Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Mindy


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  1. Robin says:

    Looks like a cheerleader that wants to go to the other side. Not rocker enough.

  2. elle says:

    She looks like a man and her boobs were implanted by the same “doctor” that did New York’s boobs…aren’t fake (~@&~_(%&_(*^_^ s supposed to be perky???

  3. alex says:

    i think u have an eating disorder because your so skinny

  4. Sonja says:

    I bet she is really hot in person! None of these pictures do any of these chics justice!

  5. Tina says:

    Let me tell you all!!! Since when is a girl who is physically fit get talked about for being fit? Mindy has been totally fit her whole life. Her sister is the same way so BACK OFF!!! Any chic can be a rocker chic. Pink hair and tattoos does not mean that you are a rocker chic. I think a chic that listens to rock music makes a rocker chic. I mean…what do I know. I listen to hard rock, have my whole life, but I report to an office everyday in a suit….does that make me less rock-n-roll?

  6. Greek God says:

    How many squats does she do a day? TOO MANY

  7. The Man says:

    I am still in love with you Mindy. You look Delicious.

  8. Pro Athlete says:

    Finally, a girl that actually looks like she takes care of herself! Guarantee this is the ony one that will look good at the age of 40. I bet the rest of these hooker looking man chicks have never stepped in a gym. Also, note no tattoos. I found my favortie.

  9. jennifer says:


  10. Valeska says:

    Bret won’ t pick her cuz he’ll be afraid she might beat him up. She’s the new Rodeo! Hehehe.

  11. Vanessa says:

    Girl you look good screw what the rest of the haters say!

  12. poopy says:

    Her name is Mindy Hall. Her twin sister Cindy Hall was on “Survivor: Guatemala” three years ago. Mindy appeared in one episode were the players had a family reward challenge. I have to say Mindy is the prettier of the two.

  13. mike c says:

    wanna be
    wanna be
    no self esteem or respect
    now just a ho for the std king

  14. Thomas says:

    Beauty is only skin deep. Take the time to look within.

  15. desiree says:

    Is she Rodeo’s Lil sister? They even have the same outfit

  16. Charlie's Angel says:

    This one is hot. Just toned enough to be sexy, but not look like a guy. I read that she is 33. She must be doing something right, cuz she looks 25.

  17. Tipton says:

    This is one beautiful critter. I’d love to eat some honey with her!

  18. kami says:

    anyone who has anything bad to say about this girl can f*** off cause she is one the most genuin girls ive evr met

  19. CincyFit says:

    This girl PLAYS DEAD all over Cincinnati – and takes pictures of herself pretending to be dead and posts them on her myspace page. Her nickname is Mindy Medusa Hall. She is a total freak. and she doesnt have implants – they’re flapjacks.

  20. Tina says:

    Let me tell you, as I said before. I have known Mindy since 3rd grade and I agree about all the haters. You all only wish that your could be as beautiful as she is!!!! She is a genuine person, and enjoys life wherever she is!!! So all you haters can F@#$ off!!!! Keep up the good work Menda!!!!

  21. nmmickey says:

    She is cute but don’t think she’s there for Bret

  22. cosmo says:

    look at all 20 women
    see a pattern
    so why would this mindy chick want to be included with this bunch
    pretty pathetic
    maybe this is all she has
    or all she will ever be

  23. Cindy says:

    Throw this chick some Bic Macs too!! She has a cute factor. I give her Top 6

  24. FunBobbyCincy says:

    Looks like a traney. Still kinda hot though.

  25. BelugaClay says:

    Mindy – I didn’t remember who you were until I saw you at Beluga. But, you’re hot……..

  26. FunBobbyCincy says:

    If I was going to sleep with a girl or guy from Beluga it would Mindy.

  27. FunBobbyCincy says:

    This is for cosmo girl (prob more like fatmo-swirls….) so competing with 20 somethings is supposed to be a challenge? I’m thinking that you didn’t get asked to your prom, and you are just a bit angry… Don’t worry, spring is right around the corner and start combing the high schools…

  28. Heather says:

    Mindy is actually a twin. Her sister’s named Cindy who was on Survivor:Guatemala. I don’t know why Mindy would want to be on this show, she seems too normal for this craziness!

  29. Amy C says:

    OMG! She turns sideways and she disappears!!!!!! That’s sick! Her shoulders are bigger than her body!

  30. cincygrl says:

    Mindy is just a reality tv bimbo like the rest of the ladies on here. She desperately wants to be famous like her sister did, and due to her lack of talent and trashy hottness, a sleazy reality tv show is really her only hope. And I guess if that means pretending to be interested in a played out old rockstar then she’ll do what it takes. It’s actually kind of sad, but so is Brett Michaels. Now that I look at her in more detail, she kind of looks like Brett.
    keep suckin c*%k for your five minutes of fame Mindy…good work. Cincinnati is soooo proud of you.

  31. yomama says:

    did your grandma let you borrow her shoes to match with your $5.99 forever 21 dress?

  32. Kamia says:

    She Wont make it

  33. yer maw says:

    ew get a wash

  34. AriesBabe says:

    Did you forget to brush your hair…I mean you gotta have a brush in that make-up box!

  35. Kristal says:

    one word. NO!!!!!!!

  36. GrungeRevolutionShaney says:

    Hey now…I’m pretty sure she was on that “who wants to be a !*~~^_+~%_%^$~`$$ cat doll” show! she got booted from that one…and why should this one be any different? Seriously….where do they find all these girls? It seems like they just take other reality show rejects and throw them into their next failure. I mean look at Destiney…MANSWERS girl! haha. bunch of industry groupie skanks…all of ‘em!

  37. whocares says:

    This poor guy has better luck with random chicks, were these hos actually picked? I’d hate to see the rejects! OMG I cant find 1 good one

  38. WhyKY says:

    For all the “ho” comments–take a look at the group photos for a second and notice she is the classiest girl in the photos by far.
    Mindy you are beautiful (and so is your sister!) Good luck from all your friends in KY!!

  39. Yellow Lady says:

    she’s a cute girl with a really toned body. she definately has the “rockstar girlfriend” look, physically anyways. she looks kinda uncomfortable in front of the camera though.

  40. Audra says:

    Go girl! You’re gorgeous:) Sorry I missed your party last night…hope it was a blast.

