I Love Money Recap – Episode 5 – Cry, Cry Again


These two aren’t a licensed comedic team…

…they just play one in our minds.

We begin exactly where we left off, which wouldn’t be exciting at all except that we get a fleeting shot of Heather totally adjusting her boobs as everyone retreats from elimination.

That one always has her eyes on the prize. And speaking of which, I Love Tatters would make the perfect spin-off of a spin-off of many spin-offs of a spin-off of a spin-off, no? Because if there’s one thing people love as much as money, it’s tatters.

Then, there is scheming.

In what would seem like an offshoot (or a spin-off, if you will) of the pre-elimination discussion 12 Pack had with his team last week, in which everyone wanted Destiney out and he was like, “Uh, yeah, no,” Toasteee, Pumkin and Hoopz talk to Real, Whiteboy and other members of the Green Team. Basically, everyone wants Destiney out of there because they ultimately want the Entertainer out of there. Why this is beyond the obvious lechery isn’t specified. And, you know, the Entertainer can’t be all bad. For moments later, we see him snuggling with Destiney and reporting…

You really know you like a girl when you have to fart and you hold it in.” See? He’s a good guy. Considerate and able to articulate the pain of love succinctly. That feeling in your heart? It’s gas.

We also are treated to a shot of Heather and 12 Pack intertwined.

You know, all the (probable) ass-tattoos and nuzzling are making this show into something like a live-action version of My Little Pony. It’s oddly wholesome.

It’s time for the challenge announcement. Everyone get out their hearing aids!

Toasteee will be captain of the Gold Team, while Real takes on that responsibility for the Greenies. To indoctrinate him, Brandi gives him the captain’s hat.

Real voices concern that because this hat belonged to Mr. Boston, it may have lice. Of all the possible things to contract in that house, lice is probably among the least worrisome. Again: wholesome.

12 Pack notices that Hoopz is acting pissy, so he confronts her about it, but gets nowhere. She’s about as emotionally available as a backboard. During this exchange, it’s notable that 12 Pack, from a certain angle, looks exactly like John Travolta.

Could Scientology be so far off? Move over Heather and Destiney, 12 Pack’s gunning for an alliance with Xenu!

The groups are carted to the location of their challenge, which is announced by C.J. as “The Crying Game.” Don’t get excited. We won’t be diving into the pants of anyone to find out what’s really going on. Mysteries of gender and sexuality will remain mysteries. Sadly! But on the bright side, the challenge is kind of awesome. Each member of each team (except for Hoopz, who sits out to even out the number of people participating) must make himself or herself cry using various tools…

…like onion…

…a cigar…

…cayenne pepper…

…hot sauce…

…and a pair of tweezers (for plucking nosehair). Not pictured: the contestants’ senses of shame. But it does come into play! One member of each team must elect to use nothing for their attempts to cry. The reliably hysterical Rodeo volunteers for the Gold Team, while Brandi C., decides to be the one to try for the Green Team.

Oh, and the tear must cross a makeshift mustache drawn on these people’s faces…

As if crying for our entertainment isn’t humiliating enough, these people get drawn on. Quick, someone tape Megan’s butt cheeks together and knock that dignity out of the park!

The games begin.

Due to what can only be described as seasoning affect, Pumkin is the first to cry.

She explains: “I have no idea what cayenne pepper is, so I figure I’ll just rub it all in my eyes.” That is a truly wonderful way to process any foreign substance. The continued existence of chemists shows that we don’t place enough emphasis on the importance of rubbing of things into eyes, as a society. Except, of course, that sometimes when you put things in your eye, it hurts. Yeah, there’s that. Pumkin learns this the hard way, when her eyes threatened to leap from her face after her mistreatment.

Don’t ever put cayenne pepper in your eye,” reports Pumkin as a result of her experience. What a worthy PSA. Next week, we’ll be warned against those impulses to flood our lungs with water. I loooooove education!

Then cries Heather.

Then the Entertainer. Then Chance, who reports, “Gangsta down.” Where? What gangsta? And what does that have to do with Chance crying?

Then, a completely possessed-looking 12 Pack.

Then Toasteee…

How does she achieve this tear, you ask? The oldest method in the book.

I mean, really. The book has never been too woman-friendly, you know?

And so, everyone on the Gold Team except for Rodeo has cried at this point. What follows is awesomeness.

Heather pulls at the heartstrings as though Rodeo is an emotional marionette.

Heh. Heather’s never met a situation she couldn’t triumph over with her superior agitating skills.

Megan cries, which is, like, amazing.

Now she just needs to close her eyes and wish real hard and she, too, will be a real girl!

And so, the Green Team is catching up with the Yellow. Desperate times call for…

…the manual manipulation of tears. If 12 Pack could fit his finger into her tear duct and extract liquid manually, he would.

Meanwhile, Brandi’s having a hard time. Megan tries to pull a 12 Pack…

…put she’s so blasé that she can’t even put passion into her slapping. Use the opportunity for catharsis, girl!

Brandi decides to gag herself, reasoning that this always produces tears…

I can’t believe that I’m in the position of hoping that she has gained this knowledge from giving oral sex and not from routinely purging. Crazy as it may be, my fingers are crossed.

Finally, Rodeo makes her craziest face yet…

…and at last produces a tear. Hooray! This is, like, the most exciting thing to ever happen in history!

