Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Natasha


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  1. taylor says:

    she look like halloween and she can beat bret up easily

  2. JENNIFER says:

    I thought u are black girl. Then why are u trying to be a white girl with blonde hair? You are so ugly and you thing you look good. Who lied to you?

  3. jenn says:

    You are so ugly

  4. Shay says:

    You chicks are just jealous that you dont look good enough to be on TV. Get a life.

  5. Melie says:

    aaaaaah!!! I can see deodorant stains in her under arm, well at least she uses it. That is the most unsexy outfit of the world. it look s like she stole her little sister’s dancin’ suit

  6. BlackCat says:

    Brett doenst do the dark side.

  7. BornRoyal822 says:


  8. LoveMe!!!!! says:

    okay u lame white ppl that r leaving comment talking about her hair is blond…..
    it’s deff black wit blond highlight and ashanti and beyonce deff did the same thing so r they trying to be white too……

  9. NATASH'S1FAN!!!!!!! says:

    1 OF ALL #(!%@_(#^&!`_^~&# IES….
    SO GET THE &*)@*&^&!!&#)+)( OUT OF HER #$&$+(%*#$+_%%@ AND STOP HATIN…

  10. HollywoodStatusCasting says:

    First Of All I just wanted to say that I am a castign director and vh1 dose not have to put people of color on there shows and Natasha was put on the show because she hot, funny, entertaining and single. So can you please come up with something different because the racist card is so 1950′s. Now a days people get were they are because of what they bring to the table and that is why your seating at home blogging and noone knows who you are….

  11. natashas sister... says:

    ummmmmmmmmm yea so she is def the hottest black girl who has ever been on the show!!!!!! she will definetly be the best %~`+*&^_$*%&_!) et to the show!!!!!! so stop haten cuz u cant look like her!!!!!! and yea she wears deodarant!!!!!!!!!!! so she smells good……. dnt get mad cuz she aint a stank person like yall….. and hw the he11 can u c the deodarant stains u effin staker!!!!!!!!!!!!! u prolly zoomed in so close to see it!!!!!!!!!! pervert!!!

  12. natashas sister... says:

    ummmmmmmmmm yea so she is def the hottest black girl who has ever been on the show!!!!!! she will definetly be the best *!!@!^@`&#^&@+* et to the show!!!!!! so stop haten cuz u cant look like her!!!!!! and yea she wears deodarant!!!!!!!!!!! so she smells good……. dnt get mad cuz she aint a stank person like yall….. and hw the he11 can u c the deodarant stains u effin staker!!!!!!!!!!!!! u prolly zoomed in so close to see it!!!!!!!!!! pervert!!!

  13. Bret sucks says:

    I don’t see why they even bother casting black girls on the show anymore. She will be be gone by episode 3 anyway. Maybe Bret will think he’s “generous” this time a let her get to episode 4.

    The whole “he’s not attracted to black women” thing is BS. Roxy from last season was easily one of the best looking girls ever on the show period. Yet he keeps someone like dog ^@^!#@$$)@$@@%` ugly Daisy to the end. She (Daisy) looked like really busted tranny.

  14. Brittanya =) says:

    LMAO!!! I love what hollywood casting said “eating, blogging and no one knows who you are” hahahaha!!! so true!! Natasha your a hot _$~*`*+$!`^(_!! one of the funniest ppl i ever met!! i was on the floor rollin when i talked to you last night lol..
    LOVE YA!!!

  15. Natash's Mom says:

    Well I definitely feel that my daughter is not only smart, but very beautiful, really funny and just an over all wonderful young woman! Well baby girl I take my weave off to you …… for going after what you want and not allowing anyone or anything to hold you back! I truely love you so much! I’ll be watching the show in January 2010 with popcorn in hand! Hugs and kisses!
    I love you much …… Mom

  16. Natasha's Mom says:

    LOL Just kidding I ment January 2009! Love ya baby…..

  17. Natasha's Mom says:

    LOL….. Got ya I ment I will be watching in January 2009 with popcorn in hand! I love you baby!
    Hugs and Kisses

  18. Natasha's Mom says:

    LOL…… Just teasing baby I won’t wait a year to watch the show…. You can rest asure your mother will be glued to the tv in January 2009!
    I love you sweetie……
    Hugs and Kisses Mommie

  19. Mommie says:

    LOL….. Just teasing Baby girl I won’t wait a year to watch the show! You can rest asure your mother will be glued to the TV in January 2009! I love you sweetie
    Hugs and Kisses Mommie……

  20. Daniel Natasha's baby brother says:

    Hey Sis,
    I always knew you were a star! Oh and mom was just teasing she said she won’t wait a year to watch the show! I love you and you are pretty!

  21. Natasha's Mom says:

    She is definitely very smart, beautiful and funny! It took a lot of guts to go on this show! You go girl ….Your mother loves you dearly and for all you haters back the H_ _ _ up, because she made it and you didn’t. I take my weave off to you baby girl for your guts and determination…….. I’ll be watching with popcorn in hand! Love ya much …. Mommie

  22. Mz. HaterEliminatoR says:

    To All The Haters…..I’m a bi-racial child and I love both hip-hop/ rock&roll. All you WHITE Girls are MAD that you didnt get chosen. I cant wait to see the show and I hope Natasha Holds it down and goes farther than episode 4. THE PHOTOGRAPHER SHOULD HAVE EDIT THE DEODERANT PART OF THE PHOTO BUT I’M EXCITED THAT SHE DOES WEAR IT & IS NOT A STANK HOE! SO JEALOUS TRICKS KEEP TALKING ABOUT HER CAUSE YOUR MAKING HER EVEN MORE FAMOUS……………….

  23. KNOWBEST says:

    She was put the on the sow to fill their diversity quota for this season of Rock of Love 3. It’s ok if Bret is not attracted to Black Woman. I just wish that the casting directors and Bret would just keep it real I cast the kind of woman he would really be attracted to.

