Meet Jamie-Lynn’s Baby


If that baby could talk, she’d say, “Mommy, why the hell do you have five pounds of makeup on your face?” You look like Aunt Britney!” Luckily, baby Maddie is a few months away from chatting (and dare we suggest, singing?), and she looks all sorts of adorable hanging out with her 17-year old ma. If you’re interested in learning all about the baby’s schedule and feeding and blah blah blah, you can click here for all the sugary sweetness. But here’s the most important thing for you to know: Jamie-Lynn are her kid are perfect. “I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery,” the teen gushes.

If only she had had a perfect makeup artist for her photoshoot too. Can’t win ‘em all! [OK!]

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  1. gg says:

    Whoever wrote that ish….shut up! Maybe she has a lot of make-up on cause she has a newborn baby and looks like `)~@*%$$_^`~!)$& Whatevs the case eat butt!

  2. gg says:

    Whoever wrote that ish….shut up! Maybe she has a lot of make-up on cause she has a newborn baby and looks like &+%+`()*$~_%!^+@ Whatevs the case eat butt!

  3. ebonie says:

    awww your baby is so cutie. i look up to you. alot of people hate u but u are my idol and your t.v. show is a geenous idea uare so buteful.

  4. nikkii says:

    look i thought that baby was lil romeo baby huh

  5. RD-Thailand says:

    You did the right thing! I wish you and the baby the best. It’s your life, nobody going to be happy or make you happy. You gotta do it by yourself. I bet you are happy now. People can make a mistake but it dosen’t mean you can’t move on. Go girl!

  6. Hillary says:

    ok! that was really really mean!!!!!!!!!!!!

    after i had a kid i did not feel all so beautiful , having a baby takes alot out of you! her makeup is fine

    shut up

  7. brittneybaybe says:

    awwww her baby is so cute and beautiful she look like her…

  8. Teriyana says:

    Of course, jamie was to young to have a baby, and YES we will miss our a #1 teen-nick show zoey 101, BUT we all make mistakes and forgive her as the blble says, but also we will truly miss her and congrats herfor doing the right thing and raising her daughter out of hollywood as she should so her baby dosen’t end up like her AUNT.

  9. jess says:

    i am 17 and i had a baby on may 14 2008 she is the best thing ever in the whole wourld i dont think there is anthing wrong with having a baby young jamie i think u have a beautiful baby

  10. Keyandra says:

    if you all know me you all know that i will say what’s on my mind.

    i don’t know why people were so shocked that she was pregnant, this thing happens in the black community all the time. she has a baby and she can support the child so whats the big deal…

    i dont know why her mother wrote a book on parenting because oviously she doesn’t know how to raise her kids by what you see when you look at britney or jamie lynn. jaime-lynn does not need to listen to britney or her mother about parenting. it’s a shame when your younger sister is a better mom than the older sister,

  11. kristie says:

    jamie lynn baby is so cute and the name is maddie that is cute 2

  12. Miss B says:

    i think she looks cute! and some of you probaly dont know what she went through the night before being that this is her first time as a new mommy, she might have went through hell………. but lets worry about her and the baby and hope for a better outcome than what her sister has been through! the baby is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. erica says:

    awwww her baby is so adorable she looks like her mami and they both look good i mean wen i had my daughter i was tired and i didnt even want to get out of bed her make up looks fine stop hating i think jamie is a strong young women i mean we’re the same age and i look up to her and i think she will be a great mom and britney will recover soon and will be a great auntie to lil maddie .

  14. sandy sandies says:

    who the #&&!#(!$`%_$(!_$ wrote these thats #&&!#(!$`%_$(!_$ ed up to say maybe your wearing the five pounds of makeup

  15. sandy sandies says:

    who the ^@@#~%)^(&~_~)*+ wrote these thats ^@@#~%)^(&~_~)*+ ed up to say maybe your wearing the five pounds of makeup

  16. Stephanie says:

    Who ever wrote this article maybe should get a proof reader that can spell….All I have to say before you talk garbage about someone else you should look at your self first…I was 18 with my first baby and he is the most wonderful 6 year old ever and I’m a great Mom…well good luck to you Jaime Lynn

  17. sexii mami says:

    omg her baby is so freaking adorible but she is ONLY 17 damn my child loves her shows zoey101 shes so smart in thos show but in real life she acts just like her sister brittney !!

  18. sexii mami says:

    omg her baby is so freaking adorible but she is ONLY 17 damn my child loves her shows zoey101 shes so smart in thos show but in real life she acts just like her sister brittney !!!!!! but thats ok cuz im young to but jamie is realy adorible and i think her baby is gona look and act the same as her mom well all i have to say is GOOD LUCK WITH YOUER NEW BABY GIRL!!!!!

  19. halle says:

    she looks like she has frickein gray hair and shes wearing a gramma dress and her left i brow is bushy as a squirwels tail in winter

  20. jalisa says:

    aw poor baby hope u dont and up like ur aunt britney!

    r will u?

