Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Farrah


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  1. jan says:

    Is this Brett’s mother?

  2. Jessica says:

    She looks &#*+)#)&~@~+~*`(+ y… Won’t win.

  3. samodernist says:

    I honestly think this is the former Porn Star Farrah….with a little new plastic surgery.

  4. Raevyn says:

    I bet she has a d***

  5. Amanda A. says:

    What the hell are you all talking about Farrah is a top notch HOTTIE in person and her body is rock solid, with a personality to throw you all off course. Go Get it Farrah! Muah!

  6. Trish1976 says:

    Farrah, you go girl win his heart, From: Trish Monticello,Kentucky

  7. Gerald says:

    You all need to stop hating. Farrah is hot! She will win, mark my words.

  8. Jeremy says:

    i actually met farrah in a club once in myrtle beach. even though she’s way out of my league, she was the nicest girl i met. the beach has got your back girl. we hope you take the other b*tches down.

  9. Gaylene says:

    Girl you look hot!! You so should of won! He’s not good enough for you anyway.

  10. Gaylene says:

    Farrah is the hottest chick in that damn show. She is real and you all are just a bunch of fake bytches.. So stop hattin. What a moron to say ” is this Bretts mom”? Yea if Brett was 5!!! Dumb girls are just everywhere.. LOVE THE HATTER’S FARRAH. There mad there pic isnt up on

  11. PiNk says:

    This is one of the MOST amazing people i know… INSIDE & OUT!!!!

    i luvvvvvV u babycaaakez!


  12. Lexi says:

    This chic is beautiful! She looks like Barbie… only hotter! ; ] Love the haters Farrah! They*re your biggest fans! XoXo Lexi

  13. Brittanya =) says:

    Farrah your a hot `_((+(~@_#*&!~# but ya these pix have got to be the worst pix of you! your waaay hotter!! not to mention your the definition of FUN!! love ya

  14. BETulike twoknow says:

    yeah u rocking on tha outside ,……… but from experience u have a heart of gold……. which is where true beauty is. You have nothing to worry about …….F@#k the haters……… u go girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Jen says:

    What the Hell are yous talking about, she rocks and you don’t!!!!!

  16. Nessa says:

    I bet she is very beautiful but none of these pix are to great. Are the producers picking the worst of the worst?

  17. Angi says:

    Looks just like Heather from the !st go around. Are they sisters? I mean c’mon. Don’t these ladies know how to cover up a little.

  18. brets fan says:

    Farrah I think so far is the hottest ive looked at her myspace page and she is very cute . And from what I can tell she has a cute personality too. Good luck honey you are beautiful.

  19. Janize says:

    heather?? is that you?

  20. Janize says:

    ok def. not heather but your 20 dollar dress is hugging your gut and its see through

  21. Brett says:

    Brett will rock bang this skanky stripper before she hops on the bus and will be let off at the next stop to hitchhike back to the zoo where she belongs.

  22. Lisa says:

    I have my thoughts on some of the women but I was not going to comment. Lets all just watch the entertainment. But then I came across someone by the name of Jan wanting to know if this was Brett’s mom? Don’t say anything about his mom. There is no comparison with any of these women. I have met Brett’s Mom and she is an absolutely wonderful Lady. She has a lot of class. If you don’t know her don’t bring her into your hateful statements. It is uncalled for. I also have met Brett and trust me this is all for entertainment. His actually is a gentleman. Sure he likes women, sex and Rock & Roll. And????????
    Not seeing a problem with any of that. He is a great entertainer. He seems like he is a loving dad. Any woman that is honored to be next to him and his family Kudos to her.

  23. ALAN says:


  24. michelle says:

    This girl looks like a wannabe Heather from the other rock of love.

  25. William says:

    You are TOTALLY a man. Call it like I see it. Brets seems to be a good dude, hope he doesnt end up with you-if he does im sure he’ll be in for one hell of a surprise, becuz im sure you got sumthing swingin between your legs.Def the one of the ugliest on set..

  26. EddieM says:

    You are busted babe. Trashy cheap thrill. Bret’s type for sure.

  27. PearlsKy says:

    First of all Farrah is a very sexy woman. I know it for a fact. I have seen her naked many times. Brett will pick her. She is going to Rock the bus!!!!

  28. Mika says:

    Farrah Rocks! – She is a kick (!~$_%_@`$_~(_@ girl & should bring alot of good entertainment to the show. She is a VERY smart person & I’m sure she was just on the show for the opportunity to get her name out there. She is a GOOD PERSON people! Mark My Words… She WILL be one of your favorites once you see her in action!

  29. Cindy says:

    Not bad – Mama don’t get dressed up for nothin!

  30. Melissa says:

    This pic doesn’t do Farrah justice. She is so much hotter in the sneak peak video. She looks like alot of fun and I can’t wait to watch.

  31. Bebe says:

    I really like this girl. I can’t wait to see her on the show! Go Farrah! She is my favorite of all the girls pics.