  24. Nick says:

    Saw your myspace, WOW!!!!! You are def the hottest brown chick Ive ever seen. The vh1 photographer-sucks!! These pics do you and a few other of these girls no justice…Get at me, I sent u a friend request via myspace.

  25. nmmickey says:

    This one is hard. She’s either a very caring person or is an instagator. We’ll see.

  26. KNOWBEST says:

    He should have picked Heather from Season 1. But he breaks up with these girls becuase he is contractually obligated to do more than one season it seems.

  27. Cindy says:

    Pretty – no doubt. But if Brett really isn’t into the black girls then why bother putting them on. It’s called choice and we are all entitled. She might surprise us!

  28. POOH BEAR says:

    Natasha Natasha Natasha, u and I both know that Bret doesn’t want any sista’s runnin around on his bus or in his house because if he did I’m sure that there would be more black females on the show PERIOD.But I’m not a hata so I look forward to seeing how long u last on the show.GOOD LUCK!

  29. Monica Rydze says:

    looks like a man

  30. Bunner says:

    Go Tasha, were all rooting for you in Cincy!

  31. yomama says:

    cute but your clothes look a bit too woren for these pics

  32. Vivian-AKA bestfriend says:

    What the heck kind of comments am I viewing?!! Hello! Natasha is clearly too sexy! I know you all scoped the hott body that I’m sure most of you can only dream to have. Don’t be mad if u got jigglage on the sides front, back and places it shouldn’t be hangin and cuz your boi thinks she’s sexy. Dont hate! THERE IS A SOLUTION! Workout!! Let’s get on the outfit: clearly all of you hatin on the outfit only wish you could actually fit it…The hair: White girls aren’t the only ones to dye their hair and the color chosen doesn’t make you unhappy with your race… do-do birds. Whoo! Jealousy is a mess! Natasha what in the world are we gonna do bein hott and people can’t deal?!! Keep doin what we doin! duh! And you especially keep doin you and behave! I gotchu ..Now….. indeed SHAME ON THE DAGGONE PHOTOGRAPHER!! Yes please people visit Natasha’s my space page and look at a real photographer’s pics of my girl. They’re amazing. Non-haters allowed. mwah* I love you Natasha, YOU’RE SUCH A DOLL…and no one can share some gut bustin laughs like we can!

  33. Vivian-AKA bestfriend says:

    What the heck kind of comments are filling your page Natasha?! Ridiculous is the only word to describe. Although we’re not shocked. Beauty costs huh?lol First lets address the haters. Now Vivian is the first to recognize beauty, never hate. Natasha is beautiful and too too cute. What a great package. Definitely has the cutest lil petite figure and personality for days to match. I know firsthand why VH1 made this smart choice to recruit mi amiga. Kudos to VH1 for that. …….On the outfit: All of you naysayers are probably mad because you can’t fit the dress much less do it any justice being worn. Don’t be mad if ur guts are jigglin from one side to every other. There is a solution, yes, EXERCISE! The hair: Recognize gorgeous locks when seen. FYI White females are not the only race to dye their hair so Natasha is not “trying to be white” because she chose a gorgeous hair color that most definitely accentuates her divine complexion. uggh, If you shake your head and it sounds like two marbles rolling in a glass dish, DO NOT BLOG. ..These pics aren’t the best of Natasha so check out some real professional pics on her myspace page and eat your hearts out. To those who choose to love my girl, I love you. To those who don’t, I love you too. Don’t hate, it’s not attractive.

  34. Vivian-AKA bestfriend says:

    haha …now the other comment posts! ugh If it woulda shown up the first time I wouldn’t have had to try and remember what I said the first time! dang that’s what happens when try to show love. Sometimes you gotta put in extra work! better be glad I love you Natasha! lol

  35. Dori says:

    I tried googling her for her MySpace page and can’t find it

    What’s her MySpace link or profile name?

  36. aminah says:

    Thats my girl tasha..Finally someone from cincinnati that has done something hot!!

  37. anastasia says:

    this girl makes black chicks look so bad! she know damn well that Bret Micaels aint going to pick her.

  38. AriesBabe says:


  39. AriesBabe says:

    Wrong in every way

  40. Aligrl150 says:

    OMG I remember you from my days down at Red Cheetah in the Nasty Nati !!! I saw you on the commercial and i knew it was you. Good luck ha

  41. Kristal says:

    Sorry vh1 I dont think Bret is into men.

  42. carol says:

    Hair relaxers, weaves, and wigs! It’s so sad to see how black women have internalized racism to the point that they conform to the “ideal” standards of beauty!

    What happened to the “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” slogan of the Civil Rights movement? Where black people let their hair grow out into an Afro and said, “This is my natural hair and I am proud to be African-American.”

    The day I see Oprah, Tyra, Beyounce, and other famous African-Americans with their natural hair, that will a powerful message.

  43. devin1234 says:

    Natasha is hot, looks like we are in for some fun this season, But Bret could be older than her own father. Was she even alive when Bret was big. Maybe they could exchange numbers for hair dressers, or she could give Bret tips on how to manage those hair extensions. Good luck Natasha..


    Ouch, somebody stop me, she’s on fire.

  45. whocares says:

    lose the bad hair & bad clothes ….nevermind the white deodorant stains under the arms.

  46. shawna says:

    she’s too cute so many haters

  47. Yellow Lady says:

    i can’t really see brett with a black chick…

  48. Misty says:

    Natasha, I hope you read this blog. You are a beautiful girl, but making fun of the concert crowd and the other girls is not flattering. Don’t put other people down to make yourself feel better. This show is not new… should have expected the calibur of women you would be surrounded by.

  49. Tiffany says:

    I havent seen you on television yet but I hope things go good for you on the show. I think that you are the cutest chick on there so good luck!!!

