The Celebreality Interview – Luke Campbell (Part 1)


You may know Luke Campbell as Uncle Luke, leader of the 2 Live Crew. You may know him as the man who created the parental-advisory label for explicit content on CDs. You may know him as the man who fought an obscenity charge all the way up to the Supreme Court…and won. Hell, you may just know him as the man who coined the phrase, “Pop that p****.”

But you probably don’t know him as a businessman and you definitely don’t know him as a father. All that will change next week when his reality show, Luke’s Parental Advisory debuts Aug. 4 at 10:30/9:30c on VH1. The show finds him juggling an adult-entertainment empire, a fiancée and two teenagers. We’ll have more on the show itself next week, but for the first part of our interview with Luke, we look back on his career with him. He and the 2 Live Crew have been accused of misogyny and homophobia throughout the years. Below, Luke answers those claims and explains the greater purpose of the art that made him a household name.

I hit puberty around when 2 Live Crew blew up, so you had a major part in my sexual education, Luke.

(Laughs) I hear that all the time.

There’s a discussion that you have on the show, in which you say to your daughter, “Girls who more than one guy get labeled a slut.” I know that that’s the way things are, but is it the way things should be?

That’s a good question. That’s the way it is. Is that the way it should be? To each his own. Some guys like girls who like a lot of people. Some people like being called a bitch and some people have a problem with it. Some girls find it entertaining calling each other sluts. And you can turn that question back around on guys: if he dates multiple girls, should he be called a slut? How you carry yourself in this world, unfortunately, is how you get labeled. That’s just the way it is: you get labeled.

Speaking of labels, you and the 2 Live Crew have been called misogynists. Are you?

I never thought so. What we did was entertainment. If people really take a look at what 2 Live Crew really did, it was more comedy than anything. The songs we did and what we sampled was more in the vein of Leroy and Skillet, Dolemite and Red Foxx. But just like with anything, people can take things out of context and put their own spin on what it is. That’s the beautiful part of this country, you have freedom of choice. You have the right to think that what’s going on in a particular song is misogyny. But there was no intent there. I can only speak for myself, but when I went into the booth for a 2 Live Crew track or one of my own tracks, I never intended to degrade anybody or hurt anybody’s feelings or talk bad about any race, set of girls or whatever it may be. We were having fun. We made jokes.

What about the anti-gay stuff? Do you stand by that?

No. I don’t stand by nothing that hurts anybody’s feelings. I have gay friends and they’re cool people. I’m not gay, but if that’s their thing, it doesn’t mean I have a problem with them. A different sexual preference doesn’t give anyone the right to talk bad about them. I’m a straight-shooter. I’ve made comments in a joking way about a lot of different people, and I’ve said some stupid things. I think you ain’t no man if you can’t admit that you’ve said and did some stupid things in the past.

The 2 Live Crew’s work and your solo stuff has been dubbed “porno rap.” Did you agree with that label, and if so, was the aim to turn people on with music the way porn does with images?

It always to me was adult entertainment, not necessarily porno rap. That’s the first time I ever heard that. But it’s adult entertainment when you enter the realm of cursing and talking about all kinds of sex that adults can relate to. Whether it’s speaking or viewing, it’s adult entertainment. The idea, though, was more to say s*** that people had on their minds. The average person would be thinking, “Wow, I’m horny,” but putting, “Me so horny” in the context of a song was saying stuff out loud that most people just said in private. That’s just my personality. When you see the show, you’ll see that that’s my personality on a regular basis. That’s my entire family’s personality. As a family, we say s*** that most people want to say but are too scared to do.

I always thought it was really progressive, the way you guys were so open about enjoying getting your asses eaten, for example.

That’s what I’m saying! We were saying s*** that people were thinking about. We’d go in the studio with a bottle of liquor and have a big-ass party with a microphone on. When you’ve got a person who already says what he wants to say, you get liquor involved and you go to a whole new level. People, I think, liked the honesty. You know, when we did the song, “We Want Some P****,” we had people screaming along. We wanted to give people a release. All of my songs were chant songs. Just give ‘em a release, where they can just say s***, scream out, “Hey, we want some p****!” or “Me so horny!” We allowed people to say what they wanted to say.

Check back next week for more of our chat with Luke.

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  1. As Luke we sometimes focus almost exclusively on the show in adult entertainment. Instead we made the show and went to see the man. I am playing the worlds of catch up with our chat since I did not have the way this weekend.

  2. jenna says:

    2 live crew just did not give a damn, right Rich?

  3. shari says:

    Who ever was asking the question cannot speak.

  4. Ace says:

    Luke showed all of the rappers how to run a label and not be pimped by these labels. Puffy, Cash Money, Master P and a lot of these cats learned the game from how Luke ran his business.