  32. Megan says:

    Agree 100% that the pictures don’t do Farrah justice. She looks way hotter in the sneak peak video.
    Is that her w/ the feather going up her leg saying something like Texas, Alabama??? She is adorable. Also, some of these girls are older than 19 & 20 because hell Bret Michaels is no spring chicken. He is 40ish so obviously he would want a girl that is 30ish. Duh! Farrah has a cool myspace page. Is her real name Farrah or Nicolette? She looks like a fun girl. My favorite by far. I’m looking forward to watching her on the show and hope she makes it far.

  33. Daviee says:

    Chick with a d_ick for sure. Yuck!!

  34. first class barbie says:

    Monticello, ky will know when farrah iz home for Christmas. When the limo pulls up @ daddys trailer park!!!

  35. prego says:

    Is farrah pregnant?? If not, gurl u need to do some crunches.. Flatten that flab!!!!

  36. homie says:

    Too bad her hometown doesn’t support her. We know how trashy she really is!

  37. daneezy says:

    tra tra tranny with a need for granny panties!!!

  38. Kristal says:

    If this is really a woman, then its definately Heather’s mom.

  39. Oakenfoldgoddess says:

    Everyone keeps saying that Gia looks like a younger Heather…NO WAY. This is Heather’s meth addicted twin sister for sure.

  40. Jamie R Meadors says:


  41. Squirt says:

    Hey!!..What are you up to?..Nothing Much here!!..I thought that I would write you to see what your last name am a really big fan of you because I am also from Monticello Kentucky!!..Good Luck!!..I hope that you win!!..I will be watching!!..

  42. daddybigrich says:


    Beautiful lady and one of the best people I know. She will definately win!! You go girl.

  43. daddybigrich says:

    One other thing, I haven’t seen you in awhile if been in town several times and haven’t been able to find you. Give me a shout. I’d love to hear from you.

    Florida Cop

  44. Kennedy says:

    Farrah is a very attractive women and these pictures do not do her justice! Farrah, the girls back in Lexington are cheering for you!!! You got it girl!

  45. Jillian says:

    Farrah’s pretty cool…she’s pretty…kinda a lamer and def prettier version of whats her know? that A-list celebrity..oh yea Heather haha

  46. TbooLoo says:

    He is manly.

  47. Kelly says:


  48. J. R. says:

    Shs looks and sounds just like Heather and I HATE Heather so she should most def get kicked off

  49. Taren says:

    heather look alike

  50. Aimee says:

    Yuck. that’s a man baby!

  51. heather says:

    she looks like heathers……………..cracked out step _)(*(^~**(“#^)&#_ ed sister who suffers from schooliosis and has a butt chin

  52. natasha says:

    nice stomach chub.

  53. molli says:

    i love farrah!!

  54. dwyane says:

    your HOT!!!!!

  55. lORI says:


  56. Mick Mars says:

    you’re my pick

  57. Lori says:

    Farrah, I know you must be proud of your breasts, but when they’re as big as yours, they just look gross. I know because I have big ones too, only they’re not fake and I hate them.

  58. Trudy says:

    Just another tattle-tell himbo.

  59. Tonia says:

    Are you sure your not more into women then men? Seems like you like the women a little to much.

  60. ns143 says:

    Really….isn’t she porn Star Farrah from the 90′s ??? Looks just like her. I think her real name was Joy Marquart. She got arrested for passing bad checks to bank tellers in 05

  61. Lori says:

    “If I don’t remember it- it must not have happened”? Yeah, sure Farrah. You keep telling yourself that!

  62. brittany says:

    what the french?
    i think she is hilarious.

  63. omas says:

    she is HOT!!!

  64. Halie says:

    Damn farruh you are the _&_(!)`%!@(_$)+$ D
    You are fun and outgoing and i love it!!
    You know how to +*!)&#(^~!_~%)#_ ing party.
    and your so adorable.

  65. john says:

    she is trying to hard to be like heather he did not pick her,her and ashley are trying the heather,lacey team we all know what came of that

  66. cheryl vasssar says:

    Let me guess, your mother is dead and you don’t give a damn at all how you are perceived……….. ok, i get it. you lonely motherless ~#))^(($%(@$%%!(_ bag. p.s. just incase you were wondering …YES, you realy are one of America’s biggest, trashies’t low life joke’s we’ve got going! nice work, your job is done.

  67. Ex-boy friend says:

    Let’s hope she does not try to stab Brett with a steak knife in an angry drug rage, like she did me

    Let also hope she does not grab his steer wheel while driving and almost wreck into a telephone pole during another angry rage tantrum.

    Miss You crazy girl

  68. Spring says:

    Farrah, I hear you are from Monticello, KY. My family is from there.

  69. Chloe says:

    She is not hot. She looks like redneck trash. She is the sluttiest one on the show. However, she is sort of funny. I could totally see her as a coke ho serving cheap beer from a small town bar. Surely Bret will not pick her.

  70. andrea says:

    she’s nasty. though she’s the only one left on the show who looks to be about right age-wise for brett.

  71. Myrtle Beach says:

    Farrah is the best there can be on this bus…. She is the best and will always be the best… The rest of these girls have nothing on her….