  41. MoRockaMoBetta says:

    So this chick used to run around with that Heather French tramp who won Miss Emerikuh a few years back and they were weirdos then. Just so happened that Heather added to her fifteen minutes of fame by marrying a crooked balding politician who’s old enough to be her dad and this chick gets stuck on a reality show with a bunch of other washed up Britney Spears lookalike trailer park rejects. Wow… best of luck Beluga Joe.

  42. StatusWhat? says:

    Awe Mindy, looking smoking hot, but I still think you look hotter in a pair of Tru Religion jeans

  43. dallas says:

    HEY GURL! i was wonderin where u was from?

  44. David says:

    Nice, built for speed and comfort.

  45. Jillian says:

    nice body…ugly face

  46. Ann says:

    Mindy and her sister were my students in high school. They are 2 of the most genuine people I have have ever taught. They are lovely, thoughtful girls, and I’m very proud of them. It was a pleasure to teach them, not to mention fun!

  47. shawna says:

    eat something, then go wash your hair

  48. Joe says:

    iew . . . her upper body is alright like a girl and then ALL OF A SUDDEN her legs are like a MANS!!!

  49. George says:

    Its a bad picture, i just saw the show and she’s smokin’.

  50. andrea says:

    What an unflattering photo. Mindy has the most annoying accent on the show EVERRRRRRRRRRR. Her personality is okay I guess but she complains too much.

  51. Darla says:

    I really like Mindy. She seems very genuine and I like how she is not involved in all the drama that seems to be unfolding. Good luck Mindy!

  52. Joe says:

    Mindy is absolutely gorgeous! and her lil accent only adds to it. She seems to have a great heart too, any guy, let alone bret michaels would be lucky to have her.

  53. CatGirl says:

    Ok..MySpace in Italian? I thought she was from Ohio with a southern accent… hmmm???? That’s sort of emarrasing.. I’m from Milano originally so I would tend to think it’s a little wanna-be show-offish in a wanna-be fake sort of way.. The double espresso’s in Mindyland.. I can one up each and every one of these chicks.. I so should have gone on the show. I am soo for Bret! Ciao Amore “Mio”!!!

  54. Ant says:

    Mindy is boring and lame and has a gopher face.

  55. Bwwrig2 says:

    Mindy, if Brett is too damn brain fried from all the rockstar partying and drug use to pick you then I’ll take you!! You are absolutely amazing, almost perfect!! Seriously though, I’m an Engineer I make alot of money and if Brett’s fake hair and make up blind him from picking you then hit me up!!

  56. Sal says:

    Mindy looks so familiar, where have I seen her before?

  57. ash says:

    i think if bret is really looking for love then he will pick you. you are the only one that has self respect. he should want a woman who don’ act look a )%%%_+%__!*!&@`!$

  58. Mike says:

    By far the best of the group all around.

  59. kena says:

    i think ur solo date with bret in big d really made you shine girl. You are definatley what i would say a lady with class everywhere you go…yet u can handle ur biz when need be:) you go girl i hope you continue to rock bret’s world til the end. You deserve it baby! (_*+!_&_@_^&$!`! what all the other !*#)@+`~_^($&%~`^ es say they thought ur date was lame…lmao u didn’t kiss and tell that shows you have class.
    Bret needs a woman not a sleezy tramp scraped off skid row. He told them all at elimination that his date with you was anything
    BUT lame. You kick $)+)`&#!$)%_&~)

  60. theatreguy71 says:

    Mindy……Hey if Brett doesn’t pick you……Why don’t you make your way to Texas……haha.i’m not the rock star that brett is….but I an in a band….and I am an actor…..and a DJ…….so hell…that has to stand for somthing……..jsut a thought… ya darlin.!!!

  61. Jen says:

    i hate her voice, she is annoying and lame and really not that hott shes a butterface (hott body disgusting face)

    i hope she goes next

  62. tasha says:

    she is soooo ugly and stanky………ew. her voice i annoying too. i hope she goes

  63. kelsey(not the one on the show,i live in baltimore,md) says:

    hey mindy,i love u,ur so cool,i hope u know that i think you will win b/c bret seems really interested in you.keep on rockin nd write back.As u probably guessed i am only 13 but i love u and hope the best 4 u.bye:)<3

  64. julisaaaa says:

    -needs to leave soon!

    there is a reason her and taya are friends they are both ugly!

  65. Squidley says:

    Mindy is the clear winner.

  66. Brent says:

    I think that Mindy is the complete woman, she is funny, absolutely stunning, has morals and a rocking body. I would be honored to take such a woman out, and would like to meet her and get to know her better. That is if Bret doesn’t see what I see and fall for her as I have just from seeing her on the program. I wish the best for Mindy and good luck in her adventures.

  67. lastairit says:


    where in the world did you find that bus full of trash. Mindy is the only normal woman on the bus. She is so beautiful, sexy and it seems like she has a brain. I truely feel sorry for you this time. I love to watch your show it he very intertaining. Ashley and Farrah yuck pure trash. Good luck you are going to need it this time. My pick for you is Mindy. I think your little girls would approve.

  68. Bretmichaelsfan2042 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mindy is clearly the winner and if Mindy dosen’t win Taya should Win!!!!!!!!!! My favs are Mindy, Taya, And Ferrah!!!!!!!

  69. peggy says:

    Mindy is the hottest one of them all!!!!! I hope Bret picks her!!!!!

  70. wolfharley says:


    I have been watching your show alot, but I am hard of hearing myself. If I were you, I would pick Mindy is high percent for you.. and i would get rid of Ashley. She is not into you, she is looking for fame herself and gold digger. As i see Mindy is very respectful person and great personality. smile !:)

  71. Robert G says:

    Your the most sexy women of them all very Hot………

  72. kathy says:

    Mindy is cool girl, very smart , athletic body……. funny But , she deserves better dan Brett. She’s too smart and 2 goodie goodie. if she wins shes not goin 2 stand his lifestyle , w/ maad girls all over him.

  73. Wendy says:

    Good luck deserve it….Hugs

  74. High Hopes! says:

    You go girl! I know your going to win his heart! How can you not your real and you adorable!

  75. steve says:

    omg…what the hell? Annoying voice my #)&&^*!)()&^*@) Her southern accent is smokin hot. Easily one of the most overall attractive woman I have ever seen. Seriously if bret doesnt choose her, he’s a damn fool.

