I Want To Work For Diddy Recap – Episode 1 – Well, Duh


The title of this show is a total given.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to work for Diddy? Seems like it’d be a walk in the park!

Of course, I kid. It’s clearly no walk in the park. It’s more like a crawl through thorny bushes with bear traps clamped to your elbows and a Blackberry clamped to your ear, while being accompanied by jugglers you’re auditioning and a piece of Junior’s cheesecake that you’re balancing on your head.

We see Diddy talking about the task at hand. He’s a ringmaster, a showman, an entertainer. But make no mistake: he is not a clown. We’ll cover that in a few. Also something that he isn’t: human, per his words. Nice, should be really easy to reason with, then. We hear that the “Bad Boy empire is coming to take over your life,” accompanied by this image…

Even though we’re presented with many instances highlighting Diddy’s capacity for rage, the above image is the most ominous. It’s taking over your life. Your life! Consider your body snatched.

We see images of assistants passed.

“Don’t question him,” says Lisa who, apparently, takes the same attitude toward headwear.

This guy talks about the hell he caught when he was without Heinz 57. Sadly the life has been beaten out of this one: now you can never be sure if there’s a bottle in his pocket, or if he’s just happy to see you.

Diddy says that he’s not the easiest to work for, which is shocking so far given the information we’ve been presented. But he is, he adds, the best to work for. “After you leave me, you will be CEO material.” I suppose it just depends on how you apply yourself? Various assistants espouse how life-altering the job is. Indeed: you will, at the very least, end up talking about it on television. That’s a change, right?

The 13 prospective assistants who’ll compete to carry Diddy’s ketchup file into the Bad Boy building.

It seems kind of like Saw. And then, we see a series of surveillance-cam shots…

…and it seems really like Saw. Get the torture motif in there early, that’s what I say!

We’re introduced to three people who will help figure out who’s most fit to carry Diddy’s ketchup.

They are to job applicants what Frontline is to flea and tick control. That’s my theory on why they’re referred to in that manner, anyway. Here’s a brief breakdown of their credentials (and, in Capricorn’s case, awesome, awesome names)…

This group interviews the 13.

Mike erroneously chews gum as he speaks with the flea and tick controllers. They douse him with DDT for being so foolish.

Andrew refers to himself as “the future dragon of hip-hop.” This is his way of saying, “I’m blowing hot air.” I love that his boast comes built-in with self-critique! His efficiency is so underrated.

Kendra, who is as full of life as a Jigsaw victim, says that her name stands for “Knowledgeable Enthusiastic Noble Driven Reliable Achiever.” She probably learned that in fourth grade when she spelled her name down the side of the page and wrote a poem about in, like this:


Some things stick with you, you know?

“I’m a child of god and resident of this universe,” reports Deon, which is helpful because there are times that you’ll wonder if he left his passport on another planet. Spacey, you know?

Laverne is a transsexual. Named Laverne! Laverne! That’s awesome for the same ineffable reasons that Penny Marshall’s speech pattern is awesome. It just is.

Brianna admits that her work day consists of checking blogs, going to Starbucks and planning lunch. She catches a swift smackdown from the Front Liners. Brianna, Brianna. Don’t you know that honesty will get you nowhere?

And then, there is Poprah.

She takes forever to set up a tripod for her presentation, but it’s worth it if only for one of the signs involved.

“A Big Girl w/ Big Skills” might be the best self-imposed title I’ve ever seen in my life. Also, why is she “Poprah?” I get the Oprah part, but the Pope part? Does she slang communication wafers on the side? Does she plan on anointing Diddy with oils until he has no choice but to give her the job? (You know that would give him ideas, too, like, “And why don’t I have an oil-anointer on staff?”) [Update: Poprah herself counters this point and many others via her comment on this post below, which you can read by clicking here.]

Anyway, the closest Poprah gets to ritualistic is when she throws dice at the disturbed Front Line.

Well, that ends that.

The group migrates into a room, where they are met by…

Phil asks them if they’re serious and they all say yes and then he says that the question was rhetorical. Then don’t make it so answerable, jeez! He doesn’t think any of them have the stuff to work for Diddy. He tells them, “This is not a game!” He’s so right. This is serious. This, my friends, is reality TV.

The group of 13 is to be split up into groups of two: an “Uptown” team and a “Downtown” team. However, the odd number of applicants tells us that one person is to go home. Now! Based on the interviews! Crazy. Those who make it onto the Downtown Team are: Mike, Stefanie, Laverne, Kendra, Deon and Boris.

That leaves this group:

One will go home. It comes down to Poprah and Andrew. The dice-thrower versus the dancer. Capricorn chastises them both. “The dice? At an interview? No,” she hilariously tells Poprah. “We are not clowns!” she says to Andrew. If you can’t remember that this is grave reality TV and it’s not to be laughed at, these people will clearly remind you. Repeatedly. In the end, it’s Andrew who gets the boot.

In other words: exit, the dragon.

With him gone, it’s time for the challenge:

That’s right, it’s an art. And you’re about to find out why.

The teams will each be given 50 tasks to complete in a 24-hour period. All members of each team, with the exception of the two who will remain in the office to work the dispatch, must stay together. If they get a message on the red phone…

…they have to basically drop everything and complete that request immediately. If they don’t, two tasks are struck from their score. The team with the most tasks completed at the end of the 24 hours wins. Members of the losing team face elimination.

Planning begins.

And by “planning,” I mean “order-barking” via Poprah. Her capacity for annoyance is nicely summed up by the look on Brianna’s face.

Brianna is very much an early favorite in these parts.

The tasks are accomplished. They are of varying ridiculousness.

And it is here and now that this show reveals its full potential. Diddy’s outlandish requests, which might just seem gratingly unnecessary in the real world, make for very watchable TV. At last, Diddy’s sense of entitlement has found its medium! This is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Kendra and Stefanie work dispatch for the Downtown Team. At one point, they call the team and Deon answers. They tell him to bring back envelopes and he hems and haws about getting things done. Here is Kendra’s response.

I loooove that these people have known each other for a matter of hours and they already can’t stand each other. If they’re at each other’s throats this early, how long will it take before they start infiltrating each other’s souls? Hopefully, Poprah can perform any necessary exorcism.

Drop everything! Red phone! Red phone!

Each team gets the same directive for, what we can assume are, different cars. During dispatch, Poprah is sort of namby-pamby with the assignment. She doesn’t understand the gravity of the red phone, which annoys the pants off Brianna.

There is an altercation.

Poprah interviews: “Lord, please don’t let me out this seat! ‘Cause I’m about to whip this girl’s ass on live damn TV.” Uh, this isn’t live damn TV. It’s just damn TV. Anyway, this argument, which is more about Poprah’s pervasive oppressiveness than anything tangible, devolves into her calling Brianna, “ignorant and ghetto.” She probably understands the difference between live and recorded TV, though, you know? Ignorance is so relative.

The night wears on. There are tasks within tasks.

Can Do’s bleary eyes reflect the general attitude of the groups as morning rolls around.

In reference to this, we see footage of Diddy telling a charming story.

One time somebody came into my office and they were like ‘I’m tired.’ And I said to them, ‘Well, what rhymes with tired?’ Heh heh.” It’s cute ’cause it rhymes. We can only hope that the “somebody” in question countered with, “What rhymes with ‘biological necessity?’”

Red phone! Red phone!

And guess what?

Mannequin butt.

The Downtown Team, however, isn’t so swift to this new task. With Deon manning the phone, they miss the message entirely.

