Rock Of Love Bus Cast: Meet Taya


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  1. jenn says:

    She’s so ugly it looks like she’s a stipper

  2. jenn says:

    You look like a stripper

  3. Bernie says:

    They all look like strippers, you jackass. Taya is a Penthouse Pet though.

  4. JUSTINE says:

    Ugly? Taya is definately not ugly. Which one of the girl’s doesn’t look like a stripper?

  5. jey says:

    Why did the Wikipedia link of rock of love 3 not give a link of her wikipedia file lol.

  6. jan says:

    atleast she’s not dressed like a $20 )^&_+)!*#!$&*+`!` like the others. She’s pretty…hopefully smart enough to fend off the bimbos.

  7. google rocks says:

    Google “Taya Parker” and you’ll find some interesting pics of her.

    Her boob job is pretty botched looking tho.

  8. Marcy says:

    Bravo! Really, really pretty, cute outfit and killer boots, and doesn’t look like she’s dry-humping a zuchinni and attempting to appear “sexy”. The sexy is already there. Ignore ‘jenn.’ Sounds like someone who feels Taya is a threat.

  9. gigi says:

    She is a stripper, I worked with her about four years ago at a club in Columbus OH named Sirens.

  10. Brett says:

    This little stripper model will definitely get laid by Brett. She’s not getting off the show til she give it up.

  11. Sanchez says:

    This is Taya Parker. She is the 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year !

  12. Angelina says:

    I just saw her in Penhouse. She’s the Pet of the year. Her body is amazing.

  13. nmmickey says:

    She will probably be the runner up or the one who rocks Bret’s world. Good luck.

  14. Cindy says:

    I see she likes to shop at Express. Pet of the year??? Were the other choices that bad??

  15. BigTex says:

    This is Taya Parker. I’ve been a fan of hers for 3 years. She has done alot for Playboy and Penthouse and she is the new Pet of the Year. If you check her website you can tell she is WAY out of Brett’s league. She needs a real man like me.

  16. katsep says:

    she looks like a good girl trying to be bad.

  17. angelo says:

    WTF?! I’m a Penthouse magazine subscriber. This IS taya parker. She is the 2009 Pet of the year! WTF is she doing on this show? If she wanted Bret lamo Michaels, why didn’t she just call him! This pic doesnt look much like her, bad lights and poloroid camera. Her website has good ones

  18. AriesBabe says:


  19. MizBella says:

    I have known Taya for almost 10 years. These pics definitely don’t do her justice! She is not only pretty, she is smart and very talented. She is one of the sweetest people I know. I have always said that if someone doesn’t like her…’s has something to do with them, not her. The person who said NO Class is absolutely mistaken. I will be surprised if she doesn’t win it all. This girl is no scrub like many of the others…she has a future in showbiz with or without Brett. Infact, she’s too good for him!!!

  20. Yellow Lady says:

    i don’t think being a penthouse pet will hurt her in this competition. she’s a cute girl and despite her rockin’ bod, she’s dressed tastefully. that shows some class.

  21. Kristal says:

    Your not Bret’s type. But you could probobly get a part time modeling job at Fredericks of Hollywood. However your not good enough for Victorias Secret so dont think about it.

  22. Monica says:

    I have seen her pictures in Playboy. She has an amazing body! She’s gorgeous!

  23. devin1234 says:

    this chick is a stripper, she used to dance at sirens in columbus, ohio. She was nasty then and is still nasty possibly a chicken head too . I bret has sex with her he may need to go to the clinic before thing start to fall off. Boob job is nasty looks as if they where pasted on there too many ripples when she bends over. She is waaay old than what her penthouse profile says. Then again she may have a thing for men with hair extensions, botox and who where make up.

  24. vinusakthi_v says:

    your look nise and beauty. you are like pitty and cute

  25. Jo says:

    Hey Taya,
    I think you are really cool and i think it would be cool to get to know you! Hope to hear from you!

  26. jadedDevin says:

    Sounds like Devin just hate everyone.

