Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Kelsey


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  1. Nikki says:

    This is cutie Number 2 ,On my list for Bret , Kelsey your Very Hot!!!

  2. jan says:

    Pretty…doesn’t look wild enough for Brett. Hope the bimbos don’t tear her to shreds.

  3. Toni D says:

    Really cute girl. That is what Brett needs. He needs a great girl…..I’m still so saddened by what transpired season 2. He doesn’t need a groupie or slut but a real down home girl. Oh and he needs to stop having damn botox or plastic surgery. He is starting to look like a lion. Eww..

  4. DrummerGrl says:

    We saw her in Dallas at a show and it was obvious that she was so uncomfortable trying to dance on the side of the stage when the cameras were asking her to. I felt bad for her. She looked too sweet to be there but you never know I guess.

  5. shawna says:

    i think ur a cute girl and u look like a very sweet girl 2. GO GET EM!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. brittanie says:

    sweet my #_)$&!~%+~_$~)` this girl is effin nutty crazy! so physco… i’d feel bad for bret if he chooses this slut! major _+(^^)_!!@%**)_~(

  7. kelly says:

    Very pretty girl!! She and the other one, Marcia are the ONLY 2 that look like they DON’T have some kind of disease or mental problem!!
    Good luck!! Use protection if you are with Brett! God knows the man HAS TO at least have Herpes!!

  8. joe says:

    god,,I’d love to meet you sweet’s…I’d ‘Rock’ your world….

  9. Alisha the lovah ladeh says:

    she’s pretty, but the cast will chew her up and spit her out for show.
    she definitly won’t be able to hack it.

  10. BerBer32 says:

    She may be cute… but you all just wait until you see how crazy this one is. She is my big brothers ex girlfriend.. and she is nuts…

  11. jennifer says:

    i have a good feeling that this is the girl that won the competition.

  12. Nessa says:

    wow i hope this girl wins the competion she looks very pretty and like she is a fun spirited women.

  13. janize says:

    shes cute looks like brandy b or whatever her name was

  14. Brett says:

    This little piece of trash is definitely putting out within 10minutes of the intro.

  15. Teena says:

    This is one of my choices based on looks for Bret. She doesn’t look fake like some of the rest of the girls….

  16. DaleC says:

    One hell of a fore Not much of a looker. Under-cover trash.

  17. ITS TRUE says:

    A lil hooterish but not trashy have hopes for this one

  18. Cindy says:

    Cuteness – I like this one! I put her in the top 3.

  19. emilyna says:

    know this one personally and can we say medicated! this girl is on so many diff crazy meds and she’s still kookoo ! serios mental case! is out just for his money and drugs! who carea if she has big boobs !SO NOT WORTTH IT

  20. hott momma says:

    have fun being the only normal one,she will be out the first night!! She has no tv appeal, VH1 really tells Brett who to keep and who to kick to the curb, who ever has the most drama will stay the longest and win,Brett is just in it for the free lays and bj”s,DA

  21. katsep says:

    someone needs to call the olympic committee in on this one to check her birth certificate!

  22. JUDYKING says:


  23. yomama says:

    very cute

  24. TiFFANY says:

    THiS iS ONE HOTT !%^+`~#“^%+~&+$$ STOP HATiN ON HER!

  25. txgal says:

    She may be hot but she apparently won the mud bowl in dallas bc she was at the show in dallas and the previews show he takes the winner to the show in dallas. We went to that show and she was out of her element standing on the side of the stage. Doesn’t matter how crazy psycho she might be, she didn’t seem to “fit into” the limelight and he didn’t seem too impressed with watching her squirm either. Guess we’ll find out how far she makes it when it airs… she at least makes it thru mud bowl! :-)

  26. Kristal says:

    1. I bet she has horrible legs.
    2. Great lets just give another snobby preppy girl an even bigger Ego. I would love to see Meagan from last season beat this girl up.

  27. Captian says:

    For all you haters … Your just mad you dont look like her!!! this girly is one of my b.f.f s and one down _%+~%~++$)!))_` chick!!! For the people who say she looks normal or to sweet ,well she is and I give her props for staying that way!! For the one who said she dated her brother and kels is crazy … well crazy in a good way and your brother missed out on a down _%+~%~++$)!))_` chick!! . For the #_+`+!!@%%`*)!_(( talk’n about how she does drugs and all that BS go ^(`_@((^)!@$%^)$ your self your probably just mad at your self for not being more like her … cause she gets more attention than you from the men !!