  76. Rob says:

    Most recent episode she says that in love she loses and never been engaged. Well Mindy, if Bret doesn’t pick you I’m sure there will be plenty of proposals after this… I know I would. :)

  77. Kevin says:

    I hope you win over the other girls. You’re very sweet and extremly beautiful. Dont give up. Bret will choose you, there isn’t a doubt in my mind. If not, it’s like what Steve said,”he’s a damn fool.” Love ya baby.

  78. Steve B says:

    I think Mindy is great and I’d love to take her out to get to know each other and see where we could go as friends or even dating exclusivly.

  79. Jessica says:

    I hope Brett picked you!

  80. Jessica says:

    I love how everyone says that Mindy has a funny accent! I am from the south & I sound the same as Mindy! I just think it is hillarious that people day “funny accent”!
    Mindy you are a cutie pie. If it does not work out with Brett, you are going to have men crawling all over you!

  81. Cali Chic says:

    girl i hope you win i love ya and u are the most prettiest one out of all

  82. PetemasterP says:

    Dude this is the girl for Brett, I don’t know why you would even consider the other 2, She is the only genuine woman that is not a skank ho or trying to broaden her resume. Step back & take a hard, long look & you will see what I mean.

  83. Corena says:

    Go Mindy! You seem so genuine and down to the earth. I love your southern accent too.Brett needs a girl like you.Keep your head up and your confidence high! You got it girl.Love ya

  84. Kayla says:

    Mindy you are great, but if you don’t stop worrying about Taya then you are not going to win. Just forget that she is even on the show!!!! You and Bret belong together you just have to show him.

  85. ashlyn says:

    You are the prettiest girl on that show for suree; you are so down to earth and there is alot more to you than just a beautiful body and all. (some girls just dont get that… eck.. ehmm.. ASHLEY and her fake %^~%@$`~@+&`&@! boobs. ) (: you should win.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Mindy’s identical twin sister Cindy was on Survivor…that’s where you might’ve thought you’ve seen her before.

  87. jessica says:

    Hey Mindy,
    You are truly beatuiful i wish you the best with Brett, You are awesome!!!! I have followed you from the start and I hope you make it love!!! You are my fav!


  88. Melissa says:

    I think your the best out of all those girls!! Just keep being yourself.

  89. Heather says:

    I love Mindy i want bret to pick her. She is the only true person there. Bret dont get to see how the other 2 are very fake. Taya wants money and they other one just wants to screw the band!

  90. Delinah says:

    Mindy was probably my favorite until she threw her friend Taya under the bus. What an immature insecure little snake. Of course, Bret took the words outta my mouth when he too was wondering who Mindy was trying to date (him or Taya). Too bad! She’s pretty, has a nice bod, but also a bad attitude, personality, and FUNK! In the beginning, Mindy was calm and collected, but now all I think of her is WHINER! I can’t, I cannot, Taya this, Taya that. Why not channel that energy toward being a better person for yourself, Bret, and others.

  91. msny70 says:

    i hope you won taya is so full of herself and she is full of crap you are much prettier and a better choice for bret i hope he realizes that too good luck girl

  92. gafelta says:

    sooooo gorgeous

  93. Jacob says:

    Damn gurl your fine as hell. the thingsiddo to u ! haha

  94. kendra says:

    Mindy better win. Pick the right descion Bret don’t pick Taya she does porn. Go Mindy!

  95. Stacy says:

    Brett is a jerk! Srew him and TAYA! you can do better!

  96. stacy says:

    oh yea, and Brett only picked Taya b/c he hadnt banged her yet! and it would get him a spread in Penthouse!

  97. Michael says:

    DAMN IT BRETT YOU !+(_^*~#(##($%&* N TURD
    ….Cmooon ….MINDY…Call Me….
    Hes Fake I am REAL…I dont have the money..that fake &`_!+~#*@($~&@) +)%(^(+#~@$)$!)$`(` does….
    Whew…must find you!!

  98. Brian says:

    Mindy, you are perfect. Every fiber of your being is exactly what anyone could ask for. I’m 25 but if you were 65 I would still marry you. You are exactly what I wish I could find in real life, I just hope that one day I am lucky enough to find someone as perfect as you are.

  99. Brian says:

    You are PERFECT. I would marry you if given the chance. Maybe one day I will find someone as awesome as you till then you will be my dream and fantasy, love Brian

  100. Suzette says:

    Mindy should have been picked way before Taya… Now her “Feature Shows” will be packed because Taya was Bret’s pick. What’s up with Bret anyway. He’s nasty. Screwing different girls all the time. Gross…. But nonetheless, Mindy was the better pick. Bret knows that. he just wants another show….

  101. Steve says:

    I think Bret is a complete fricken idiot for not choosing you. You are beautiful inside as well as outside.


  102. Mike M says:

    The bombshell type won again. Did you really think a person with his background and experiences would choose otherwise. You were there because that little voice in his head told him you had substance and in order to justify or satisfy his conscious, he drug you out to the end. I heard you say love has never worked out for you and that is ashame: it`s that way for many of us my dear. I would have chosen you and would love to take you on a date. I`m not rich or famous; but what I am is honest and caring. Many women and men say that is “all” they are looking for…then they choose the looker person…again and again…and they do not work out as I`m predicting his will not. I have been guilty of this myself. I`m not kidding here. I`m no stalker or freak, but I did watch the show probably half the time and I actually tuned in to the last one just to see if he could choose substance over Penthouse. Don`t get me wrong, I think you are very pretty, but it`s not penthouse pretty…it`s girl next door pretty…and that is the kind that lasts and that is the kind I like best. If you can see my e-mail and are interested…give me a jingle. If that`s not your cup of tea…I`m sorry the show worked out fir you that way, but your heart is also telling you in the long run…this will work out better for you. Keep your chin up and try to not be bitter…that wears on you. Good Luck, Mike M

  103. Josh says:

    First and foremost, I am a Bret Michaels fan. However I thought he was looking for love, not to get himself huge spread in next month’s Penthouse. If he was truly seeking love he obviously would have chosen dear sweet Mindy, and that’s the bottom line. Mindy was about the only genuine, sweet, and quite honestly loving girl on the show. I just wish I could’ve got with her before she came home to Ohio.

