Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Gia


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  1. Robin says:

    Let’s see what porn was she in…?

  2. GIA says:

    These pics do me noooooo justice :(

  3. sabrina says:

    Gia is right…these pics do her no justice at all!

  4. Kattasstic says:

    O Robin….dont be so jealous. She was never in a porn. Shes actually a very nice girl…erm Woman, that I’ve know for YEARS. Dont hate. Cattiness is so unattractive. Never judge a book by its cover, or did your mommy not teach you that?

    Go go Gia….you freakin’ fox!

  5. pablo says:

    one of the hottest

  6. Dedgrl says:

    i think shes the ONLY hot one

  7. jennifer says:

    She looks like she belongs on a street corner. It looks like you don’t make that much money by the way you dress.

  8. jenn says:

    What corner do u work on ?

  9. Kellee says:

    Pretty girl. But…Please wash the hair.

  10. GIA says:

    I’m rolling on the floor laughing at some of these comments hahahahaaa!!

  11. Me says:

    Man…sucks when you run out of the house after just putting on a shirt, doesn’t it?

  12. Nikki says:

    She is so hot ,I cant wait to watch this show .Gia has the looks ,Now lets see what she has got to offer Bret . She is the cutest out of all the girls ,I hope is is sweet and can fight her way to the top.Only time can tell.Wish you all the luch sexy girl.We will be watching and voting for you.

  13. GIA says:

    THANK YOU 2 ALL THE SWEETHEARTS ON HERE. Damn these pics :( xoxoxoxoxoxox

  14. Nikki says:

    Hey Sexy Gia , Dont worry Hottie ( Read all these comments about 4 times a day and LOVE the Haters )
    Keep Laughing at them , If you have this many haters now I cant wait to see the show . :)
    “lol” XOXOX Nikki Kc Missouri Say Hi to the Haters :)

  15. jan says:

    She has my vote so far. Best of the bus!

  16. Valeska says:

    It’s the new Daisy!!!

  17. Vanessa says:

    Love your shoe!!!

  18. Scalper says:

    super-hot! the only lady on here who seems worthwhile.

  19. hott says:

    Daisy Dog wished she looked that good.

  20. Marcy says:

    Rock on! Cutie, love the look, fabulous legs.

  21. Jamie says:

    Gia and Samantha are the hottest girls of the lot.

  22. Amanda says:

    I agree with Kellee. Very pretty girl, killer legs, but PLEASE wash that hair honey lol.

  23. BBOY HIPKNOTIQ says:


  24. BBOY HIPKNOTIQ says:


  25. gIA says:

    If you want to add my page on myspace it’s Send me GIA a message and and I’ll add you. The profile is marked private so def send a message first. I ROCK OF LOOOOOOOVE you guys who are sweeeet xoxoxoxox

  26. Dayna says:

    I think you forgot your pants.

    And your shirt.

    Nice camisole, though.

  27. mary says:

    She reminds me to much of the slut Daisy. Nasty!

  28. bebe says:

    Gia, baby you ROCK!!! Don’t be hating girls. She has the look and talent.

  29. Ness says:

    Shes’s gorgoues but is that a tank top? it looks a little too short to be a dress.

  30. MissLisa1970 says:

    Oh Gia honey…yer absolutely ADORABLE! Bret! she’s hot!

  31. bret fan says:

    I have to say she is super cute I like her style, I dont know her personality but she is very cute and her and bre would look good togther.

  32. Janize says:

    heather thought daisy was crampin her style.. now this girl may have looked like this long before rock of love 2 but looks like daisy to me

  33. Brett says:

    This trashy hooker is on the right show. Brett will take care of business right away and send her home on a BUS with some pocket change and his bandanna.

  34. Gia's Old Neighbor says:

    She is cute, she is also a great person. Don’t be fooled by the tough exterior she is a sweet heart. Good luck to you, glad to see you have moved on! The “Junkies” were giving you props this am!

  35. Teena says:

    She is very cute….based on looks she is my other choice for Bret. She looks like she might have a great personality but you never know….lets hope because this one is hottie!

  36. Liam says:

    Her fake hair looks stale and she looks like she smells. Not cute..typical trash.Disgusting.