Heather predicts the imminent celebration: “I’m safe, don’t have to deal with elimination. Good times. Margaritas I’m gonna be making.” Party on, Yoda.

It’s not so festive for everyone, though. Destiney starts packing once back at the house, as she figures that everyone on her team wants her out, and her time is up. How prescient.

The Entertainer is bothered by this, so he hatches a plan: they’ll get in a fight, she’ll chalk it up to his insensitivity and everyone will sympathize with her and keep her around.

The Entertainer suggests that the fight should be about him bringing another woman to bed. I love that a secondary kick-back is that his ego will be stroked. Next, they should fight about his large, injurious penis. The Entertainer advises Destiney: “And, yeah, I want you to smack me. Don’t be afraid. You’re gonna be doing that when we’re having sex, anyway.” I understand spanking, but smacking? Is he planning on being inappropriate in bed? What am I asking? Of course he is.

Anyway, Destiney and the Entertainer sit down to execute their plan.

But they are upstaged by ass-kissing and general drunken revelry. Their loss is our gain as these people get more awesome than they’ve been all season.

And, my personal favorite…

It seems impossible, but watching these people let totally loose reminds us how dignified this show has been up to this point. More drunkenness from now on, please! Put the ponies away!

The failure of the Entertainer and Destiney’s plan only makes the Entertainer seem crazy…

Sorry, I mean crazier.

The vault session is perhaps the quickest ever.

Brandi offers herself up for the box, since she wasn’t able to cry during the challenge. Then everyone (except Brandi) votes in Destiney. And then Real, too, offers himself up for the box. Why so civilized?

The answer to that question becomes apparent on the Power Outing. The group snorkels and has a shark-scare…

Meh. And then Real gets all worked up over cuts he claims are there but, in fact, aren’t…

Meh-ha-ha. It’s hard to say if he’s playing the I’m-weak-keep-me-around card, or if he really is that much of a wuss. Toasteee points out that she’s not buying this, since she’s faked injury before, too and apparently subscribes to the universal law that goes, “It takes one to know one.” And, oh yeah, what the hell happened to her “injury?” Did she just stop faking it? Did everyone on her team just forget about her claims of a sprained-ankle? Could it be the self-involvement really runs that deep?

Then, they lunch.

Destiney brings up the alliance she and Toasteee formed at the show’s very first Power Outing. As we will see, it went the way of Toasteee’s ankle, and she didn’t need a friendship brace or anything.

When it’s one-on-one time, Toasteee chooses the spend the 15 minutes with Real.

Convincing ensues. It is conclusive, but we can’t know that yet.

Neither can Hoopz, who’s pissed when she finds out that Toasteee is thinking about eliminating Real.

Betrayal in this house. Imagine that.


Brandi C., who can’t do anything right except for stick around this competition (which obviously makes her a threat, despite the popular opinion), gets her check first.

Then, Toasteee calls up Destiney…

…and informs Destiney that she already has an alliance, meaning their bond is as void as Destiney’s check. $250,000 is not in Destiney’s destiny.

She exchanges “I love you”s with the Entertainer, which may be the single most disturbing moment in VH1 history. I mean “love” when it’s not in reference to a second-wind pop culture figure, a decade or money? NO. SUCH. THING.

To her credit…

…Destiney seems not at all broken up about things. Good for her. The Entertainer, however…

…is another matter entirely. Poor guy…?

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  1. Chase says:

    i am so mad that DESTINEY is out!! i hate Hoopz, Pumkin, Toastee, Real, Chance, and Whiteboy. they all suck; rooting for Heather, Brandi C., Megan, 12 Pack, and the Entertainer. get rid of the ugly girls like Pumkin and Toastee, and keep the hot ones.

  2. Lizzie says:

    Best I Love Money recap yet, Rich!!

    Your screen shots are the best, especially the one of Heather leaping in the air like the cover of a 70′s health textbook. I love how Pumkin was literally blinded by the cayenne pepper, she couldnt even see the water when it was directly in front of her. Guess she missed the “The More You Know” PSA on hot peppers.

  3. Nerd says:

    i think destiny should have stayed longer!!! that toastee is sneaky, she told destiny she would keep her if the tables have turned and next moment she decided to change her mind for the stallioners, although i do be;live should have stayed also.. i kno for certain they don’t have her back, there just using her for now!!!
    if anything brandi c should leave for being such a dumb bich

  4. TF says:

    I was sad to see Destiny go. She was one of the coolest people in the house. I like everyone on the green team though so somebody had to go. I wish the gold team would lose so they can get tostee and pumkin outta there. they are the only 2 people I don’t like on the show. I wonder if Destiny and Entertainer worked out.

  5. Veronica says:

    I am mad at Hoopz. She was always my favorite but her alliance with Toastee and Pumpkin is just stupid. Destiny never did anything to nobody. I hated her on the Rock of Love but on this show she has been pretty laid back and just doing her little thing with the Entertainer. What harm is that? If Toastee had half a brain she would have kicked of Real. Elliminating Destiny just made no sense whatsoever. I hate Pimkin, she is an ugly hoe and so is Toastee. Megan and Brandy need to bounce too, they are useless. I love Whiteboy and 12 Pack , you go boys!