  50. Tiffany says:

    I reallly don’t think that Brett is a races person. I think it is a part of rock and roll to be a rebel and to be out of the ordinary and not follow what everyone else is doing. I think Brett can be with whoever he wants to be with. If it turns out to be a black chick then so be it. I dont think it would hurt him to bring some color in his life. So for Yellow Lady you really need to get out of the Redneck town you live in and see the new world for what it is.

  51. Allie Jean says:

    Tear it up girl!! I love you, see you soon I hope.

  52. MeShelle says:

    I’m sorry she’s not cute she looks like a man. A man trying to be a woman. All of that makeup and eyelashes is so ugly. Totally uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  53. Diana says:

    Carol, what a foolsh message you posted.

    Check out the white women dying their hair blonde and getting huge breast implants and TANS to fit the standards of beauty! You are obviously a moron to just point out that a black woman straightened her hair. Plenty of white women have wavy hair and they straighten it. So what’s your point? Idiot.

    The day white women stop tanning to be darker, dying their hair blonde, and getting breast implants/ lip implants will be a powerful message!

  54. Misty" Response says:

    It’s not that black women need relaxers to be like white people. Believe me we are proud of our race. It’s just a style preference. No one says anything when white people use perms to curl their hair. So now are white people trying to be like black women? I didn’t think so. Stop hating one wants to be like you.

  55. wakack says:

    this girl has everything…beautiful hair, nice skin, sweet ADAMS APPLE!!!! definitely a dude, most likely pre op.

  56. laura says:

    Wow…racism is alive and well I see…..really sad…they should move to Utah or something.

    I’m a white girl….a “bbw” I guess….and I think this woman has a SMOKIN’ bod and nice arms….She looks gorgeous to me…. I’m envious. Looks like she worked hard for her rockin’ curves…..more power to her for her implants. She makes ‘em look goooood. ;)

    Good luck!

  57. mr_spoons says:

    Why do transsexuals always pick the name Natasha?

  58. DeeDelusion says:

    Ya.. well, I think it’s easy if he/she had a name like nick or something. Uhh.. she looks like an old wanna be scene kid or something, ya know with the tutu’s.. oh and I’m mixed and I straighten my hair how is that being a wannabe. You should seriously see ganguro/gyaru style.. dark dark tan blonde-ish hair and loads of makeup talk about wanna-be’s… seriously how old are you guys?

  59. samhatesyou says:


  60. keith says:

    vhi could have pick a better lookin black woman for the show

  61. mandie says:

    Ive actually met tasha way before the show and shes a very smart, sweet chick so maybe you should try and give people a chance before being absolutely superficial and judge people based on an appearance and a whopping 10 minutes of the show… seriously

  62. Conrad says:

    Im black and i thing its pretty gay how they always always pick an ugly black girl for rock of love.

  63. Illana says:

    Honestly i think shes rather attractive, and a good representation of the non-stero-type african american females.

    I’m latino and honestly i like her wayyy more then that other crazy Brazilian ^^_&!~!)(“$+^!*% This isn’t a very flattering picture but in the show she looks alot better.

  64. chris says:

    that is a man look at the legs and hairy arm pits

  65. 2muchtele says:

    Wasn’t she on that mtv show MADE. Bodybuilder yelling at some fat chick trying to lose weight

  66. Kelly says:

    Go Natasha!! I am rooting for you!!! As for the Black men hating, saying they could have picked a better looking Black woman, what works for you prejudiced-ass Black men…lighter skin? While there are definitely some cool Black men, I hope MORE and more Black women open their eyes and stop limiting themselves those of you who are closed-minded A$$E$. And for the Black chick talking about “going natural,” sweetie, going natural does not equate with LOVING oneself or having a higher sense of “Blackness.” Black people, like any racial group, are very diverse. We don’t have to all look alike. And self-love and Blackness are expressed in various ways. People have different reasons for why they do various things to their hair. Whatever the reasons, t’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    And about the hair, regarding the weave and fakeness, I don’t mind that people take steps to make themselves look and feel better. After all, if someone wasn’t gifted in some area physically, yet remained that way, who could beat some of you downing them. So, let them do what they feel enhances them. And, furthermore, don’t be biased. I get so sick and tired of people wanting to talk about Black women wearing weave. HELLO! First of all, there were White women on all episodes, including the current one, of “Rock of Love,” who wear weave, and some of it is atrocious looking. And let’s not forget the celebrities, such as Britney and Christina, to name a few, who wear weave on the regular. Furthermore, people have been wearing hair pieces since forever (e.g. the Egyptians, British royalty, early American politicians). So, get over it!! On and while we’re talking about fake, I can promise you that MOST of those White women are not natural blondes. And that’s okay, but don’t be one-sided and zone in on the one Black chick.

    As for everyone else, i.e., the non-Blacks, get a clue. There are other standards of beauty that don’t revolve around blonde hair and blue eyes. Some races think it’s “understandable” and acceptable that other races would want them, yet come up with BS conspiracy theories about why someone would date a Black person. One person that comes to mind is that washed-up, trampy trick that say Natasha was on the show only because she’s Black. Believe it or not, there are actually non-Black people that don’t have their heads up their A$$E$, recognize that beauty comes in various forms, and find Black people attractive. In fact, I’ve dated men of other races that actually only preferred Black women.

    So, if any of you are going to open about some of the many, many trampy women on the show, who will likely age HORRIBLY, then at least give this woman a chance. Or don’t, because it’s really not your choice to make. And if it doesn’t work out with Brett for her, I’m sure it will for someone else.

  67. Big K says:

    Is this a guy? He/she has a deep voice like a man. Anyone notice a enlarged adams apple?

  68. natasha says:

    actually roxy from last season was a hot black girl..whom i did get to meet- very awesome- this picture isnt very flattering but she does look very awesome on the show- i dont think many black girls actually try out to be on rock of love- hell i wouldve- buti had a bf at the time

  69. Jillian says:

    she shoulda kicked that +`*~`&_+(*#$_%@(+ es +)(+^+`~&#&&*`) when she said she won cuz she is black!!
    (armpits need a shave)!