  37. ITS TRUE says:

    looks like a mini younger version of Heather in the face minus pink hair uhhh ohhh

  38. Raevyn says:

    She does look like a young Heather. Looks like she could have Heather’s attitude as well. =]

  39. Cindy says:

    Is this the new Daisy?? Well, is the 80s are callin babe your it! Quit comparing these chicks to Heather – there is no comparison. Heather is the ultimate rock chick and being one of Bret’s good friends why don’t they just get admit they are soul mates!! Heather – you’re my girl love ya!!!

  40. idalys of Suicidegirls says:

    I’ve known Gia for years, she’s a really good friend of mine and a total babe. Anyone that talks _%~%%^!~)*%(~(*# about my girl doesn’t know her at all. Go head lil’ mama!!

  41. yomama says:

    ever heard of a brush? your hair makes me want to vomit. you got some critters livin in there?

  42. camsantu says:

    I’ve known her for a few years also. The girl is beautiful, and one of the nicest people I know. These pics could be way better, though.

  43. Kamia says:

    She looks like a fun girl for bret, she does not look like heather or daisy….

  44. Liz says:

    LOVE U GIRLIE! Sure do miss you since you’ve moved to Hawaii!! Better ROCK OUT on the show!!! I’ll be watching! xoxox K/G

  45. Kristal says:

    Definately one of the hottest girls of the new season. :) I can’t wait to watch her on the show and I pray she has a good personality to go with her great looks.

  46. dani says:

    For all these people that say, “Ii know her, blah, blah, blah” Who cares how nice she is!! Think about it. She is on a show full of strippers, “dancers”, penthouse chicks, and other girls who will do anything for their 15 minutes. She may be nice, but she obviously, like the others, has no pride.

  47. Fan says:

    The new daisy!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Kelsey says:

    Add my myspace. Im voting for you. Go gia.

    Kelsey Anderson: Look me up.

    # 1 Fan!

  49. taylorr says:

    i hope she wiiinnnss =)

    she is so beautiful & crazyy <3

  50. babyx says:

    i’m sad that she went home!!

  51. Tarashea says:

    hay Gia~ my man & I think you’re 1 of the most beautiful girls ever. luv your art/tatoos & percising,’U’.. I would like 2 be friends ,on myspace it asks 4 ur last name or email?xoxo…always ur #1 suporting fans .much luv girly.xo.Tarashea..

  52. Porn Rock Star says:

    You’re were the finest on there. Id straight marry your $_&@`&@()+`+@#&

  53. aaron says:

    freakin awesome hair. What is her last name? Hottest on the show btw

  54. Dawn says:

    awww she became my immediate favorite…i can’t believe he let her go…mistake! Does anyone know her lastname??

  55. ronthedom says:

    I’d love to tie her up and get her to scream my name at the top of her lungs!

  56. Gia says:

    This girl makes me hate my name……


  57. Steve says:

    I thought Gia was superhot, but I think maybe serving the shooter from her *&%# was to much for even Bret to deal with. Stilled surprised she got voted off.

  58. stubbs says:

    bret…you are weak…i would have kick everyone else off and just took gia on the bus….now i’m not watchin the show..LAME

  59. als says:

    lame kicked the worng girl out lol ill take tht shot lol with a SMILE

  60. trish says:

    one of the worst things to come out of hawaii, what an embarresment…

  61. Samantha says:

    The way she behaved was totally uncalled for. For god sakes, she let that girl take a shot out of her (^`*@@%@$_#+`~#&(% I’m scared to think of where she’ll be in 10 years. She’s a cute girl but obviously has no self respect… then again if your coming on rock of love to show off your privates thinking your going to gain fame your probably extremely insecure. Its a shame.

  62. Deana says:

    Really people? this girl gia, is the most trashy thing I have ever seen. A shot out of your &&+___^+~~@~`^&@`! on tv? your so disgusting. And where did that get you? booted off! Take your extentions and your your two toned hair that was so 2 years ago and go back under the rock you came from. your a disgrace to women.

  63. Giafan says:

    Well, Gia: There’s a lot of mixed reveiws here about you, but I LOVE YA!!!!!! Love your personality, charisma, fun and outgoing atttiude, and you are incredibly HOT!! If you ever make it to San Diego, Let’s Party!!

  64. X says:

    Deana and Samantha,

    Can you two please jump off the nearest bridge? The world would seriously be better off with you.

