First Look: Britney In Madonna’s New Video


Britney Spears attempts to top making out with Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards by…getting stuck in an elevator? Sources on the set of The Lot in Hollywood, CA, where the pop star has been shooting her video segment for Madonna’s upcoming “Sticky and Sweet Tour” tell exclusively, “In the video, Britney performs excerpts from Madonna’s hit ‘Human Nature’. In the beginning, she wears a gray hooded sweatshirt and gets stuck in an elevator. Then she escapes, rips off the sweatshirt and looks into the camera and says ‘It’s Britney, Bitch’”.

Britney reportedly showed up at The Lot Monday and Tuesday but shot the scene Wednesday. Sources on the set told, “Britney arrived with one assistant, showed up on time, and was beyond professional; getting right to work,” and added, “She seemed excited and a bit nervous.”

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  1. Kellye says:

    Good for Britney! Looks like she may have herself back together now!

  2. lady says:

    Brittney,Please don’t make the wroung mistakes when choosing the right people to be around.Remember who was for you and who was against you.God was for you and a lot of people was against you.Madonna even made a comment about you not wearing under wear

  3. change it up says:

    I wonder if A-Rod was there to bang ‘em both.

  4. short-stuff says:

    Britney spers hanging otu with madonna?!?!

    dreaming much,

  5. Laura says:

    Oh Britney, just when I thought you were heading back in the right direction. You need to stay clear of Madonna right now.

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