    Peace and love Captian!!!

  28. Jana Ridings says:


    Sorry but she looks 12, stop while your ahead. Pretty that she is, but young that she is also.

    Good luck…….

  29. SweeT says:

    she’s pretty but her legs are too skinny.

  30. emilyna says:

    captain….no, i have everything she doesn’t have that she’d want and everything she has but ten times better. so no, much content with myself. sorry u don’t feel the same ..just my opinion of her.

  31. KING GEORGE/ Jimmy Chhun says:

    everyone needs to stop talking `^%@+#*)(!@`!++^ let her have fun and its always LOST TRIBE FROM KING

    best of luck… from jimmy hope to see you soon… looking fly there….!!!! take care – jimmy chhun

  32. Krista says:

    (I think) You are by far the prettiest, sweetest, realest girl, as far as I can tell.
    You seem pretty real, and I really hope you win!
    Best of luck girly! Not that you need it ;)
    Much love!!

  33. Laura says:

    Good luck to you sweetie! Just wanted you to know that you are my favorite!

  34. Chill says:

    UTAH Represent!!! Show them what normal Utahns can do…!! Go get em!!

  35. liss says:

    didn’t really stand out that much but she is cute

  36. Chad says:

    Have to be the hottest woman in the world…no question. Will you marry me?

  37. David says:

    I’ve been to Utah, don’t use your real name there’s action every where!! Stay down town good clubs. Woman are like rabits!!! Like this one she has tasty written all over her.

  38. Dwayne says:

    If Bret eliminates her he’s an idiot. He needs to play his cards right and keep her around

  39. Jillian says:

    kelsey is adorable!!! Down to earth and still sexy!!

  40. TbooLoo says:

    She annoys me but she is by far the hottest.

  41. Heath says:

    She is very cool & HOTT!!!

  42. ryan says:

    wow kelsey… i always said YOUTAH gurls are the best……. please visit maui.. ryan

  43. Shawn says:

    By far the hottest girl on the show.

  44. Courtney Ritch says:

    I really like her she is my all time favorite!
    also i LOVE your tattoo on the foot.

  45. SUZANNE says:


  46. allison says:

    i absolutely love you i think you are really pretty and for reeal

  47. kristie says:

    i absolutely love you. i think you look adorable, your smile is gorgeous. i think you have a really good chance on the show. your by far my favorite, better then the rest of the fake %_*@_`$~_$&~^(%)) s :D <3

  48. Jeff says:

    I hope she loses because she is way too gorgeous for bret, he is a dirty old man that has been around every block, i love his music, but c’mon, he is twice her age, i hope she gets her own reality show because i plan on being on it

  49. Arie says:


  50. szmandaluvr says:

    how old is this chick?!
    SHIETTTTT she looks my age.
    which is…just barely legal.

    but shes real in mind and body
    and shes naturally pretty
    so i like her

  51. DGa2ron says:

    this is quite possibly the most amazing looking girl I have ever seen.
    Geez, I can’t get over how HOT this girl is.

  52. shawna says:

    i think this girl is on here for her fifteen minutes of fame. shes cute but not right for bret.

  53. samus says:

    kelsey is the only girl on the show who doesnt look like she does her makeup with a melted crayon. shes so cute!

  54. asdfghjkl says:

    does anyone kno this chicks last name?

  55. Rich says:

    This is the cutest girl I have ever seen :). How much? :D

  56. Mgowen06 says:

    omg she is my favorite she is wicked pretty to she has me jealous
    i hope she kicks the DUMB BLONDES @+_@)(^~@(((_%$ haha (:

  57. Chaz says:

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn kelsey is fine

  58. Greatfull_dead says:

    She cute and she’s the best one for bret michaels. She’s my FRIST pick out of all of them!!

  59. madison says:

    I really like her hair color. If anyone knows what color that would be let me know

  60. cuddleduds says:

    If I was Bret, I’d pick you. So I’m not Bret and I’d still pick you. Kelsey you are the one… I wish you the best…

  61. janie says:

    This girl has a wonkie crooked mouth.

  62. john says:

    No way, she is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.

  63. John says:

    Hottest girl ever. I’m in love.

  64. Tonia says:

    You seem to be a real person. You go girl!