    From what I saw on last night’s episode, Gia seemed incredibly sweet and kind. Does that count for anything?

    Her behavior was ‘totally uncalled for’? Oh yeah, how so? Did her behavior hurt anyone?

    She’s ‘insecure’? How so? She seemed pretty confident and unhibited to me. She’s not acting this way for attention – SHE LIKES TO PARTY. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? DEAL WITH IT.

  65. wakack says:

    if it is at all possible, this girl looks like she might have genital warts on her AIDS

  66. Chris says:

    HAHAHA typical reality television _!$_+`#~@*!_%!&)( and you couldn’t even make it on the bus. Nasty ~(~*`)#“`~~$^_@% step it up.

  67. Rhi says:

    Ok first off she looks like a small animal lives in her hair. And secondly..I mean REALLY..TWAT SHOTS?! Thats _@$~$+%`~)_)~%`@ ing gross. I hope for her sake theres another ROL Charm School.

  68. Brittany says:

    omgg ! <3
    she is just being a young girl partying and having fun and i would sooo tap that :)
    shes sooo gorgeous

  69. bwixy says:

    Would love to take a snatch shot from Gia anytime!!!! MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Bella says:

    Buh Bye Skank! Yeah, I’m sure you’re real “sweet” and”nice”… consider the sources, because serving up shots from your vajajyay on national television proves differently. You and Nikki deserve to get booted off, NASTY NASTY NASTY!

  71. Anonymous Jane says:

    Nice dirty dancing, there. No wonder Bret kicked you off, even too slutty for him! You are not even decent looking, and that hair… thank you Bret, we won’t have to look at her anymore! Gag!

  72. steve says:

    you were by far the hottest in the group!
    i cant belive you didnt go on, i never seen the show just tonight on 24hour duty.
    il never watch it again..
    you see the B#$@&s he picked, crazy…………..

  73. MOkeSENSEImillz says:

    she hoale..but id poke her garan t

  74. Ramon says:

    Damn Bret let go one of the best girls of the show at the start damn Gia is so god damn hot I’m in love with this girl damn does she got a my space or something lol

  75. MataHariKiri says:

    For all the stupid drunken antics there was a genuine sweetness about this girl.

  76. Janelle says:

    lol…who in the hell picks all these

  77. markee says:

    I think gia should have won, shes prob the hottest girl ever other than my gf,and i loved that she was so down to earth and she wasn’t slutty. well kinda but i liked it

  78. mike aka emo kid says:

    ummmmm yahh people back off shes freakinh hott duh

  79. Markohoppis says:

    The quintessence of the modern day woman soon to be fully complete and absolutely cool by taking a six-month-trip to rehab after killing two kids in a drunk driving accident.

    I just want to ask if there is a real living and breathing human being underneath that trendy tattooed alcoholic drug addicted wannabe rock star whorish saturated facade and “I don’t give a &+!_`+$+&%!)#~$* bravado.

  80. Duh says:

    She’s just nasty! Have some class woman!

  81. Jillian says:

    Gia is hot..but disappointing bc too whorish

  82. Kaleiiiigh says:

    I loved Gia, She was diffrent, yeah she messed up alittle. Guess what? you guys are still waisting your time talking about her. GIA I LOVE YOU GIRLLLL!

  83. Bingo says:

    Would love 2 love her! Love the tats and peircings. Major hottie!

  84. Bingo says:

    Would love 2 love her. Feelin’ the tatts n peircings!

  85. l says:

    hot as hell

  86. ErikaLynn says:

    Damn, she is hot as hell.
    i would love to meet her.
    i wish she was still on the show, she’s a rocker chick she would have been good for bret.
    she’s hot as hell.

  87. cheyenna says:

    She ain’t from Hawaii, not born or raised either. Hawaii chicks are totally different. This piece of nothing is a disgrace, more like trailer trash their ain’t notin’ sexy bout’ dis WRECK !

  88. Taylor says:

    ahhh i lovedd her (:
    Bret shoulda kept herr

  89. NoHandlebars says:

    Ewww…she looks like she doesn’t wash her hair. Now if that’s true, just imagine how gross her shot-holder is.

