Jessica Simpson Can’t Fool Country Fans


We all know Jessica Simpson was thinking:

“Holy sh*t. My career is seriously almost over. No one buys me as a movie star and that stupid assface Mylie Cyrus has stolen my spotlight as the terrible crooner everyone loves. But I need money! I can’t afford my Louis Vuitton dog-carry cases on just Proactiv money alone! Oh – wait – I’ve got it! I’ll turn into a country music star! Those people seem kinda dense, which means we’ll totally click! All I need is a cowboy hat and I’ll be a country gal. What is it those people say? Yee-ho? Yee-ho!”

Reinventing Jessica as a country artist was a GREAT idea, Joe Simpson. But unfortunately for you and your expensive hair-bleaching addiction, country fans have ears. And eyes. And TASTE. The “singer” opened for legit country star Sara Evans this weekend in Wisconsin, and while she begged the audience to love her by saying “I just want you to know that I’m just a girl from Texas. I’m just like you. I’m doing what I love and dating a boy,” they didn’t buy it, and booed the sh*t out of her! When doing what you love equals riding in a $60,000 Bentley and selling hair extensions, and the “boy” is a millionaire quarterback, you ain’t like anyone in Wisconsin, Jess! [Us]

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  1. Bill Beckinger says:

    Oh my!!! She is still hot

  2. Change the station says:

    Too bad about the divorce with Nick. It seems like her career is over.

  3. Noi says:

    Jess– It’s not that you were a bad actress (you were in fact quite good), your problem seems to be grounded in the people you have working for you – the people who should be tracking down quality projects for you. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. a little controversy goes a LONG way.

  4. Natasha says:

    This is really sad-cos she wasn’t even booed. The media are just hatin on Jessica for reasons I don’t understand.

    read for a review from bloggers actually there and they posted a couple clips on youtube like
    Doesn’t look like she was being booed to me.

  5. Burgess Cross says:

    She thought she was big ^_##%_)`&~_^__+% on a stick when she left nick but then she realized she is a cold booger on a paper plate. Romo is a ace in the hole to keep money coming. They kill me trying to save those washed up has beens

  6. Iris Marmolejo says:

    Well people are just hating on her! I want to see them do what she does! She is the best and everyone is soo jealous of her and Tony…

  7. Star_Shine_Love says:

    What the? Jessica Simpson is doing Country…this should be fun….

  8. jess says:

    haha, jessica deserves all that humiliation, it’s not like she’s normally a country type of girl, she was just putting out an act! She’s just one of those air-headed dumb blondes ! JESSICA= FAKE !!!!!

  9. Shaina says:

    I personally havent heard enough of Jessica’s new country music so I can’t judge. I’ve liked the bits and pieces I’ve heard though. There is alway’s gonna be haters out there and it seems like they always have to give her a bad time. Just give her a chance! Im still a fan

  10. Carly says:

    ok, I was there and Jessica did SUCH a good job. no joke
    and really there wasn’t even THAT much booing, there was plenty but she didn’t care.
    She’ll do great in Country.

  11. Taylor says:

    I was at Country Thunder and I have to tell ya.. SHE SUCKED.. AND SUCKED BAD

    I felt bad for Sara Evans.. SHE deserves a LOT better for an opening act.


  12. Mandie says:

    Whoever said she was a good actress, is out of their minds! Have you SEEN a movie with her in it, they all FLOP because of her terrible acting! Anyway, this is hilarious. I loathe this woman. Plus, I’m from WI so I’m glad that my state is representing the hatred for this pile.

  13. JB says:

    she is still the same people lolz
    and she is kinda hot

  14. nickio says:

    She is so lame she dont know who she is get a life girl

  15. CC says:

    Yee-ho is right……..she sucks in any genre!

  16. CC says:

    Yee-ho is right! She’s a flop in any genre!!!

  17. shay says:

    I didn’t hear boo’s, but didn’t hear to much applause either. Yes she is beautiful, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is a poser. Of course she won’t make another pop album, because they didn’t sell. First it was church gospel, pop, now country? What the hell?? Talk about a desperate need to feel excepted.

  18. megan says:

    If it doesn’t work out in country just go back to pop!

  19. MarMar says:

    I don’t see wha’s wrong with Jessica Simpson doing a country song/cd. Hell, KidRock went country and everybody loved it. Country singers cross over hello – Tim McGraw did a song with Nelly and uess what, everybody loved it. So what’s so wrong with Jessica doing it too.

  20. Jessicafan55 says:

    I recently saw you were planning a concert on the St Regis Indian reservation. do you think that is such a good idea? I keep hearing how bad it is with crime and drugs out there, aren’t you concerned for your safety? i also heard that the place you’re having the concert belongs to a guy who was just arrested for his involvement in a murder!!! i love your music, I’m a huge fan!!! but is this the kind of place you want to sing at? I don’t feel comfortable going to watch at a place like that, which is SOOOOOOO hard for me cuz i’m a huge fan like i said. Please do SOMETHING to make this better, I wouldn’t want to see your amazing career suffer over this!!!!!!!

  21. eminem says:

    u look pretty anyway u r a `!^!^`*+@_~$~&%%*