Deon’s head was in space, but that doesn’t make him any less of a citizen of this universe, OK?

Then, a slight regime change on the Uptown Team. Georgette’s feet are hurting, so she asks if she can play dispatch for a while. Poprah reluctantly gives up her post.

Poprah is not amused.

More scrambling and bickering ensues during the final moments of this challenge.

And then it’s all over. All the applicants convene and Capricorn reads them their scores: Downtown completed 33 tasks, but two were knocked off because they missed the second red-phone challenge. Uptown completed 31 tasks. A tie! The tie-breaker is to check each team’s receipts to make sure all the money they spent is accounted for. Uptown comes up short, which means Downtown wins!

Kendra is amused!

And what’s even better, for winning, the Downtown Team gets to keep watches that they were made to pick up.

The Uptown Team will get to vote on which one of their team members they want to leave. Yay? But the fun doesn’t stop there! Norma tells the group that they’re going to relax Bad Boy-style. Again, more amusement from Kendra.

It must be fun to be her.

They retire to their seriously insane pad.

Reality-show revelry ensues.

The next morning, Poprah wants to talk about the imminent elimination.

This basically entails her reading a speech about how great she is. The result? The show’s least surprising argument yet!

After another Sawish interlude…

…the Uptown Team meets with what’s termed the Inner Circle…

These Bad Boys (Bad Boys) and Capricorn make the final decision. They also include Phil Robinson, who we rhetorically met earlier, and…

Almost immediately an argument breaks out amongst the team over how hard it is to work with Poprah. She does not go down without a fight.

She breaks down their loss in three easy steps: Georgette can’t count (which caused them to lose the tie-breaker), Suzanne gave them poor instructions (which resulted in them ending up with not enough socks to complete one of the tasks) and Red got them lost. No one cares and she is unanimously voted out by her team. But there’s a twist! She can bring someone in the Bottom 2 with her. She chooses Georgette.

The two face the Inner Circle for a-la-la-la-la long talk. Poprah says she should stay because of her entrepreneurial experience. But if she’s such an entrepreneur, why is she looking for work on reality TV? She also badmouths Georgette, which is terrible form for someone who’s supposedly so professional. “I realize my fault is I’m using to working with people who are professionals,” she admits. Wow, that’s so big of her to admit that her fault is her awesomeness. She concludes by calling the rest of her team amateurs.

Believe it or not, Georgette’s pleading of her case is even worse (and, to her credit, Poprah admits that she weighs 250 lbs., in reference to her potential but unrealized complaints about standing — score one for honesty). And so, Georgette leaves.

The rest of the Uptown Team is like, “Grrrreat,” at the prospect of having to continue working with Poprah, but the woman herself cackles like a madwoman at the outcome.

From the looks of it, she, too, wants to play a game. MAKE YOUR CHOICE.

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  1. R44downey says:

    Well I just wa on another website and the things they where sayin about Laverne is so mean I couldn’t believe it. I was brought up in church and We would new think to say or say the thing the did about HER. I hope she win so that people see tht the world is a different place now. I really hope her the best.


  2. vodo321 says:

    Dear Diddy,

    Thanks for showing your face in the season premiere. Also “Poprah” is the most annoying person I have ever seen. As a businessman you should have thought about market appeal. You could have had a hot girl, but instead kept an overweight annoying big mouth. If I wanted to hear rude and annoying, I would wait an hour to watch New York Goes to Hollywood. You lost my interest after the first episode, Donald Trump wannabe.

  3. Hate Lame says:

    Dang Diddy I love your show but”POPRAH has got to go….She make don’t even wanna watch it….

  4. Dawn says:

    “Big Girl” can’t even walk a city block, so how in the world could she possibly handle the tasks in the city…..also, her attire was totally out of order….her pants were too long and the sleeves on her jacket were too long……..Maybe your attire is considered fashionable in the south, but in NYC you need to definately have to rethink you attire, you are representing of a fashion company……Lose some weight…..not just for appearance, but for your health and come back next year and try again for a position in “The Big Apple”.

  5. JO says:

    This cat don’t know what else to do with his money.What the hell is going on with VH1 and MTV they don’t believe in music no more. (junk shows)…

  6. Taffy says:

    I LOVE the the show. Looking forward to the next search for the new (*_&~(*@!_*)_!@ istant. I wonder if there’s a twist to this show (usually there are on reality shows). Rob and Laverne (the transexual), look alike. There were a few scenes with them in the same room, but I want to see them talking to each other face to face just to be sure :P

  7. Yazzmania says:

    Personally, I believe that the show is great. It show what the real shakers and movers have to do because with out them he can’t be the greatest he strives to be. This episode basically summarizes what team work is all about. Poprah may be a +`~&~+_#`*@&!%@^@ but she makes things happen. Brianna (the young lady who argued with Poprah) needs to leave next. All the week links need to get out because a weak link will make the dynasty fall. Also Duces to Georgette. She couldn’t hang anyway.Bi@#h; you should’ve took your shoes off. If your gonna party with Diddy and you get hot; you need to prepare to strip. …. “I am getting so hot; I’m gonna take my clothes off.

  8. Michael J. Flood says:

    I’ve watched and enjoyed almost all of the VH1 Reality shows…I was really looking forward to Diddy’s Preview…And, after the first couple of minutes, I turned it off! This has to be the worst selection of “Potential” Candidates that I’ve EVER seen! BTW, I was born and raised on Long Island and have lived in Iowa and California over the last 20 years.

    How DISAPPOINTING! I could certainly do better than your worst Candidate!!!


    Best regards,

    Michael J. Flood

  9. Yazzmania says:

    i wanted to comment on what Dawn thinks about Poprah and all I have to say is that you’re hatting on her because she’s a big girl. Her attire may be a problem and it’s a problem that she has to struggle with on her own but where she comes from has nothing to deal with. If you really think about it, she only has one problem to deal with. Her mouth. If she would just close it; it would help her physically and mentally.
    Dawn I’m not dissing you; I’m just elaborating on what you said.

    “DC’s Sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmania.”

  10. Ron Khan says:

    Im a big Diddy fan, but i am NOT a fan of this show. The characters are so bland and they got rid of big boob hot chick. Come on diddy sex sells ! and you kept poprah on there ? wow she gives me such a headache that i dont wanna watch it. Hope the episodes get better as the show moves on. Id be happy to be a judge on there for free or hell id even pay you but there needs to be a better selection process than this ! People dont wanna see a fat cow on their screens. Step it up diddy !

  11. Yazzmania says:

    yo, M.J. Flood, you got to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you’ve sent in your video and if you did; you didn’t get picked for a reason and you and Billy Baldwin can sit and discuss how you felt about it. Cause he wasn’t on the show either.

    DC’s sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmaina.
    ps. M.J. Flood do you have a pic of you and Billy’s dad

  12. Roro says:

    This Show Stinks, Diddy Needs an Attitude Adjustment…..With all the Blacks he has working for him, isn’t that discrimination ? Do you really think a White Contestant is going to Win ? ……. Pullease…this show is a Joke and belongs on BET !!

  13. Yazzmania says:

    Ron Kahn, I say that you are a sexiest pig cuz guess what Big Boob B#$%H can’t count. This show is about people who work hard to get the job done. Not people who can work hard to give a B@*W job. You may think Poprah’s a cow but she will hold Diddy down and dismiss you in a heart beat. You can take your dumb a%$$ and scoot your boots or heels with Georgette

    DC’s sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmaina.

