Madonna’s Many Men


Not sure if you’ve heard, but allegedly Madonna‘s causing some marital issues for a certain Yankee. The reigning pop tart is being accused of coming between A-Rod and his wife Cynthia after the press reported that A-Rod had been making late-night visits to Madonna’s New York apartment, and reportedly referred to her as his soulmate. But this is only the latest in a lengthy line of people that Madge has been linked to. Check out Madonna’s public lovers and private booty calls. And remember: this is only the dudes.

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  1. elle says:

    didn’t she date Hockey Player Mark Messier for a little bit also? why didn’t anyone include that?

  2. Crispie says:

    Don’t forget DENNIS RODMAN!!!!

  3. Floyd says:

    How about the brief fling with that other “man”……Sandra Bernhardt.

  4. daisy says:

    she is an attention-craving +&)`^%$$`#`$)(^`( who needs to retire&stop trying to $$`@(~`*%~!%!+%* married men!

  5. Stephen says:

    You seem jealous daisy. Madonna is a brilliant artist. That must be why you are jealous.

  6. weetee says:

    don’t forget some one from military files!
    her militarysoulmate john

  7. change it up says:

    No Charles Barkley mention?

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  9. Sexy says:

    what a vvhore

  10. kayla says:

    oh snap Alex’s wife is gorgous and madonna doesnt seem to be “like a virgin anymore” hes doing a old woman basicly…. he can do better than her go yankeees!!!!!!!!

  11. Laura says:

    Madonna has always been “risque” (spelling??), but obviously her god like attitude thinking she did nothing wrong is absurd. She should have sent A-Rod ~(“^+@&^^!&&%`+~ ng because she keeps saying that her family is great and they are not getting divorced. So who’s lying??? Is she innocent and its A-Rod that is stalking her and saying that she is his soulmate??

  12. andreea says:

    WTF???? She dated 2pac??? O MY GOD .i cant belive it !!!! and….Jon F. Kennedy Jr ?????? what????????????