Russell Dumps Model in Blog Post


Hip-Hop king Russell Simmons and his model girlfriend Porschla Coleman have ended their new agey love, and Simmons supposedly sent her packing, finishing the deed with a lengthy post in his Huffington Post blog. In it he describes their veggie-loving connection and their yoga practice, which culminated in Porschla receiving her teaching certification thanks, of course, to Russell, who provided a scholarship at her yoga studio through which she funded her studies. But he’s now setting his pretty young thing free to downward dog on his own for a while. Here’s a snippet of his rambling farewell:

A little over a year ago, I met a very sweet and beautiful girl in Atlanta at a party for my book, Do You!. We talked at length about our vegan diets and common interest in yoga. She too was feeling the shift that is happening in America right now of people looking inward…Eventually, she decided to pursue a high certification of yoga that would… license her as a teacher of Jivamukti Yoga. It has been inspiring to see her work so hard towards such an impressive goal. Her name is Porschla Coleman.

He ends his post with ” Congratulations, Porschla, and thank you for the inspiration.” He forgot to add, “Thank you for letting me dump you and then try to make myself feel better by posting this rambling mess about how great you are. But I’m just not that into you. Namaste.” [BET]

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  1. woolenoon says:

    lllertiog go to your web site and take that non sense with you

  2. mary john says:

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  3. brittneybaybe says:

    ewww she is ugly

  4. Essie Rerun Berry says:

    Russell Simmons you should have kept your wife she was the one ! But how are you going to dump Porschla Coleman she made you look good smile( Rerun Berry

  5. Essie Rerun Berry says:

    Russell Simmons you should have kept your family( Rerun Berry

  6. smarie says:

    she’s not ugly,kimora aint that hot.have yall seen the fat on her neck? and kimora is hella rude,baby phat aint worth the !%#$((_%#^$*+~)& its made from.

  7. Friepnentell says:

    Tahnks for posting

  8. Roger.Daniel.Borhaug. says:

    To Whom it may concern, I submit this comment due to the entertainer. I hated his ^%@+^$)$&!*$@_% all throughout the supposed reality producer influenced t.v. show. Then I found myself warming up to the idea of him. In regards to the fact that there are alot of anxiety plagued and panic attack Plagued young adults in this country, that still live in the basement with there parents not by choice and are still trying, but by sheer financial insecureity they reside. My point is this, he promoted in an interview that if your in his situation. Stay true to what you know in your heart about yourself.
    And also when asked what he was going to do once he got to Cali. in his van. He Replied get some mci dees. obviosly he might make some money off of V.H.!. He might have a condo on Miami beach in two years. The fact remains he said he was gonna go to McDonalds and I think sometimes having no class gives you class. I thought his comment was tactfull,funny and appropiate.

  9. CT Tymetrix says:

    0kay I need 4thiz “BL0G 2B re-word; “couple is exceptingbaby” Due 0n ValentineDay-

    He pay 40K every month for childsupport

    Yeah there movie reels with hiz long time girlfriend(!)

    Which, also 0wned A porsche Yes I want A Red BoxNaticuaThen