    Go Taya Go

  27. Bill42 says:

    This woman is a huge @!*(`_`++%*#)#!!% she is soo high maitenance. I used to have to take her order at Panera, in Columbus, Ohio. Don’t pick her Bret!

  28. shut up says:

    just so you know, all women are required to go thru std test etc to be on shows like this. they are obviously not gonna put bret with a bunch of females who have a disease.

  29. David says:

    Taya, I know her, I’ve known her for several years. She and my wife are best of friends. Taya is strong, determined and focused. I have found that people who don’t like her are the type of people who lack the drive in life to be successful. She is a small town girl tackling the world on her own terms and many people just don’t like winners. Go Taya Go. She is one hell of a dancer!!! Many in her profession can’t dance, drink too much and have the business sense of a goat. She is top draw with those who know her. Good Luck and Good night.

  30. felecia says:

    Hey Bill could you get me extra dressing for my salad with my pick 2?

    Taya rocks our world!!

  31. Todd says:

    Taya, Your a cool woman..Very beautiful to :)

  32. george says:

    You are by far the very best woman on any rock of love show!!! Absolutely stunning

  33. TbooLoo says:

    weird mouth. pretty tho.

  34. annie says:

    I should be on that bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am his type and well lets face it we would be together forever so why am I not on that bus? Is it coming thru St. Louis?

  35. Amy says:

    I went to high school with this girl. She graduated a year behind me. I did not like her at all, along with many others. She always acted like her *`&*%^~~&^~)!@)! didn’t stink. Dont get me wrong, shes a beautiful girl, but has no class what so ever. Everything about her is fake, including her name

  36. andrew rig says:

    Taya Parker is a class act. I’ve met her. beautiful, well spoken, and caring. shes the only girl on the show that is NOT saying.. “look at me I’m the hottest”, and in all reality. . . SHE IS !

    This girl was the penthouse pet of the year 2009, and a playboy model.. LONG BEFORE rock of love. She is the only one worthy of being a rock star girlfriend. BUT she should go for a real rock star.. not make up 80′s boy Bret

  37. amir C. says:

    Taya Parker is a class act. I have met her. beautiful, well spoken, and caring. shes the only girl on the show that is NOT saying.. “look at me I’m the hottest”, and in all reality. . . SHE IS !

    This girl was the penthouse pet of the year 2009, and a playboy model.. LONG BEFORE rock of love. She is the only one worthy of being a rock star girlfriend. BUT she should go for a real rock star.. not make up 80′s boy Bret M.

  38. Caitlin says:

    Yeah she did Penthouse and Playboy and stuff but it seems like she’s cleaned up her act a bit and knows how to handle herself well. She recognizes when girls are being genuine and when they’re being fake and catty. She doesn’t get involved in the drama so much and does what she came to do – fall in love with Bret Michaels.
    Seems like a very well-put-together woman ultimately…someone who has seen the nitty gritty side of life and bettered herself because of it.

  39. Arie says:


  40. Rock of Love Fan says:

    I’m surprised Taya did this show considering she has been in a serious relationship for some years now. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised too much though because the guy is a total tool. He thinks it’s okay for her to make out with Brett since this may help her career but in reality all these personalities on these shows are just making `*+#&~^^%)##$_& es out of themselves for our enjoyment. If you guys are really bored go to Taya’s Myspace page and you can find her boyfriend on her Top Friends list. His name is Jazz and no I am not kidding his name really is “Jazz”. Read some of his blogs and you will see what a cynical loser he is. I think it says a little bit about Taya to be with someone like this.

  41. LORI says:


  42. lc says:

    i knew this girl about 4 years ago in columbus when she was a stripper. It is pretty sad that someone who had that profession would look down her nose at it on this show. she was an alright girl when i knew her but her boyfriend jazz was a tool who tried to get with anything that gave him a second glance. i am glad to see her away from that jerk but she is making a fool of herself by going on reality tv. get a life honey!

  43. billy mays says:

    Taya is a rose. In the interviews shes the only one that doesn’t bad mouth everyone. She’s the classiest girl on reality TV You won’t see her on Charm School !!! Forget Bret Can I be a contestant on Rock Of Taya?????