  70. mary says:

    I hope she wins! She is pretty! Tiny muscular thing.

  71. sexysy says:

    Hope you do not win cause bret is not cute but i do hope to see you on the show for awhile and next time a white ugly stank ^+@`#(`@(+^*~`_ slut is that jealous of you she has to use the race card to define in her mind why she did not get the pass—-slap and spit on the @)@@_@@$~$`^_*^*# good comeback—you tan to be like me—-isn’t that the truth!!!

  72. xxxstarlightxxx says:

    Wait…? Isn’t this girl from cincinnati??? I use to see her shopping at my store Debs… and at the store by my house. That’s crazy. I’m happy. You go girl. You’re beautiful!!! :) Hope i see more of you. Next time I see you out, I;ll say heyyyyyyyyyyy :) I’m sure you’ll know who I am. ROCK ON!!!!!

  73. christina says:

    Actually she’s from my city and i used to work at the mall and she came in shopping all the time….she’s super sweet and REALLY NICE….notice i said SHE cause SHE is NOT a man! and shes original stylish and different i liked her so &!(#)~$$`)!))`^& all ya’ll HATERS!!! girl do ya thing!

  74. Jenny says:

    Um…hello people – this is a MAN!!! She looks like a man; she talks like a man; she acts like a man…’s a man! Not to mention that ridiculous make-up! You’re not fooling anyone honey – with or without it – you still look like a man! I can see your adams apple – I’m just waiting for %$^**@(!~#)@_))!& to pop out.

  75. Cincy says:

    It amazes me what people say about individuals they don’t know. I used to work w/ Natasha briefly back in the day and she is a real outgoing, fun-loving type of person. Do your thing girl and shake them haters off.

  76. Kolly says:

    I think she is really pretty. Especially when she takes off all that eye makeup. I think she is going to do well. Roxy was hot too but she was not that outgoing. I hope Natasha makes it all the way.

  77. Arie says:

    The comment ” you tan to look like me” is so true… she wish she had your beautiful skin color… and you size(cause she is FAT).. and your style… you are beautiful… DO YOUR THANG… and don’t listen to the haters… you do not look like a man at all!!!!

  78. sara says:

    she’s a man yeah baby, yeah! Ru Paul called, he wants his lee press on _+`&@%$()!&!@@& s back!

  79. sara says:

    shes a man, yeah baby, yeah! Ru Paul called, he wants his lee press on #^~^_^$@!&&_@++ s back!

  80. sara says:

    shes a man, yeah baby, yeah! Ru Paul called, he wants his lee press on $#(*$~+$($!*(~+ s back!

  81. sara says:

    lol press on t its back!

  82. Nati-Lady says:

    Hey Jenny and all the others you have NO IDEA what you are talking about and you are just another hater…Tasha is 1 of the sweetest LADY’S I know and I do know HER…she doesn’t look/act/or speak like a man and she would be really hurt that that is how she is percieved, so maybe you should use some logic and think ummm maybe Bret Michaels isn’t in to dudes and everyone who say’s she’s a dude you are just insulting him and making yourself look like an idiot…anyway go Tasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! %^&* those h8r’s

  83. shortdogg says:

    She is hot!! And my best friend boned her and said she had the tightest puss he’s ever had, and he’s had about a thousand!

  84. Krista says:

    It’s Shavone from Queen Bee’s on The N and nickelodeon she was a big (%!@%^$&+$^)+@^@_ on that show and is only on this show to be on t.v.

  85. sarah says:

    she has a man made mangina

  86. Brandi says:

    SHE DOES LOOK LIKE A ^(^)&$$##(“&`+ KIN MAN !!!!

  87. stusev mclovin says:

    Natasha is a dude. No doubt

  88. teem08336 says:

    It’s funny (stupid) that VH1 always get the hot mess black women on this show. Every black women black women in America does not put white makeup on their face and doesn’t act like a wacko.
    America should know.

  89. steph says:

    Not to be rude or anything, but Natasha, are you a transexual? I’m just surprised at how deep your voice is for a woman….and you seem a bit bigger/taller than even tall girls. You’re pretty and all, but there’s something about your facial features too that seem a bit masculine, or forced to look feminine. I think it would be funny if Bret ended up with a she-male.

  90. valray says:

    what is wrong with her eyes? her eyelids are white it’s so freaking annoying to look at!

  91. Jayzee says:

    Wasn’t she busted for prostitution in Mason? (Cincinnati) NICE.

  92. Lucy says:

    Was she born as a man? I can spot a gay man a mile away. So I am getting something with Natasha. There is something wrong with this picture and her voice…. am i the only one that thinks this way?

  93. eddy says:

    she the hottest 1 i wish i c her 4 i can tried 2 hook up with her

  94. Vanessa says:

    Can someone please tell me where she goes shopping?? i am really obssesed with her outfits and would love to know what store she gets them from. the ballerina-type dresses she wears are super cute, please let me know the name of the store, and all of the necesary information. Thank you.

  95. kevin says:

    i know a girl when i see one and she is definitely a girl! she has an amazing body, i wish i could have her and her voice is sexy..thats all i have to say

  96. Paigey Aknock out brownie says:

    Ok First off, are all of you Blind and crazy and Dumb?

  97. Dee says:

    Stop all the hating. I think she is pretty when she takes her makeup off. She needs to be more natural!

  98. Molly says:

    Dude, Natasha sounds like a dude and looks like a tranny..her v oice annoys the crap out of me and she is just like a dude…yuck!

  99. mechelle says:

    well, i think natasha brought some soul to.. the show. the girls are all nice but, iam black american, and its nice to see a person that looks like me. you go diva. stop haten on her. thats what that is. you are fab…………

  100. mechelle says:

    lookin good tasha, you know people hate on your voice, and you, but i think its nice to see a sister, finally and that looks just as nice as the white ones.. you are the reason me and my friends started watching the show..