  104. PAPERBAGGABLE says:

    dude mindy’s body is out of this world. she’s a fit girl. i can look past her really really TERRIBLY UGLY NOSE, disproportionate facial features, and gross freckles on her shoulder. heck if the lights are off what does it matter right? man i wish she would just shut up on the show she’s ruining it for herself. she just looks like she’s jealous of taya. who is soo much hotter. taya’s body is a little more womanly and i like it too. anyways, taya it’s okay that brett didn’t choose you. i would choose you. hot momma. i’m hotter than brett and if you %_$)@!`!~+@@^_`% ed that old dude then i think i’m good enough too.

  105. linda says:


  106. Tim says:

    Mindy count your blessings that that jerk didn’t pick you!! Do deserve much better. What an idiot. He had gold right in his hands and turned it away.

  107. Al says:

    Cmon…..If Brett wanted true love he would have picked Mindy. Taya is like every other bimbo Brett has dated in the past…..and his heart knows that. I guess we can look forward to season five, six and seven and sadly enough girls will be lining up for the challenge. I hope Mindy finds a true gentleman and settles down for good.


  108. beth says:

    mindy you were my favorite on the show, the only one that was a for real person, not like bimbo taya. she is the most ugliest person of all. she was soooo fake. i can’t believe bret chose her. what a putz. he is definitly not looking for love, but just to sleep with some women and take advantage of thier hearts in the long run. Mindy you ROCKED THE SHOW!!!!

  109. Jon says:

    Mindy was the best from day one… how the hell did he pick that fake *(**^#!_`)*~_$&_) Goes to show celebs are duschebags and would rather have a penthouse pet with fake boobs on their arm then a genuine and gorgeous small town country girl… Now where is my country girl at ?

  110. Julie says:

    I and my mom have watched all 3 Bret Rock shows on VH1.
    This time we were so uset to see Bret choose that Penthouse wannabe and not Mindy. He truly will be back on Tv to find love again,he should of chose Mindy-she seemed so simple and down to earth. Now I think we will be not watching this, because it seems so fake and we are tried of these guys on these shows choosing the wrong girl.

  111. erin says:

    i was sure that bret was gonna pick mindy…taya looked like elvira.

    but an overlook on the jamie girl when she was casted off and she was making her last comment; she remarked that maybe she could get some free poison tickets… doesnt she know that poison has been broken up for what 18 years? omg dumbass.

  112. mike B says:

    mindy i had picked u from the beginning,and u did win n my eyes.then i was shocked when i found out u were from cincy and had a twin. I just wanted 2 c if mobile acres Dr. in hamersville ment anything if so you and your sis are so cool. I lived there also and we all played with the dobys of your dads. well god bless and keep rockin please reply if u would like. Mike B.

  113. j.miller says:

    mindy is hot!!!bret is a loser he chose the wrong one.

  114. tiger says:

    taya and mindy are definately real attractive women..
    i was thrown off by bret’s choice tho..especially after seeing how mindy bared her soul to him on the could see the “real love” pouring from her soul..i think you made a mistake bret.alot of us go our whole lives trying to find true to heart people and never find them..go get her back!!!!

  115. kathy says:

    I am surprised to see how many of you liked mindy so much,mindy complained about everything she had to do, she was not willing to just have fun, she was way to moody and how the heck was she going to be able to put up with brets lifestyle? She was a whiney annoying pain! She gave up so easily all the time! How can you people actually like her? Taya is exactly what bret needs for him to have something that will last cause she is very easy going, calm, willing to listen when there is a problem not yell, she is understanding,fun, she cares about other people and helping them she was even trying to be nice to mindy STILL even after the awful things she said about taya, I don’t know how you people don’t see it but thank god he chose taya I would of threw up if he chose depressed poor little mindy!

  116. FraNKIEP BABY says:

    brett is a str8 dumb fCUK for not choosin this girl he chose taya because of the penthouse he can work with that and get alot more out of it instead of jus pickin the regular girl its messd up because mindy is wayy more sweeter funner and 100 times seXYER!!! penthouSE chick is out on pictures no problem google – taya rock of love bus penthouse and BANG nude pics

  117. des187 says:

    i think bret was completely stupid for not choosing Mindy, i love her. She just wanted true love like most women in this world.

  118. pam says:

    Mindi grow up! stop the self pity its not attractive and only reinforces the fact that you are a child in the world and bret made the best choice of the two

  119. David says:

    OMG, Mindy I just saw the reunion show this morning..Wow!!! Girl, I saw the pain in your eyes, I want to tell you to just keep your head up, and things will work themselves out.
    Im not sure why Im writing you but I can say that, you look just like an old friend of mine from school, strange but true…..
    Anyway, good luck with your healing.

  120. daisy says:

    I just watched the reunion show, and it is soooooo clear that taya does not and never did love brett. keep your head up, Mindy girl. You’re great, and he does not know how bad he messed up. once he realizes that taya’s goal was to promote herself, he’ll come to you. but you deserve more than that balding joke.


  121. art says:

    PEOPLE , shes CRAZY,Mindy is crazy, Taya has class and its not that taya didnt want bret in the reunion show this morning .. she hasnt heard from him … they havent been in contact and she doesnt know where she stands… i would feel the same .. mindy just looked like a crazed idiot, shes moody to say the least. but the worst of it shes a back staber and Taya won without ever having to stab ANYBODY in the back..she didnt have to ..she didnt have to say a word.. Mindy had to throw taya under the bus because that was the only last pitiful ploy she had to try to win (If u want to call it that) Bret…they were ALL jealous of Taya…… but Mindy .. and i hope u read this … u are a nut u need help and the most rediculous person Ive witnessed on the rock of loves .. so i guess u win at being lower and no better than that fara and her sidekick… Mindy I hope u find a good friend as good as u were to Taya maybe u always loose at love because u stink as a person .. look what u did to that guy Chris come on people wake up……Shes a freak and sont get me started on that Eddie Munster looking show host.. where did he come from

  122. sassyshae says:

    I believe the two of you will end up together even now…That was one hot kiss you shared on the renunion. When your in love with someone else, you dont kiss another with feeling like that. Still holding on for hope Mindy. Your awesome!


  123. Sara G. says:

    Mindy-Bret made a wrong choice! If I were you I would be calling him night and day. Get him away from Taya. Your such a great person. It seems like the nice people always finish last. Persistence is the key. Tell him how you think about him and want him in your life. He will see things your way-keep pushing! You were the prettiest, kindest, and most non-trashy girl on the show. He is crazy for not picking you!!!!