  90. NurzSuz says:

    NASTY, Scum, trash…You need help ….who would get up on the bar and do what you did? that was nasty. You need to clean yourself up. I am glad you are off the show…Move on Bret does not need trash like you.

  91. mirano says:

    I agree wit you Dawg the rock of love dogs are gruesome. The white mop heads lookin’ all manegy
    and Stank ! Yukk is the word, The only girl I think is cool is Beverly and the 40 year old tall Brunette.
    Screw the blonde chix, I prefer brunettes.

  92. maca says:

    all ya’ all must be smokin’ da’ pipe. This trash is damaged goods. She ain’t classy she more like Sleezy, Scummy, and ugly, she ain’t no Hawaii girl, ya all should meet the real brown skin Hawaii girl, deyz Beautiful and no psycho drama.

  93. geny09 says:

    I think that gia is really sexy and i like her shes the hottest @(!$_$%(&*~`((^)# on the show

  94. Cochise says:

    Brett done lost his mind… I’m done watching the show now he eliminated the hottest chick (Gia) that he’s had on all three shows combined on the first night !!! unbelievable

  95. Mick Mars says:

    nice tats though…..

  96. brazil says:

    Miss Pederika shot

  97. Lori says:

    Poor girl. She need’s some class.

  98. Maximinus says:

    Sexy, slutty and a total train wreck…why the hell did he get rid of her? She would have made the show 10 times better.

  99. dennis says:

    now she is a beautiful sexy rock and roll woman that know how to party and have fun

  100. Kandyce says:

    this girl is from honolulu,HI(so am I)…she disgraces the entire state

  101. jessica says:

    This girl needs to spend $5 at wal-mart and buy a hair brush. She always looks so nappy and she could be so pretty.

  102. danni says:

    shes hot as +)^`+%#!`!$#%#)(

  103. kisskiss says:

    girls hate her but want to be her

  104. Alondra says:

    Im a girl but she was hot as @*^%$)!`__%$@_)@ DD

  105. andrea says:

    Yeah, she was pretty. Too bad she had to go and do that thing on the bar.

  106. Jasmine says:

    Pretty where? Her nappy mop hair or her trashy trucker mouth or oh, I know, it must be how she spreads her legs on top of bars and lets anybody shove shots inside her. She’s nasty and looks like she could be carrying something that soap won’t wash off.

  107. charlette says:


  108. Mick says:

    Imagine when this chick rips a big fart? It would really turn surreal then.


  109. Jenny says:

    Her hair is a hot mess. it makes her look like her kitty stinks.

  110. kathy says:

    dis right here is the definition of trash , skank , dumb and mediocre.i forgot ….. ho

  111. Wendy says:

    One word…..SKANK

  112. spence says:

    girl you should get your own show. you sexy

  113. Critic says:

    eeew her cheap hair extensions look like it was made from road kill…..

  114. kendra says:

    Gia cool I like her yo! but look at her legs yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  115. Dr.GreenThumb says:

    she is soo cute…sexy…and fun…i think she would have been really cool for bret…i hate ppl who say shes white trash…it pisses me off…because really how much better are you?

  116. brittany says:

    hey gia=) seriously you were one of my fav. girls on this show! i like how wild you are and that you don’t care or regret much! it sucks that you didn’t stay on charm school any longer than one day..
    well, ttyl hopefully..ha=)

  117. jessss says:

    I lovedd this girl. She didn’t walk around with a fake attitude like all the other girls. She was real, and liked to parrty. It’s funny the only thing the negative people can talk about is that shot, which more than just her do ya know, and how ‘ugly’ she is…

    If you think she is ugly your probably just a fat loser who has no friends and can not even get a girl to take a shot from your woohoo (:


  118. alexa says:

    hey do you have a myspace??
    if you do can i have your email address?:))

  119. Paco aka Slappie says:

    hey do u have myspace?
    or an email? =]]
    write back

  120. SARA SWEET says:


  121. BARBARA says:

    i cant believe they pick this white trashy looking girl from my state! HAWAII local mix girls are wayyyy better looking. she isnt even actually FROM here she just lives here..big &`(($`)^!!&%*_+ difference

  122. Stonee says:

    This girl may be a drunk but i think she is f***ing hot!! Id take her home with me and I’m a girl!!