  72. Jasmine says:

    She looks like a man in the face. The boobs are way too big and are probably rock hard. Those puppies look like they are about to choke her! Farrah looks like she’s been rode hard and put up wet.

  73. Jim says:

    Farrah honey. i have to say you never looked so good as you did after the mud bowl. you are the cats meow.

  74. tat says:

    You’re right the other girls have nothing on her,they all have *)&+!_&@~)@+~##+$^ s.

  75. kim says:

    I can not stand her she is a whinny nasty thing. Her and Ashley need to go

  76. g says:

    you need to take some fat off your stomach and put it on your butt your body is very square thats not cool!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. BOB BILLY says:


  78. AL Kran says:

    WHAT THE FRENCH ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING DOWN ABOUT FARRAH !!.Don’t forget she not trying to please you guys Bret might like her exactly how she is and every guy likes something different.

  79. Samantha says:

    anyone that is attracted to this mean $*__)*%+*!~$$$# girl is dumb. If Brett can see these girls when he is not there. She just wants fame. She is ugly on the inside which makes her ugly on the outside.

  80. Andrea says:

    She is funny as hell and she says what is on her mind. I love it!

  81. Terr says:

    This is one scarey dude-oops woman. Please tell me that she is smuggling watermelons in her blouse and that she did not get those gigantic mammary glands permanently attached to her chest. One day her back will give out and she will permanently be on all fours instead of just when she is drunk. I think she would break Bret in half with those thighs. She is ugly to boot. What do woman who look like this do in the real world when they aren’t making fools of themselves trying to bed an old has been with extensions? She is just sad.

  82. julisaaaa says:

    haha, i love farrahh,
    everyone just hates on her cause she says what is on her mind and she is pretty and she can rock her big jugs!
    she is funny

  83. steve says:

    damn i love 2 get my $+@@*&+(_%)^`$*+ in that

  84. neenah says:

    how old is

  85. teresa says:

    I already miss Farrah already. I loved to hear her talk. Where’s she from? She was always in to something.

  86. Mia says:

    EEEWWWW! FAT UGLY WANNABE !!! is all i gotta Say!!

  87. jesscah says:

    loveeeeee farrah!

  88. Andrewa says:

    Come on girl. If you’re gonna have your picture take head on, suckin in your gut. Did’t your momma teach you anything?

  89. jess says:

    Are you and heather twins?

  90. Lucy says:

    You are a rockstar

    How on earth you could have been eliminated is beyond me — come to Winnipeg and party with us

  91. kendra says:

    Farrah &!#&~(_~(^$_*“^ in I mean what the french haha! love you farrah xoxo!

  92. art says:

    beautiful girl …. u are partying to hard i dont think u are that old but u look like a tired old lady slow down arent aging well..

  93. Joe says:


  94. Becky says:

    Just wondering how you got on the show. Thought you were really cool ….but do you have to be in the acting business to get on these shows? I know i found a website called HNE castings but I am not sure if they are legit. Thats why I was wondering how you guys got into these reality shows…cuz I think it would be really cool to try to get on one. Hope I hear back from you…and cant wait to see you on Rock of Love Charm School. I will definitely be watching!! Good luck to you and Best wishes . Becky

  95. Farrrah says:

    Someone who has the same name as me on ROL Bus… :D
    And she is one of the many *** with fakes boobies and dyed hair. Fabalas. Ah well, we’ll see how it goes ;)

    Greets from Belgium

  96. carmen dinger says:

    i love u farrah u r so pretty and i just idmire you and hope you win charm school and i would be so happy if i got to meet you and ashley / a bomb my mom loves you to we would love you forever if i got to meet you well send me a message back PLEASE and thank you p.s i am a girl

  97. jodi says:

    i love Farrah! she is so funny, she’s like the only reason i watched rock of love bus AND charm school hah. plus shes really pretty!

  98. Charley says:

    Farrah im freakin obsested wit you lol awkward huh.I thank your so frockin amazng and you Ashley and Gia totally kicked )!())$)!_@(+~$# I loved you on charm school too. :).I totally can see why you left.Anyways I wish I could meet oh and im a chick haha my name sounds like a frickin dude name well plz plz reply back i love these pics of you too your so gorgious.Hope to here from you.

  99. Charley says:

    Farrah im freakin obsested wit you lol awkward huh.I thank your so frockin amazng and you Ashley and Gia totally kicked %$~)^++~!^!!`~% I loved you on charm school too. :).I totally can see why you left.Anyways I wish I could meet oh and im a chick haha my name sounds like a frickin dude name well plz plz reply back i love these pics of you too your so gorgious.Hope to here from you.

  100. ryan says:

    i danced with u at the mad river grill hahahah

  101. Roxanne says:

    Farrah is stunning – I think the name is beautiful (: x

  102. joako says:

    what is the real name of farrah?????
    someone knows?????

  103. Mike says:

    i wanna $)#+(((^&~~`_!)% with u.i love

  104. 4171278 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4171278! SCK was here

  105. 4153180 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4153180! SCK was here