Baby Alba Loves Her Hot Mom


Awwww, look! It’s little Honor Warren, Jessica Alba‘s precious baby. As much as Alba and her permanent pout annoy the sh*t out of us, we have to admit we kinda love this tot. Her peaceful little face! Her full head of hair! We’re in love – dare we say we might even like her Mommy? Er – not so fast. Honor may be sweet, but Jessica is just so damn annoying. Example:

“I didn’t scream,” she says of giving birth. “It was really Zen.”

Blergh, of course it was. She probably was busy biting on her Balenciaga bag to keep from screaming. Everything Alba does is perfect and peaceful and totally ideal! “The labor was more like meditation,” she says. “I did yoga breathing. I was focused.”

Ugh, just like we’re focused on what an annoyingly perfect piece of ass she is. But still, the baby! So cute.

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  1. l says:

    She look just like her father with all that hair. She is a beautiful baby.

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