  123. Cindy says:

    i think i am in love wonder if she swings my way

  124. Kelsie says:

    Gia was the prettiest girl on the show.
    and her hair is awesome.
    its not a rats nest or what ever….
    its scene. :)

  125. Kayla says:

    why do ppl always look down on ppl like gia? all shes doing is living her life and having fun! maybe you should try it!

  126. bethb says:

    hey gia-you are so gorgeous but so lost. i hope and pray that better days come your way-i really think you could do so much more with your life. i wish you all the luck in the world.

  127. nestor says:

    hot hot hot dam

  128. angie says:

    who gives a ^*(^~)$)+(~`#^_$ ing ^$~@#+`#+%^`$~`~ about hawaii. quit posting ^$~@#+`#+%^`$~`~ trying to make hawaii seem like the ^$~@#+`#+%^`$~`~ and their grass skirt wearing `)&*((!!&(`)+(~_) es. no one caresssss.

    this `)&*((!!&(`)+(~_) is amazinggg<33
    she needs her own show. she has so much personality and style. ^*(^~)$)+(~`#^_$ all the other `)&*((!!&(`)+(~_) es. except for brittanya, she’s real ^`*%~#***^`(&@) ^*(^~)$)+(~`#^_$ too.

    nikki is the REAL nasty one that people should trash. drug addict _!^+`@`%*#!%@$!&$ everyone was drinking.. but you can tell she was on something different.

  129. angie says:

    who gives a @%~+(&@$&*+!@&#& ing %_&&^^+)~#%%*^~@ about hawaii. quit posting %_&&^^+)~#%%*^~@ trying to make hawaii seem like the %_&&^^+)~#%%*^~@ and their grass skirt wearing #`+@_#%^@^_@$%_+$ es. no one caresssss.

    this #`+@_#%^@^_@$%_+$ is amazinggg<33
    she needs her own show. she has so much personality and style. @%~+(&@$&*+!@&#& all the other #`+@_#%^@^_@$%_+$ es. except for brittanya, she’s real ^_~!~!~&^`+@~!) @%~+(&@$&*+!@&#& too.

    nikki is the REAL nasty one that people should trash. drug addict ^_+#(+*&(!$)#@^%$ everyone was drinking.. but you can tell she was on something different.

  130. dani says:

    omg you are so sexy babe. i love you and everyone else who rocked it out especially the blondentourage. add me on myspace dani elice

  131. Jaineka says:

    Hello i’m a bigg fan of u. :)

  132. jessica says:

    she’s the `&)$&^%`$)*!**(!

  133. lisa says:

    she’s the +$_$~~**+%(~*`*_

  134. Jessica says:

    Gia is soo pretty! I wouldn’t mind taking a shot out of there!

  135. erikalove says:

    im not gay, but i’d go gay for this chick.

  136. nyc boy says:

    GIA is sooooo fine shes is the sexiest rock n roll chick ever u should have ur own show it would be way better than daisy of love ur the shhhh

  137. chris says:

    she is sexy as hell and all of yall are haters and i would so date her and shes awesome!=)

  138. hoff says:

    I just absolutely love her… OMG…
    I WANT her hair…

  139. k.patricia says:

    also in europe gia has a lot of FAN´s, hey BABY we love u! sexiest women ever!!!!! you german Fan´s, you need your own show

  140. Chibi says:


  141. Jasmina says:

    I want a boyfriend so I could leave him for her!

  142. Jasmina says:

    I would leave my boyfriend for her!

  143. Shannon says:

    Honestly, I love all the racist hawaiians. “Oh shes not a real hawaiian, and she embarasses hawaii cuz shes white and you should see the real brown skinned hawaiians..” blah blah blah. besides that one shot (which wasnt even her idea, it was gross nikkis), how was she any worse than marcia, ashley, etc? Marcia got to stay after she assaulted Ashley, which was so confusing. Dont get me wrong, I love Marcia, but it was a little unfair. I love how these racist, ignorant losers say that someone cant be from hawaii (even if they were born and raised there) because she is white. I’m from NH, and if someone of pacific island descent was born and raised here I wouldnt say “oh they cant represent NH, they are from the islands- look at their skin.” As someone had said before, Hawaii isnt all grass skirts and happiness, its the meth capitol of the USA!

  144. cesar says:

    damm she is the fines girl iv ever seen