  44. Taya says:

    I was just kind of shocked at her name because her name is Taya and so is mine. haha I’ve never met anyone named Taya before and if I heard of someone named Taya, they would spell it differently, but she spells it the same way I do. I found that to be pretty cool…I also like her on the show, too! =)

  45. cuddleduds says:

    Taya, you have a lot going for you and youre hot. I wish you the best but I dont think Bret is the best for you. I’m sure you will find someone better.

  46. Tonia says:

    Your one of my favorites on the show. You are a real person not like most of them on there, they seem to be so fake, and not just thier boobs.
    Good luck!

  47. Miranda says:

    You’re my FAVORITE, you’re beautiful, and NOT fake. I hope you take those _!__%&($*@%`@&*($ es down

  48. Sara says:

    Really? She was a penthouse pet? Seriously?!? She’s soooo UGLY!

  49. Maria says:

    OMG you are so skinny it’s sickening! You are not all that! Put on a few pounds being that skinny is sooooooooooo unattractive!!!

  50. juanita says:

    Wow, what a beautiful mamacita. You Penthouse centerfold is the most beautiful and most classy I’ve ever seen. Way to go girl

    Taya RoCKS!!!!

  51. brittany says:

    i was a penthouse pet. blah blah blah. i’ve seen better looking girls in kmart.

  52. ulysses says:

    Just saw the recent “Roadie Challenge” & have to admit that you’re hardcore & respect you. Just had to ask, are you still hurting from that fall because i was saying in my mind, “Owww Owwww Owwwww”?

  53. Yoyo says:

    Beautiful but please do something about your eyebrows. They downplay your beauty. Get them threaded by the Indians sweetie. They will really shape your face and make you look different and naturally beautiful.

  54. sHaNnOn says:

    yOuR bEaUtIfUl…. I ThInK bReT mIgHt pIcK yOu. FrOm WaTcHiNg RoCk Of LoVe EvErY sEaSoN, yOu MiGhT sTaNd A cHaNcE….
    dOnT LeT aNy oThEr GeT yOu DoWn. I mEaN tHiS iS a rEaLiTy sHoW bUt MoSt TiMeS pEoPlE jUsT aCt ThE cOmPlEtE oPpOsItE oF wHo ThEy ReAlLy ArE aNd iTs JuSt A bUnCh Of CrAp…Be YoUrSeLf, BrIlLiAnT aNd BeAuTiFuL! yOu MiGhT mAkE iT tHe FaRtHeSt!

  55. Krissy says:

    I do like Taya, but she is a Penthouse pet., so why is she acting holier then thou? That’s my only issue. Other wise she actually seems pretty classy on the show, and not out to be the biggest hooker!

  56. DeSiRee says:

    Oh God… LoL… She acts like a 60 yr old Lady… She needs to loosen up some…

  57. christina says:

    i think taya is hot… even if she is a penthouse pet, she has class. you go girl…..

  58. g-$$$ says:

    WOW, I just seen your spread as the Pet of the year, and they made the right decision by selecting you

  59. camryn says:

    omg i know her!!! she’s from my hometown!!! thats sweet

  60. Clarissa says:

    OMG shes gorgeous!!

  61. dude79 says:

    Has anybody seen the parts when she is not wearing any make up?Goodness gracious she is really not pretty without any make up on her face.She has an ugly face w/out make up plus she has them big ears and has absolutely no lips.I ain’t going to lie she looks decent with foundation,but without any ,hell to the no.Her body really is not all that either,yes it is cute but not anything i don’t see everyday where ever i go.sorry but iam not impressed at all!!!!!!!!!!!!Tara get over yourself,you are not what you think you are apparently.Sorry but there are waaaaaaaaay better looking chicks in the penthouse magazine.I just cannot believe that they made you a penthouse pet.Keep wearing foundation and maybe you should consider to keep them big ears covered.Sorry,but iam not impressed.

  62. dmac says:

    taya is the baddest one on the show. look at her and u can see why she was the pent house pet of the year

  63. itty kitty says:

    you got it going on girl, but you should probably quit talking about yourself so much. i think that you are pretty and sweet though.