  101. monique says:

    ya’ll need to stop the hating Natasha is a very pretty girl and she’s not a man point blank period ya’ll just mad ya’ll haters don’t look like her quit hating get a life talk about what you know and not !%%@*&@)+&))%(% ume haters gone hate so Hi Haters!!!!!!

  102. CJ says:


  103. Greg says:

    This girls definitely a tranny

  104. Tyna says:

    So, what’s up with Natasha’s hair? What is that on her head? Is that a weave or wig? It does not look like real hair.

  105. Snoop says:

    Everyone dont know what dey talkin about she is SOO FINE! Shes the 2nd sexiest on the show next to britnyana

  106. Mary says:

    wow it’s incredible how many racist ppl there are in here and how many haters!
    For reals yall need to stop crititizing because she’s hot and her skin is perfect. Btw i’m sure she’s the only black girl in there ‘cuz most other american black girls are hella ugly, unlike me I’m a latin black girl and i’m also hot, but there’s not that many of us so that’s why i’m sure they don’t choose that many black girls. I just fking wish this world would freaking stop with the racism like seriously ppl it’s a new year, 2009. Like Obama said, IT’s time for a change.

  107. Mary says:

    She has been my favorite since the very beginning, specially since she’s like the hottest black girl there has been on a TV show. I’m happy she’s representing for hot dark skinned girls like me :p lol that there are some hot black chicks out there haha ‘cuz the girl from last time was hella ugly. I love natasha but i do agree she doesn’t has a very nice voice, but I’m jsut happy she’s not a *$`&+`#`^!)(**!_! like most of the other girls in there. And SHE’S NOT A FREAKING GUY PPL!! I know someone in rl who’s a total girlie girl and her voice is almost as bad so shut it!

  108. Mary says:

    wow i agree with KELLY 100% everyone should read everything she wrote ‘cuz is 100% true, even though it’s long. But seriously ppl need to get their _*%&*(&#&^&&^&^ es off their fking “culo” and stop talking smack & )(_%~!^*%&($@&@* Yall need to stop it with the hating just because she’s black and pretty.

  109. Mary says:

    omg! I hate it when ppl crititize about her having a bunch of make up when i bet all of the other girls, specially the really white ones have like a thousand times more makeup than she does, ‘cuz black ppl have naturally great skin. Gosh ppl like seriously stop hating on the black race for god’s sake!

  110. nick says:

    iite.. homie is busted like $@))%*`&_&*!*#^_ she looks and sounds like a he/she.
    make-up b lookin a hot +_$+)^*+$`@`*+@! n mess.. b*tch u are +_$+)^*+$`@`*+@! n blk/brown skin.. not white.. take that blonde $@))%*`&_&*!*#^_ outta ya hair.. and use darker make-up.. fu*kn loser.. lol..
    those boots n this picture:: u should of throw them away.. on the real..

  111. Lexi says:

    Girl. I think you’re hot and they were wront to post these really bad shots of you on the website. On the show you look really really pretty, and so that’s really bad advertising right there. But, coming from a black girl that sorta like you (hot), lose the tutu’s. What is UP with that?! I keep watching the show hoping you’ll ditch them and go more with BeBe style class.

    Anyway, keep getting your passes!

  112. Kelly says:



    A WIG!


  113. Kelly says:



  114. Chynna says:


    IT’S A WIG!

  115. Carol says:

    Yup! It’s a wig!

  116. Janet says:

    Yup! It’s a wig!

  117. April says:

    I am waiting for her to come out and admit she’s transgendered and used to have a !%@++_(_+&~&&_$_ If you look like a man and sound like a man (probably a man)!

  118. Jason says:

    Does Brett know about Dolce? I was wondering how the “landscaping business” will be in Canada compared to Mason?

    Your neighbor, Jason

    P.S. When are you going to pay Carl?

  119. DeSiRee says:

    I love Natasha! I think She is A very Classy Out going Girl… Oh and I love Her eye make-up… I wonder how she gets that look?

    - Oh and *)~+_`)(@)(~(%$%` e$ stop hating … She’s never made an +^_%*$)%_^~*##~ out of herself on the show… & So the fu*k what If shes wearing a wig or has extensions… You’re not paying for them she is… Atleast she takes pride in her appearance and makes an effort to be more presentable…

  120. DeanO says:

    She’s doing Porn now!

  121. Kayla says:

    Natasha is a trouble maker! She got into a fight with D.J. Lady Tribe on the very first day! Then, she called Britnay “white trash”. But, the worst was when she referred to Bret’s fans as “rednecks”! That was not cool! She looks like she stinks! She goes to bed with her wig! It probably smells! Nasty!

  122. Shelly says:

    Natasha is one ugly being!!! I dont even know where to begin. Maybe with the weave and clip in highlights that move on each show?? Or the manly voice? Or the fact that she looks totally like a dude?!? And she thinks all publicity is good, that’s not the case. Clearly any people with class would not be on this dumb show and it’s funny she had all these naked pictures posted to prove she’s a woman. haha! What a dumb slut. Her parents must be so proud! Im from Cincinnati and don’t know anyone that’s proud to claim her… Funny though, she never told anyone she’s in cheap tacky amateur porn she claims she’s a model…Let’s be honest with yourself– NATASHA YOURE A STUIPD UGLY SHIM get out of America and go run your “escort” service in Canada!!

  123. nelly says:

    u look like a man nd u probably came on da show for brets $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ just so u could improve ur man looking face

  124. Patrick says:

    I just found out some interesting news today about her. She is a pornstar. Isn’t that something.

  125. Cincy21 says:

    EASY, easy.
    I knew Natasha before her days of this show, and I’ll tell you she’s NOT a pornstar. I don’t watch this show, nor do I possess any real interest to, but knowing Natasha before this recent stardom, just felt I should let it be known, she’s not a pornstar. Get your facts properly aligned..

