Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Maria


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  1. Robin says:

    Cute, but she may want to eat something so she has some strength for all the ^%+(()&~(^+%(+( whippings that will be going on….hahaha.

  2. Valeska says:

    I like the outfit! :)

  3. Maria's Fan says:

    WE LOVE YOU MARIA !!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!

  4. Max says:

    You look so good……You look like a model!!!
    Good luck….but I think your out of Brets league!!! :)

  5. Josh says:

    I can’t wait to SEE Maria!!!!!!
    GO MARIA….GO !!!!!!!!

  6. Chelsea says:

    See you soon!

  7. Tasha says:

    love your look….stay true to your self… rock!!!!!!

  8. Antiono says:

    HOT>>>>>HOT>>>>>>HOT>>>>>>HOT ;)

  9. shawna says:

    hey im rootin 4 ya! keep ur head up & b strong! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  10. shawna says:

    i wish u luck, ur a pretty girl so stand up and LET ER RIP!!!! GOOD LUCK!!

  11. whoa says:

    Yeah, she’s all cute and innocent now, I can’t wait to see her become a slut on the show like the rest of these trashy _&+%#@@!!~((%$@)% s. They are all pure sluts, just the way Bret likes em’.

  12. Melissa says:

    WTF, I’ve seen you before! You the one married to that guy who looks like Lenny Kravits. Girl,, you traded in hot Lenny Kravitz guy for Brett????!!!!! Huh????? You must be out of your mind ….and smoking crack, cuz your a$$ looks skinny!!!!!

  13. Melissa says:

    _“`_++`&`&$&_`( you Melissa….

    He is a lying cheating !%$+$~)~#!@^&$&%^ and if your not him…..then you are one of !%$+$~)~#!@^&$&%^ _!&$_&# sluts that shop in his stripper store.
    Both of you can rott in helll !!!!!!!

    Maybe you are even one of the naked girls in his pictures taken in his store….
    Or maybe this is TERRENCE THE _“`_++`&`&$&_`( ING LYING <CHEATING @$+^&(`&_!&$_&# !%$+$~)~#!@^&$&%^ HIS SELF!!!!!!!

    WHOA… know your the same _“`_++`&`&$&_`( ing person..

    Maybe you should be writting to imigration about your fake @$+^&(`&_!&$_&# marriage…..or maybe we can arrange that!!!!! _“`_++`&`&$&_`( YOU TERRENCE!!!
    You took my eye sight, my belongings, money!!!!!!
    You have Lied to everyone in your life.

    I don’t need to continue … know what you ARE!!!!!!

  14. Nessa says:

    I think she looks much better than those other trashy girls!

  15. Brett says:

    Nessa . . .

    Are you saying shes trashy but less trashy than the other girls? Cause you can’t be on the show and not be stripper trashy. That’s Brett’s rule ….and every girl gets rocked by Bret the man!!!!!

  16. nmmickey says:

    She looks more up Motley Crues alley but will rock Brets world while she’s there. Prove me wrong, Maria.

  17. Cindy says:

    Throw this chick some Big Macs!! She’ll probably be around for awhile like that crazy Tiffany but she won’t make it to the end.

  18. katsep says:

    She looks ok, definitely needs some more meat on her though then mayber her face wouldnt look like a tranny

  19. Michelle says:

    WOW! This IS the SAME girl married to Teranz! He has to be heartbroken. All he EVER talked about is his beautiful wife Maria. How much he loves her and how she is his soul mate. He turned down my friend and talked about this woman for 30 minuntes! Too bad she turned out to be a slut after all. Teranz my friend is still single! Should I tell her to come up to the store again? Maria I hope this pathetic attempt at 15 minuntes of fame was worth your marriage. You should get EVERYTHING you deserve. HA! HA! HA!

  20. Michelle says:

    This IS the SAME girl that’s married to Teranz! I know he has to be heartbroken!!!! All he would do is talk about his beautiful wife Maria and how she is his soul mate! My friend tried to talk to him and he turned her down. This is really bogus! Too bad she turned out to be a real slut. Hey Teranz my frined is still single! You want me to tell her to come up to the store? Maria this pathetic attempt for 15 minuntes of fame is so sad. You should get EVERYTHING you deserve! Like santa says Ho! Ho! Ho! HA! HA! HA!