  21. jalisa says:

    who every gg is needs 2 shut da hell up jus cuz she jus had a baby dose not mean she haves 2 look like a clown also gg u can eat AZZ

  22. Jen says:

    Congrats Jamie! Please be a better mom than your sis!

  23. smarie says:

    her hair does look gery,but who really gives a damn? i dont care about her,the baby or her train wreck of a family.who cares what she went through the night before it wasnt any different than any other child birth.

  24. sexiimamaz213 says:

    I think Maddie is so beautiful and i understand where jamie lynn is comin from cuz i am 16 years old and have a 5 month old

  25. Melody says:

    I’m happy that the baby came out alright, as for how old little miss Jamie. All I can say is “What were you thinking?”

    Having a baby at 15 or 16 however young she is, is not really acceptable. I can just hope that the guy who helped make the baby picks up his part because it will be a rough and hopefully rewarding jounery for miss teen Jamie.

  26. DessVenezuelan says:

    OMG…! her hair look horrible…!

  27. Gina says:

    I will definitely say that Maddie is a beautiful looking girl…..but Jamie umm! what is up with that hair..? It looks gray!!!! She’s only 17 & she looks older than Britney…gosh! Do not try and make her look much older than she is – I don’t really care about all the makeup on her face because most people after having children are not the best looking they are tired and worn out and makeup comes in handy for that but that hair…oh no!!! but I wish her all the luck though – I just wish she didn’t have to miss out on her childhood like this because once you have a kid that all goes away…….

  28. Tiffany M says:

    I really think Jamie Lynn Spears will be a great mom because she doesnot when the media gets in her bussiness and she really dosenot like when the media takes pictures of her when she is pregnant.I think she will be an exellant mom because she knows not to go out with her baby when there are votoges trying to take pictures of her.

  29. su says:

    the make up is fine so $@&@$^)_@(*$)#`! u all … but i think she is brave to have a baby at such a young age because of poblicity on it ….. people say that she is a slut because she had the baby so yeah… i mean i think that the baby is cute and that its fine that she has a baby but i think that it was bad as a rep exspocialy because of her sisters rep… every one of u all sould just eat monkey buttttttttttttttttttttttttt :)

  30. ckolander says:

    Who ever wrote this needs to shut up…I have had two kids and I think she looks good for having one kid. She’s a beautiful girl….I wish her the best in all she does.

  31. jamie says:

    awww…. so cute jamie i really love your name but you are going to be the best mom you could every be. and i have full support that the baby is going to grow up in a nice loving home. congradulations good luck with the new baby and if your dumb man can’t handle you trust me there is someone in your life that you will find to love and that will support you, Once again CONGRADS!!!! JAMIE

  32. meagan j says:

    “omg how old is she again?

  33. Christi says:

    Being a mommie is a wonderous thing. I hope Jamie-Lynn can handle it. But I must agree with the writer up there, she has way too much makeup on. She is only 17 but her hair color makes her look prematurely OLD! All of that combined, baby-too much makeup-ashy gray hair, she looks 30! But I wish the best for her.

  34. Madison says:

    aww shes soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ash says:

    omfg! !!!!!!!!!!!!
    her babi is so cute

  36. **ROCKSTAR** says:

    ahhhh!! her baby looks like her!! she is blessed to have a “perfect delivery”. I thought it would be a tough one due to how young her body is. but congrats….and god bless!

  37. kimberly says:

    ahh wat a cute baby…. hopefully wen i have a baby its dat cute

  38. Haley says:

    i love Jamie’s baby it is so freakin cute rock on Maddie be like your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Amber says:

    OK, so now is it cool to be a 16 year old mother? Trust me, I was there once too (my son is now 14) I just hope this doesnt cause a chain reaction of all her “zoe 101″ fans to start gettng pregnant

    To Jaime Lynn: I wish you good luck, you’ll need it. I hope someone sits down and really teaches you how to be a mother, it doesn’t come as natural as you think?
    What are you going to do when she gets to be about 15, smokes weed, takes pills and gets pregnant. It might seem a long time away? you know first hand it’s going to happen sooner than you think it !!!!

  40. erika says:

    aww. maddie is adorable . i was waitin so long to see ur baby jamie. n i always watch zoey 101 teaches me alot of things before i get into to high school

  41. Johnna says:

    don’t listen to everyone out there.I want to have a baby and i am 16 but i a going to wait.Although if i got pregnet sooner then i want i would not care.You have a gorgeous baby and you had a prefect deliveery (as you said).So don’t let people get you down.Just remimber to CHERISH every moment and remember God loves you no matter what.
    BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS your fans are the ones who know you the most and know you would not want them to go get pregnet just because you were blessed with a little girl.

  42. destiny says:

    Baby maddie is so cute and tiny but jamie lynn looks like she was in her late twentys.

  43. courtney bischoff says:

    what a cute baby and what a hot boy friend jamie lynn has

  44. Espy says:

    I think she’ll be a good mother, age dosen’t define the fact that she can still be a great mother.