  126. Scarlett Mei Dior says:

    go to bang bros . com and look at the tug jobs site haha… its that silly chick but her name is Scarlett Mei Dior


  127. Elizabeth says:

    All I want to say is that she should stop bleaching her skin. Her face doesn’t match her body. I saw the last show where it was the next morning and she was wearing a white robe. Her face was almost the same shade as the robe!!!!! It would be a great improvement if she used a darker shade of make-up and stop trying to be casper the friendly ghost.

  128. eyes-open says:

    she’s also got a profile up on a porn agent’s web site worldmodeling . com under the name miley mei dior

  129. mick says:

    she is in porn bangbros, check her out in
    Tugjobs update: “An Ohio Hand Job”

  130. ttlady rich says:

    i hate her shoes lik come on i know alot ov ppl who where weave and it look way better then hers i hate that blond like where you going with that she has an xtremly pretty face but the way she carry herself is ridiculuse she also has a nice body like she look better with all black half a head waeve more sexy has in wearing shoes dress lik you wnt to b3 pic not lik u wnt to scare a man away like look at the real and chance flavor of love girls they look way better and has black female you know you have potential you make black womanlook like ill take my advice and when u come to the reunion u betta bee on point on ppl gonna be clowning u in n.y

  131. meelah says:

    She needs to get someone to do her makeup. She looks like a raccoon with that stuff like that on her eye lids. lolll That black eye shadow has to go the way she has it on there. i laugh everytime i see her on the show looking like that

  132. CatGirl says:

    I Like Natasha and I think she seems like a together, nice girl. I do however, think she was a guy. I also believe she should be allowed to live her life like anybody else. I saw the naked photos and she has the bod of a guy. two dead givaways, no girl fat cells even girls in the best shape have girl bodies. and the sexy muscle groin lines (whatever their called)and the pudi looks manmade. Sorry but it’s true! I do like her though, just don’t know if Bret could stomach it.

  133. DeadDaddy says:

    I thought you were the nicest, most decent woman of all. I am convinced that Bret is not chosing “girls” for love or companionship… the producers have ALL to do with it! You were too boring.. (no offence) for the show. Not a drunk or (&#_)@&#`*+!(&@@~ or anything of the sort. You are a beautiful, intelligent woman and deserve better than Bret. I applaude your behavior! If Bret “found love” he would no longer have a contract with VH1 for future shows.

  134. Jessica says:

    So…. Now that tonights episode is over, and Ashley was wondering… I like ashley, but Now Im wondering….. Is Natasha Really a dude??? She does wear them tutu’s alot, in fact I havnt seen her wear anything else!!! hmmmm…

  135. andrea says:

    The funny thing is she studied make-up and hers still looks like crap. The white + black eyeshadow thing was SO ugly. Bleh, that’d be sad if it was a man under that tutu.

  136. Zackary says:

    you are the sexy girl on the show!

  137. Evette1985 says:

    I like her I thinks she is pretty. She doesnt act like a +@#%&+#%!%*`+)!+` like the others girls she is very lady like and doesn’t try to draw slutty attetion to herself. And as far as her hair goes its really cute too even if it is a weave. It looks natural and neat. So stop hating on the on that chick..She is like the Hottes chick on the show.

  138. cg1982 says:

    Natasha is doing tug jobs on bang bros. or should i call her by her porn name Scarlett Mei Dior

  139. Natasha is not that hot says:

    Um…Natasha is cute but she is really skinny and muscular and she is just another immoral #&(#`*`##$*^%_)*_ if she was on Bang Bros. Ugh! Maria was beautiful, close to Bret’s age and not in the sex industry. She’s a dental ##!+(!(&*~#%“) istant. How interesting that she mysteriously left the show with some unknown medical condition.

  140. Grace says:

    OK, she’s not the hottest, sexiest sounding person out there, but the rumor is cruel. She’s a woman. Some women have deep voices and if Nat is always in a tu-tu, I’m sure some of the girls have seen up there and were proven wrong;if they thought she was a man. Ashley and Farrah are up in the clouds if they actually think they are hot. Decent, yes. Hot, no. The only attractive chick there is Taya. And why is Brittanya calling the new chicks ugly? Her and her busted eyebrows. Kami is kute.

    These women pull hair and cry for Bret Michaels. Without the cowboy hat and bandana, he looks like a woman. What a role model to his kids.

  141. Nick says:

    Just recently found out she is a porn star. Wonder if that is why she was on the show to begin with. I love these types of shows but who honestly can say they came there for love. None of these girls are there for that lets be honest you can’t fall in love with someone after a week or two. They only come there for their to get ++&_##%(!!*%@%+ cociated with famous people to gain publicity. She is on the BANGBROS network. her name is Scarlett Mei Doir on there. Plus I would have to agree that she looks much like a transgender person, also her voice sounds like it. I hate fake people and this is what these shows bring.

  142. dick says:

    I have seen the full ohio tug job video, no doubt Natasha is all woman.

  143. lmao says:

    Too funny, how proud of yur baby gurl are you now Natasha’s mom. since she entered the adult bizness like Gia and Brittany

  144. He should try some CHOCOLATE says:

    Duh she’s a porn star….she had a BLOW-UP DOLL!!!
    p.s. she was cute unlike the past sisters he had on the show….
    dude if you’re not into black chicks…don’t have them on your show!! so not mad at you…
    but porn love would’ve been so cool though!!!

    i’m african american by the way.

  145. John says:

    It was a shame she was kicked off the show, she was one of the better woman. I think she is a beautiful young woman and wish her the best of luck in her career. Good Luck, Natasha!

  146. PORSCHA says:


  147. Jackie Lopez says:

    It’s a MAN!

  148. Jackie Lopez says:

    I can’t believe how STUPID and DUMB you people are to
    think that this person is a woman….! It’s sooooo
    obvious! HE IS A MAN!