  6. jennifer says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!itz sad that they sent destiney home when it should have been brandi c,send toastee haome shez sneaky,letz go heather,real,chance,whiteboy,hoopz they should be in the finals

  7. c says:

    these people are so frikken ^`&%#*)@^^_~~!)&#& ed; if toastee wanted a chance to win, and wanted her team to keep winning, she would’ve broken up the “stallionaires”
    this is why women can’t be in charge of decision-making.. they’re too busy trying to get rid of girls who are prettier than them (and probably getting more attention from boys) to make a logical/strategic decision

  8. Steven says:

    Desteny is so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt all the girls are jealous insescured Desteny is hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    She is the only hot one in the entire show
    they always hated on the beauty

    Destiny if you read this youre gorgeous

  9. olady says:


  10. Brandi says:

    I am so glad Destiney got eliminated.now i think either Chance,Real or Hoopz should win Maybe Whiteboy

  11. Cole says:

    Toastee made the dumbest choice. Destiney is hated on the other team, so you WANT her on their team to cause problems (Enemy of my enemy). Up to this point the only paymasters that have made good decisions are Destiney and 12 Pack; they actually got rid of the strongest opponent (Entertainer also did this, but he picked the wrong 3 so is disqualified). Alliances with members of the other team don’t mean much in this type of competition, but they seem to value that more than the Alliances they can have within their own team. Instead of getting rid of strong opponents (Easier challenges for you) and building bonds with your own team (So you’re never part of the bottom 3), most of the people are just acting plain stupid.

    Another thing I don’t get is why everyone seems to be happy with the idea of taking turns as the paymaster. If I’m on gold, I want Rodeo to be the leader every other time (She seems the most composed/sane). If I’m one of the stallionaires, I want the lead to stay with one of the 3. It seems obvious.

    I’ve got a really bad feeling that someone like Megan (NOOOOO!) or Toastee is going to win it all. As dense as they are, they know how to play the drama/reality game. That said, I hope Rodeo or 12 Pack comes out on top.

  12. Ann says:

    haha. I love them as a couple (Destiney and Entertainer)

  13. Ann says:

    I am sorry Destiney left but she has a positive attitude and is not crying or anything about elimination, good for her. Why is Hoopz aligning with Toastee and Pumpkin? I thought she was more intelligent than that.

  14. royall says:

    Toastee and Pumkin act jealous of Destiny.

  15. royall says:

    I hope the Entertainer wins now. Kick butt for your girl.

  16. justme145 says:

    This is hilarious. None of these people seem to know how to play this game. They send people home because they don’t like them. I can’t wait to see who wins. I liked Destiney, I don’t think she should have gone home. Hoopz needs to stop getting so angry when she doesn’t get what she wants. She’s going to make them keep the White boy alliance around and they’ll just take her out when they go against eachother.

  17. Hello says:

    At the beginning of the show Toastee promised to vote off the strongest. So she should have eliminated Real.

    Hilarious recap by the way.

    Personally I liked Destiney she’s fun easygoing pretty girl.

  18. Laola says:

    Yup Toastee did the right thing and HOOPS & PUMKIN AINT NO SLUT…. good for destiny she cant handle the drama that means she wasn’t made for that kind of competition.It’s go hrd or go home. Here in HAWAII we say if yah cant take da heat get yah @&%(`^@(@(!~(@# out the kitchen

  19. jg2782 says:

    Hey, I agree with royall. The girls are hating on Destiney because they can’t stand The Entertainer. How lame is that. And I hope he and destiney stay together. But the troublemakers need to go home. Destiney didn’t deserve to go!

  20. nancy says:

    toastie toastie toastie u are a stupid s.o.b you are soo clueless i hope you are next to go home when you faked your brken ankle,destiny saves your dumb-ass karma it will come back to bite in the *+*%(#@(`(^!+%_ whiteboy you will be next cuz the stallionares will make sure of it you all are so clueless.hoopz looks like a man and so does pumkin.brandi and her roommate are just *+*%(#@(`(^!+%_ stupid you all need to learn how to play the game well

  21. karen says:

    omg i love whoever wrote the little captions for this epidose i was lmfa the whole time :D

  22. sherelle says:

    i really think that if real were to go home and destiney were to sttay i think that she would be in more trouble cuz chance would’ve been cussing at her and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! -p.s. i am a big fan of hoopz so hoopz please try to e-mail me back thanxs,


  23. vanusa says:

    i can’t believe desteny left….i think alot of people are making votes based on personal issues then the facts….i love real…but he is obviously strong…but what ever works i guess.

  24. ashley says:

    i think that toastee is stupid and so is pumpkin when they were on the chopping block destiny saved them and they promised to have her back. Toastee you are dumb you should of sent real home and kept destiny like you promised. what comes around goes around and toastee just cuz you saved real doesnt mean that he is going to save you. i hope he dont save you,and does what you did to destiny. you lied to destiny and made her feel sorry for you cuz your dumb and thats the only thing that would of saved you. you said what destiny wanted to hear that you had her back and then you just stab her in the back so you got it coming for you. i hope that you are next to go your a hoe so go home.

  25. kimbo says:

    Destiny you are a classy lady. I know the viewers can see who is real and fake on this show and so far Destiny, Entertainer, 12 Pack, & Heather are the ones who show the most integrity as people. Good luck with all you do Destiny, you rock.

