Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Stephanie


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  1. Amanda C. says:

    Shes the prettiest by far! Acturally looks like shes really there for Brett!

  2. darkhorse816 says:

    Aw, she looks like the girl next door. My only fear is that she won’t make an impression on Bret in the first episode, because the slutty girls might hog him. She looks so natural and so down to Earth. I hope she will win.

  3. Jackie says:

    she is so cute! Definitely my favorite. some of the other girls dont look like they are their for brett. she definitely is! good luck!!

  4. Janize says:

    does she have an underbite? shes completely fake too.. girl next door my ^~+&*&@%$(&*&(& no one in their right mind bleaches their hair neon and has possible implants to be the innocent girl next door. innocent girls dont try that hard!

  5. Dawn says:

    By far she is the most real gal, and not crazy poses even though photographer messed her bit. Good luck!

  6. chelly says:

    Good luck stephanie your the prettiest i have seen. hope u make it to the end

  7. Natalie says:

    She’s got potential! A little heavy on the bleach, but I’ve got a feeling Brett may be able to look “past” that. Good luck Stephanie!

  8. nmmickey says:

    She is very pretty and natural. No fake stuff here except maybe her tan. Looks good.

  9. Cindy says:

    She might be the sleeper of the show.

  10. babycakes says:

    she looks like jessica simpson, a little

  11. katsep says:

    lay of the bleach!!!!!!

  12. Stacks says:

    I love that belt buckle! :-)

  13. randra says:

    Prettiest BY FAR!!! A few other bleached haired ones look like DUDES!! You look hott!! GOOD LUCK…

  14. Suzanna says:

    First Jess dumped Bret because she was not really compatible with him,(first season) then Bret pick Amber (second season) Now what happen to Amber and Bret?

  15. AriesBabe says:

    She is pretty, she probably has the best chance outta all the other dogs…
    Good Luck, just hope your personality is as pretty as your face?!

  16. AriesBabe says:

    She is pretty, with a different hair color and a different wardrobe.
    She has a better chance at Bret than any other dog on the bus.
    Hopefully her personality is as pretty as her face!

  17. Yellow Lady says:

    she looks like the kind of girl who could really hang with a rockstar. and not in a groupie kind of way. i think she’d be comfortable around anyone. definately a good match for brett!

  18. Dee says:

    I like her….hopefully she isn’t too shy!!

  19. Kristal says:

    I think shes fake, she probobly is engaged to someone she met in college. Seriously, she just wants air-time you can see it in her face, don’t pick her Bret!

  20. whoknows says:

    shes my friends girlfriend…. and she gets kicked off the first day

  21. Bone-Z Dekay says:

    Um, if that was your friend’s GIRLFRIEND, it’s probably a good thing that she got kicked off. Girls who are taken shouldn’t be on a !~_%_!)()$^*($`( ing DATING show. Is she a complete moron?

  22. ur mom says:

    seriously stephanie nichols, hahahah….. she danced w me at west coast dance academy…and i went to high school w her brother renny..hahaha……..just another fake ^“%((~`!!`!+#^ tied blond. L.A.M.E……….. and bret micheals is not even cute anymore!

  23. paul says:

    I was very disappointed that Stephanie was let go. She was difinately one of the few cast members that acted with class, not to mention she was one of the most attractive girls I’ve seen in a while.

  24. steven says:

    Wow she is bad looking I think brett is smokin crack I would love if she was my nurse maybe I have a shot lol, anyways steph is smokin

  25. ur mom is an idiot says:

    # ur mom Says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 1:21 am

    seriously stephanie nichols, hahahah….. she danced w me at west coast dance academy…and i went to high school w her brother renny..hahaha……..just another fake ^“%((~`!!`!+#^ tied blond. L.A.M.E……….. and bret micheals is not even cute anymore!

    she’s not from california you $!^@(%`%_~~+#$%_ ign dumbass. who makes up such lame @#@_(!(**`$_$+~` she talked about her mom and dad.. don;t think she mentioned her brother? how can you be trying to diss her but yet act like you personally know her?! hilarious.

  26. Jillian says:

    Her face kinda looks like Jessica Simpson without the superhuge teeth…i thought she was beautiful but I guess she had no idea how to play the game

  27. Luke says:

    I don’t know about Brett but I’d take her. Anybody know where I can reach her?

  28. john says:

    the best of this cast, looks,mind,did say looks,maybe the best of any season

  29. Josie says:

    Yeah she is not from California… She is actually from Pennsylvania

  30. Emi says:

    she’s a beautiful girl, but I think she would look alot better with a more natural hair color

  31. alexia says:

    well i guess jessica simpsion has another sister just as ugly as her

  32. Austin says:


    I write this comment just to eternalize my affinity for you. Clearly the advisers for bret don’t know a real woman when they have one. I truly can’t believe you didn’t steal the show. You appeared to have substance and intellect. I think I’m requiring medical &~@($)*^&`_$$~& istance, nurse Stephanie, where are you?


  33. Sara says:

    She was hot and smart but bret eliminated her cuz she was quiet. wtf!?!

  34. Jessica says:

    WHERE is everyone getting the jessica simpson frmo?!!! maybe she’s leaving herself all these comments jessica simpson, seriously? definitely not!

  35. Kelis says:

    uh yeah because you don’t go on skanky rock of love to sit there and ignore the reason that you’re SUPPOSED to be there for! how about she was on the show for other reasons and not for brett.. obviously the girls get worse each season so how can you expect to be on the 3rd season of a show you have to stand out for some reason

  36. Tracy from LA says:

    You were by far the best girl on the show. Actually, you were too good for the show. It is difficult to find conservative, but really hot blondes who actually have personality, education, and the ability to articulate. Thank you for representing the small population.

  37. brittani says:

    I know this girls sister…