  14. Stacey says:

    Stop barking orders at everyone and be a TEAM player!!! You are just being a bossy POPRAH!!

  15. Roro says:

    Poprah is a Dopera and she has No Class..She has a lot of Nerve Say she’s more Professional than anyone else…is she living in a land of illusion ? or Professional compared to what….another common ghetto girl ??? Kick her to the Curb better Yet, Kick this Show to the Curb it’s degrading and stupid !!!

  16. Kells P says:

    Everyone seemed to be so upset with PO-PRAH…I loved her…within just the first episode, I think she has what it takes in the gate…the hopefuls all seem so sensitive rather than head hunters. Go head Kim I’m with you all the way

  17. Monica N.C. says:

    In reference to Kim, all I can say is NO! Unbearably, this girl has no idea what she’s doing other than being “The Boss”n of everyone else. Undoubtably, she’s supposed to be there as a TEAM MEMBER. just as the others are. Her initiative, being an Entrapaneur leads her to believe it is about how she runs her business, yet, its DIDDY’S BUSINESS! I feel that this girl needs to take a moment to reflect about knowing her place, she clearly does not have all the answers in the business world. And the best thing is that she DEFINETLY GOES HOME! Georgette needs to have extra flats to run around town, not just heels, how can you motivate that way?

  18. Ms.Top says:

    I want to say you go gurl!!! To Brianna for getting back with Kim cause she needs someone to put her in her place.Im all for a female who dont back down!!!And for Kendra i hope you get the postion cause you is who Diddy needs. You show style,leadership and confidence!!!

  19. Yazzmania says:

    Hey Roro, you live in America right. Well if you do; you would know that the odds of the person you work being black is slim to none. Stop being a hater and trying to stop the revolution of democracy from happening. It doesn’t matter if a purple, whit or black person won. Just know that you didn’t have anything to do with it and that BET crap is getting really whack. Watch CNN and see who is one of the presidential candidate and open your eyes to change.

    DC’s sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmaina.

  20. Yazzmania says:

    Roro, your right. You would know what degrading and being stupid is like since you watch a lot of BET.

    DC’s sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmaina.

  21. "ATL REPRESENT" says:


    First of all, Atlanta is in the @@@@ house!! The “A” if you don’t know, is known notorious for entrepreneurs / movers and shakers / making it happen / ride or die folks from the dirty, dirty south. Spread that announcement. Second of all, at the end of the day if the goal was achieved it doesn’t matter how you got there. I knew immediately when Georgette left her shoes on that she was not fit for the job. My thought was…break the damn heals girlfriend and run. Who cares if you decide to run with no shoes in the N.Y.C. I mean they are use to seeing all kinds of things so that was a weak excuse. At the end of the day Kim a.k.a. Poprah is a warrior, she has major game, can think on her feet and lastly…you have to give her props for having a strategy…big girl or not. Focus!!
    Contestants need to put their pride aside, get smart and build an alliance with the strongest competitor. If something is for you dream it, breathe it, taste it, smell it, work it! My favorite competitor hands down is Kim from the ATL! As the strongest competitor and regardless of how she may rub you all wrong, what the world kind of boss do you think Diddy is? Diddy is looking for someone who can and will run through the fire. “ATL LET ME HEAR YOU”!!!

  22. Ms.Topp says:

    I think Diddy should of came to Kansas City, missouri tha “SHOW ME STATE” we can do it all we are real go getters!!!not no square lame sensitive human beings!!Step yo game up Diddy!!!

  23. Ms.Topp says:

    Diddy i think you need somebody from Kansas City, Missouri “Tha Show Me State” we know how to get things done. We are go getters, but i like your show i think your top. Keep doing what you doing and making this money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Yazzmania says:

    Ms.Topp, I hear what you’re saying but I don’t see it. if you can make it in NY; you can make it anywhere. Why don’t you move to NY Ms.Kansas and show us what you are made of. I believe in you.

    DC’s sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmaina.

  25. Yazzmania says:

    Ms.Topp, I hear what you’re saying but I don’t see it. if you can make it in NY; you can make it anywhere. Why don’t you move to NY Ms.Kansas and show us what you are made of. I believe in you.

  26. david says:

    noooo! the hot one is gone already! and they kept that fat a** b*tch kim? first off she needs to take care of that mustache she has growing on her top lip and then she needs to shut the hell up. send her a** home.

  27. Jay says:

    Yo, this show is a blessing! Everyone who got the opportunity to be envolved in it islucky as hell! Hands down Diddy is my role model, my idol and my insperation. To work for that man would be a blessing to anyone, so all the different types of people they have to work with is nothing compred to what they will be subjected to “IF” they get the job. Each and every one of them needs to put all diferences aside, work together and get the task done. From that the weakest link will stick out and be removed! I would give up everything i have and have worked for to have the opportunity to prove to Diddy i could hands down accomplish all tasks placeed before me no matter the what obstacle, time of day/ night or time frame that i have. All that may look to be very hard or even impossible at times, but i bet if you just cooited yourself 150% that job could be done flawlessly!

  28. Yazzmania says:

    Yeah and Diddy should keep the dumb pretty b*tch and loose all of his money over some p$&sy. I’m done. ignorance is the night of the mind. The night with out moon or stars. David, you must be sleep cuz your one ignorant mothaf*$kr just like many other dumb men. I’m going to bed.

    DC’s sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmaina.

  29. MRose says:

    I would have sent Kim fat !#_&_)~)$(~!&~) home bottom line.

  30. Deidre says:

    Okay number one if Diddy is the kind of man that needs his car washed at 2am in the morning than he is just taking advantage of people who idiolize him. And that he will pay for when God calls him home. Im sure that this show is for ratings sake. Because a human being treating others like those people were treated..is called slavery. Mr Diddy’s comment to the person who walked into his office and said..”Im tired” and he responded with “What rhymes with tired” was ridiculous. Mr. Diddy gets sleep now what makes him think his people dont need sleep. Where in the world does he get off thinking that the people that work for him are not human like him? Yeah he is a top celebrity, sort of. You dont really see him in the public eye unless its on VH1 for this show. His putting together a band flopped and this will too. Why is his former %@!_*_&$!%&)`~^ istant his FORMER %@!_*_&$!%&)`~^ istant? Is she a part of this show for him to make up for something he did or didnt do?

  31. Tee says:

    Poprah is more like POO-PRAH!!! She should of went home.

  32. Roro says:

    Yazzmania, MMMMMMMMMM Sounds like a Nottha Ghetto Bea-och !! Pulll-ease !! whenever some one says a Black is Being Prejudice then , that person is accused or call a Hater…Get REAL……and as far as presidential candidate….That’s just it CANDIDATE ……Not Official YET, and will NEVER be President ….

  33. Boy says:

    I had hoped that this show would be real but when the team voted off the pushy fat chick and then the producers threw in the “twist” my eyes rolled and I knew it was straight up bull. I am a personal `((_&*$$)!((*`$ istant and the reality is that boss gets to be abusive (my boss is a talent agent) and the `((_&*$$)!((*`$ istant has to be hardworking with people skills. It’s clear that this show is all about fake drama and not anything to do with really being a personal `((_&*$$)!((*`$ istant. Tonight was the first and last time I watch this pile of dogcrap of a show, Diddy should be ashamed of it being so FAKE

  34. beatrice says:

    My God Kim she is a total MESS she should’ve gone home .She won’t be around much longer . It’s just another show away from kicking her off.