  21. AriesBabe says:

    Too much facial surgery!

  22. Kristal says:

    This lady is a poser, there is no way she really dresses like that.

  23. Vicki says:

    I’m almost positive that she was shopping at my store regularly. Which is where she probably got 90% of what she is wearing. I think she looks awesome! And she’s super nice. Hopefully Brett will see that!! Good luck from HT!

  24. Carolynn says:

    I used to work with Maria years ago, she is the real deal! And yes she really looks like that all the time! I hope she wins, she is really sweet and funny (and much classier than the other girls…) Good luck Maria!!

  25. laurie says:

    i think she may be the one!

  26. jud says:

    she is totally gorgeous!! way too good for bret she should marry a billionarare and just be her gorgeous self. all the other hos are disgusting bottom of the barrel miscelanous boring hos!!
    good luck maria..
    (sorry for sp. mistakes, im tying fast)

    jud j

  27. Glamrgirl says:

    OMG! Maria is my EX GIRLFRIEND!!! We dated for like a year! And, yes, I am a girl!

  28. Kelly says:

    what’s with the outfit? you’re not on charm school….YET

  29. loserrr says:

    a perfect ho ho ho ho…boob job, teeth veneers, nose job, cheek injections, skin bleaching, butt injections, botox

  30. loserrr says:

    definitely looks like a few lip injections too….ho ho ho ho

  31. goga says:

    hotness love yaaa

  32. Kat says:

    My husband and I are 3 season fans of the show. You are our #1 pick for the long haul-no regrets winner of the season. Brett is in a fantasy world, full of easy dates-sex-party buddies. Love is not what he will find under these juiced-up circumstances. We do hope that through this, your loved one will find you. Thanks for sharing your class and dignity with those girls who may have left their nest before they were ready. Your smile is a treasure and we look forward to seeing you for many more episodes.

  33. Stephen says:

    ho ho ho ho….clearly she has fake boobs, lip injections, teeth veneers, cheek injections, botox, )*@_`((*!&^(^“ lift, liposuction, skin bleaching….think she might be a bit “coockoo”?

  34. Stacy says:

    wonder if brett know maria has been married 5 times…

  35. RudyB says:

    LOL at the people who think she’s not as trashy as the other girls! If you only knew the skeletons in her closet! 100% guarantee Maria is the trashiest one on the show! She has committed a lot of evil in her 41 years! Yes, 41 years. Its called plastic surgery.

    I bet daddy’s proud of this great accomplishment!


  36. JohnK says:

    Daddy Bezzotte is so PROUD of you, girl!

  37. szmandaluvr says:

    i like her. she’s more his….age.

  38. doggystyle says:

    she needs a new dentist. those choppers are nasty!

  39. Janessa says:

    hey… does anyone know is she has a myspace… a buch of them do!

  40. Tom And Lori gerlach says:

    Meria,My god how r u Hows your son. You have came alone way! Love ,Tom and lori . P.S Jake is 17!

  41. PB-indy says:

    Maria also has a beautiful collection of expensive (EXPENSIVE) engagement rings!

  42. rudyb says:

    Yes, indeed! Her engagement ring collection has more carats than bugs bunny!

  43. Big All says:

    Yikes! Look at those spindly legs!

  44. Dirk says:

    Not bad in the face, but I agree with you on the skinny old lady osteoporosis legs. How does a girl with no bod even get on a TV show? (fake boobs don’t count. Anyone can get those.) Also hair is too flat and she just doesn’t have a “sexy” look to her.

    Plus, trying way too hard in that outfit. That obviously isn’t her.

  45. G-Man says:

    GROSS! Eat something or get an `)`%^*+$+`!`*$~ job!