  45. allie tazmo says:

    aww that is so cute… :)

  46. maddie says:

    aww………….soo ute best wishes!!

  47. sunshine says:


  48. lisa says:

    oh she is so cute. congrats girl!

  49. Cortney says:

    You know you are a very pretty girl and all the comments you have on here that talk about you being rich and not thinking right is all bull…dont listen to it! And I think that you are going to be a wonderful mommy to baby maddie even tho you are young, I had my baby when I was 17 also so I know what is going on in your head but everyone likes to talk crap because they know that they dont feel the happiness taht you are feeling rigth now, and they need to take it out on young moms but hey we are free country we do what we want to even if taht is having babies young or old at least we feel that love!

    keep in there girlie and stay strong!

  50. amber says:

    your baby is so cute you are very lucky to be 17 and that you are ready to be a mom i am also 17 and i could no t do that

  51. Carolyn!! says:

    hey gurl I watched u ALL the time on Zoey 101 and I think that u r gonna be a good mother and jus dont let nothing stand in ur way u jus worry about loving maddie and age doesnt matter in my book and jus stay strong!and dont let nothing get in ur way!!and jsu be a great mother congrats!!!


  52. Dana says:

    i think they are both beautiful!!! Good Luck Jamie-Lynn

  53. brenda says:

    i think the baby is beautiful and jamie will an awsome mom!!!

  54. LO_21 says:

    eww her hair looks GREY

  55. shanae says:

    well i think ya baby is georgeous there are alot of haters n rumours dat will be around dont let dat keep u bac hunn live life and take care i wish you and ya baby nothing but da BEST

  56. lilee says:

    Out of all the Disney stars i like you the best, the other ones make me wanna sock them in the face. Your baby is soo cute.

  57. lyssa says:

    I’m sorry to rain on every ones parade but a 16 year old on the cover of OK holding her child
    I’m sorry but isn’t that glorifying teen pregnancy I’m not saying Jamie won’t be a good mother but the more kids see getting pregnant is okay the more bundles of joy there will be
    isn’t that just leading everyone in the wrong direction
    i apologize for the negativity
    congrats anyway

  58. Mb says:

    congrats, on her new baby.. It not like she a typical teenage mother who can’t support her child.. She wont be on welfare any time soon. It that she had every thing going for her. What ever happen to safe sex. She looks like she aged 5 years after having the baby..

  59. meagn phillips says:

    she is so cute

  60. hailey says:

    i think jamie looks great and iim so happy for her. her baby is adorable. and i wish her luck on not ending up like brit. anyways. she did good and im very happy for her.

  61. jasmine says:

    Maddie is a beautiful baby and im happy for jamie lynn,but i think that she is spreading a bad message to teens and telling them its great to throw 18 years of your life away and spend millions of bucks on a child.i think one reason she finds being a young teen mom so great is because shes able to take care of her child without going broke,and that maybe what other teens may mistakenly think too.alll babies are different and im sure its not easy raising one at such a young age because money is so tight on everyone right now.shes rich and can afford whatever she needs for a family.getting pregnant at 16 is not a good thing and i hope that no one is getting the wrong message from this.i wish you the best of luck jamie lynn and i hope that your parenting is great and you raise this child the best way possibleCONGRATS!!!

  62. trini21 says:

    this is some real #@%!#^+&$#`+*`!# kids having kids……. i have a ten month old son and i’m 26 and know how hard it is good luck…. your mother didn’t do a good job rasing you and your sister…… she herself needs help.

  63. wendy ann clow says:

    JLS is such a bad example for todays teens. Here she is siting pretty with a child that well… Pregnant at 17 ? What a silly little cow JLS is. She has just RUINED at least 16 years of her life.

    And with her half witted sister not knowing who she is with her brains halfway up her @%*#%($$$&!*)__ with all the money in the world & she still acts weird etc I could go on forever about Britney I think there parents should sit down & think “Why us?!”

  64. sexy lady says:

    Hey all you haters hating on Jamie-Lynn Spears,
    Stop all yo hating nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes she just happen to make a mistake that is going to cost her for the next 18 years. To Jamie lynn all I can say is good luck girl and hope to see you back on the tv screen soon. Be strong and forget what all the haters in the worls are saying about you. Just do your thing and be the best mother you can to baby Maddie

  65. Emily says:

    If you look at that OK! article she’s “so happy with her little life”. That’s all well and good for someone who doesn’t have to work to support that baby. She can still do anything she wants. But in the real world girls idealizing her who decide to have a baby because it’s their new american dream to raise a family now not later… they don’t have that cusion of a rich family.
    Yeah we all make mistakes but the media and instances like this make girls think there are no consquences for such a mistake.

  66. britney spears says:

    jamie lynn is way too young 2 have a baby i reckon she only **_#!#@$!^~%`^** ed casey aldridge for the money she is so irrisponsible 2 have a baby plus her baby is so ugle suck on that i bet she was screaming when she had sex.

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