  35. bruce bruce says:

    Ya’ll done it again. Gotta erase some room off my dvr for this. Diddy couldnt pay me enough to work fo his crazy )~!!^+!(#%!!##_ good luck to the contestants….LOL

  36. NinneyB says:

    GO ROB! Much love and support from your hometown, Akron! Remember how I use to beat you in bowling!

  37. Justice says:

    Dear Sean “Puffy” Combs,

    (Or is it Puff Daddy? P.Diddy? What are you calling yourself this week?)

    Like I told you before:


    Did you know that in America, EMPLOYEES have RIGHTS! There are rules and regulations that ALL EMPLOYERS must follow! YOU could be SANCTIONED if you VIOLATE a WORKER’S RIGHTS!

    They are RULES OF CONDUCT that ALL EMPLOYERS must follow! From the hiring process, wages and overtime hours, health and safety, worker’s compensation, to discipline and discharge.

    Any VIOLATION of these LAWS could result in a FINE!

    Your show hasn’t even aired, and already I can see that some laws have been broken! For example, not letting your employee’s sleep? SLEEP! Sleep is a human necessity! It is essential for SURVIVAL! Right along with food, water and air! How do expect your employee’s to function without an ADEQUATE AMOUNT OF SLEEP?

    That is just ONE EXAMPLE!

  38. 1day says:

    I would not want to work for him he thinks he’s god, It’s professional way of treating your staff they deserve to have a life out side of his world..His ego is too big, has a nasty attitude,and wears it like he wears his clothes , Life teaches all of us to humble our self’s …On the other side ,I have seen him grow over the year’s he use to be a lot worst.. He has grown up you give a young man millions of dollars he use the weak to do his dirty work, then dispose them like paper, some what like a pimp..It’s like if you allow me to use you I will.. I really do feel there’s a way you should speak to people and it’s not with curse words…I would love for him to change and soften up because not matter how bad he may be..He’s apart of my culture good bad or different, He represent me…. And the world is watching..And that’s not how we are it’s how he is…One wish, is he gets better there’s room for growth

  39. 1day says:

    1day Says
    Hey Justice,

    You are so right I laugh my head off and I am still laughing this dude is out of his dag gone mine..He will get some charges now …such a dummy… oop’s I forgot he will payoff the fine and then keep breaking the law..it’s out there now people are watching…He’s in big trouble now dum dum…

  40. 1day says:

    Puffy do not like fat people so she a gonner…U Will C and Kim has a nasty attitude, who died and left her boss…They both have no respect for people…

  41. question says:

    “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth” (Matthew 5:5)

    I guess this means the “arrogant” will go to hell?

  42. David says:

    yazz, yazz, yazz…. or whatever it is your calling yourself… why are you getting so worked up over everybody hating on kim? its just a tv show. its for entertainment. and of course i’d stick with georgette. its not ignorance, she’s just fine as hell. but like i said its a just a tv show so grow the f*ck up, get over yourself, and have a nice life.

  43. Tyson says:

    Look, Poprah makes interesting reality TV. She might even be the next great reality TV villain, joining the likes of Dr. Will Kirby, Richard Hatch and Omarosa. She’ll stay through most of the season.

    Poprah was technically correct. Her being a bi.tch didn’t cost her team the challenge. Losing some cash, miscounting socks and getting lost on the street were more important than her attitude.

    All of that said, there’s no way in the world Diddy will want to add Poprah to his team. She will be eliminated eventually. Of course, she’d be nice to Diddy when she sees him. He writes her checks. But you know, the inner circle knows, even Diddy has to know, that Poprah would be unbearable around the rest of Diddy’s team. Poprah would berate anyone she considers to be an “amateur” and that would reflect badly on Diddy. He won’t have that once the TV cameras are gone.

  44. Karlos says:

    I was waiting for this season premiere for a while now…this

  45. Karlos says:

    This 1st episode was a lot more than what i expected. (and I had high expectations!) I really look foward for this season that Mr. Diddy has brought. It’s a big motivator and I know that I am going to learn a lot about what it takes to become a successful buisness individual and other great traits. I am a young person that is looking foward in the business industry as a leader.

    But now… to my main comment about this 1st episode, POPRAH. first of all, if she does not change her bossy, UNprofessional side of her… She’s just a ticking time bomb! Besides the obvious of Poprah making her self look like a “B….” , The part that really bothered me, was how she blamed 3 people for Losing the first challenge and also the way she made her self look like She knew everything and everyone else (her teammates) look like they were good for nothing.

    She called everyone elses mistakes.. But the truth is also… Because of her Lack of professional “Dispatcher, Communicator, and Team player” She wasted sooooo much time arguing and talking over others. She hardly didnt let her teammates speak and listen to their opinions and instead of listening, she spoke over them. Hey stupid, how Professional is that? As a possible result, the 3 “mistakes” could have been prevented.

    Well that was my biggest problem. everyone else that kept it cool and continued to move foward with the objective, Good job! Im 20 yrs young and I know that I could have done a BETTER job than, P00P-rah!!!! Thx yall for reading.

  46. Karlos says:

    Now…. for Miss Kim, she has a lot of great skills to her advantage of becoming an @@&#+$%$`#&(!+^ istant.. i know she is confident. confidence is one of the keys. Being #%^_*&)&~&*(!&`( y tho, will end your life changing career……

    ALL thos in favor Say………… I

  47. Andrew says:

    Nice Saw reffrences recap person. Why can’t Diddy do half the things that are simple to him like make a sandwich by himself.

  48. Lisa G says:

    When do the next episodes of I want to work for Diddy air? I know none of these people are going to have what it takes!!!! So I’ll be waiting for my chance to show Diddy I have what it takes.

  49. Johnny D says:

    Well the show is definitly funny. But it just seem like it would be more of a twist if the two runner ups from the Oprah show was on the Work for Diddy show they were the orginals…

  50. Tre David says:

    True statement. How is diddy going to tell the runners up Cedric And Nic to dont give up there will be a reality show and he doesnt even put them on…. Wow you would think Mr. Combs would see great marketing in using them to compete with the other contestants… It would be def. interesting

  51. Limmel says:

    I say Kim is hot. All she needs is to work on her body. Tone up, lose weight and Kim would be a beast. Mind and body are connected.

  52. Yazzmania says:

    David, Davey,Dave, your right it’s only entertainment. Lots of peple have left their families for a career like this one and they’re only doing it for tv. I’m not trying to say that Kim is the best candidate for the position or anything but she does have the qualities to be great. her fall back is her mouth once again. She has to watch what she says along with many other things but she is a hard worker. In America we all think that sex sales but when it’s about business and getting the job done the girl with the big boobs and she can’t work cause she’ll break a nail or her feet; try to sale that sh$t to corporate america. She couldn’t count cause her feet hurt. She should have stayed at home and got a spa treatment. If she had beauty and brains it would be totally different and you call me Ms. Mogul and noting else David….
    You don’t know me! !
    DC’s sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul aka Yazzmania

  53. Lueve says:

    finally the kind of reality tv show we all have been waiting for you guys nailed this one. how can i audition for the next one.

  54. mond43 says:

    kim is not a team player she is a backstaper she need to shave that damn musthe of her face. i think to look up the word team player . work on your damn skill on how to judge somebody before you talk about somebody kim get god in your life and i will pray for you.