  26. Butterkid says:

    I”m just so sad that destiney got booted like that… Guess there isn’t a reason for me to watch the show anymore =( she’s soo hott

  27. lizzie says:

    I want toastee and pumpkin 2 go home and brandi and megan 2 go home I like everyone else and I’m really sad that destineys gone

  28. Tazzygirl says:

    I am really tired of them nasty girls on the show. The only real chick on there is Hoopz. She aint up for no drama which is cool.

  29. gia says:

    desnity sould not have went home

  30. gia says:

    all the girls r fake accpect hoopz the only real boys are chance real people on the show sometimes make the wronge decions i will be mad if chance real or hoopz goes homes

  31. Carlos says:

    This show is so fake, it seems that they are acting instead of playing the game
    I’m pretty sure that they have a script to follow in every show, who to nominated, who to kick out.




  33. Chance is Gay says:

    The Stallionaires are fake thugs they come from a HORSE RANCH that’s where they grew up. Chance rides GOATS

  34. ILoveDestiney says:

    Destiney the intelligent viewers know that you were targeted by these bullies. Hold your head high. You are a real honest girl – I love how you told Bret you don’t love him, but you told Entertainer you love him. That is real honesty and a good heart and the fact you say you love Entertainer but not a rich rock star shows you aren’t a money grabber so maybe this is the wrong show for you. You are way too good for this show.

  35. Duncan says:

    Whoever writes this recap I am lauging my ^_)@(%&_^`@##!_ off that is some funny )#+^+~$$*$*^*#~*

  36. Loversknot says:

    I’ll be honest, I love the Entertainer. That guy makes the episodes truly a joy to watch with his over the top yelling and odd comments. More surprising than finding myself actually enjoying watching him on the show is the fact that he actually seems rather smart. Granted, he’s clearly not a genius or he wouldn’t be living with his parents at his age, sure, but he definitely seems to be one of the smarter guys in the house. His line to Megan during their power outing on episode 3, “do not insult my intelligence, woman!” was, frankly, highlight reel stuff. In a way, it’s his brutish chauvinistic approach to life that grants him his charm. I say that, but on the other hand, I also feel like if that’s how he truly thinks, he wont have too much success with sensible women in today’s world.

    Sure, Destiney fell for him, but she was easy pickings. An emotionally distraught rebound girl is undoubtedly going to react to a strong male figure taking her into his arms and comforting her. However, if Frank (the Entertainer) continues to treat a woman like she’s weak even when she’s not, and refuse to allow her to speak for herself at times, it’s degrading, and most sensible women will have nothing to do with it.

    I say most sensible women, but note how I did *not* say that most women are sensible.

    As for Destiney going home… sadly, it was only a matter of time. When absolutely no one in the house likes you, and everyone wants you gone… do you honestly think you have a chance to win it all? It’s only a matter of time before someone with a personal dislike of you OR someone whose allegiance belongs to someone else gets rid of you.

    Hoopz is… an amazing woman. She’s good no matter where I look for flaws. On the one hand, you have her open side, and with that she seems to be a stalwart individual of flat-out honesty and good intent. On the other hand, she is very clearly someone who WILL defend herself and her friends if she needs to, and that means she, out of necessity and her own personal ideas of friendship and, dare I say, virtue, would need to be a schemer. That’s simply part of the game, and no matter what game it is, Hoopz is always up to the challenge. Both hands have something good to say! This is a first for me.

    Honestly, who else can something like that be said about? If I had to say… it would have to be Real. That’s all. I think those two are good for each other, but, as we have seen in the teasers, it appears Hoopz has some feelings for Whiteboy. I hope she’ll come clean to Real about it if she really does, because I have a high opinion of her, and I don’t want it tainted!

    Brandi is cute and all, and evidently she’s actually quite a bit smarter than she is portrayed as on the show. She is shown to be “kissing Toastee’s @)$)+*^*#_&)`#` because she’s the paymaster, but rather, I think she was in a pickle. It’s either… continue having fun with someone she’s been a friend with since the beginning in Toastee, or stop doing that because she didn’t want to seem @)$)+*^*#_&)`#` kissy. Either she said to hell with it, I’m going to kiss @)$)+*^*#_&)`#` OR she said I am not an @)$)+*^*#_&)`#` kisser, but I am Toastee’s pal, so we’re going to have fun tonight. Whatever the case, it made for some quality wholesome family entertainment.

  37. Amber says:

    Destiney is so beautiful.

  38. veroO says:

    Destiney era mi Favoritaaaaaa!!!!!!

  39. Justice says:

    This is my fav show, and last night was the funniest… Destiny go home u weak and u suck…
    Green Team 4life… Can’t send real to home cuz Chance will kick toaste’s ~+*#+_)@*+@$%#^ or punish her with his #)@_`&*#%+#)$(~% lol

  40. jamarquis says:

    green team need to win some challenges

  41. Joanna says:

    I wish Destiney would have been on the gold team with Heather, 12 Pack, and Entertainer. Then there alliance would have worked. This show is just making me sick now with the way they conspired against her in that mean way. I love Destiney.

  42. Joanna says:

    I am a big fan of Destiney and I was supporting her to win, now it’s down to Entertainer, Heather, 12 Pack, and Rodeo, the rest can all bounce they are all nasty the way behaved to Destiney.

  43. Cherry74129 says:

    I want to see Pumpkin, Meagan, and Chance go home as soon as possible. Pumpkin never has anything intelligent to say. I’m tired of seeing Meagan in those skimpy bathing suits. And Chance is nothing but a douche bag. He is no way near being gangsta and I wish he would just shut up about it. I’m still rooting for Hoops!