  124. Annamae says:

    I think Bret will come crawling back to you after he realizes what kind of a person Taya is!!!

  125. Renee says:

    I think you will definitely hear from Brett. Especially after I read his blog stating that he didnt know how you really felt for him and that he needed to talk more to you.
    In the reunion show it seemed in his eyes he may have realized he made a mistake!

  126. Jacquie says:

    Mindy, I love you, Brett is an idiot…you deserve better anyway, you are sooooo cool, Taya is such an idiot

  127. joe says:

    hey mindy i think u were the best in rock of love, and most real.

  128. Steve (Windsor, Ca.) says:

    Mindy, I also just saw the reunion show and I’m sure I’m not the only guy who wishes he were in Brett’s shoes… If it were me, I would not have made that same mistake. It’s obvious how kind, honest, genuine and real of a person you are unlike the rest of the problematic and superficial the rest of the cast is. You deserve the all best best that life has to offer and whomever wins your heart will never fully understand how lucky they are.

  129. James says:

    Mindy is gorgeous, not to mention fun and sincere. Speaking as a 29-year old male living in the Midwest, I’d pick her in a heartbeat.

    I enjoy most VH1 shows, but without question most contestants are egocentric, boisterous and beligerent. Hell, it’s what makes them fun to watch. The real shame here is that a ‘real’ person with real emotions like Mindy got tangled up in the mess.

    Mindy, hold your head high and be happy with the end result. You were portrayed well. Brett’s perception of reality is warped and I’m not sure he’s capable of ever being in a healthy relationship. This could be a product of women throwing themselves at him for decades. Your heart will heal, at which time all you’ll have to do is open the door and 10 guys will be standing there.

  130. andy says:

    Mindy,you are an exiquisite beauty,the only thing better is your mind and the caring of your heart.Bret made a giant mistake,I hope for your sake it gets corrected.Whem you look in your eyes at the reunion show,you can see the love in your eyes and the pain in your heart.I hope you find happiness.You are truly a one of a kind and thanks for letting the millions of us who watched the show learn what a sweetheart you are.good luck


  131. char says:

    I can’t believe Brett didn’t see how in love Mindy was with him, He made a huge mistake with that phony Taya all she is, is a doing is using his fame to promote herself. Mindy would be so perfect for him. He would never have to worry about her cheating like I’m sure that Taya will eventually.

    Good Luck Brett

  132. char says:

    Oh my god Mindy!!!!
    I can’t believe how stupid Brett was to pick that skank Taya. She is dirty and ugly. I think you are the sweetest and prettiest girl that has been on that show.HE IS A FOOL!!!
    He will see the truth with that bag of lies.
    Good luck sweet heart.

  133. Sleepless Aquarius says:

    WHAT was Bret thinking??? You were my favorite all along. It’s too bad you didn’t win. You are way hotter & smarter than all those other girls! Good luck with whatever you decide in your future. You will make some lucky guy really happy. Hang in there.

  134. David S says:

    Dude.. Not only are you physically hott.. With your axicent[Sorry bout spelling] How you are yourself.. and Emotional.. Make you `+&%^&&`)!_&~~% n hotter.

  135. James says:

    Wow, I cant believe he didn’t choose you.
    You are so hot and obviously more than just looks.
    Hope you get your own show.

  136. matteo says:

    Dear beautiful Mindy,
    Tonight I saw the reunion.I am so sad for how things are for you right now,everyone noticed your deep and sincere love for Bret, your feelings and words were so powerful that you left a print in all the audience’s hearts. His heart especially, I could see it in the way he was looking at you and if he is smart the way I think he is he will be thinking of you just as much as you of him. Said that, don’t give up, keep strong and patient, but don’t worry because I feel confident he will look for you.
    Keep smiling,

  137. Jo Murphy says:

    Mindy, I am so sad for you as I watched you last week on the finale AND again tonight on the Reunion. I hope that the greeting kiss you gave Bret will linger in his mind to the point where he will realize YOU are the right one for him. It seemed by the conversation he and his “wrong” choice had, that things are not going that great and seems from what “she” said, she is not that into him. After all, she kept referring to him on the show as “this guy” Anyhow at the end of the day, I sincerly hope and pray that you end up with the love of your life and your true soulmate. Be patient and wait a couple of months and see what happens. If Bret hasn’t ;had a change of mind in that time, then move on the best you can. You ARE the real deal Minday – are you BLIND Bret??

  138. Monique says:

    Bret +&~_!#+!~++)(^^@ ed up, he should have picked Minday, not to worry though, the cards say that they will be together. Taya IS NOT THE ONE FOR HIM!!
    We love you Mindy, you WILL get your man!!

  139. elizabeth bishop says:

    Mindy, when I saw you on the reunion special it broke my heart. I literally cried! You are such a beautiful, respectful girl who really, really will find someone REAL one day. Bret has too many options. He’ll never settle down. He’ll be doing this same )@*+)+$*&+@_(^!( from an old folks home “Depends Presents: Geritol of Love”. You are too good for that crap. Good luck to you, may you find much happiness.

  140. Preston says:

    Boy that crazy $^^%+^_*+^%~^(_ rock star must be on drugs. To let Mindy go, ($@_*(~+(%^_*&_~ an old boy like me would be on top of the world with a honey like her. If her heart is still broke, and if there is any thing I can do to help her just let me know. I would be more than glad to help her

    love Preston

  141. V-Cali says:

    I was appalled at the reunion last night, (Reunion Rock of Bus Tour). I’m sorry B.M. but you clearing didn’t see the love in Mindy’s eyes, she was truly hurt and I think it even hurt her more to watch sit next to the other girl-Taya or tmaya whatever her name is. That T-Chick was just using you to gain her public Penthouse status it was obvious from the body language she wasn’t even as much in love with you as Mindy. They say three times a charm-I truly believe that Mindy is the one…actually I hope that she hasn’t put all her eggs in one basket for you, I’m hoping she finds a guy that will see all the beauty she has to give and that guy is her prince. Mindy if you’re reading this you’re an awesome genuine a wholesome-the-girl-next-door I really hope you continue on finding or fighting for your true love he’s out there.


