Star Jones’ Hubby Dishes The Dirt On His Crazy Ex-Wife


Or, he pretends to do so. Al Reynolds, who rode Star Jones‘ coattails into a big ass pile of her millions, has created his own YouTube channel to divulge all the deets about his life and his relationship with the infamous Star Jones. The videos are set up like an interview, with some lady playing the part of annoyingly cheesy tabloid reporter. It’s all very bizarre and contrived, which of course means it’s fun as f*ck to watch. Obviously the goal of his new channel is to garner good publicity – or perhaps, any publicity at all – even though no one really cares about this dude now that he’s not banging the former View co-host. But we did learn some interesting things: Al didn’t know all the wedding endorsements were ridiculous and thought it was just how celebs rolled, he and Star decided together that he would quit his job in banking so she could be his Sugar Mama, and while there is a pre-nup, but he can’t talk about it. Oh, and the once-happy couple doesn’t speak, obviously.

We were totally digging Al until he called their break-up “tender.” Not so into him anymore! Watch it here.

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