  44. merisa says:

    this is the funny’s show ever:////

  45. HoopzFan says:


    HOOPZ is defintely amazing….but HELLA SMART 2!! From what im seeing so far, she has this game won. Let me draw this map………………….

    HOOPZ is controlling Real, Pumkin, Toastee, Chance, Rodeo and Whiteboy.

    USE THEM to get rid of everybody else, and then USE THEM to get rid of EACH OTHER!!!!

    HOOPZ IS BRILLIANT….i hope she won!!!!!

    AND SHE IS HELLA FINE…….Real i dont like u sleepin next to her either, you punk

    p.s. HOOPZ don’t have feelings for none of them cuz REMEMBER she has a man….its all game :)

  46. dee says:

    That war a trip that destiny thought taastee was going to save her. toastee did the right thing. Entertainer aint no fool. he did not leave with his girl. The alliances cant stay together forever. Only one person will win in thr end. Hoopz did i c u in the bed beside real? u go girl!

  47. Maria says:

    I like the pic of Destiney and Entertainer at the top, it’s so romantic! I like your recaps they are very funny.

  48. Maria says:

    I love the pic of them kissing too. They’re so hot together.

  49. Hoopzfan says:

    ROTFL….LMAO at Pumkin!!!!!!

    Man this was the funniest and freakiest episode so far!!!

    the Entertainer is koo koo….and 12 pack is gay gay gay

    oh and NEEd more HOOPZ….whew she is soooooooo pretty and smart, wish i was in dat house wit her!!!!

  50. iMHAWT says:




  51. Lana says:

    I wanted Destiney to win or at least stay longer. Damn I don’t even want to watch this _*+^^#!_@`(*(#(+ anymore.

  52. suzannah zazz says:

    Racist garbage like you make me want to throw up. You’re a prude, too. Girls like to have fun, are you some kind of Taliban that that bothers you ? As if black culture is something we should aspire to LOL I’d rather have sex than shooting eachother.

  53. Juliothehorrilbe says:

    I think Toastie, should of made a deal, for a favor to be called in later, with white boy, chance and real, not to get rid of real. And then make the same deal with entertainer, destiney and 12pak, not to get rid of Destiny. She should then sent Brandy C. Home.

  54. suzannah zazz says:

    You should delete my blog because since you deleted the one I was replying to, so it makes no sense now.

  55. Shirl says:

    I would like to see Toastee, Pumpkin,Megan,Brandi C be the next ones to go home..
    Eventually ppl are gonna find out about Toastee lying about her ankle and Pumpkin
    supposely having an eating disorder,whatever!
    My favs are Rodeo,Hoopz,12Pack,Entertainer,WhiteBoy and Real..
    Toastee’s, Brandi C and Pumpkin’s days are numbered, they are so FAKE!
    Rodeo and a few others are there for the right reasons, cannot say much
    about anyone else that’s for sure.
    To Megan,Toastee,Pumpkin,Brandi C you suck royally, what goes around comes around..
    Eventually you 4 will be sent home.

  56. Olga says:

    Obviously people will scheme for money but what I can’t stand is people that are all together fake.
    Although Megan wants to help mentally challanged dogs..odd and sweet this is the second show we have that shows she’s fake andd causes ALOT of unecissary problems and most of the people on the show don’t REALLY NEED the money or have noble causes for it..imagine that..reality show stars who want more money.
    I know the entertainer’s crazy but he actually needs the money.
    As far as other people go…Heather,Rodeo and Whiteboy seem to be genuine people so I hope they stick around and mabey even win the money!
    The others?Need to stick around FOR NOW because their entertaining to watch!..Their days are numbered anyway.

  57. Bri says:

    Oh hell no I like Destiny why don’t Megan an Brandi go instead.

  58. Madison says:

    Rodeo should go home, She got stuck in the wires, slapped by a chicken and could not cry, I dont know why the teams are hating on the same people and not getting rid of the losers. Her laugh is annoying. And what about this Stallionaire alliance being stronger than ever, the green team has been losing most of the challenges, what makes them so strong?? They got to go!!! starting with Chance (loser) who is too proud to do challenges, I would have axed him from day one.

  59. hatetoastee says:

    toatee is a liar she promised destiney she would save her in the time when it was her on the chopping block and she broke her promise. toastee is a lying skank

  60. jeanell miranda says:

    these people are crazier than boston, but Hoopz eventually will win YEs Again!

  61. April says:

    Destiney’s elimination has changed the whole show for me, now I am mad at the people that sent Destiney home and I want the Entertainer to win.

  62. Grace says:

    I want Toastee to get toasted out of there! She doesn’t deserve to be there. She didn’t keep her word with Destiney. She just proved that she’ll do whatever it takes, so her supposed alliances better watch out for her. I really liked Destiney the Entertainer together. I hope the Entertainer takes it all! The Entertainer seems like the most genuine of them all! He says it like it is. I really hope he takes it and wins the living crap out of everybody.