  64. sissy says:

    After watching every episode so far, (especially Taya doing pole tricks)& the way she handeled her-self when hit up by the others about how great she was, I think she is sooooo coool, smart, and collected! GO Taya…. you Rock!!!

  65. Jeremy says:

    Taya needs some eyebrow help! With all the money she’s making as penthouse pet of the year she should invest in having them professionally done

  66. megan says:

    Taya-What’s up with the eyebrows?? It looks like you use a Sharpie every day.

  67. Malcolm Hudson says:


  68. peggy matrician says:

    This chick is a total snob !!!! She’s looks like she got a huge stick shoved up her #@`&@*&)+!&(^~$ Not a good choice for Bret,…..God!!!! I don’t even find her sexy. I find her sickening!

  69. peggy says:

    ” I was Penthouse pet ” Say it one more time Taya we didn’t hear you the first few hundred times,…..Give it up!!!!!!

  70. levisnteeshirt says:

    she’s a doll baby for sure. Those big ol brown eyes are going to get her the win. It tears through the rocker dudes heart everytime she looks at him. He won’t be able to take the pressure, she’s the one. :)

  71. Sha Sha says:

    Her eyebrows are driving me crazy! She’d look 110% better if she did her brows different.

  72. william says:

    Taya you are gorgeous and down to earth. Any man would be lucky to have you in their life!
    Wish you the best!

  73. cookie says:

    Taya..tou should soooo win girl….in fact I know that u r going to win n if u dont, i am sure that a real man is going to hitch u right away.

    I think Bret loves u, apart from always coming up in every challenge, u have a killer honest personality n every guy loves that n also ur a LADY with Spice which is another key ingredients for guys>> hence no Charm School for u.

    Love u Taya

  74. Kricey says:

    If she is 29 I’m a flying pig.

    PS – I cannot fly

  75. Kay Gee Geedea says:

    29 my fat azz

  76. Katie says:

    Her eyebrows are AWFUL. Will someone send her the memo? She looks like an 8th-grader who just got her first pair of tweezers. She’s eternally surprised.

  77. rosie says:

    beautiful, however you try to act holy when you’re a penthouse pet. It doesn’t make sense.

  78. Delinah says:

    Taya is my pick for Bret. However, she might be a little too good for him. Taya is a mother, woman, and has goals that do not necessarily include being a beck and call girl to Bret. She’s a total package, but get your eyebrows reshaped. Taya needs to just stay outta Mindy’s AO and stop giving away her power. I also hope she remembers there is life after Rock of Love. Taya, handle your business, continue to be a lady, and good luck!

  79. johnw says:

    Taya is pretty, but she has fake boobs. I know someone women are flat and feel they have to get a boob job. But fake boobs always look like ^!`~*^##)#(#(&`( Be curious to see what she would look like before cosmetic surgery. I am trying to figure out if Mindy is natural.

  80. sunriver says:

    I feel really sorry for her kid. I kind of understand the single w/o children “players” on this show, but any mother who would put herself out there as “Miss Penthouse” is just nasty. Sorry, just nasty!

  81. luvvh1 says:

    I can’t stand Taya..good luck with this one??..Rock of Love 4 coming soon!!..I hope Mindy gets a super HOT guy, lost all respect for Bret!!!!

  82. julia arnaz says:

    I think Bret made the best chioce to pick this classy lady.Taya you go girl, hope you two are still togeather.
    You guys are so cute togeather.. I liked you the best. Lucille Ball first granddaughter Julia Arnaz

  83. Stacie says:

    Taya is very lame and ugly to me. I am 14 years old and Taya just doesn’t look or act like she should be around him. But I was so disapointed when I saw that he cose her! I would of cussed out loud saying F**k You taya!!!!!!!

  84. diggywanna says:

    NOT pretty at all without the makeup and no body without the boobs. And why the attitude and constant drama? Never smiles and would be a real downer to be around constantly. Bad choice, B, ma man. Don’t see it happenin for real.

  85. courtney carder says:


  86. DANNY RAMEY says:


  87. Kristin says:

    I HATED HER! she was annoying!