  149. G says:

    Does it really matter if Natasha is/was a man? Grow the +“$@!&##(+~&+~& up, people.

  150. gladys says:

    are you a man?

  151. Jayleigh says:

    i wanna know where natasha gets her lil tutu outfits they are so cute!

  152. nelson says:


  153. Lynn says:

    one way to tell if a person is male or female is to look at thier hands…. if the index finger islonger than teh ring finger its a female if the ring finger is longer than the index finger then its a male its true on everyone ive checked out so look at natashas hands and decide for yourselves…..hmmmmm

  154. ???????????? says:

    you are such a man

  155. lynn is an idiot says:

    the index to ring finger is a crock of bla and you are a fool for believing it.. you tell if a person is a man if they have a co*k or a Y chromosome you tard.
    ways to try and out a tranny is adams apple or shoe size but aren’t for sure.
    shove your head back up your a$$ and stop posting drivel you ignorant twat.

  156. Moondoggie says:

    she looks manish, but she’s a chick. i’ve seen her internet porn.

  157. Jonny Gruesome says:

    one for this show did they just try to find a bunch of porn stars and _(!~($#+@+^`*#~** s
    two. lynn is an idiot your way wrong the ring finger and index is a true fact men have a longer ring finger than chicks

  158. rodney says:

    this girl right here is a porn star i saw online a website called bang bros

  159. Sean says:

    HAHA! Jonny Gruesome is absolutely correct! The way you find out if a “girl” is really a guy…gotta check the ring and index finger. Womens index fingers are longer than the ring finger and vise versa for guys. That I learned somehow through Med school…and oh yea, MANSWERS!! And Lynn, man you need to expand your vocab brotha! You sound like an idiot and prove it by stateing something that is completely wrong. Read a book! Don’t listen to your degenerate friends. )~!^((`~&&()&$#( I bet your index finger is longer than your ring finger and you stick them both in your `$+&#$)~)~%)(`!

  160. melissa rocks says:

    was this chick a dude or what??

  161. ASHLEY says:

    was her hair pink and brown at the and of the season

  162. Michelle says:

    I just have to know; is this a dude or a chick?

  163. yahyah says:

    so she is a he …right?

  164. Allie says:

    Dude looks like a lady!

  165. Mistress says:

    Why would they pick a black women like her or the other ones? I don’t think he like black women; they always choose unattractive black women. I’m sure their were beautiful black girls that applied; why choose the ones that would be easy to cut? Then he show them less attention and compassion.

  166. Danger says:

    She’s a women she does porn now after the show

  167. Ashley says:

    AMEN TO THAT, they always pick the bogus black chicks, lo. Im black too and I mean damn no BEYONCES applied, lol. she was str8 trash, Dallas was str8 trash, and the only DECENT looking one was Roxy from last season. `+@@_&@#*&+%*%@$ im engaged but might need to apply to represent, lol. NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR US, lol

  168. Andrew says:

    I only have one curiosity about this individual. Is Natasha a woman?

  169. Ashley says:

    NO she is NOT a man! I’m from Cincinnati and I have partied with her before. She’s a sweetheart. People need to get a life… SERIOUSLY!

  170. britt says:

    she would had won if hating +#)#*%^~@!$@*$% ashley didn’t try to act like she was a man……that %&^~_`#(~_(#&~+$ ing `%+#&!~)%*@&%^`!( hating on a strong sexy black woman

  171. Shaun says:

    DUDE look like a lady!!

  172. MZ. Chocolate says:

    UMM it doesnt matter if she was a man all that matters is that she BLACK, and we all know he wasnt gonna pick the black girl,so as soon as bret had a reason to kick her off the show he did..i think he knew she wasnt a man but he couldnt keep her around much longer. i dont even know why she was on the damn show, im black and i love this show but lets be forreal, why do they pick black girls to be on the cast, its such a joke.

  173. Sally says:

    What is Natasha’s last name? Is she a man because there is a lot of evidence and a lot of people have been saying she is a tranny?

  174. Mary Lu says:

    ewwwww her armpits are gross!!! at least she won’t smell like a man

  175. brooklynbaby says:

    mistress is so right why they always have to pick the unattractive black woman like we dont exsists!!!!!!dallas from las season looked more like a dude then my girl natasha and ashley fake lame ugly `%@_#@^^*+)`*+* needs to get a life thats y she lefT!!!!!!!!

  176. ashly says:

    dude ur a freakin man r u gay or r u just stupid 2 like bret michaels get a life and ur a pathetick loser with a %(@%$(_(#~~^!+*)

  177. sugaray says:

    is natasha a man

  178. Bianca says:

    if natasha was/is a man it ddon’t matter. people do and be watever da _%$&%%^^!$!$$@*` the want and ain’t nothin u can do about it and she obviously ain’t gon do nothin about so stop hatin and shut the _%$&%%^^!$!$$@*` up. if she was a man na she a woman get over it.
    p.s Stop hatin and the outfits is really cute.

  179. rick says:

    ew! she is a man, and those boots aint cute mr tranny! =p

  180. AUBREY says:

    the way you pushed kelsey off the stage wow, %_!#~“*^`^%+@_!$ maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  181. Breezy says:

    Im so proud of Natasha for pushing kelsey!!! that made my day! haters are welcome

  182. Anthony Cain says:

    If Natasha’s a man, I’d turn gay any day.