    V-in the USA

  142. EastCoastKat says:

    Well, Cindy, be glad you didn’t win!! It hurts, but you are so much better than this,and that is obvious! I watch this show because it’s mindless entertainment, you though are real, and that is something that old,wig-wearing, rocknroll hasbeen wouldn’t know anything about!! So really be glad, you got the better end of the deal and hopefully you’ll meet the right somebody soon. Bret, LOL, wouldn’t even know what to do with a real woman, that’s why the Bimbo’s have it, I was so glad when Jess turned him down!! That is his M.O. he hurts the one who seems to really care for him, look what he did to Heather! I only hope you don’t do what she did and hang around that old worn out, bad wigged, old fart, like she has because once again, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! Good luck and you know what??? I would watch “Cindy’s real search for love” I am not watching that farce that Daisy is going to put on, because it’s like the rest of these shows, like Bret said and he is the king of Bullsh*t, so he ought to know, they are all full of it! I think you’d be real, so if you decided to do a real search, I really would watch, because I think if you didn’t find the right one, you wouldn’t just settle because the TV producers wanted you too. Good luch, Girl!!

  143. Connie in Fort Worth says:

    I am sad to see Bret did not realize Mindy was what he thought he wanted……love…… maybe he will wake up and beg Mindy to come back once he realizes Taya is Taya. I went to see the Bret Michael concert in Fort Worth at Billy Bobs, didnt get to see him after the show…..he was with Mindy!!!!!HAHA!

  144. Sheila says:

    I have written to Bret and I hope he reads them. He made a very big mistake by chosing Taya instead of you. During the reunion special he kissed you and you told him you love him. He said if you would have told him sooner his choice might have been different. Everyone could tell there was chemistry between you and Bret. The way he was with Taya—there was no chemistry there. I want you and Bret to be together. You would stand behind and beside him in all things. Everyone made such a stink about your “funks”. Well, you had your feelings exposed and on your sleeve. You were real. You were showing real emotions, not fake like Taya. Taya is used to being in the spotlight and on photos and hell naked. She is used to acting. You are not. You found love and I pray that Bret will swallow his pride and admit to making the wrong choice. He needs to call you and make it right before it is too late. I hope he does not think you can just be friends. When I wrote on his blog I told him if he thinks ya’ll can be close friends it will hurt you even more. Every time you see him with someone else it will be like a knife in your heart. He needs to wake up and realize YOU ARE THE LADY FOR HIM. You could be the “arm candy” he needs in public and you could be “whatever” he needs behind closed doors. He made a terrible mistake by letting you go. If there is a way for you to get in touch with him, please do. Just because the show is over does not mean anything. I bet if you call or write to him and tell him how you feel without cameras all over the place, I bet something special will happen. Taya can not say she loves him. Even during the reunion show, she just nearly told everyone, she does not feel the same. You have not changed your mind. You still love him even now. LET HIM KNOW. He is going to have to swallow his pride, but I think he can do that. I’m sure you two will make it as a couple if he will give you that chance. He said he does not want another reality show. Well, if he chooses you—he will never have to look for love again. You have enough love to give him. Watch the reunion show and see the difference between how he kissed you and how he kissed Taya. That should tell you how he feels about you. Go to him. Don’t take this lying down. You are a very strong woman. GO GET YOUR MAN. He belongs with you. In the long run–Taya will not be around. You and Bret can make it thru the long run. Let him know OFF CAMERA that you love him and still want to be with him even though on the show he chose Taya. Tell him that his kiss told you he loves you and not Taya. Hell, that kiss told everybody. This is the only time I have ever blogged anyone, but I had to let you and Bret know that it should be YOU & BRET. Please let me know how things go.

  145. Victoria says:


    I was shocked when Brett picked Taya. I liked you all the way through the show and am sorry that things did not work out for you. I wish you the best of luck and think you are a great person. You will find someone great. Big Hugs!!!

  146. DEE says:

    If Bret would of looked @ Taya’s website and ran her video clips he would of seen the real Taya. Once again Bret picked arm candy over sweetness. If Bret made the right choice he would of never kissed Mindy like that on the reunion show. Maybe Bret needs to stop looking for new love and fix his relationship with his daughters mom. Kristi Gibson must of done something right to last 9 years and have his kids. I love Brets music, but there’s a time when a musician has to put family first. At this rate his daughters are going to appear as contestants.

  147. Penny says:

    I don’t think Bret knows what he wants. He keeps saying he wants something REAL, then he turns around and goes for fake instead of the real thing. He typecasts his ladies, then acts surprised when it doesn’t work out.

    Mindy was always the only one who remained real and true, and showed style and class the whole way. Not dissing Taya, but Mindy is the one who would have been loyal and true. She would have shown him what true love looks like.

    His loss.

  148. John says:

    Mindy, I could easily see the love in your eyes for Bret….he !$!^$~&%*`@)%#&& ed up, and he will soon find that out…We love you Mindy girl

  149. Rihana says:

    I don’t usually watch reality tv shows, but I watched Rock of Love Bus this season, and I have to say, I think you are the cutest girl ever. You’re absolutely gorgeous, and you have an amazing body. Seriously, where can I get myself some abs like you? I think you would have been a much better choice then any Penthouse Pet, but I guess that’s just what Brett Michaels is looking for. Best of luck, and keep your head high.

  150. Tiff says:

    Is there anyway Brett and you could work it out? He needs to be with you.

  151. Mac says:

    Mindy, I know this hurts, but you are very fortunate that Brett Michaels didn’t pick you. I can’t imagine anything good would come out of a relationship with a middle-aged has-been who prostitutes himself on reality show in order to shore up his ego. Half the girls on the show were more into each other than they him…how pathetic is that?

    Shake it off and find a good man who will treat you with the respect you deserve. Brett Michaels is a loser.

  152. karen says:

    Mindy I think you totally got screwed over. You are abviously truly in love with Bret and you would have been the better choice. I totally agree with Riki about Bret making the wrong decision. You were true to the core and I sincerely hope that you find true love. And if Bret is smart and comes to his senses he will leave that Penthouse tramp and choose you. Your beautiful, smart, funny, and just a sweetheart. And it would be an honor to meet you some day. I wish you the best of luck.

  153. kristal says:

    mindy you are so beautiful and you seem like a wonderful women.. i think picked the wrong girl you should of been the one i loved you when the show started. i hope you find love i dont understand why you havent yet.. good luck

  154. cindy says:

    Brett did not pick her because she is a complainer! She wants a man to be responsible for her happy-ness. She is always like poor mindy, mindy got a bad deal. Mindy grow-up. Taya is a glass half full kinda girl.