  55. Carmen Jackson says:

    After watching last nights first episode I am sorry I didn’t sign up for this. I am a Receptionist in a Law Firm and I am always use to multi tasking. What I saw last night was a group of people acting on impulse but never actually thinking about the task. It’s not as hard as they made it appear to be, don’t get me wrong I’m sure it is very intense and tiring but if you want something bad enough you will not complain but do whatever necessesary to complete the task. As I stated before I am a Receptionist for a Law Firm and Attorney’s don’t want excuses they want results and they better get the right ones. So with that being said there are a couple of people there that might work out and I don’t think Kim is the one, she has a lot of mouth and I believe she has good intent but she can’t keep her mouth shut long enough to listen which will eventually cause her down fall. Good Luck potential @$`%&^%@`((!~~# ts. you’re going to need it!! P. S. I hope to see you next year!!

  56. Nisha 5.0 says:

    Wow, this discussion is getting heated. In my opinion, Kim is a strong person and she has what it takes to be successful in life but I seriously doubt she will make it as Diddy’s )^#`%^%_@&)~^&~ istant. Like Kevin Lyles (or however you spell his name) said, she needs to do some soul searching. I am a receptionist/administrative )^#`%^%_@&)~^&~ istant, I have to do a lot of crap for the president of the company that I work for. Sometimes I be thinking, why he can’t do this himself but when your an )^#`%^%_@&)~^&~ istant you have to be *humble* and just do it because thats what you were told to do. I don’t see a humble bone in Kim’s body and that will definitely be her down fall.

    From what I see, Mike has the most potential to be diddy’s )^#`%^%_@&)~^&~ istant. He seems very professional and determined. Also Laverne may have what it takes but I seriously doubt Diddy will have a transgendered person working with him because he has a image to protect.

  57. Yolanda says:

    Hey, y’all may not like it, but Kim is driven and has the ability to be aggressive when necessary. Her mouth runs non-stop, but she gets the job done. I’m a thick girl who runs around gathering statistical data to generate reports for government projects and I have the drive to get it done, I just don’t run off with my mouth so much because of my environment. To make this short, Kim is driven and she’ll do well, she just needs to tone her mouth down a little. The rest of the team may not like her, but they need to not let her run over them, they need to stand up to her more. Give respect and get it in return to all team members.

  58. Ann says:

    Mr. Combs,

    I am also a person who believes of working hard and working smart, and to advantage one must be one step ahead of one’s competitors. However, after I’m watching your show as person in minority group, I respectfully state that I am disappointing in you and have a harsh word for you. Not only your conducts toward your employees comparable to slave owner in 18th century (or that you are a slave owner in modern time), but you are also break the labor law, when you work your employees over 12 hours no break, no sleep, and hardly any vacation for five years, etc… do you think that it reasonable, ethically and morally right or should no need for labor department to come and investigate your employment violation practice?

    Mr. Combs back in 18th century the slave owners also have excuse that for the slave owner to be well of, they must make their slaves produced a high productivities yields; as a result, after the slaves had done their work of more than 12 hours at the field, the slaves must also continue to work to meet a high demand of their owners; so the physical rest that our human body needs to the slave owners were a waste of time and created un-productivities to the slave owner. When the door opened to be free, most of the slaves could not make it on their own and it was also impossible to reach to those loose opportunity without rely on their previous owners’ influence. Do you think those who work for you have similar situation as slaves; said to get an opportunity in the entertainments filed they need your connection? I have no doubt that those work for you have learned a lot, but ethically and morally are bad. I understand when you have deadline, it’s reasonable for you to asks more from your employees, but in your case it appears to be constantly; when one of your good employee who are now in a great position stated that she didn’t have vacation for 5 years, and she could not have life if she wanted to work for you, basic of sleeping is also consider a luxury thing. On other hands, you showed that your life and your family deserve them, but your employees should not because they are your workers. Mr. Combs, I don’t think I am been too harsh on you when I state you are slaver owner. You should be a shame and should know better; especially when you are black man.

    I respectfully ask you to review your tactics in using of your power, influence, and effectiveness and/or your bully. If my point of your conducts—comparing you to slave owner hit too close to home/you, it’s my intent and to point out your unethical conducts, I can #~`*&(~%)+!^$*% ure you that this is not racially intent. However, history has shown us that we as human when we get a power, we intent to abuse it when there is no check and balance. As minority group, I am surely value your hard work to get where you at, your connections, and your brand that you have created for yourself, but I respectfully state that you abuse them and with heavy heart to state the truth—that your tactics/methods put you as a modern slave owner. Ethically and morally you need to adjust your tactic/method; furthermore, from what I saw in your shows, your tactics are not effective nor sufficient; as any educated person knows that lack of sleep/rest will product bad result, I am not sure if you have ever been taken any major test in your education, but most educators know that if you are dare to go taking a test, meeting, brain storm of ideas, etc…not very well rest, it will product a weak result; in your case you might get thing done from your bully people around, but the cost to get there is high than it needs to be. DON’T YOU AGREE?

    In sum, I’m respectfully calling you out—that you are modern slave owner, and your tactics toward your employees not only ethically and morally wrong, but they are also breaking the labor law. My strong statement not to reduce you but to ask you to make some change that I believe not only benefit your employees, but it will benefit you as well.

    Respectfully state, Ann

  59. KEISHA says:

    BRIANNA IS !#+~)++_#~##~^$ IN UGLY AS HELL

  60. Monya says:

    I watched and thought it is what it is. If you want to be treated less than human and a child more power to you……..Working for any company no one should allowed to be miss treated that way. It’s not that serious…This is called show business the business of show…. It was very entertaining…It’s about ratings and the WOW factor. All comments about this show is exactly what Diddy wants. He will have to answer to everything that he does, good and bad. The way the person is fired is over the top, two big black body guards escorting you out….This is not cute. Oh yeah I will watch the rest of the season and watch what they do next to “Make It” And if they think that ‘s it more power to them.

  61. Delisa Ibrahim says:

    Hi Diddy,

    I am interested in being one of the people that work for you. I am a graduate from DeVry University with a BS in CIS. Currently, pursuing my MBA concentrating in HR, at Keller Graduate School. I am in my last class. My occupation is a Office Manager, for patriot Range Technologies in Countryside, IL.

    Please view my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/empris01 and http://www.myspace.com/empris1. I pursued singing for years which is my first love. But went to school because doors never opened in that direction. I currently manage a Hip-Hop group call “IDWC”. Please check out their music video on the “empris01″ myspace page. They write and produce their own music.

    I enjoy during Project Management type work, which allows you follow a project from beginning to end. That is my nitch.

    I think I can bring a competitive edge, along with innovative ideas to your team of prospects. I am very professional in a business atmosphere and extremely multi-talented.

    Thank you! for you time and consideration.

    Delisa Ibrahim

  62. Ke-KE says:


  63. l.shanks says:

    personally i wouldn’t want to work for diddy even if my life depended on it but goo luck to those that do pleaze get kim off the show she makes us all look ignorant i think her attitude stinks if she was so great she’d be working for diddy already i doubt that she’ll make it to the end

  64. Michelle Holmes says:

    What are the reuirements to audition for the show I would Love to work for Diddy

  65. MAZIE PURDUE says:


  66. Melissa says:

    Those people are so stupid or desperate to break into the business. I would not want to work for him, Diddy is very cruel and treats people like crap. It’s not worth it, no job is worth all that. He treated Danity Kane like crap and Day 26. What job gives you a list of 50 tasks to complete in 24 hours with no sleep. As long as you got fools like Po Prah fat !))&(+$+@@`$_#$ Diddy will keep coming up with entertaining shows. I personally can’t stand the man but he’s very entertaining.