  183. Ross James says:

    She has a big %~(*~_&`((*+~`%(

  184. ms. k says:


    I admire you for taking this step. you represent the nati and the black women well keep holding it down. Bret Michaels is a fool for not checkin black women out besides nothin was said when white women were on the flavor of love. All you white women need to stop hatin black women we got it gonna on and all you need to stop copying our fashions, our lingo our style tryin to put a spin on things

  185. george says:

    You know what’s *+^`&)`*$)+@##+~ ed up? If that other girl never said she looked like a man or talks like one, no one would have thought she was. Natasha is a beautiful young woman, who has a lower stronger voice than many women. How the *+^`&)`*$)+@##+~ could you think she’s a man? She was a porn star before this, and if you look at her picture’s shes clearly all woman. If I were her I would sue Vh1 for defamation of character, how mean!! Natasha if your reading this you are hot! 99% of every guy in this message board would *+^`&)`*$)+@##+~ you if they had the chance, don’t listen to stupid immature people who make judgements that are unfounded. You are a dime natasha, *+^`&)`*$)+@##+~ the haters, I think that fat lipped duck looking 80′s wannabe ^&`(&)+%@&_)$*&$$ who called natasha a man is the one that’s the tranny.

  186. Baby T says:

    Guess what I’ve known Natasha Ward in Ohio she is a crook a theif. She has a long record of stealing with a felony!

  187. king says:

    i swear i seen her on some soft porn

  188. Rachelle says:

    all yall r so ^#$*!&(@+!`%“^( in stupid for 1 who gives a _+&)%#($$_)@++!^ if shes a guy or a girl she is who she wants 2 be & it shouldnt be of ne1 elses concern but her own. also no white girls r tryin 2 steal _+&)%#($$_)@++!^ from black girls thats soooooo ^#$*!&(@+!`%“^( in stupid y does everything always have 2 go back 2 black and white people always ^#$*!&(@+!`%“^( in have 2 say sum dumb _+&)%#($$_)@++!^ like that if bret doesnt like black girls thats his own stupidity and i love bret michaels but thats his business and idk y he wouldnt like black chicks cuz were all the ^#$*!&(@+!`%“^( in same=) so who the ^#$*!&(@+!`%“^( cares!!!!!!!!!

  189. lilly says:

    she is a porn star am not surprize

  190. Keshi says:

    is she a Man???????

  191. t dog says:

    hahahahaha she actually use to baby sit my neighbor i live five min from cincy

  192. All yall just need to chill why does it matter to yall if she a man let us stop geez we want to know to some of yall said she unattractive but she isnt to us well at least one of us says:

    All of you need to chill why does it matter if she was a man or is a man let me stop geez we want to know tell us some of yall said she is unattractive well one of us thanks she kinda cute

  193. TooCool4CharmSchool says:

    First off, maturity has nothing to do with it. If Natasha is transgrender, and trying to hook up with a dude, she should atleast give him a heads up; but I digress . . .
    I’m just checking, is there anyone else out there who has seen this chick in, well, um, “adult films”? If not she has got an evil twin or something because the resemblence is uncanny. Oh, and for those who still are on the fence about her gender: in the video she seems to be legit.

  194. nicetoyzwa says:

    After watching todays show, I think Natashas mom should have been educated in the advantages of abortion.

  195. deseray says:

    well let me start off by saying i like natasha i dont really care if she was a man!! who gives a #+@^)%_~$@~^!~`( its her life everyone needs to stop talking ^&@$!$+^)!+((^*) about her! you know damn well none of u would say it to her face!!

  196. Lee says:

    Did anyone know she’s in Porn?

  197. Smiley says:

    I hate Natasha was eliminated. She had a lot built up inside and I can feel her. It doesn’t matter to me if she was a man or woman. She is so sexy, as for her deep voice …I love it. I wish I could meet her. Whatever she does next I wish her the very very best.

  198. ashlee says:

    i know ur brothers they r on my bus and they told me u were on charm school so i watch it and see u y dont u talk 2 ur family dey r sad . simeon and daniel r growing up and missing u . daniel is going 2 high schoolo next year and simieon is going 2 7th grade just call them and say heyy they miss u !!!!!!

  199. DeVomte says:

    she fine and is she a man

  200. taija says:

    i met her! lol. soooo bangin

  201. thugin says:

    i saw u on a bang bros episode

  202. brayden says:

    natasha is super greate

  203. brayden says:

    natasha is a greate girl

  204. oscar says:

    natasha is smoking hot hot hot hot

  205. Blib99 says:


  206. kase says:

    haha, the way her hair is with the pose make it look like she has super long armpit hair.
    but ilove her.

  207. James M says:


    Natasha worked at a place where they smoked and it mess up her voice.

    Natasha said it her self.

  208. Haterade123 says:

    I saw all of Natasha’s manly butt I needed to on this xvideos site. I’m not sure how old the video was… but she put on a better “I’m looking for love” face in the porn than she did on ROL– SMH I think it was from newbieblack(dot)hotwet (dot)tv or something like that.

  209. Joshua's Dad says:

    Hope I get to meet you in person someday. Josh has told me alot about you.

  210. Seaweed says:

    Hope I get to meet you someday. Josh has told me alot about you

  211. Icke says:

    I’m glad to be not the only one who thinks shes wasnt a girl always ^^

  212. calvin simmons says:

    she dose creampies and she is on bang bros. but *$__#_&%*@`#^&%% i would &#*_&+~`*&%!`)^( she look like she can ride a *`@$&%(_%~)`$(#*

  213. Julieth says:

    Is a man or Girl??


  214. deez says:

    i think natasha was pretty cool on the show and she was very very …different to say the least..but im actually glad she didnt win, if shes a pornstar so what (well she is) but like i said so what, shes a really cool girl and deserves a great guy!

  215. podro says:

    i love this girl, is beautiful

  216. julie says:

    hi natasha..i cant be sure, but i think i saw u at the lisence office on sat jan 23rd, i was standing behind u, n u was talking with a friend, n im like, i know that voice, from sumwhere, n than it dawned on me, can it be, what would she be doing here..i wanted to tap ur shoulder n ask u, if u were on the rock of love bus with bret michels, but didnt just in case u wasnt. u was wearing round sunglasses, n black jacket..if it was u, now i know what its like to miss an oppitunity. loved u on the show, u didnt take no b.s from noone! i just hope im right, n that it was u, so i can tell my mom, haha, told u was her…:)