  46. LORI says:


  47. sherri pillizzi says:

    OMG!! Maria its ur girl sherri,lolo I cannot beleive I seen U on this I love the show couldnt wait to see the first day it there u were??!! I look hott as usual…I have a myspace find me an add me, we were best friends since we were in jr high, an I lost u three years ago?? lolo I moved to miami, now in Gurnee area, I dont wanna leave my cell number so please e-mail me I have thought about u so much when I left!Now Im really freeking out whats going on w/ur life..U seece to amaze me homie!! look me up on myspace w/ my name but my first myspace got hackked so look for the pic w/ a hat I’m wearing( a look me up w/ the address..its not my e-mail to write me on just to find me on myspace, u write me at! Im puttin ur pic on myspace to give a shout out an vote for u homegirl!! Love u!! xoxox

  48. sherri Pillizzi says:

    I freeking screamed when I see u,lolo I actually cryed cause if I didnt move an lost my cell w/ ur # I would have known you’d be on here! I think u look great seriously, an U have allot of class than these hoes, I cant believe how they throw them selves at him…U go maria (mary)lolo..Love u! xoxox

  49. sherri Pillizzi says:

    I hope this comment doesnt come out twice?I’ve known u forever an u always have been real an have allot of clas, oh! and yea u can rock!! lolo I think ur the best on here, I mean I can’t believe how these chick act??I hope u find ur true love..He’s so adorable na I know how hard it is to find a good succesful man w/ standards!

  50. Christine says:

    has anyone noticed Maria starts every one of her interview statements with: “I’m a former model…” ??? so annoying!!!

  51. korey24 says:

    hey you guys? you wanna know the difference between you and maria???

    shes was a model? dont be jealous cause shes skinny..and old lady legs how the hell can you tell that from the picture skills? shes got socks and shoes on! haha

    i feel lame because i even wrote on this lol. but whatever.

  52. agent says:

    this maria girl was barely a model. she came to our agency and we told her she looked too much like a stripper…retired model?…i think not. this +_*&&`^(!`&!`!)_& is definitely out of touch with reality.

  53. valray says:

    if this stupid girl talks about being a former model one more time i swear i will flip out!

  54. chris says:

    Yeah. quit hating this is my friends mom. for real our football coaches in high school used to ask when his mom is coming to pick him up

  55. angelious says:

    everybody say she is pretty can i ask i question where i think she looks like aneroxic man ugly i mean horrible lookin lady ugh scary i swear i think bret is blind ladyput a bag on your head u r scaring my kids hahahaha

  56. kathy says:

    She puts off weird vibes!

  57. Sara says:

    we get it already, u r a retired model, yea well that was 40 some years ago, so stfu!

  58. debbie says:

    Her face looks deformed! It doesn’t move when she talks!

  59. brittany says:

    i swear if she says she is a retired model one more freaking time…
    she looks more like an ex stripper than a model.

  60. Bobbi says:

    looks like this maria had yet another mental break down…she looks scary nuts….crazy old woman.

  61. Nick says:

    Why are there so many idiots on here referring to Maria as “old lady”, “old this”, “old that”?! Have any of you morons stopped to think that BRETT MICHAELS is quite a few years older than her, let alone the twits in their 20′s on the show? Uh, why isn’t anyone rippin’ on him for being an “old man”? UH-DUHHHHHHH…

  62. Jennifer says:

    I hope you are feeling better…

  63. Mongo says:

    Was she a model?

  64. dudley says:

    maria, im sad you were injured and will not be on the rock of love. i hope you recover soon. you will find love some day. if you ever visit sf, id love to host you. girl you rock…

  65. Chloe says:

    Wow! I would have never guessed she wasn’t a Latina. She is very pretty, and I guess she can afford to be pretty with all of that hustling she’s done. I am definitely in the wrong proffession! LOL Well she did stand out on the show. I mean let’s face it, she doesn’t have circus &(#!^%)`*)#%_%$ s like Farrah and Ashley and she doesn’t look trashy like them. Farrah’s boobs look like they strangle her. Boobs are not supposed to be that close to your neck. Anyway, I do not see any girl on this show for Bret unless all he wants is a few freaky f–ks. I hope he ends up with the black girl. She’s the prettiest.