  155. Josh J says:

    My heart goes out to you Beautiful! Go back and watch Bretts face when A) You verbally express your Love for him in the Finale, then B)Taya admitts that she would have married him the night of the show, but now blah blah blah… LoL~ You can see the irritation and doubt in his face when she said that. If he isn’t already trying to win you back, he will be soon enough. Holla at me some time on Twitter @ Im_AllTheAbove. Wish you the Best!

  156. Robert says:

    Dear Mindy:

    I am sorry that you were not selected by Bret Michaels. He made a huge mistake. You were the best person in that show including that “jerk with a rock star uniform”
    . I thought that he will see your values and swetness.

    Please don’t feel sad about his mistake and lack of class. That’s why there have been three shows, he is no good for you. Look at the kind of trash that he likes Taya, Ashley, Brittanya etc. I guess he loves women with tattos, that show their naked body to others, girls that get drunk or get high drunk and other dirty stuff.

    You are so sweet that I continued to watch the show because I wanted to see you happy, you were the star of the show, not the white version of Flavor Flave (Bret).
    Don’t cry for that idiot, you deserve a good man, believe me Bret is no good for you.

    I wish you the very best, be happy, healthy and successful. May God bless you. I hope that you get a show or any role to get to see you again. You are sweet, honest and kind. Take care.



  157. EZ says:

    Mindy, you are so hot I am literaly sweating just looking at you. Taya has bad implants that are a turnoff. Please tell me you are 100% southern belle real??? I can only imagine how incredible you would look naked. I would do things to you that would have you shaking like you were in a 10.5 earthquake! Love you sexy girl………..Oh, and you are a sweet girl too. Sorry, I was distracted by your picture!

  158. Kelsey says:

    MINDY!! i love you girl!

    it was so not fair what happened Your were totally smitten and that’s why you couldn’t open up. I saw how hard it must have been to come on the reunion. You are a smart intelligent beautiful girl and there is a guy out there that deserves you! Bret needs to just wake up realize that he made the wrong choice and call you! My heart goes out to you! I know how it feels like to get your heart broken. You are so adorable on the show and I bet Bret was trying t hard to not just pick you up and run away.


  159. linda says:

    i hope brent micheals comes back for you, you are the right one for him, he should of picked you,

  160. Feliesha says:

    Mindy i love you! I watched the show just to see you win. I was shocked when he picked the tramp. I hope he shapes up and relizes he made a mistake be for it is to late. Take care girl, or maybe they’ll have a show called mindy knows best lol xxoo

  161. Monique says:

    It’s amazing how everyone was rooting for you. Even the host of the reunion said Bret made a mistake. While there’s no logic in matters of the heart, we all hope your time in pain is lessened and shortened.

  162. Lorrie says:

    Brett was stupid for picking Taya!!!! Mindy is truly in love with Brett!!! Taya is there for all she can get from Brett. Taya is not in love with Brett!!! She is a fake, she is in it for the spotlight, she wants all eyes on her!!!! Brett will be pushed off to the side. She’s using you Brett!!!!!!

  163. tina says:


    I am sorry that Bret did not pick you.I started watching from day 1 and said all along that he should pick you.I wish you all the luck in the world on finding that perfect person that you deserve.

  164. DayDayZ says:

    MINDY you’re the my favorite. You kept yourself true and your personality rocks! Brett was stupid to pick taya. The world has seen every part of her.

  165. DayDayZ says:

    Mindy, the world say the way Brett looked at you on the reunion show. Taya is TOAST!

  166. Merri says:

    Mindy, You are a gorgeous girl and are a success in your own right. Continue to stay true to yourself. When you get your heart broken it hurts but you are a strong person. You will find your true love, you are genuine and honest. Any guy would be fortunate to have you. After seeing all the Rock of love episodes do you honestly think you would have been happy with this guy? Enjoy life and have fun.
    God will heal your heart and reveal your real love ….

  167. Howie says:

    Mindy, there were many SKANKS on this last season. They were either running their mouths or being slutty. All which wasn’t you, I don’t think the life style was for you. When you think about it the last 2 didn’t work out cause of his schedule and now with the Penthouse Pet he’s met his match. Both on the road and dealing with the ins and outs of all that. Mindy you are a better person for not winning. Bret is washed up and I’m 44 and not that stupid or dumb. There is a Real Man out there for you and he will be one lucky SOB. Wish it was me, You are beautiful and a class act. Oh and By The Way, That dress you wore on the beach the last night…WOW…Fantastic…What a BODY. You are Tops in my book. Hold your head high, You’re a winner in my book.

  168. Kate says:


    I was rooting for you to win because you did seem so genuine. I can understand not feeling safe and I think that is something that alot of men do not understand. If we are secure in their love for us the winds can blow around us and it not shake us, but unfortunately there did not seem to be alot of that on this show. Not only did you have all the emotions to deal with in front of a camera, but deal with other less classy women who just perpectuated the insecurity. So if Brett was concerned with the funks, maybe he just don’t know women. We all have them. Its all about being secure and confident in where we stand. You were true to who you are and I pray your find your true love. Do try to work on a little more positive affirmation towards yourself. Your beautiful, bright, and have a lot to offer someone. Don’t sell yourself short.

  169. Angela says:

    Hey Mindy,
    First of all, I know what it feels like to look at the person u love with someone else, and its an awful feeling, second of all, I just wanted u to know that I felt Bret didnt make the right decision as well.. The reason he used (I guess for not picking u) as I understood it was u didnt tell him what ur feelings were or something to that extent, but if I was u and I would have been in that position, I would’ve found it diffcult to express my feelings too, especially with tons of cameras & crew members around.. It seems like it would’ve been hard to tell the person u really like or ur falling in love with, ur real feelings in front of the whole world.. I personally could not have done it.. Besides that, ur “Prince Charming” will come along when u least expect it… But I feel he made the wrong decision, he should’ve picked u… But guess what???? His loss will be someone else’s gain… I wish u all the best Mindy, and u do “ROCK”..(ha..ha..) **thought I’d throw that in there**