  67. pappoose says:

    i know he’s a hard working man , but come on some of this is set just for t.v. i’ll give the machine he’s props but come the -uck on

  68. Danielle Woods says:

    I don’t think any of them have what it takes. I can’t believe you actually even took the girl who said she starts off her day talking to her friend and worrying about Starbucks. By 12 she’s trying to figure out lunch. I was an Office Manager/Personal ~!)^^`!`)@^$#&% istant and remember not even being able to think about eating. Wait I thought about it. I thought okay maybe by 9pm. Ridiculous. I was simply appalled by all of them. They give the ~!)^^`!`)@^$#&% istant job a bad name with the way they’re reppin it. Who the hell throws dice…OMG.. oh and guess what.. All the ones you have with their lil Harvard degrees. BIG DEAL. Alot of us out here have gotten very far with the position without it.

  69. LD says:

    My opinion on the show is this. Out of maybe 500+ people who have interviewed for this show, I don’t see how 10 out of the 13 contestants made it this far. The only POSSIBLE threat would be Mike, then Laverne and maybe the guy from the military. Other than that, the other contestants should really be embarrased. First off, Kim would’ve been escorted by security from the moment she took 5 or more minutes to set up for her interview. I think she actually forgot that she is the interviewee!!! The way some of these contestants present themselves is a mere embarassment. I don’t think they are taking it seriously. My view is to them that “this is just entertainment.” They can’t possiby think that they will get really far with the kind of attitude some of them have. To touch on the lack of first impression is disgusting on most of their parts. I understand that everyone is not financially capable of dressing the best. But my goodness. I cannot understand why some of the contestants even had the cow balls to show up in the attire that they did. THIS IS AN INTERVIEW PEOPLE. VH1 repeated over the weekend on Mr. Comb’s likes and dislikes. It’s very clear that many of them didn’t do RESEARCH on the type of Mogul they were interviewing for. There is no way in hell will Mr. Combs allow someone who is fashionalbly challenged work or represent his name. Get it together people. I wish them all the best of luck but they really need to get it together. No forturne 500 company would even look their way.

  70. LD says:

    BTW-I am so looking forward for Mr. Combs to get in Kim’s _)!`$`(~^%$###) You can’t have that kind of attitude around him honey!!! Not going to fly. Another thing i wanted to touch on is her inability to work as a team player. There is no “I” in team. Clearly she needs to continue being an entrepreneur because there is no way an employer will tolerate that type of attitude. Funny when Kim found out that her teamates had the power to vote her out that she called an “emergency team meeting.” Hilarious!!! In any event, I will love to see Mr. Combs step out of the box (as he always does) and select Laverne. If not, then my choice is Mike. Professional comes in all religions, race and sexual orientation. Let’s not forget that for one minute.

  71. Poprah says:

    Whoever wrote this obviously did not really pay attention to the details of the episode before drawing conclusions, as so many of the viewers, which is pretty frustrating actually.

    Number 1 – I choose the name Poprah over 5 years ago, because my mentors are both PUFFY & OPRAH, Get it, P-OPRAH.

    Number 2 – I specifically asked people what their strengths were before we started, they agreed for me to be dispatch, but then did not respect my role because they were too worried about me being in charge instead of focusing on winning. Anyone in management would relate to this. Yes, I’m used to being in charge and working with professionals who respect my expertise and I respect theirs. So we complete projects without the drama that happened here. We’re not competing for the same job while having to work as a team, it’s a different dynamic altogether. I’ve lead many teams, as a tv & music producer, international recording artist, publisher, and director but I’m able to choose professionals to work with, not get stuck with whoever wants to work. I can hire and fire and it works, and my team works successfully.

    Number 3 – Me saying live tv was simply a slip of the tongue, a faux pas. Get over it.

    Number 4 – I did not start fighting with Brianna, I did not want to make a unilateral decision about the red phone challenge, it was a choice to do the red phone challenge not a requirement. So I thought the team show vote on whether to continue doing what they were doing or do that challenge, because we could lose more by killing the momentum they had when we could accomplish more tasks, and just eat the penalty. Brianna was yelling just because I was just trying to ask the team they’re opinion. If I was trying to be bossy why was I calling to get their feedback. Business people make business decision including when to take a loss for the big picture, and that’s what I wanted to discuss with the team.

    And lastly, I am an entrepreneur, that’s why I’m smart enough to know that I could learn from someone even more successful than me, ie. Diddy, Oprah, Martha Stewart or Donald Trump.

    Whoever wrote this I would like to challenge you to a televised debate, you’re not in a position to make judgements without all the facts. I’m still here because NONE of the mistakes that caused us to lose where mine, that’s the bottom line. Coaches, ministers, motivational speakers yell all the time, but noone takes it personally. Diddy yells, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart yells, many successful people yell, it may not be preferred, but that’s their style and they’re all still successful. The method doesn’t matter but what matters are results. What’s wrong with calling amateurs, amateurs. It is what it is. If I played golf with Tiger Woods, he could call me an amateur because compared to him I would be and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. If you played ball with Michael Jordan, would he have the right to call you an amateur and get upset if you don’t follow the basic rules of the game, Of course he would. This is business people need to stop taking everything so personal.

    Who are you? Let’s debate, anywhere anytime.

    Haters keep hating, I love it! I’m not perfect but I’m not afraid to try and open to growth, just watch!

  72. honeywild says:

    I love Poprah, I think she rocks. She’s smart, beautiful, articulate and tenacious. She may be a little bossy, but I like her style. She made some of the others look like lumps of poo. When you’re used to being the leader, it is hard to make the transition to team player. I hope she stays and wins. I’m on your side Poprah!

  73. Twa says:

    I Love You Girl. Dont Loose Focus, although There Can Only Be 1 Winner At The End Dont Forget To Play The Game, Dont Let Them Knock You Out Of The Box. Keep Ya Head Up! And I’ll See You At The END

  74. honeywild says:

    Dawn… first learn to spell “definitely” Second, whats so “professional” about having your (#^!++~_&^!`(`@ s hanging out, or skin-tight mall-rat clothes? Or how about wearing a long baggy Tee with grafitti on it? Poprah is big, blah blah so what… wtf cares? Get over your prejudices and see the person, like them or not – and not their size. Poprah could run circles around a brainless superficial tw*t like you.

  75. KingCoop says:

    I dont like that fat h#e Poprah, she think she is the “*@#~(@$)%&!$%( and nobody is on her level. I hope she get a dose of reality, becasue she is not perfect in anyway. Plus she should have had her fat )#+@##)__#*&_^_ out there walking around the city she needs to lose a couple of pounds to be able to keep up with Ditty.

  76. PRINCESS says:

    i wouldve watched all the episodes..if the hispanic chick wouldve stayed…and that annoying fat garbage bag wouldve got sent home!!! its a huge disappointment to have a giant disrespectfull loud thing on a show!

  77. LD says:

    Ok now I honestly think a lot of bloggers are taking things out of context. One thing for sure, we cannot discriminate against someone’s size for a job. I’m not on the band wagon for Kim. Lord knows I’m not a fan of her attitude. It needs to be brought down from a 10 to a 2. But at the same time her weight should not play a role in what Mr. Combs is looking for. If that were the case a lot of us (and I’m not a big woman) wouldn’t have a job. There is a minimum of 2 million people who are over weight. Now getting to Kim’s response below which I’m not sure who she’s addressing her response to. There were a few things that you said below that I have to disagree with.

