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“There’s a billion good-looking guys out there, but I’m one of those good-looking guys that’s being myself, being very proactive and I keep getting one opportunity after another,” says Heat in his post-I Love Money interview. Other topics on the menu include his affair with Destiney, his thoughts on the Entertainer’s usurping, his status with fellow Party Boy 12 Pack and the forthcoming Heat action figure, which may or may not be a sex toy. Fortunately for us, Heat lets it all hang out…

How was your time on I Love Money?

It was unbelievable, really. I mean, it was great. I believe I was one of the better characters, in every aspect, from the visual to the comedy aspect to even the drama aspect. I brought a little bit of juice in each department.

It was surprising that you left so early.

Right. I’ve been getting hundreds of emails. People are seriously pissed the f*** off. A lot of people don’t want to watch the show anymore because I brought something different that most people don’t have. Also, I was the only Spanish guy on the show, so we just lost thousands of Spanish fans, and that hurts. You also have the Entertainer haterade thing going on. You have to think about what he did: how much of a man are you if you boot off a competitor over a chick?

Do you resent him?

I could give two s***s. He was thinking with his d***. That’s all it comes down to.

It was hard to get a sense of how into Destiney you were. Was it love?

It was an affectionate, sweet crush we had. Destiney and I put our beds together from Day 1. We had been sleeping in the same bed for a good five days. We didn’t have sex or nothing, but we were making out a lot. We were just enjoying drinking, cuddling, kissing. Everything was fine for five days straight with Whatsherface…Destiney. Then, Me, 12 Pack and Heather were having drinks on the patio. I called Megan over and she sat on my lap. She put her arm around me. It was in poor taste, but nothing crazy. Destiney came back and saw Megan on my lap. She got jealous, went in the room. I walk over there and she’s pouting and crying. I had to kiss her, caress her, talk it over. We fell asleep and woke up and she said, “Heat, I can’t continue this. After seeing you with Megan, you know she’s a trifling bitch. Just the fact that you have a girl sitting on your lap says a lot about you.” I said, “I respect that. We can still be buddies.” And I gave her a high five. I am very nonchalant with a lot of situations.

Yeah, you didn’t seem too broken up about it. What did you think of her suggestion that you weren’t standing up for her like you should have?

I’m a big strategizer. That same day is when Destiney told me she couldn’t continue with me. Before the challenge is when she and the Entertainer were in the pool making out. It seemed like she was thinking, “Megan’s on Heat’s lap; let me go and do freakin’ monkey kisses with the Entertainer.” Right after that, the Entertainer and I had our conversation. I couldn’t care less. Girls to me are a dime a dozen. When I had the confrontation with Chance after the challenge, I knew that if I defended Destiney, I’d be sent home automatically. I was in a neutral state. I didn’t want to show who I was favoring, what I was thinking, what I was going through. I didn’t even take the confrontation with Chance seriously. I threw a towel. If he wants to have a s*** fit, too freakin’ bad. So the way I feel about Destiney: really nice girl, but if you can’t give her 24-hour affection…it’s all or nothing. I was just like, “Dude, I can’t do that.”

Are you still friends with 12 Pack?

We were friends on the show, but something wasn’t right. We’d drink a little, but it was nonchalant. Not like Party Boys stuff. After the show, we didn’t talk much, and just recently started again. Things are cool. We’re still the Party Boys, don’t get me wrong. But he lives in Jersey and I’m in L.A. When we get booked to do Party Boys stuff, we do it.

On the casting special, he made a comment about you turning the Party Boys into “The Heat Show.”

I don’t know why. I don’t care. I like the guy. Maybe he said that because I’m busy pursuing my acting career, but we don’t have any problems.

You mentioned that you’re in better shape. Why?

I upped my workout and changed my diet around, while still being able to drink alcohol. I could look unbelievable if I didn’t drink alcohol, but I like a balanced life, you know what I mean? After I Love New York, I lost 17 lbs. I took off whatever fat I had. And then I put on 5 to 7 lbs. of muscle.

How’s your mom? You mentioned that she had an operation-gone-awry on the first episode.

She had a hysterectomy. They cut her from the inside out, which f***ed her up. It really hurt to see that. It broke my heart. I was aiming to put 75 percent of the money towards getting another operation for my mom. She’s almost to recovery now, but it hurts.

How’s Yaya?

She’s OK. She’s 88. She can’t hear well. We have to push her in a wheelchair. But she’s a trooper, man.

And how’s your pursuit of acting going?

I have a film called Unemployed, in which I play the crazy Italian cable guy, coming out toward the end of the summer. I another movie coming out called Tamales and Gumbo, which is the black and Spanish version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

What’s up with the Heat action figure? Is that a sex toy or what?

The size of the toy is like one of those Wrestlemania toys. The hands move around. It has a button that makes it heat up, like a He-Man toy. There’s also a button that makes it vibrate. It’s for all ages, but it may be a better seller with the females, if you know what I mean. But it’s for everyone.

Anything else coming up?

I just finished producing and directing my first music video, which should be done in the next three days. I’m just trying to let the world know that in life you get opportunities, and you can’t just sit back and get cocky with fame. I took my time to focus on my craft. With TV fame and when you’re a likable character, it’s a win-win situation. But it’s not all about going out and getting f***ed up. There’s a billion good-looking guys out there, but I’m one of those good-looking guys that’s being myself, being very proactive and I keep getting one opportunity after another. Not because I’m sitting on my ass; I’m doing something with it.

Update: After reading some of the comments, Heat feels it’s important to clarify his nationality:

“My father is from Madrid, Spain, and my mother is Puerto Rican and a Spaniard. So I’m European and Latino. Yeah, I was born in New York, but I lived six years in Spain and spent summers in Puerto Rico. Spanish is my first language.”

So there you have it. No more dissing his Spanishness, please!

Keep up with Heat via his MySpace and his official website.

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