  5. Hypestyle says:

    Hey, you need to ask Luke what does he think about the old Luke Recordings catalog being sold again, and does he or the group members get any royalties for any licensing deals struck with the older songs?

  6. MZ .P'COLA says:


  7. MZ. P'COLA says:


  8. Noname says:

    I was absolutely appauled when I saw the previews of this absolutely horrendous program. This is the last thing Black America needs. We have enough shows of Black people making complete idiots and $(@(#$~$^~^)%)_ es out of themselves. With shows like New York, Flavor of Love and the sexually explicit videos and music, we don’t need another program depicting us as ((#^(++((_&~$__&& s, pimps, gang bangers, drug dealers, junkies and unintelligent fools. With the state of Black America, we should be putting programs on tv that uplifts us and shows a more positive side of Black America. The side of Black America that is aired on tv, with the exception of Run’s House and Tyler Perry’s House of Pain, is so extremely negative and this program will only add to that. We need to show America another side of us. We have an African American running for President, its time for a better point of view to be showed. If idiots, ((#^(++((_&~$__&& s, pimps and gang bangers is all America and the world sees of us, then that’s all they will think of us. THIS PROGRAM NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF IMMEDIATELY. AND SHOULD NOT AIR AT ALL. What are you thinking about VH1. Or perhaps you want White America and the world to think that Black America is not worthy of being considered a serious part of society and we should just let them kill themselves off. SHAME ON YOU VH1, SHAME ON YOU!!!

  9. elle says:

    I look Forward to trhis Show! I cherish the day I discovered the music of 2 live Crew!!! It sure brought me alot of Laughs!!!!! It still does!!!!

  10. courtney-sigma says:

    Oh my gosh you guys my favorite new artist I’ve been following her career since the beginning! Jo De La Rosa!!! Her debut album comes out aug. 19 and I cant WAIT check her out!!!

  11. Dwight Berry says:

    Are we not doing enough to present Blacks in a negative light? Is there no limit inwhich Black people will not sell their souls for money? VH1 will not be forgotten in the coming tide of disgust that African Americans will feel in the coming TV season. Being racist does not consist of calling Blacks N*****s, it now consist of doing everything possible to present Blacks in the most ignorant light possible. Thank you, but no thank you VH1. You efforts will not be forgotten.

  12. Black Queen says:

    @ No Name and Dwight Berry:

    …. KISS my Black A**
    Get a life people!!! Get the F over yourselves!!!

    NC loves you !!

    Great job VH1!! As always keep it up!!

  13. Dwight Berry says:

    Ignorance is a wonderful thing. The only way an ignorant person will ever see the light is to get and education, but because they are ignorant they do not realize they need one. America is really a worthless and stupid nation, we should be embarrassed by the nonsense we call entertainment. VH1 great job!

  14. Classy Lady says:

    Ok now VH1 will give any damn body a show I guess all the porn music Luke has made he has ran out of money. So yeah whatever now I think this show is a really bad idea. If his music is not selling anymore why would you give him a show. But you know whatever!! Boooo the Luke reality show. I hope its cancelled before it airs.

  15. Classy Lady says:

    I totally agree with Dwight Berry only an idiot/ porn star would like the degrading music Luke produces hey we might even see that person on the show. I mean VH1 gets the old and retired to do shows hey who’s next??? An elderly person from a retirement home because thats where Luke belongs somewhere planning for his reitrement.

  16. Nae Nae says:

    omgggg…okayy i`m not gon sit here & lie bout Luke`s musikk or 2 Live Crew`s musikk…IT WAS BANG`N & IT STILL DOES. i listen to it like every week on IMEEM…lol…but anywayz now that i`m gettting oLder & society is eally changing i don`t agree with some things that these rappers & singers talk about in their songs. i mean as African-Americans i think we need to represent ourselves better. especially now that we do have a black guy run`n for president we should represent him a a more positive way aLso. i mean come on now it`s a time & place for everything and i think this Sex BS is get`n played out in songs. i see myself being drawn more to the songs that have a mean`n behind it. yes i understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i mean us Black ppl wonder why the next person looks at us crazy at times. look at these last reality shows that have been aired BUT the star is a black male/female degrading themselves “look`n for love”. yes i know there`s some White shows out there to but ppl aren`t look`n at them negatively, they look at us. so i don`t know that`s jzt something to think about. & who`s to say this show with Luke isn`t going to be postive. I mean it hasn`t aired yet & it`s show`n his new side of a family man & about to get married so maybe he`s turned around because his musikk is the past now. everyone makes mistakes so no1 is to point the finger kuz your going to be pointing right bakk at yourself. let`s think of his show of being positive don`t jzt allow his past reflect n yall head of how the show is going to be. GROW UP YALL. forreaL. God Bless Luke & i wish the best for you & your famiLy