    You’ve stated the following:
    “Number 2 – ” Anyone in management would relate to this. Yes, I’m used to being in charge and working with professionals who respect my expertise and I respect theirs.”

    Now being in management myself, I can clearly tell you that there is a more tactful and respectful way to #~&!_%#~^*+^#^! ign duties to your teamates. Now I’m sure on TV they will/did not show the viewers your kind side. But for ratings purposes, they chose to show a side of you that many of the viewers disagree with. There is nothing wrong with taking charge. But in order to show your competitors the “project management” side of you and for them to take you seriously, you’re going to have to turn it down. Hence the reason Brianna your co-competitor exploded the way she did. I did notice at the time of the confrontation there was a moment when you toned down a bit (just a bit). As a manager you have to give respect in order to get respect. But you should already know this “working around professionals and being a manager.” Especially when people value your opinion, right???

    You wrote:
    “Diddy yells, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart yells, many successful people yell, it may not be preferred, but that’s their style and they’re all still successful.”

    You’ve mentioned the names of multi-millionares who built their empire of wealth over time. They are in the position to yell at their employees if THEY want to. So unless we missed your name on the list of Fortune Magazine’s top money makers or millionaires, please don’t think you have the right to yell and scream at your mates. I really dobut you will allow someone to talk to you the way you did on the show.

    Take what we bloggers (or some of us who’s trying to give constructive critisism) in stride. Clearly we touched a nerve to make you so defensive. What’s the matter does the truth hurt??? All we’re doing is cosigning what Mr. Liles already told you. You would want to make it an effort to make a good impression.

    Once again, good luck to all of the contestants. Better you than me executing out those kind of orders. You got to give it up to Mr. Combs for good TV.

  78. LD says:

    One last thing addressed to Kim. Believe me when i tell you there is nothing about you that anyone could possibly “hate on.” I don’t envy anyone’s life or success but my own. It’s ok to THINK that you have “haters.”

  79. Yazzmania says:

    yo, Kim I’m glad that you spoke out because there are s many different opinions out her about you. I wish you the best and you know what you need to work on. You do come off as the angry black woman at times but you also come off as the hard worker and a strong willed person; which is one of the reasons why everyone wants you out the house. Now, I know you think people are hating on you but their not, their just sharing their views off you. Honestly right now you make the show because every single blog is about you and not how Brianna is a scared tiered B@%*h, how Deon seems like a momma’s boy, Can Do Can’t Do sh%t and how he hasn’t Done S@#t or how Kendra or Stefanie need to stick together or be the last two standing. Poprah keep doing what you’re doing and I’m a keep watching.

  80. Yazzmania says:

    Hi, LD. I totally agree with you and it’s about time there is another blogger on here who knows what they are talking and doesn’t back down from their opinions. While people should be at work working, people are either at home or wasting time at work talking about Kim. If you hate Poprah so much don’t think about her. Make her feel like she nothing but not saying anything about her.

    Dc’s Sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmania
    PS only LD can call me Yazz.

  81. LD says:

    You are funny as hell. I’m not down for the disrespect in any way, shape or form. People just take things to a whole other level. Talking about someone’s weight and race is just rediculous and shows their stupidity.

  82. 1day says:

    Time will tell who wins…..I wish whom ever this best of luck it’s not going to be easy. You have a person that does not have any respect for the human race , he’s not the only one but one the top five whom treat’s his staff like s..t I have notice in the entertainment business you will work countless hours due ti dead lines etc, but you will get your vacation sick pay personal day etc. With this nut he thinks taking you on trip around the world is your vacation when you are working day and night while you are on these trips…..
    I would be offended if something negative happens to Puff, we have to be careful of how we treat people, again he’s apart of my culture and he’s at the top of his game this does not mean I agree with how he treat people it means I am happy for anyone in my culture that does well cause their are so many that’s not so in that aspect rock on wit cha bad self..As far as Kim goes she has to learn that yelling is not appealing for a lady of color we are always looked at as mean and aggressive in business ,not that we all are this way size plus does not matter to me but to him it will additional to this he’s fat himself, I am wondering if he’s aware how people really feel about him if i was him my feeling would be hurt and I would try to change ? who doesn’t want to be loved

  83. Yazzmania says:

    I feel the same way LD and I’ve been blogging since the second viewing of the show last night. When i was at work; I worked and when i came home it was like a breath of fresh air to find people on here with common since.

    Dc’s Sophisticated Lady, Ms. Mogul in the making aka Yazzmania

  84. *Elite~Diva*08 says:

    SCREAM! OMG! Where do I begin? First, let me say that I have never been so compelled to get up off of my couch in the middle of a show. Where did theyfind these people? I’m not saying that they are worthless, because I do not believe that we have even been shown enough to come to that conclusion yet. What I will say is that they are obviously not up to par. It’s easy for everyone to pick on Kim because she has made herself a target with her mouth. However, I am only 23 and I have been working since I was 14. I have gone from McDonald’s to a Fortune 500 company. I can honestly say that you will not find a job where everyone will get along. You just have to learn how to cope while getting your job done effeciently. People like Kim should not be your downfall; they are your motivation to do that much better, because the more that you succeed and move up the coporate ladder, the further away you will get from them. See,there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You have 30 seconds to make your first impression, sometimes you will not even get that, and you definitely do not get a second chance, hence the expression “first impression.” That being said, can someone please tell me why Boris showed up to a job interview wearing a t-shirt that he made in the spare bedroom of his apartment? Truthfully, only two individuals showed up in business professional attire, which is the only acceptable attire for a job interview. These are 13 adults; they should know this at this stage in there life. Come on now!! Just because this is Bad Boy, doesn’t mean you can get slack, it’s still a business and it deserves such respect. Sometimes you have to throw the rule book out of the window; Just because there were 12 slots, that does not mean that the show had to start off with 12 people. Boris should have been eliminated, as well, just becuase of his attire.I’m not so sure that Kim should have stayed because she did throw those dice,but like I said, I’m not going to ride her, not tonight. Moving on…task #1 was Multitasking. The word,by definition does not mean getting as much done as possible; It is doing multiple things at the same time. That being said, I know that there is a lot of editing that is done before we get to see the show, but unless I missed something, I do not rememeber the rules being that every team member must complete each task. It was that each team must complete all 50 tasks in 24hours. If 4 people can go out into the field, why weren’t all 50 tasks completed? They should have been. They were supposed to split up and get it done, but they needed to figure that out themselves. The very first red phone task, should have been the catalyst that they needed for that bell to go off in their heads. I mean, who lets 7 people go hungry to go wash a car?!?!? No one. It only takes 1 person to get food; it only takes 1 person to wash a car! However, 1 peron should have went to get the food for diddy’s staff back at the studio, even if that meant walking across town and taking a taxi back. Then that individual should have joined the other team members to complete the task of washing the car, if they were still working on it, but they should not have been. It really doesn’t take that long with 3 people. I mean, I am just mad. These candidates are getting it extremely easy right now. Diddy’s frontline isn’t riding them as hard as they could, or should be at this point. It is never too early in the game. These candidates really have got to step it up. Really!

