wild for her.
    Beachin’ Dudes.

  186. frank says:

    brooke your hott

  187. youcan says:

    yup you got that right Ashley is a piece of work that babe is sooo fine the stripper pole is made for her she looks comfortable and sexy with those heels during the learning session Drop dead gorgeous. As for brooke I think shes SUPER HOTTTTT! ! I’d sure love to wine, dine, and be kind to this blonde bombshell, If wishes only came true id like a girl like brooke her style, beauty, and phenomenom personality is genuine, Hey Brooke !, music should be your passion, pursue it, For a TALL chick you sure can boogie, not to many can dance their usually clumsy. GO back in the music industry.

  188. Bunnyears says:

    I honestly think that you should be on the cover of playboy. Why not?
    Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, and Halle Berry was in playboy and I think its FANTASTIC ! only Beautiful women gets the oppurtunity to be a part of that prestigious empire of a magazine. Youre young, Explore, Playboy is not Raunchy but only a “Touch of Class” for a sophisticated women.
    Try It! !

  189. D says:

    One of these bikinis would look great on her Modscene Swimwear

  190. billy1 says:

    ashley is the hottest brunette on earth.i would love for her to have her own show..just everything ashley.

  191. jacob says:

    may i have your phone number please

  192. patricia says:

    she doesnt look like a female to me, i know alot of ppl that say that. her brother would look more like a female than she does.

  193. Amie says:

    Has your dad seen this pic??

  194. jose torres says:

    hey brooke can u send a poster of ur dad

  195. selena ? says:

    lol umm i love this pic n brook n ashely ash your mii fav n brook your like the best singer evr !!!!(:


  196. Collette says:

    Ashley does not act like she even likes Brooke. She is obviously was hired for the show to pretent Brooke has friends.

  197. kristen says:

    they look like they are having so much fun with each other!!!! i cant wait until I get an apt to myself with a few of my friends!!!!

  198. Paul Hayman says:

    Just wanted to say i have been a fan of the hulkster since i was a kid and am glad to see everything is working out ok for you and your family. P.S. I watch your show all the time and wonder how can a man be gay after being around you and your beautiful best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. joe says:

    hey brooke i love your show. glen cracks me up

  200. Louie says:

    hi Miss hogan just showing some love to you and your family …
    p.s You are the most lucky girls in the world by having Mr Hogan as your father…….

  201. Rick says:

    the hottest chick alive

  202. Tiffany says:

    Brooke, you are a very lucky girl. You have famous parents and an awesome voice. I just don’t understand the sex symbol thing. Why when a pretty girl enter the hollywood world the first thing they do is take all these so-called sexy photos. I like the Brooke that seems to be the girl next door, the girl that seems kind of tone-boyish but not quite. It just seems like she is turning into one of those girls who I hated in High School. She just seems to be on this high horse and it almost seems fake. I miss the Brooke before she left the nest.

  203. Josh and Bailley says:

    Brooke, we are watching an episode of your show in our 4TH period computer class, we just want you to know you look amazing!!!! Your an awsome girl and we enjoy seein your show. The bikini is great. One of the best bikini pictures we’ve ever seen. P.S. we are not gay. LOL!!!!! You have a lot of fans from our small town in Alabama.

  204. Josh and Bailley says:

    Hey Brooke, we are watching an episode of your show in our 4th period typing class. We just wanted you to know you look amazing in your bikini pictures!!! WOOOOWWWW! P.S. we are not gay, thats why we enjoy watching your show so much! Neways, we all love you and your show. You have many fans in our small town in Alabama. Stay great and take care!!!!

  205. holley says:

    Hey Brooke i love your show i also loved Hogan knows best there both the best shows ever and i just wanted to say congrats on getting a condo in florida. ooo and nice picture right now im watching brooke knows best

    peace out ,

  206. Andrew Modeste says:

    Such a Babe!SEXY…………..

  207. Rock-n-Ron says:

    Hey Brooke

    Nice pictures! Maybe you need to start dateing older guys to get the respect you deserve! I have been a big fan of your Dads since I saw him wrestle when I was a young teenager!

  208. diana says:


  209. Paul says:

    It is awsome I ,ove it

  210. Sue says:

    Hi Brooke – I’m on the School Board in Clare and was at the #*)*%!*_%&@@`)` embly yesterday. I have to tell you how very impressed I was, not only with Glenn (I knew he’d be great) but with you and Ashley as well.
    The entire thing was so much more than I expected and I think the kids really will benefit from what you guys had to say.
    I watched every episode of the 1st season of your show and will definitely tune in when the new one starts. Good luck with your new CD!

  211. cassie bergeron says:

    hey brooke,
    do you have that tatoo of the music note behind your ear still?? email me back!

  212. JOEY says:

    Hey Brooke you are very beautiful!!I wanna talk to u get back to me sweetie

  213. shama says:

    hi i love ur shows

  214. anthony says:

    if only i was a few yrs younger. hope your career continues to grow and all your dreams come true. your roommates look like they love to have fun with you.

  215. tony says:

    brook u are smokeing hot i just wish i could see u with every thing off

  216. cody says:

    gese you are soo hot its unbelevable i want to meet u sometime and hang out that would be sweet

  217. Carlos Reyna says:


  218. Ed McNally says:

    For glen, hi ed frome clare Mi wondering if u have a my space and if u do can i add you as a friend that way i’ll be able to keep you posted on all the gossip here. P.S tell Brook I said hi. I got to meet her at peppermint lounge and she seems interesting, thanks

  219. holy says:

    i love u ur song there great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. holy says:


  221. holy says:

    hey u rock

  222. ken klein says:

    you guys look great brook your the best asly your cuite to glen your cool brook should be lucky to have such good freinds like you guysgood luck in the future and keep the shows coming love always ken you can e mail me back at see ya

  223. bowflex series 7 treadmills says:

    Hey Brooke,

    Great Pic!! Was a massive fan of your dad whilst growing up, well I guess you heard that before, but now I am of a massive fan of u too!!

    Best of luck for the future!