  17. Noname says:

    Black Queen I’m not here to judge you or anyone else. I just think we need to see a more positive image of ourselves. We have enough negative images of oursevles on tv and this is only going to add to it. If this is what you like to watch then do your thing. I however, prefer to see something more inspiring and challenging to the mind. However, there are not enough African Americans in shows that inspire and challenge the mind. It would be nice to have a balance. I want White American and others to know that they don’t have to follow me around the store when I’m shopping and they don’t have to worry about me robbing them when I pass them in the streets. I want them to know that I work everyday, I pay my taxes and I want the best for my children, I want a roof over my head and I want a reliable car just like they do. But they don’t get the opportunity to experience that because the image they see is not a positive one. It’s not about getting over myself because I’m no better than anyone else. I just make different choices than you do. And my choice is to watch something more meaningful on tv. But, unfortunately, I don’t have that option.

  18. Luke is a black fool says:

    SHAME SHAME SHAME on VH1. Lord have mercy. When I saw the previews for this I thought this show was airing on BET. But no, VH1 is. I am so ashamed to be black right now. Yes everyone should be able to listen to whatever degrading things they want to see and hear, but please vh1??? young kids watch this show.
    Parents can’t be everywhere. I saw the first episode and the women in that club had their #&)@&+~)_)+_%($ cheecks out. I didnt know they were allowed to show that stuff on basic cable. This man is a f@@#$%ing bafoon. He owns a strip club, swears infront of his kids, doesn’t mind his daughter being called a slut if she happens to sleep with more than one guy, calls his sons gfs, ugly and runs a porno empire. He is a sorry excuse for a man. I am 18 yrs old and am disgusted by this. White people will be glad to watch this and laugh at this show I bet -.-’

  19. UM_1990 says:

    I think this an awesome way for Luke to show the side of him that we did not see in the past. At the end of the day, like many of us, he is a concerned parent. Let’s be real, families experience these types of issues everyday. Too often we read about African American men that are disconnected from their kids; therefore, it is encouraging that he is indeed addressing issues that exist in family life everyday. Hi wife appears extremely intelligent, which tells you a lot about Mr. Campbell. If you did not notice, his home life is very separate from his work life. Regardless “Luke” is a Legend, and Legends make history; this is just another chapter in his book called “Luke’s Life”.
    I hope the shows does well, it brings an astute flavor to reality.

  20. scorpios_sexiest says:

    LMAO! Seriously VH1 this is just @%!`^^#%)#_@%)___* ed…Luke music was good for what is was (repeating names of body parts repeatedly to a beat) but for real…with those middle school lyrics he aint no kanye…even worse his parenting style (from what ive seen) is way below average for him to be as old as he is..if his take on his kids issues doesnt change i see his daughter becoming some fools doormat and his son is well on his way to becoming a registered sex offender

  21. Tony says:

    I hate to sound so perverted but I am interested in seeing the link to your adult site? I do not live in Florida, but I am sure the women in Florida are off the hindges when it comes to sexy compared to the women in Ohio. Women in Ohio can be sexy but they need a lttle adjustment in the stuck up category.

  22. aaliyah says:

    how old your son

  23. aaliyah says:

    can you your son luther to give me his headline on myspace Ple@seeeeee!*$*$#!

  24. MZ.BLACK says:


  25. audrina says:

    can u please telll me wut ur sons headline is on myspace cuz i wanna find him..hes a cutie! ; )

  26. carlos says:

    luke ive been a fan of ur music for a long time or well since 98 really thats when i first discuvered ur music i found one of ur cds at a small store almost like a dollar general and after that i couldnt get enough of ur music new and old lots of people disagree with ur music but like u said its to be apreciated like an art and i was wanting to collect all of ur cds and cant waite for ur next one how can i get all of ur cds new and old because they are hard to find hope u reply thanks a true fan Carlos

  27. sassy says:

    i think luke baby momma trying kristen he should just take her to court and get his visits through a judge because she a jealous hoe and she want him back to bad girl kristen got him
    but kristen is a nice lady and she take a lot of (_!()`@_$%(_*~!_ from him

  28. jordyn_loves_luke says:

    ok this was very appaulinq for me to read.. ALL of you dont even KNOW Luke but your going to judge him because all of you b*%#^’s are all stuck up, self centered, judgemental a&%holes. i happen to KNOW Luke and Kristin thru Lacreeshia’s mom and Luke is very overly protective when it comes to his family.. at her 16th bday, he cut it short cuz there were guysz smokinq weed & sneakn liquor on tha dancefloor…now that is something everyone would think luke wouldnt care about///HA he does. He’s a good man. yes he has kids that back in the day he didnt really pay attn to
    ( Shanetris ]
    but that was the past and this is now the present and present Luke wants only the best for both Lacreeshia and Luther JR. so to all the ppl who thinks that VH1 did wrong in giving him a show…qo screw yurselfs…cuz yu dont know s&%$.