  88. Rita says:

    I am sooo glad that Bret picked Taya, she was the best woman for him. He doesn’t need those bimbo’s and drunkards that were on the show. I hope it works for Bret and Taya.

  89. reg says:

    Every time it came to sending one home Taya would start her pouting ritual. WHARE WAS HER TEARS???
    WOULD THAT NOT BE A FONK??? TI IS almost like a little girl KNOWING what to do to get her WAY.

  90. Allie says:

    uptight, fake, _@%$(~@~_&`*~)^`~ mindy is so much better looking and real….

  91. allie says:

    and she is etleast 35..she looks old..

  92. Ashly says:

    Omg, what the $&(@*~&`%!~#_+#@ is up with her eyebrows??
    She should have lost, I think she’s uglyyyy

  93. Bella says:

    Taya, don’t let the girls think that you could not be sucsessful with bret not even that dumb `+~(`(!)+!!$#~!*^`( of Ricky Rockman the host of the reunion, it clearly showed that he didn’t like you wich I think is very unporfesional of him and only because of that I don’t like him and no one of my friends, he is a jerk for making you look the way he did in his show, its okay that he didn’t like you but just know that his raiting will go down because he has the right of free spach but not the right of treating you the way he did…. PS take care of bret that mindy girl kissed him before you came out,, ewwww discusting, I think bret liked it too… be good..

  94. Jacquie says:

    Mindy should of won

  95. Sher says:

    I think you are one amazing L~A~D~Y! You are beautiful on the INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE! You are so strong as well, just roll with the punches, Taya! You don’t have to answer or prove anything to ANYONE! God bless you and Bretts relationship!

  96. ganny says:

    taya old looking needs to do somethng with her eybrows. she is so perfect because shes fake. Bret go enjoy your sex toy Daisy or Mindy. Oh amber and heather ugly and fake fake fake

  97. amelia scott says:

    i amelia scott personally think that bret choose taya because she expressed to bret how she felt and mindy didn’t do that at all, so i think that bret and taya make a nice little couple but really everyone wants to know how long will bret and taya’s relationship last and will she soon become the next mrs.bret micheals but only time will tell we’ll just wait and see.

  98. Dani Girl says:

    I think Taya is a Mess! Clothes on she’s Okay but take them off and theres a whole lot wrong! Lets talk about this boob job, Im not sure how much you paid but it couldn’t of been much! Also, She’s got no curves whats so ever shes a stick, with saggy lips between her legs, I think Bret made the worst mistake of his life but it was planned that way so there could be a season 4! Sorry Taya!

  99. Brenda says:

    Greetings Taya,

    Well, I don’t really like nudity. I am modest myself, but I want you to know I think that you are the most beautiful real girl that Bret Michaels has chosen. From what I have seen in the past Rock Of Love it looked more on the false side, like wigs, bleach blondes and a lot of unfaithful back stabbing battles.
    You are a great champion in the competition. By the way God is love.

  100. stpauligirl says:

    I’ll second the comment about your eyebrows. They are too short width-wise and too thin/sculpted. They give you a cheap and hard look. But maybe that’s an accurate portrayal of who you really are.

  101. Jess says:

    I dont think you are the right person for him at all…dont get me wrong u are a nice person but i dont think your his type at all best of luck to the both of you

  102. tyjae says:

    i saw ur &*#))+~*+!(%*!@*& id stick my `*~!+`~()`##&@!& in that )@#`+_+@)~($“%`

  103. carrie says:

    i think u were on the show to support the playboy thing i think u were the wrong choice and he should have picked MINDY she is way better for him i know there will be another rock of love u will not stay with him and we all know it hell u prob already left him u suck

  104. jamee says:

    i think bret pick the wrong women. taya is a very pretty women and is really sweet but mindy was the one that was there for you not her

  105. Magu says:

    I think Taya is hot, smart and strong I don’t know why everybody attacks her, she is right for Bret, Mindy was too weak. I hope Bret and Taya last.

  106. Magu says:

    I don’t know why everybody attacks her, I think she is smart, strong and good for Bret.

    I hope they last for many years.