  63. junior says:


  64. Trey says:

    I didn’t want Destiny to go home exspecially since her father die on Rock of Love I hope that Frank wins it now. If the ratings drop they will bring back Destiny (thats what happen on I Love New York 2 with Budda.) Everyone say that Brandi C. and Megan are dumb but in my opinion they are the smartest ones there they are coming closer and closer to the money every elimiation because of there unintelligents, they are the weakest links so everyone are letting them stay. Even though they lie and “join” alliances then backstab they are getting further. If Toastee was smart she would have joined (or rejoined) the alliance with the Hoopz, Heather, 12 Pack, and Pumpkin and would have sent Real home to Break up the Stallionares , they have the strongest alliance in the house, and they are going to win if someone dont stop them. I believe that the show is scripted because of the going home and because there hasnt been any violence within the house.

  65. Dwayne says:

    I miss Destiney, but I’m pullin’ for Hoopz, White Boy and the Stallionaires

  66. Ihatepumpkin says:

    Ok… Pumpkin… ur the biggest @_*@*$%*`(!__~++ ing !%`$)@&$%_*~(+!% in the whole world… u wanna get destiny out… but u promised her ur word… ur a low life and i hope ur @_*@*$%*`(!__~++ ing family dies in a funny way… Toastee… ur a dumb @_*@*$%*`(!__~++ ing !%`$)@&$%_*~(+!% with a horrible accent BECAUSE u listened to pumpkin and the stallionairs…. u suck and u know ur hated in ur aliance now because u almost sent real home… wat u shoulda did was sent his sorry )_!!!@$*((#@(($$)# _+^ home because i @_*@*$%*`(!__~++ ing hate that stupid %*^#%+!^*&(*!^!!@ y chance and whiteboy and real… DESTINY SHOULD HAVE STAYED! HER HEATHER ENTERTAINER AND 12 PACK R COOLEST PEOPLE IN THIS @_*@*$%*`(!__~++ ING SHOW

  67. a says:

    pumpkin and toastee should go home they are fakes they promise destiny that if she dosen’t eliminate them, they will have her back and obviously they didn’t. The entertainer should win he is probably the only real person in a house fill with fakes.

  68. chance fan says:


  69. jenny says:

    i dont think rodeo is as strong as they make her seem, i look at her like on of the weakest ones, and i think toastee just wanted to be cool with hoopz and them so she sent destiney home when she knows that she should have broken up the stallionaires… this game is real grimey, it’s all about playing dirty just like destiney says…but i love it!

  70. Jennifer says:

    I think toastee is a little skank. Brandi C Megan two dumb people, Mr Boston too whiny but sweet, The Entertainer , 12 pack are so hot. Real,& Chance are so player like. White boy is just trying to be like them but he’s cool. Rodeo & Heather are pretty girls. Destiney she’s pretty too, I wonder if she and the entertainer stay together after this crazy show. She was betrayed and played by a `(_)~_%@+&$~~)^`& Pumkin is just like toastee. Hoops well she’ll just use anyone to get what she wants of course I have the feelin that something will go down. This show is so crazy !

  71. I Love Money says:

    i was sad to see destiney go . . .. but she was right she was too sweet to be in a compatition like that. But she was dumb dating the entertainer. he is such a b*** who prob. to this day still lives with his parents!! But i think it was rude of toastee to tell destiney when she was the paymaster. that she would have her back. I kinda though she would though because thats how every reality show is. So i will miss destiney, but i hope the entertainer does not win!!

  72. lavajava says:

    That’s `&%!)@`()#@_#`$& is ~+~@(~!)&+&#++(! up

  73. l.shanks says:

    is it too much to ask for meagan to get kicked off the show? could real possibly be more fake with that reject prince hat on ?

  74. sandy says:

    The final ones standing should be:

    White Boy

    Next person kicked off should be Brandi C or Megan.

    Winner should be between Hoops and White Boy.

  75. ED says:


  76. Aurora says:

    I am a big fan of Destiney, now it’s down to Entertainer, Heather, 12 Pack, and Rodeo, the rest can all bounce they are all stupid and fake.

  77. midwestmom says:

    Rich, I only read the articles you write. You’re hilarious! Love The Crying Game reference and Heather using Yoda speak was hilarious too!

  78. asdfghjkl; says:

    i think brandi c is gonna win bc shes ++_!#$~@@(+!^&@_ ing amazing and well come on she oviously gets wat she wants

  79. Dimples** says:

    I think white boy should win cause he is focus in i love his sexy !_$^)*_~+$`_(_` voice& him and hoops should hook up or me and him should hook up which ever would please me cause we both are sexy !_$^)*_~+$`_(_` hell

  80. betty says:

    I want white boy to win because he is so cool. Love him. I hate heather, she is a ****. She should get eliminated

  81. Jesus says:

    I think that The Entertainer should wim… he is funny and cool while toastee, whiteboy, chance, real, pumkin are all fake ~~^`(&%^~@^`$(+$` es and they should egt kicked off the show because they are `%+&!(~%#!$*#(%~ ing stupid!! Destiney didn;t deserve to go home :(

  82. Michelle says:

    I also think the Entertainer should win or get his own show!!!

