Estelle Will Be Missed; Sophia Lives On


The spunkiest of the Golden Girls, Estelle Getty, passed away yesterday at the age of 84, after having suffered from advanced dementia. Estelle lived a jam-packed life. She was born in New York City in 1923, married New York businessman Arthur Gettleman and had two sons, Carl and Barry, and hit the big time when she landed the part of Sophia in 1985. After a few gigs on Broadway, Estelle landed the role of the sarcastic octogenarian who moved into the Miami home she shared with roommates Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose.

All the Golden Girls chimed in to react to Estelle’s passing. Bea Arthur told Us magazine, “Our mother-daughter relationship was one of the greatest comic duos ever, and I will miss her.” Golden Girl Betty White said, “The only comfort at this moment is that although Estelle has moved on, Sophia will always be with us.” Rue McLanahan’s Blanche often sparred with Estelle’s outspoken Sophia. Although Sophia threw zingers such as responding to Blanche saying, “My life is an open book,” with, “Your life is an open blouse!” still Rue had only wonderful things to say about her co-star. She told The Associated Press, “Don’t feel sad about her passing. She will always be with us in her crowning achievement, Sophia.”

Maybe somewhere the three of them are sitting around wiping back tears, telling funny Estelle stories, and saying, “Thank You For Being A Friend.” Take a minute to enjoy the Golden Girls theme song and opening credits below. Sophia lives on…

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  1. RoseOfLove says:

    I had grown up watching this show and will miss her … rest in peace Estelle!

  2. nancy p says:

    hollywood and the world are losing a legend,,, great actress,, funny,,,, a class act,,,, she will be sadly missed by her friends and family,, i have watched the golden girls thousands of times, on lifetime,,,,,sophia was a pistol,,, a person that always spoke her mind,,,,,, the golden girls will live on in tv history,,,,,,, sophia petrillo reminded me of my grandmother,, shes italian as well,, always spoke her mind,, didnt care what anyone thought of her,,,,

    Rest in peace Estelle,,,,
    as sophia would say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” picture it”………………..then the story begins*

  3. RIP Estelle says:

    Estelle was a wonderful actress. I loved the Golden Girls, and I still do. I still watch them all the time and Sophia was an absolutley brilliant part of the show. Estelle Getty will be missed dearly but thank God she still lives on through Sophia!

  4. Crispie says:

    I first started watching this show with my Grammy in the 80s and later I watched the reruns over and over. I still do. I must have seen every episode from every season at least 20 times. I loved Sophia. She was hillarious and what really made the show withstand the test of time. My favorite episode was the 2 parter, when the hurricane hit and the girls were putting a telethon on to save the Mcginley lighthouse. You all remember it…The bob Hope episode. God, how I love this show. I think Sophia is everyone’s favorite character. Her attacks on Blanche being the town slut are side-splitting and to Rose for being such a nut-case ditz…..I could never tire of her witty wisecracks. I will miss you my darling Estelle. You were definately the Queen of those fabulous Miami gals. I know you will keep those folks up in Heaven in stitches. Off you go, Doll!!!!

  5. missVStarr! says:

    L0V3D Her!! R.I.P Estelle u will always be in our hearts

  6. ttt says:

    i loved sophia on the golden girls she was my favorite. rip estelle

  7. jamieleesummers says:

    I was an admirer of the show Golden Girls and I watched it along with countless others. I believe that the way Estelle played Sophia, had to somehow be a part of who she was. She was just too good at it. I know she was a hell of an actress and a wonderful person. The fact that she’s no longer with us is a loss truely felt everywhere! The world is a lesser place without her and she will be sorely missed. Thank you for all you’ve given us Estelle! Your the best!

  8. golden lover says:

    i cried when i heard u passed estelle. its like i lost someone i know very close to me. like losing a grandparent. :( i grew up watching reruns every morning and afternoons and b4 bed. this show has become a staple in my life and im glad that my mom sat me in front of the tv to watch this witty and admirable show. and i admire how estelle put so much love into her character and made me realize that even though you might be elderly u can still have spunk. love ya *)#`++&`@+)$)$@`+ cat. :)

  9. Pam says:

    A true comic talent that will be missed by most. I always said that she was my role model for my golden years. Picture it……..the year was 2008 and that Italian peasant girl is finally at peace.

  10. JTNIndy says:

    I absolutely loved the Golden Girls, especiall “Sophia”. You had to be from another planet if you did not enjoy Sophia’s witty comebacks. I wish her family the best and hopefully they know she was loved and enjoyed by so many of us in TV Land. She left us with enough funny memories and jokes to last us for years and years to come. “Thank you for being a friend”!!!!!!!

  11. lisa says:

    I was so sad to hear about her, I loved her on golden girls..she made the show funny. No offense to the other women, they’re funny too, but estelle getty was hiliarious on that show..WE LOVE YOU ESTELLE & YOU WILL BE MISSED! GOD BLESS YOU! RIP!

  12. guih says:

    I am not a fan of this people, but I will admit that I have seen the profile on the website, and was surprised.

  13. skydiver says:

    Estelle may be gone, but Sophia will be in our hearts forever. A wonderful comedic spitfire, that woman was. You loved all of the characters, but something about Sophia made her your all-time favorite. Admit it. She obviously must have been the sweetest woman outside of the show, and I wish her family well. Rest in peace, Estelle. You will be missed.

  14. sophia says:

    what a wonderful news.