Funnyman Adam Sandler Teases The Who


The big show happens tonight at 9/8c, and we hope you’re ready. You’ll need some Union Jack flags to drape yourselves in, some guitars to smash and obviously, the ability to rock out. At Saturday night’s taping, Adam Sandler (he of Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore fame) was kind enough to introduce the Who, and who knew Adam had some chops himself? Watch the video above to see his humorous “Magic Bus” tribute to the band, and then watch as the Who, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam tear up the stage. To see who else was there, check out our backstage and after-party shots.

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  1. Jim VanCise says:

    Can somebody give me a hand here?

    A local radio station announced months ago that this Who concert would be on on July 29. So, is this stuff on this week “The Concert”, or is what they are showing just snippets shown to wheat our appitites for the real thing which will be on on the 29th?

  2. chris g says:

    Adam,you should be in a Who tribute band.. Way to rock………..

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  5. I completely loved this story – thanks for the share!!

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  7. Jesus Simon says:

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