  170. Enrique Gonzalez says:

    hey watz up mindy i love u soo much. ur my favorite celebrity in tha whole world. i love ur sexy voice too. im not a perv ight so dont trip im just givin u a comment but i would really like it if we talked so i hope u rite me or find me on myspace my email address is i dont have any picz yet cuz i just started a myspace so that i can talk to u so i hope u find u n stay cute
    -Enrique Gonzalez

  171. Christopher says:

    Mindy, it will all work for you. Love will find you. I myself a country boy should know. I’m searching too, for that special someone. It’s hard when you know what you want in your heart is true love. But you half to win it like a game. Thats just not right. I think Bret made the mistake of not seeing the real you. Stay true to yourself Mindy. God will lead your path to someone that will offer you everything you have ever imagined in a relationship and you in his. People like Bret don’t know how lucky they are to have a chance like he was givin. While other guys are never givin the chance. Mindy, I know how you feel. Drop me a line if you would like. or my name is floridabee. Good luck in finding your knight as I am looking for my princess. Bret my man, you made a wrong choice my friend. Hopefully it works for you. Everyone deserves someone. TTYallL.

  172. Leisa says:

    Bret screwed up and picked the +!!@#@#+%(&`~%_&!

  173. Ty says:

    Dear Mindy,
    When I saw you on the Rock of Love Bus. I can’t image how gorgeous young woman I ever see. You have a great smile and beautiful face. I like that way you are. You look so simple nice young woman. I know how much you hurt that Bret shut you down. But I hope that Bret will change his mind and get you back. Honestly, Taya is overwhelmed. She think she is too perfect. “Nobody Perfect at all”. She really full of crap. I believe you are only one truly big good heart. My quote is “You are only one finest young woman in the world”. I really mean it. No BS. Believe me every word I said.

  174. Savanna says:

    When Mindy talked to bret about how she feeled, i teared up. I knew what she was saying was real. Bret is in it for the physical beauty not for inner beauty. Mindy has both, but unfortunatly Taya has the silicone. He will never settle with a family or even a fiance or wife. Once he has had his fun with Taya he will move on to another!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Wendy Funk says:

    Bret, you should have picked Mindy!!!

  176. Apryl says:

    Mindy, you are such a sweet and kind hearted person. Brett Micheals is a blind idiot for not picking you. I hope yo find love soon. I know you are really hurting. I tuned in each week just to watch you. I was still rooting for you when the reunion show aired. Hugs sweetie.

  177. Brenda says:

    Hi Mindy. I want you to know that I understand where you right now with your feelings. Yea, it will take time but with Jesus Christ, by the way is the Real Rock Of Love I hope you know him. Anyway, time will heal. It takes time, it was nothing that you did to lose, please do not take it personal. You and Taya were neck to neck in the competition, it was just Taya was a little stronger than you were. So I know that you have grown and will continue to grow in love. God is love.

  178. Brenda says:

    Hi Mindy. I want you to know that I understand where you are right now with your feelings. Yea, it will take time but with Jesus Christ, by the way is the Real Rock Of Love I hope you know him. Anyway, time will heal. It takes time, it was nothing that you did to lose, please do not take it personal. You and Taya were neck to neck in the competition, it was just Taya was a little stronger than you were. So I know that you have grown and will continue to grow in love. God is love.

  179. Sue says:

    Don’t be sad! You are way better than Bret!!!

  180. Sansational says:

    You are a natural beauty! Ashley and Brittania, whatever those stupid tramps names are, whom Bret didn’t want at all, look ugly without makeup. They only looked hot with loads of eyemakeup on. That is phony beauty and you will see a lot of that everywhere in the Los Angeles area of California and in the Las Vegas area of Nevada as well as in New York and in Florida. Without their makeup they couldn’t compete with your natural beauty. You remind me of Natalie Wood who was also naturally beautiful!

  181. Isel says:

    Mindy u are pretty and bret is ver stupid 4 bot choosing u…wen u i saw the reunion i wntd 2 jump in the tv and sock Taya..ahe is an ugly prostitute i guess thats y bret fell in love wit her cause they are both the same…u need a guy that really does care,love and respect u…ur my idol kkk love ya

  182. CLYDE says:


  183. marty says:

    mindy you are the hottest babe on the planet….

  184. Dana Remdmond says:

    Mindy you are the most down to earth girl on the whole show and the most prettiest also!! you so should have got picked and he will see that one day, i meet you last night at the horseshoe and just wanted to say thanks you for taking time to take picturs with every one it was great nice meeting you and good luck with what ever you do in life !!<3

  185. dani says:

    OMG she rocked i wish brett would have chose her she deserved it so much better then the $*&^%@~^$~$(_))~* whats her face. i love you and your so sweet.

  186. glenda says:

    mind, you r number 1 u rock girl……

  187. Krysta says:

    I met her today!:)

  188. Jules, UK says:

    Mindy, I have to say I am not a great fan of reality shows, but I was hooked on the Rock of Love, having only just watch the finalle last night Thurs 24 Sept, I am devastated, I had you pegged as a winner the whole time, Brett has totally made the wrong decision, come Brett wake up and smell the coffee, not all women wear their heart on their sleeves and it takes a good man to earn those feelings and understand what the women is feeling, I do beleive those who jump in straight away expressions their feelings will crash and burn the relationship in no time at all. Hang in there Mindy

  189. Jules, UK says:

    He so made the wrong choice…………..I am not a fan of rock, rock stars and reality shows, but I was hooked on the Rock of Love. In some respects I think you had a very lucky escape, and I am sure you are still hurting, but is Brett really the right man for you when clearly he cannot tell the difference between something that could be nutured and something that is rotten!

  190. Natalie! says:


  191. Lisa B says:

    I got hooked from the episode when Taya fell off the stage (ha ha ha) You were elegant and classy, and as others have said, if Bret goes for tatooed, huge breasted women who like other women, then you’re sooooo better off without him. You’re way too good for him. Although a tiny bit of me wanted the kiss that you two shared in the reunion show to be a bit more than it was, I wanted for him and Taya not to have worked out, but for him to declare his undying love to you- but that’s just me being a soppy romantic!!
    Hope you find someone who loves you as you are and not as they want you to be
    Much Love from a fan in England x x

  192. wayne says:

    hi i never do this but i had to say i just seen the reunion show and of all the girls on that show and the winner also..i could see by you’r eyes you were the only one there that really took it serious.u deserve better than that anyway money is only so good..

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