  83. Troy says:

    Pumpkin walks like she has a big $#@* up her butt, chance and real claim they’re gangstas, but Chance’s skinny, uuuggly ^__***%#(_*#+$& looks like urko, Real looks like cousin IT too damn short and very flabby, even has girl t#@%. I’m from south central LA, these fools are no thugs, they are wannabes! I bet Whiteboy has more hearts than these two fools put together. Toastee is just a nasty porn slut with a speech impediment, Megan like Bret said has no expressions and I hate the way she talks.Destiney’s only fault if you can call it that was that she wasn’t hip to being a manipulating, deceitful tramp, like the other hoes. that is why she is everyones favorite, but damn girl you are too fine to mess with the entertainer and heat! Baby girl you also jumped into their beds too quickly and had no trouble switching from Heat’s bed to Franks, Have a little self respect. You deserve better! I thought Hoops was cool until she stood up for real, because toastee would have eliminated him, if it wasnt for Hoops and old ^__***%#(_*#+$& looking Pumpkin. I’m not sure yet, but as of now I would like Heather to win it. Only cause she beat the out of Daisy!! i loved it!!

  84. Tweety says:

    in th3 pic…0f…d3stin3y,bradi c…and r3al…u cant s33 r3alz fac3…and i think th3 3nt3rtain3r sh0uld win..and h3 iz s0 cut3!! l0l … = ]

  85. mary says:

    all of yall are idiots because no one is going to vote hottie off and the entertainer is the biggest `^+^*+#+@#*&_$$~) ive ever seen

  86. leesjuicee says:

    I totally din’t want Destiny to go home! Her and Megan are my favs! Destiny cause she reminds me of someone I would choose as a friend an Megan cuz she doesn’t let anything phase her!

  87. splubie says:

    I think Destiny should have stayed. Her team should have got rid of Chance! he has already made his team lose to missions THE 1st TWO! Chance is a punk anyway!!

  88. Kailaaaaaaaaa says:

    I frikinq hate Meghan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. damian sheats says:

    *&%#^+^@~$@_#%%^ she fake toastee is so damn dum real and all the green team is goin to sent her $~%)~)^`(&$@%)~ home fast if they had the chance they tryin to get money not damn frieands her $~%)~)^`(&$@%)~ goin home she ant goin to win *&%#^+^@~$@_#%%^ watch and destiney was one of the best and realist there she shud kick toastee’s $~%)~)^`(&$@%)~ for doin that *&%#^+^@~$@_#%%^

  90. Wanda says:

    What kind of women are you guys that can not cry at will.

  91. Dez says:

    megan, toastee, pumpkin & brandi need to go. These airheads are useless. I can’t wait till they get eliminated & they will…..real soon. They are not interesting enough to be on such a show. They’re days are counted.

  92. missie says:

    i totally agree with you dez brandi and megan are really airheads.

  93. Dudess says:

    I am so glad Destiney is gone, she betrayed her team first and now it came back to bite her.

  94. Lina says:

    Thanks Toastee for getting that 2 face skank off the show. Destiney said she doesn’t play dirty, right? She was the first one to scheme against her team.

  95. Daneal says:

    Destiney could not be trusted, she turned on her team and would have only saved her buddies. So her team got rid of her.

  96. ashley says:

    I was so glad to see Destiney go. She was back stabbing +@($&#*`^+$(#+##+ and the only reason The Entertainer was with her was to use her to get out if his parents house, MAMAS BOY, and have an allianve with someone because everyone knows hes NUTS!! I love the Stallionare alliance,Real,Whiteboy and Chance are so hot and all three deserve the money more than anyone with the lifestyles they grew up in Because I know how it is living in a world where you dont know where youre gonna get your next meal or if your gonna get shot leaving your porch.So,MORE POWER to The Stallionares and GOOD LUCK!!

  97. Hello out there says:

    Yeah, Destiney needed to go. She did start playing dirty first. Now she knows how heat feels.

  98. DQ says:

    I could watch 12pack ~()_)!)+_(~)!~)%) slap Toastee all nite long. That’s some funny %$@)&_$)+!)$@~!)

  99. Island Gryl... says:

    I wanted to wish Entertainer & Destiney the best … I hope everything works out … your a cute couple !! To all the Hot Men of the I Love Money House ………Just plain YUMMY ! and to all of the Beautiful Women of the house ………..Kick the men’s `~(#)!$$`(!@^_^ s …………(wink) ………….lol……………M

  100. tiny says:

    i like this episode. my favorite part was when that stupid girl megan put cayan pepper all in her eye! that had me laughin 4 20mins it was do hilarious

  101. john stickno says:

    you have the lowest of lows gathered on one show can you expect any thing else {get jobs and lives people }

  102. Peyisca says:

    I love this show is crazy like me so i like seeing people do weird stuff like these people here you never know whats going to happen……Peace n Love this show is the BEST EVER

  103. Julie says:

    i think that Destiny and The Entertainer make a cute couple and i don’t think that she should have been eliminated because she is dating The Entertainer. i think Brandi C should of gone home. I can’t stand her.

  104. marie says:

    i think real and hoopz are going to hook hes my man and every thing but shes worth him having ands things are getting a little sneaky around there they neeed the entertiner out of there

  105. donnia says:

    the entertaer took this a lettle for and hes talking about hes goeing to blow the house if sombody elimenate destiny.then b4 the entananer elematied heat becuse he didnot stand up fordisteny what tip of crap is that.hes a dum#%*&^@!

  106. kristen says:

    I really think that megan,brandi,and toastee should go home. They r all airheads. And i dont think destiney should of went home and toastee was suppost to have destineys back because destiney had hers. And toastee is the real back stabber!!

  107. Hoppzfan4life says:




    TEAM HOOPZ!!!!