  66. eric says:

    Why did that one long posting about Maria disappear all of a sudden? I guess Kevin Jenkins is stripping her computer as fast as these postings. Way to go Jenkins. Keep tapping that. LOL

  67. mommy123 says:

    What happened to her? i just caught the part where it was said that she was inthe hospital but never got why???

  68. Kris says:

    I can’t believe the flippin idiots on here that refer to this woman as “old”-she is gorgeous, regardless of her age and deserved to be on ROL Bus just as much as most of the other women. Bret Michaels is his 40′s )(@*_+^!(&@`#(&@&# s,,,, I just didn’t like how Maria kept referring to herself as a former “model”,, we all know she had to have modeled in her earlier days.

  69. Sandy says:

    I think she was the only normal looking girl on his show even though he isn’t really looking for true love, its to boost his ratings as a singer and looking for more publicity. This is like a three ring circus his shows. He is a 20 year old in a 40 something year old body. He is not all mentally there, as you can tell.

  70. Bretfan says:

    What happened to you? You were the ONLY woman on the show with any class!

  71. ray says:

    she looks like the crazy gross chick who just had the 8 babies!

  72. nicolette222 says:

    Maria Bock secretely has herpes and she gave my friend gonorrhea! If you are one of the several guys she’s sleeping with, I strongly suggest you get tested immediately. She is DISGUSTING!!! And since she’s taking Valtrax regularly, she should be the spokes”model” for them.

  73. Kami says:

    Why do all theese people keep saying theese girls have some type of STD.
    I have seen people even write some girls have AIDS.
    They get tested before the show and can’t be on if they do.
    You guys are making them famous. Bad publicity is good publicity. Wake up people!

  74. lance27 says:

    I saw this chic at LAX airport yesterday. Some reporters were trying to interview her. I didn’t know who she was till someone said she was from Rock Of Love.
    I looked her up ans she doesn’t look sh** like theese pics!! She is way HOTT!!!!!!

  75. wisconsingirl191 says:

    I heard Maria just left to do charm school?
    She is a convicted drug dealer, can she even be on TV?

  76. Mark says:

    I saw her today downtown LA doing a photo shoot!!!
    Brett, you should have brought Maria back not those other girls!!
    Maria, I would be your Rock Of Love!!!
    I read you live in LA now. Is that true?
    Do you have a website?


  77. Fokus Chicago's Kid says:

    Wow…Congratulations..your definitely doin your thing!!! dont forget the little people!!!

  78. brit says:

    hey did you all know she’s a retired model? haha. moron.

  79. Tanya says:

    Hey Brit,
    Why you up at 2:05 AM,lookin at her picture?
    HaHa…your the moron!

  80. Tanya says:

    Bring Maria back on the show.
    We liked her!!! She was so nice!!!!

  81. Paul3434 says:

    Maria do you have a myspace?
    Are you really going to be on charm School?
    I heard your radio interview and you seem to sweet to be on Charm School!
    Anyway, welcome to LA.

  82. amanda says:

    Maria. . . when you were in the hospital we didn’t know they were making another Rock of Love, but my mom was in the room across the hall. My sister didn’t recognize Bret when he came to see you. She was laughing at the guy “stuck in the eighties.” Hope you’re ok. They should have let you stay on the show. I guess he prefers the drama of nutcases over a good person with a health issue. That’s too bad for him. You know I’m not lying because I can tell you the helicopter pad was right above your (and my mom’s) room. Did it keep you up all night? Oh and by the way, none of the hospital staff spoke a word. We saw for ourselves.

  83. Sansational says:

    Maria is gorgeous! She has a big nose but women with big noses have the most naturally beautiful eyes. God rewarded us big nose girls with the most naturally beautiful eyes — no matter what color eyes He gave us. She is also sexy! Sexiness is not taught! You either have it or you don’t!

  84. Dre says:

    So like, if anybody happens to read this and gives a f–k…I last saw her working at a Wal-Mart in Kenosha, WI about a month ago…how she ended up here…IDK!!