Posh Spice’s Pajama Drama


Victoria Beckham was caught off-guard and nearly faced appearing very un-Posh when she got caught up in a chaotic airplane drama/fashion emergency yesterday. UK newspaper The Daily Mail reports that a bird flew into the engine of the plane Victoria and sons Romeo and Cruz had already boarded, causing the engine to catch fire while the plane was sitting on the runway. Emergency crews were called to extinguish the fire; but it was Victoria’s reputation for always looking fierce and flawless that was about to go up in flames when the Poshest of the Spices looked down and realized that – gasp – she had already changed into her airline-issued pajamas and taken off her makeup.

The Daily Mail reports, “Onlookers say Posh stayed aboard the carrier for a quick make-over well after the other passengers were escorted off, and was taken back to the terminal separately with her sons.” Posh’s quick change had her paparazzi-ready for the photo op, where she -phew- looked put-together and glamorous and thankfully not a tragic mess of a pajama-clad, make-up free Posh. Perish the thought.

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  1. brittneybaybe says:

    haha thats nice?

  2. larenfo says:

    Victoria is really sexy and stunning. His husband is TOP 1 candidates in the top 50 men list. What a gorgeous couple! Some of my girlfriends told me that David seemed to appear
    on a millionaire&celebs club M E E T R I C H. CO M before he came to american. ooops, I think almost the hot girls there want to date this handsome soccer player. And maybe it is just a rumor on internet.

  3. JW says:


  4. wildy_cute says:

    uhh… yeah ok.

  5. kbeza says:

    C’mon that woman is ridiculous…

  6. Gina says:

    wow!!! I wish I could pull something like that off – if I was on a plane & wanted to stay on to reapply my makeup so I dont look like a hot mess they wouldve been like Lady get off the plane!!!!!! lol only Posh!