K-Fed Gets The Kids, Brit Can Visit


It’s over – the divorce drama and custody battle between Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline that has dragged for about a year now has finally ended. The end result? Kevin gets FULL CUSTODY of their sons Sean and Jayden. Britney will maintain her current visitation rights of one overnight and two visits each week.

You may recall that the couple started with a 50-50 split, which quickly turned into Kevin having sole custody of the kids while Brit hung with shady dudes like Sam Lutfi and suffered from various melt downs and bad weaves. Though they’ve successfully kept their custody case out of court for the time being, but the judge can always change things up, which means more drama for years to come. [People]

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  1. Chris says:

    Is this really a suprise to anyone. If the judge would have picked a crack head over K-Fed he woulda had to go to jail. The only thing I’ve seen as cracked out as Britney Spears is the stuff they got at http://www.digitalfuntown.com/homepage.php.

  2. Alicia says:

    omg that is @*+&`&`*~`~@(@!# ing harsh……idk what brit will do now…i think even though she was going threw all that drama she still made a better parent i wish her all the luck in the world!

  3. destiny says:

    that is some wacked out @!~%$(+!%+#&+_`! britt would make a better parent then k ‘fed anyday and people really need to wake up and totally realize that k ‘fed has done mush more wacked out thing then brit , i hope this costody thing is not fanilly ,fanilly i wish brit luck with this @!~%$(+!%+#&+_`!

  4. Bella says:

    Suprise, Suprise. Did we really expect anything other than this result. As mush as i love the girl and her music, she’s a train wreck a complete disaster With alot of mental help and an even longer va- k she might be back to her old self. At least we know that the kids are being taking care of.

  5. Irene says:

    I think, this is a wise dicision of hers for now, later she (when it’s all right with her) will get them back. Even if she refused to make any dicision, the judge wouldn’t make settlement in her favor(not every circumstence is on her side).
    Anyway she provides her kids and everyone surrounding her(parents, her ex), but the only ones who really deserve providing are her kids and no one more!
    And one more thing, I bet if it wasn’t Britney’s millions Kevin wouldn’t raise a finger for the kids. I suppose the biggest thing he would do for them (if it wasn’t Britney’s millions )he would make visits once a month or once a year. Just remember his first kids. I never heard about his providing or visiting them regularly. But I did hear he was spending Brit’s money destinied the for kids far not on the kids.

  6. Maxine Otero says:

    If someone could contact me from Vh1… I have an idea that will make reality tv flip out! You want to know… call me. Maxine Otero 505-690-8009

  7. arisu says:

    i really hate that kfed guy.i think he juz want britney money from day 1he married her.such a jerk.what a loser

  8. babyface says:

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  9. twodaloo says:

    Right! Like either one of them “new-rich trailer-trash gone-wild” no- talent, lazy and slow idiots deserve the kids! Both of them need to be tied to a cactus in the middle of the desert somewhere and left there for pulling their stupid publicity stunts at the expense of 2 young children. The sequel will be watching them and how they turn out. Howz that for reality t.v.? Kevin Federline is a sleeze who proved he was worthless as a hogs &$@^`$)%+~$+#$( s at raising children and Brittney Spears proved you can certainly love partying more than your children. Dumb blond!! Didn’t she ever hear of hiring a slew of nannies to run them around and take care of them so that Kevin wouldn’t cry $$$$ (i mean, foul)? God! Only in America!!!

  10. Tommyko says:

    What do you expect? Kfed is the more stable of the two. If he plays his cards right, which he has been doing so far, he should be able to land a reality show out of the deal. Britney is a joke and will probably do somehting stupid when all this publicity starts to fade, only this time nobody will care.

  11. MICHELLE says:

    Well now Kevin will never have to get a real job…he can mooch off of Britney for the rest of his life.

  12. boy says:


  13. cass says:

    kfed was the reason she started out gettin crazy, this is so f’d up, brittany deserves to have her kids, not that wannabe black lowlife.

  14. jasmine says:

    Britney is one of the most awesome popstars out there but i really wish she would straighten her act up,get her carreer back on track ,and focus on her fans and children a lot more than going out and meeting men all the time.her kids need her and if she has to take classes or anything she should just do it.thats what a real mother would do if they really want to be with their kids.

  15. rebelution says:

    ppl seem to forget that this punk left his pregnant girlfriend to be with brit. yeah he really deserves father of the year!
    not only that he gets to parade around living the high life off of this girls money which she worked her ))%)`(@#~)!^%%_ off for…wonder why he would want the kids…more money duh!
    the girl s bi-polar and you would think that any person who has been in a real relationship would know that you feel like you about to lose your mind when ))~+~$_$_~+__~`! doesn’t work….add a mental problem to that..she lost her )!~`^+%^_*_)%)(@ ing mind.
    this dude is no angel…he’s a common street hustler who put that thing on her and blew her mind and is gonna blow her money!
    i bet he’ll be “broke” in a few years.

  16. ms.nola says:

    that’s really sad dat she can only visit when k-fed says and britney spears was the one who had it all together but now look at her she’s a hot mess now she better get her act together real soon before everybody going to be britney who?

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