Girls Next Door Blog Brawl


The Girls Next Door, who recently appeared on Celebrity Family Feud together, are taking to their MySpace blogs to address rumors that they are having a real life feud.

Hef’s #1 girl Holly Madison insisted that she is not fighting with Kendra Wilkinson, while throwing in a few backhanded compliments at the youngest of Hef’s trio of girlfriends: “Saying I am jealous of Kendra because she has an “empire” and I’m “just sitting around with Hef”? What “empire”? I guess because I have a real full-time job aside from The Girls Next Door (excuse me for having a brain and having something REAL going on in my life as opposed to following in the footsteps of the socialite-of-the-week) means I am “sitting around” doing nothing. I guess having people announce clothing lines and workout products that never come to fruition means you are doing something.”

Kendra responded and mentioned, among other things, “I get really sad when people and people i frickin live with believe rumors n gossip.”

And Bridget, who is apparently continuing her role playing Switzerland, had no new post on her blog.

Read Holly and Kendra’s full posts after the jump.

I am so sick of all the dumb rumors going around. Especially since every gossip outlet tries to outdo the one that beat them to the punch first by making the stories more and more ridiculous.
The stories about Kendra and I not getting along are so stale. I think we get along better than ever. When I was in New York and she was in Mexico, we were texting each other all the time. Just because I am usually seen out with Bridget and other friends does not mean I don’t like Kendra. We just don’t do as many things together outside the Mansion.
I am so sick of all the “sources” that are quoted. If TMZ wants to take a video of me and make it funny, that’s fine. But Page 6 quoting a dumbass hater that has no clue what they are talking about is lame. Especially when they don’t even bother to get my side or Kendra’s side of the story. The most they get is a generic response from our pr.
The latest Page 6 story is especially dumb. Saying I am jealous of Kendra because she has an “empire” and I’m “just sitting around with Hef”? What “empire”? I guess because I have a real full-time job aside from The Girls Next Door (excuse me for having a brain and having something REAL going on in my life as opposed to following in the footsteps of the socialite-of-the-week) means I am “sitting around” doing nothing. I guess having people announce clothing lines and workout products that never come to fruition means you are doing something.
According to this source, Kendra was never Hef’s girlfriend and was brought on specifically for the show. None of this is true. No one was even discussing a show about “Hef’s girlfriends” untill long after Kendra had moved in.
All 3 of us have projects we are working on, including spin-off pilots, and expect to do several projects together in the future. That’s all I have to say about that.
Peace out-Holly
what the hell is goin on??? haha
Ok i really dont know whats goin on out there in media world i feel like its me against the world right now. The internet is evil and people have every right to judge but i just wish people would be a lil more sensitive..I never said i was leaving, i never talk shit, i never try n step on anyone up here. Im just tryin to do what i gotta do to live and survive in this cold, nasty world n no im not meaning playboy mansion world, dont twist that haha!!
The show and the media can make me out to be whatever the hell they want me to be and its out of my hands. I cant sit here everyday n try n change peoples minds n get peole to love me, but i cant and i dont expect everyone to love me. I have my family and my couple close friends i love and that will do anything for me n i love all of my fans n i try to do my best and show my appreciation..all you can do is try and if you feel like in your heart you are giving everyday 100% i think thats all that should matter and yes things dont always workout in life like buisness but i dont give up, im a fuckin fighter n ima keep on fightin!!
I am a very stong person but i get really sad when people and people i frickin live with believe rumors n gossip. I really dont go on the internet cuz like i said, Its evil! but every now n then ill change my music on my page and write blogs defending myself hahaha!! Yes i know i have an annoying laugh but ITS MY LAUGH n theres nothin i can do bout that so im sorry if yall have to put up w it!!!!
I thought things up here at the mansion were better than ever n thought people were getting along great! just cuz we arent always together doesnt mean we r at war!! Im kinda sad right now and i love all you that understand me!! k gotta go n get ready for the espys love yall!!!

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  1. kia says:

    i love you guys,especially Kendra,she’s so cool and down to earth.i would love to hang out with her 1 day.she’s not stuck up and full of her self like some people because of her fame.KENDRA’S AWESOME.

  2. Maddie says:

    Kendra Is Super Pretty And Not Stuck Up Or Fake. I Wanna Meet Kendra One Dayy. (: Yur Awesome Kendraa!!!!!!!

  3. K DUHHHHH says:

    Kendra is a LOSER. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. SHE thinks she is SO HOOD and Street well let me give you a hint.. YOUR A FAKE BLONDE WITH FAKE @~~`@__`~^^`&%_ S AND your from SAN DIEGO. LIke there are HUGE Crips and Bloods there. IDIOT.

