Kelly Osbourne’s Charm School Makeover?




Is recently announced VH1 Rock of Love: Charm School tutor Sharon Osbourne already practicing transforming ladies into prim and proper rock goddesses by giving her very own daughter Kelly a makeover? The formerly frumpy rock spawn (“before” image) debuted a new sleek and slender look (“after” image) while walking through NYC. Will Sharon be able to work her magic on the bad girls from the first two seasons of Rock of Love? [Image: Splash News]

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  1. henry says:

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  2. sssssss says:

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  3. says:

    this is the most stupid thing i’ve ever read. the girl gets a new hairdo and you extrapolate from that that a| she was formerly frumpy and b| that she is now a prim and proper rock goddess? really? is there absolutely nothing else to write about? kelly osbourne has always been into fashion and changing up her look and if, on occasion, she may have been spotted in something that was less than red carpet ready, maybe it’s not so much “frumpy” and “teenage girl.”

  4. RoseofLove says:

    She looks great and I think her mom hosting the show will be terrific …

  5. RoseOfLove says:

    I think that she looks great … and look forward to seeing her mom host the new show!

  6. Regina says:

    I’ll definetely be watching that! I can’t wait.. I think Sharon will probably do a good job at changing
    some of the Rock of Love girls somehow. She’s definetely got some experience raising her kids.
    When does this new show to start?

  7. Sara says:

    I’ve always liked Kelly and have always found her style to be cute and quirky…there was nothing frumpy about her! Heavens forbid that a woman be chubby and dress eclectically-she’s automatically “a mess”! Hopefully, she gets her old “frumpy” look back…it suits her better anyway.

  8. beckii90fo says:

    wow! im suprised.

  9. shauna says:

    Both Kelly and Jack look so much better now. They used to be butt ugly!

  10. Desiree Dawn songwryter says:

    Kelly looks beutiful
    I have thought this family was awesome from the first time I watched their show….
    I want to have a BBQ with them one day…. Love Desiree Dawn

    Kelly, I thought of you when I wrote this I thought you would get a kick out of it

    My fiance Bobby and I love you Ozzy and Sharon your amazing …. always D

  11. Sir John R Collins III says:

    I think she looks great ,what a difference. She looks sexy but classy at the same time. I think Sharon genes are finally coming out . I don”t see much of OZZY in her anymore. I would love to take kelly on a date ,and wouldn”t mind seeing my x wife getting a makeover by sharon ,while I was on a date with Kelly . WHO KNOWS which one I would pick . Would the spark reignite with my x or would Kelly and I hit it off.Now that would be a show !!!! I would send pics . I will send my email so you can stay in touch.

    LOL John

    Favorite song;
    Never Say Die

  12. wendy ann clow says:

    Kelly looks better now than the train wreck she looked like in the past. Lets hope THIS TIME she has pulled her finger out & started acting like a adult. At least her & jack do work unlike a lot of famous kids that sponge off there parents.

    Kerry Katona’s husband ought to get a real job too.

  13. destinyakadiva says:

    she looks better then she did befor.

  14. destinyakadiva says:

    she looks better.

  15. jd says:

    I’m glad to see that both of the Osbourne kids are cleaning up! i think they’re awesome and hope the best for them. And Kelly looks down right hott!!!

  16. ballsoutbb says:


  17. toni says:

    she looks sooooo much better!

  18. it might happen quite soon…..

  19. Summer says:

    Wow Kelly you look so much prettier keep up this look you are so pretty!!

  20. says:

    It’s called growing up.

  21. james says:

    she is hot

  22. Songwryter Desiree Dawn songwriter says:

    I love you Sharon and Ozzy and Kelly and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yall are awesome……… love Desiree

  23. k21207 says:

    Great look Kelly…She has always had a pretty face. She just needed to grow out of the rebellion stage to see her true beauty…

  24. Erika says:

    She looks like Rumer Willis. She looks good though.

  25. Starlight2 says:

    Scary New Kelly..I miss the old….

  26. can't tell my name says:

    Ok..Kelly osborne was SOOOO ugly when she was like..idk what’ it’s called but let’s just say “WEIRD looking” when she had pink hair and was wearing black. and EW i wanted to go over there and give her a makeover seriousslelyyy! ok but uhmm…
    Her “NEW” look..
    what do i think of it??
    I think it’s wayy better than before.
    I don’t like her hair still..
    i think it should be long
    and it would be really cute then.
    but anyway’s…..i like her flatts.
    and i don’t really like that outfit though..
    it’s a little weird or whatever.
    and also that bag is pretty hideouse.
    i don’t even know how to spell it anyway’s.
    But yeah it’s better.

  27. Cohen Bird says:

    I’ll truly check back in on it

  28. diane says:

    kelly looks better than ever! i love your new look and slimmed down to ,you look very much 100 percent better. We love your family!! We mss your shows and I can’t wait to see your mom on charm school!! best wishes to you and your famly!

  29. diane says:

    I to would like to see her with longer hair..

  30. why change perfect!!!!! says:

    she looked waaaaayyyyyyyy better before.
    why change perfect,pretty,fun,cute kelly!!!!!
    what is up with the greasy unfun hair
    the sooo 80′s shirt
    great grandma’s slippers
    70′s book bag?
    yuk yuk yuk
    kelly come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kelly and jack are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jack kelly ozzy sharoooooonnn!!!!!!!!
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!