Frances Bean Cobain: Rolling Stone Intern


Rock progeny Frances Bean Cobain is spending the summer as an intern at Rolling Stone, The New York Post reports. As far as her duties, an insider told the newspaper, “She doesn’t get coffee for anyone…” A rep from the magazine said, “She’s a great girl, and we’re thrilled to have her.” This little rock spawn seems to have turned outOK so far, considering she lost her dad Kurt Cobain when she was just a toddler and has a mother who goes by the alter ego “Cherry Kookoo.” Writing is in her blood though; today mother Courtney Love posted this bizarre ramblingrant on her MySpace blog.

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  1. that's great says:

    I’m so happy for Frances, glad she’s ok.

  2. Anon says:

    Frances looks a lot like her dad, and she also has her mother’s looks, as well. She’s really pretty. Anyway, it’s great that she’s at the Rolling Stone office this summer. I’m sure all of the music critics they’ve got working there are proud. Take that, Blender.

  3. elisabveth houssemayne du boulay blennerhassett says:

    well at least frances doesn’t look too bad in the above picture.

    keep her mother away from her or she will resemble a carnival freak show, as is proved often enough when she has the bad luck to come to the attention of such blogs as dlisted.

    as for momma love’s own rambling blog, it took a while to find it – longer to read it.

    not worth looking for. it is perhaps a bragging point that her IQ is above a particular level but in my book it has always been about what you do with it. and ms love has not done what she should have. she has not shown herself to be smart, level-headed, mature.

    whatever intelligence has survived the fractious, drug-addled years between now and back then, the time of “mr. self destruct”, who remains the object of all her scorn, (at least, as far as I can tell) is engaged in a mumbling, incoherent dialogue among her psyche’s constituent parts. she adds vastly to the muddle by trying to speak candidly about people whom she does not want to name. it would be better if she lay upon a psychiatrist’s couch and frothed at the mouth in the company of someone specifically trained to hear what really is being said.

    she has publicly slagged the father of her only child for years and YEARS. don’t you know yet that if you have issues with the father of your daughter, you keep those feelings to yourself and tell your child the good points and the neutral aspects of the absent one. there is always enough time when the child is grown up to deal with whatever negatives might be revealed.

    there will be many people who disagree. but the developing psyche of a fatherless daughter is vulnerable in ways a two-parent child’s is not.

    the father is largely idealized, but it is a fallacy to #+(%#$_%@+$!$`+ ume that “being honest” – ie venting one’s feelings – is going to be constructive. it must have been exceedingly difficult for frances to grow up with a workable image of her father and how his genetic influences affect her, especially considering that the media are quick always to throw yet another tidbit into our faces about someone who was far more gifted than he could accept, who should have had help instead of more drugs, and whose wife apparently was taking pleasure in someone else’s bed. well, we all make mistakes. but in the overall context the echoes of those mistakes remain plangent in ms love’s ramblings. and we will eventually find out how frances cobain has been affected by all of this.

  4. docdave says:

    Karma is a !`^!#(@_!@+^~*+)_ although Courtney’s karma is far from over, when she is found with 3 times the lethal dose of heroin in her system and a shotgun with no legible finger prints next to a retirement letter, and is of course dead………then justice will have been served.

  5. fluke says:

    Christ!!!!! That is one ugly kid. Kurt…you were such a cutie…and your dope-fiend wife WAS cute when she was young. What the f_ck happend to this little hobbit? Well…then again…how can one explain the homliness of the beautiful Bruce and Demi’s brood. Go figure.

  6. AMY says:

    I wish the best to Frances and hope she goes far in life. I have to say that she looks so much like her dad its eerie in a way…. I am one of Kurt’s and Courtney’s biggest fans ever and I’m always curious to know how Frances is doing. Lots of love to you, sweetie!!!

  7. Maikeru76 says:


    Her eyes and aura! Unmistakably Kurdt Cobain, Hmmm, Mom Courtney looks hot and gorgeous as ever…

    All the best and hope that FBC (that’s Frances Bean Cobain) does a column on Filter (oops!) Rolling Stone the soonest…I hope she has her father’s angst, her mom’s amusing kookiness and NONE of their self-destructive tendencies…

    You, FBC, are a TRUE Rock Royalty…Welcome Princess Cobain!

  8. odinsmommee says:

    just wanted to say ditto to the comment by “maikeru76″
    i was about to say the same thing.
    —jeni and odin

  9. Dean says:

    Don’t know if Courtney ever reads these things… Just wanted to say I saw Hole at Lollapalooza in St.Louis back in the late ’90′s and they rocked. Courtney stole the concert, from first coming out onstage and immediately telling everyone “#@*! the ushers, I want everybody up close to the stage” then letting MANY fans on the stage to pulling down her female bass players top! Courtney “#@*!” the naysayers, you ROCK!!! We miss you girl… Please just save the craziness for onstage…

  10. sue says:

    Unlike what that idiot Fluke said about Frances Bean, I think she’s adorable! I do always find her to look so sad in most of the photos that I see of her, and with such a troubled mom I can understand why. (all due respect, Courtney) I hope she will be okay, and will not be destined to a life of angst and trouble like both parents. Frances Bean, I hope you have sense enough to reach out for help when and if you feel that you need it. Wishing you all the best!

  11. Whitney says:

    It’s a beautiful thing being able to watch her grow, and see so much of Kurt living on through her.

  12. Steven Taylor the Superhero4Hire says:

    It’s amazing how much she looks like her father….I hope she gets the talent from her father’s side and I hope that she has alot of success. It would be nice to see a rock royalty success story for a change.

  13. MISSY AHOLE says:


  14. DELIA says:

    she is ugly

  15. Jacqueline says:

    what a beautiful girl, Courtney is a slut, Oh well

  16. 700680 says:

    What a lovely day for a 700680! SCK was here

  17. Muy agradable de hecho probablemente voy a descargarlo. Gracias