  4. next model says:

    OMG i really cannot believe it!!!! I mean what the fuc** is wrong with media n tabloids n these crazy n silly n ridiculous statements on the internet??? Media is really evil n it will not stop until it literally destroys whatever n whoever they want to!!! That these girls don’t hang out together very often n that they r not seen together too many time it really doesn’t mean that they r in a huge feud or that they hate each other i mean that is crazy!!! Somebody should stop this media evilness n really put a barrier coz it will get meaner n meaner n this (&$~&_&^+@&&^`& wholes won’t stop until they have done something really really mean!!! I love the 3 girls, n even if they r fighting or not…. it’s they’re problem n no one else’s ok??? Luv y’all!!!

  5. cute boy says:

    She looks so pretty and sexy. She is my favor. I saw her new sexy privacy pho0tos in site —————–‘’M o d e l m i l l i o n a i r e . c o m’’—————-. So wonder. She is always dating young billionaire on that site.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

  6. Calie says:

    I can’t believe this…people just make these kinds of things up to get publicity. Plus I think Holly is a “Sour Puss” about everything, I like them all but I LOVE Bridget and Kendra. And Holly is always wanting a baby, I think Bridget would better fit that role, I think she would be a great mom, and Kendra acts like she is happy with everything…I think Hef she kick Holly to the curb, or at least down a few notches from the #1 girlfriend spot!!!

  7. l says:

    A bunch of dumb blond getting rich. What going on with this world.

  8. Shaina says:

    I was surprised to hear that everyone wasnt really getting along, I didnt want to believe it because Im such a fan and now I dont believe it at all. I cant wait for the next season…..hopefully there will be one! Holly. Bridget, Kendra and Hef just look like one big happy family to me.

  9. fashion crackhead says:

    well…i think Holly feels and acts like she is Hef’s wife…the (~~`__*%^$*%(@_%( is just trying to be the last “fan” standing….she has no personality and acts a little desperate & tries way too hard…i could tell from watching a few episodes she is condesending towards Kendra and is a hater!! Kendra is young and trying to enjoy her life…give her a break!!! Bridget is my favorite…she tries to keep the peace!!!

  10. Katizzle says:

    Ohhhh Kendra go and work it wit ur bad self girl!

  11. kiki says:

    i think bridget and kendra r the best………………holly thinks shes the queen of the mansion wich is so not true leave kendra let her rock the mansion bridgets just cool …..HOLLY IS DEAD BORING!!!!!!!
    And those restless people who r rumour carryers should sit their $%£”** $£! down plzzzzzzzzz.
    peace out!!!!

  12. Sylvia says:

    I think kendra is an idiot!!! I like Holly and Bridget, they both have brains and are very sexy. Kendra is rude in alot of the episodes..I don’t think she is very loyal to holly because when barbie was there she thought it funny and wanted her back.. Barbie needs to stay home or at least be more respectful to holly who is Hef’s #1 girl. I say find another # 3 that can get to events on time and don’t have such a stupid laugh.. Thanks for listening!!!

  13. Karen says:

    Tell me all about Holly dumping Heff for Chris Angel!!!!!

  14. regina says:

    I am really sorry to hear that you have all going in different directions. I have never did this blog stuff so I really don’t know if this will really get to you. I hope you all find what is best suited for your life. I am going to be 55 yrs old on the 10th of January. I have no clue where the time has gone. One of many things I like about you 3 is you are true blue-for real. My 25 yr old daughter really thinks I have cracked–not cause I am such a HUGE(as Hef woud say)fan but because I have your calemdar and I want your book. I am trying to get the signature of all three of you on that calendar.
    I had a stroke when I was 45 so my life is not what I thought it would be. But I have so many blessing pouring down on me.
    Regina stene reginastene2001

  15. nikki s says:

    do ur thing gurl!! +#($_!%*`~)$_^&* what everyone else thinks as long as u kno what ur doin is rite! look out for number one!

  16. Meggie says:

    I am so glad you three went your own way, but am wondering if this was all planned from the beginning. I think Bridgette found her way, but who paid for Kendra’s house and I think Holly should go her own way, but I think Hef paid for all of this.
    Is this true?????

  17. MTeMedia says:

    hi wm

    great post i love it… check my url you might like it ;)

  18. Genie says:

    What I want to know is why Hef hasn’t had a girlfriend of color???

  19. bailey says:

    i hate the new girls next door they are jelous +`+@~%`$~!+*#)(!! es of holly kendra and bridget… they are ugly and rude and i can’t believe they put down dasha

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