  65. STEPAHNIE says:

    OMG U AND Beverly R DA MOST REAL _)`#+*_^_$`&~)!__ ES ON DA SHW OK….YALL %!%&_^&#_$+!%$% N ROC………..

  66. Joe says:

    By far the most gorgeous girl on the show.

  67. JIC says:

    shes like 12 years old compared to brett

  68. Wendy V says:

    Def the prettiest on the show!

  69. jake says:

    heyy u r by far the hottest girl ive eva seen!!! wow ur the hottest on the show and i love u <3 if bret doesnt pick u then he is an idiot but if he doesnt then call me

  70. Nick says:

    yo i saw u on rock of love tour bus and i think your #^@#)$`+(&+~$_)) ing beatiful and i just thought id let u know that.

  71. Dr. C. says:

    Kelsey is just awesome. She needs to be on the Miss Universe contest not a bus show. Sign her up for her own show. Saw her when she was in L’ville. She is gorgeous in person too.

  72. David Kernell says:

    Kelsey did one Adult Movie where her alias is “Kayden” and its Cherries #39 by Home Grown Video. Weird thing about it is that the dude has serious burns on one-hand, leaving him with a lobster-like claw for one hand and surprising she would do such a freak. (Not to be confused with blond Kayden Kross IAMD has it wrong FYI).

  73. Brittany says:

    Hay I just wanted to let you know i think your so pretty, and good luck on everything!!=]

  74. Bob420dylan says:

    your better then what brett deserves

  75. ashly says:

    you are so pretty!

  76. Kaya says:

    Aw, darling.. you are such an adorable girl- what are you doing putting yourself on a stupid show like this?? I wish you the best, but I truly believe you have better potential than this..

  77. Jefernand says:

    U r the prettiest girl in that show…u are going to win

  78. James says:

    You are the sexy and most beatiful girl on the show if Bret doesn’t pick you it will be his lost not your.

  79. felecia says:

    Bret should totaly pick Kelsey she would be fun to party with and she isn’t a total skank like most of the other girls.

  80. pryse says:

    please lose the show and call me

  81. josh says:

    dam girl ur the finest 1 on the show

  82. Haley says:

    ur the 1 tht needs 2 win cus if u dont m gona b mad. ur the only reel 1 on the show!!

    ?????????, GUD LUCK GURL!!


    I like Kelsey, Farrah,& Ashley. I hope that 1 of these 3 will be with Bret!

  84. k says:

    I love Kelsey she’s down to earth…Kelsey Farrah Ash LOVEM

  85. Jimmy says:

    Bret need to declare the show over and declare you the winner.

  86. candice says:

    i really hope that if ashley doesnt win that kelsey wins because she is my 2nd favorite chick on the show

  87. partyboy says:

    you’re hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. SofiFF says:

    Go Kelsey!!! You’re the best of the bunch!

  89. Sarah says:

    I love Kelsey from rock of love bus shes very pretty ans just soo sweet! I hope she wins!! :)

  90. Sandi says:

    Anybody know where Kelsey is from(state)? I think I know her.

  91. Andrea says:

    Everyone gets drunk and lays on a speed bump, right??

  92. Genna says:

    i always lay on speed bumps lol

  93. trent13 says:

    your hotttt, and i would definatly party with you any day!!

  94. Doda!! says:

    Man was i sorry to see you go! i was rooting for you the whole time, i really think Bret should’ve kept you on the bus a while longer. Best lookin’ chick on that damn show, that’s for sure. coolest, too.

  95. qwedfg says:

    your pretty flat compared too most those girls

  96. selma says:

    im friends with her brother!!! haha :P

  97. Brandon says:

    i would do anything u would ever want…

  98. Sam says:

    i liked it in her post kicked-off interview when she had her hands behind her back and was talking and her boobs were going up and down and…ill be right back.

  99. sara says:

    girl u like me! if u wanna get drunk *@%^)~%+*%$__#% holla at me i will lay with u on that bumb! we all been there!

  100. Krista says:

    This is one of the first girls I ever made out with!! haha that’s so crazy she was on Rock of Love. I didnt realize it until yesterday when my friend told me that we both used to party with her.

  101. jiprincess says:

    Kelsey, Please dye your hair dark again you looked so sexy and beautiful. You look “cute” with blond but much more exotic and beautiful with dark. Alot more womenly and mature also. I KNOW you would of been in the last 3 if you would of had your dark hair, you looked WAY to young with your blond.