  108. Sophia says:

    Toatee is big fat liar she fake her injuries and Destiney ketp her n da house and also pumpkin they both haters i know Destiney will get revenge at the reunion

  109. Rachel says:

    No, Destiney did not deserve to go. Toastee broke her promise to Destiney to have her back. She caved into pressure to push out Destiney because Toastee is a weak indiviudal. Destiney is a diamond and Toastee is garbage.

  110. Rachel says:

    I hope Entertainer wins and splits the money with Destiney. That would be a romantic ending.

  111. JR says:

    I’ll say this but Destiney deserve to stay because she is cute and nice but deserve to go because she is a snake and nasty because she’s a bisexual.

  112. Ciara says:

    We despretly need Charm School 2 news

    PLEASE VH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  113. kelly says:

    I was hoping destiney would of stayed and real would of been booted off.

  114. Dominque says:

    I think Toastee is a fake because she didn’t keep her word she said to Destiney if she didn’t get eleminate by her she wouldn’t eleminate her when it come her time to decide who go home next , but she had to do what she had to do I mean she couldn’t eleminate real that the strongest player on they team they needed him on their team to win all their challenges

  115. Kelly says:

    This si an addictive show but some of these players are so fake, to be expected! Toastee is a $%&*)`#@%`&^&)!(@ fraud. She gave Destiny her word and is in an alliance that will take her down. Can you say STUPID! I know the people that will not win tostee,megan, and B. They are the ones the others are holding on to to complete the game since they are week girly girls! The guys could take them as well as hoops,rodeo! Good luck suckers~ I love to watch see the good go bad and the weak get strong but some of the girls who think they have amde it are only a weak link to make the others stronger! how lame are they! Your fait is DESTINY!!!

  116. Kelly H says:

    As I said Toastee is a back stabber. But again it is a game. Trust no one I say. But the sleezy porn girl-toastee will be toasted, Megan the tease hooker will be banished and B. C. can’t remember her as she is slow and dumd she will also go. They are just girls they are hanging on to to weak’en things. The guys and stronger girls will let them go but are hanging on to them because they are weak . THE STONGER WILL BEAT THEM IN THE END! That is why they are still there. Less competiotin.

  117. stacy says:

    Please bring Destiny back. I think she deserves the money most! She is an honest kind hearted gal and just lost her father to cancer to boot. damn give her a break, she did not deserve to go.

  118. Jackie says:

    Destiney is the only person I am a fan of out of this whole show so it sucks now. I will keep watching for the Entertainer cause he’s ok.

  119. krystal says:


  120. Strid says:

    Toastee was stupid for sending Destiney home, she promised she would her back if the tables turned and didn’t….karma’s a %*%_)`^`&(&*#*_(@ Toastee better watch her back ,that “alliance” with hoopz, real and them is gonna backfire on her , it’s a matter of time before they send her &$`$“^+!_*+^@%~( ng.

  121. Amanda says:

    I really did not care either way if Real or Destiney went home. Im not a fan of either of them really. I just dont understand why Brandi C. keeps going in the bottom 3! Shes like so cute and nice! Go Brandi C. and Megan! Love you!

  122. Tina says:

    VH1 should make a Destiney and the Entertainer show – I love them as a couple, and I wish we get to see more of them together.

  123. boom819 says:

    chanse is so fine shoot……

  124. janet says:

    i agree with tina i like the idea of a show about destiny and the entertainer

  125. chris says:

    chance is going home next. i know it for a fact.

  126. LIL says:

    does heather ever take off those sunglasses, she had them on in bed with pack.

  127. Paris4President says:

    Megan is soooo pretty.

  128. RoseOfLove says:

    I hope that Entertainer wins. As he said, “I NEED THIS MONEY!!!!!” lol

  129. DestineyFan says:

    Personally I think Destiney is a lot more beautiful than Megan.

  130. Michele says:

    i cant wait to see meagan gone! i was so glad to see her dumbass being eliminated on rock of love and now having to see her again on this show is hell. she has be the dumbest blonde.

  131. asia says:

    Toastee..u got the UGLIEST grill eva…LMAO…you ain’t nothin but trailer trash..lol

  132. fantaisia says:

    toastee will be in the next round to go..she’s sadly mistaken if she thinks she is going to be the last one standing..go home internet stripper…

  133. denise says:

    I cannot handle listening to Pumkin’s old bloated ugly +*@+~*^+@(#%_^& and Toastee’s annoying d list porn star voice a minute longer! I understand that money makes people do odd things but the way they both back stabbed Destiney for no good reason was just classless. What goes around comes around and I can’t wait to see them both get out of there.

  134. Joseph Anthony Hudson JoJo says:

    Shout out for all my people from Haughville Dominique, Chant’e, Nick, Cyree, Zinky, Geranld, Joey, and the people from 2g is myself, Eligah, Andria, Jermont, Ryan, Malik, Rem, Derrick, Shawn, Devon, Alonashey, Torisaun, Xavia, Omarious. 2g everyday 21000

  135. Bre says:

    I agree, DestineyFan. I think Destiney is prettier than Megan, too.

  136. GIG says:

    Keep it real and just admit the black chick looks the best. Hoopz outshines Destiney, Megan and anybody else on the show.

  137. GIG says:

    No one wants to admit the black chick is the prettiest. Hoopz outshines Destiney, Megan and anyone else. Please keep it real!