  85. LD says:

    I’ve stated the obvious about the attire that some of the candidates appeared in. It’s a joke. It’s only the first episode so hopefully the next 9 will show that the candidates have improved on the multitasking. While watching the show last night, I said to myself, why are 4 people all handling the same tasks when more could’ve been accomplished if they would just split up? Whether you’re from the city or not, it’s not a difficult place to figure out. So much could’ve been done and I think 24 hours was more than enough time to get each _$#+`_&$(&%%!(( ignment completed. Now if I was a dispatcher, I would have designated one person per task. When one task is completed move on to the next and so forth. But clearly no one thought that was the smart move to make. But like I’ve said before, VH1 only wants for the viewers to see what they want us to see. I would hope for intelligence sake that someone thought about individualizing each task (or maybe they didn’t). As a manager, this is something that should have been addressed from the beginning. Oh well, you live and learn…

  86. Yashica says:

    I would like to say to Diddy, that this is the first time that I have viewed the t.v show and I feel that it is outstanding for all students in the school of bussines. I can only think about how great it would be if you reach out to the HBCU and offered internships. However, I do feel that the cast members that are trying to became Diddy’s @&~^+)^*#`&))%# istan should take the time to define what a leader is , leadership style and what type of leader they are. Some of the cast members need to check them self and how they go about trying to complete or and conduct a task in a group setting. All in all, that just goes along with finding out what leadreship style they have.

  87. *Elite~Diva*08 says:

    You know, my co-workers and I deal with a lot on a regular basis. We often ask each other and ourselves why our customers do the things that they do. One day I was so baffled by one of my customer interractions, that I turned my my co-worker, Richard and I said, “Why? It doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean, it’s really common sense, but they just don’t seem to get it!” Richard responded, ” You know, common sense really isn’t all that common.” I agreed with him, but you would have to live in the area that we live in and walk in our shoes for a day to understand why we have this view on society. I haven’t read all of the comments on the blog yet, but from what I have been able to read, based on a lot of the comments here, I can honestly say that I am relieved to see that there are more of us who not only have common sense but can rationalize, as well. There is still hope! The candidates do still have a lot of growing to do,and I for one cannot wait to see what happens.

  88. G.I. FINEST says:

    don’t like him so dont watch the show he talk and treat people like dog like they have no feelings

  89. Roro says:

    Mooooooooooove Over Oprah there’s a New Cow in Town …..Named POprah ….. What a Joke….Just another Disgraceful, Non intelligent, Black Show

  90. shel says:


  91. tyrone says:

    this show makes me want to barf up my stomach lining.

  92. kannequiah shondray shanzenequiah d'ondray accordianiquiah says:

    ……another show highlighting people born in america that need to take ESL classes…..and it’s not news that money will make people participate in their own oppression.

  93. Juan says:

    who’s _%%(_%@#&~`##~^ istant??????? aye, mija!!!! that ranks right up there with French Armpit Inspector or Baby Seal Clubber.

  94. Paris says:

    i think there should be an STD round, where everyone has to like survive syphillis or something “really VH1 entertaining” like that.

  95. Harvey says:


  96. JESSY says:

    This message is mainly for Kim. I don’t know where she gets her drive and determination, but with those attributes she is the perfect person for business and she will make a good *#)@`_`+_#*@~`^ istant. A business can’t be ran by weak individuals. She is by far very strong and will be a great *#)@`_`+_#*@~`^ et to Bad Boy Ent. or any other business. I don’t like reality shows but when I saw this one I quickly took an interest. I’m a business major with a minor in human resources, at Columbia Southern University and I pray I will be finishing in early 2010. I have spent many years in the military and the same way Kim ran the show is the same way Uncle Sam taught us, but that method has proven to be very effective. Regardless of how people fill about it, I appreciate that training a lot because it helped me realize that I could run my own business. Kim keep performing your hard work, you will go far, and keep that go getter attitude. I have 8 laws to my life and when I so the show, I taught of the eight law which goes as followed:
    Laws 8
    Success in life is not measured by how many degrees you have.
    Success in life is not measured as a result of making the TOP 10.
    Success in life is not measured by means of being the most popular.
    Success in life is measured by your willingness to do.
    Be Easy!!!

  97. Nisha 5.0 says:

    Many people are saying that size doesn’t matter. Obviously it matters to Diddy because there was a clip with all of the contestants going through boot camp. In case you guys haven’t noticed, who ever works for Diddy must be able to keep up with diddy. There is a reason why you can’t even smoke cigaretts while working for him. In every reality show that Diddy has had, the contestants were put through boot camps. He wants his employees to be in shape and have stamina. If Kim, can prove to Diddy that she has the stamina and endurance to keep up with him (which I doubt) than she will probably stay around. If she doesn’t have the stamina or endurance than she is most likely out the door.

  98. Latisha Woodbury says:


  99. EDB says:

    I’ll b ethe first to admit that Kim did bring a drive and an energy to the team that it was otherwise lacking. her motivation provided a spark to an otherwise dull group. However, she is too extreme, and I would be very surprised if the committee of Diddy would *choose* to work with her. Unfortunately for Kim, as her teammates all felt but none stated, she is capable of getting things done, directing traffic, and brings good skills to the team. However, her bad attitude, bossiness, and lack of regard for her peers overshadowed all the good things she accomplished. Additionally, if the “inner circle” thinks they will be exempt from her wrath, they are mistaken. People like Kim don’t change. She would work with them, all the while thinking that she is better than them, that they are “unprofessional”, and preying on the opportunity to call them out as well. Finally, I don’t know S. Combs, but I don’t think that she is someone who would even want to be around. I don’t think he would want her representing his name, his company, interacting with people who pay him money, and certainly would not be interested in hearing her yelling and screaming with a co-worker over the phone.

    A word of advice to Kim and those like her – you have good skills you bring to the table, but the visibility of your skills can and will be quickly overshadowed by your arrogance, bad attitude, and disregard of others. Always exemplify the professionalism you claim to have and say your peers do not, don’t go to the low level you claim your peers reside, and focus your efforts on getting the job done. All the steamrolling, attitude, and yelling are just distracting you from the task at hand.


  100. Braylin Jenkins says:

    This show is one of the best shows on television. It beats “The Apprentice” in that it is personal. Diddy actually shows that work that goes on behind the scenes and connects with these people. Trump made his empire look easy and that there is nothing personal involved. Diddy is successful because he pulls his employees into his personal life. You can not keep the business and personal life separate and expect them to both thrive. Diddy does both well. I admire him as a business man. I do not necessarily agree with his personal life, but I believe he is so busy he takes what he can get. All of his employees have this attitude. I am not quite sure what it is. Diddy is one of the best and has taught them well. I want to see more of Diddy. I agree with the contestants not being able to meet him first hand. Some people went on the show just to meet him. Let them sweat it out and prove that they are serious. I do feel like a lot of the people there lack energy. The guy on the phone with glasses seemed like he was asleep. As much as we all agree Kim needs some control, she is ahead of the game.

  101. Over rated... says:

    Just when you think that reality t.v has run out of steam…producers seem to keep it going. This has to be the dumbest reality show I have seen in a VERY long time. Not to say that the rest of them are all that much better, but at least they don’t leave much to be desired. How full of your self do you have to be for other people around you to say that “these people should feel lucky to be in a room with him”? “Didddy” IS NO ONE SPECIAL, he puts his pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else, he just has had some lucky breaks in his life. I think that instead of people trying to make less fortunate people feel even more less fortunate, they should commend all the actual hard working individuals in the world. Like the single mothers and single fathers, teachers who have to deal with bad a@# kids daily, men and women who struggle to pay their bills, etc. Where is the show about them?? Shows like “I love New York”, “I love money”, and “I want to work for Diddy” are nothing more than mindless people looking for their 15 minutes of fame. What good have any of the winners of any of the above shows done for society? Other than show how ignorant and uneducated they are? NOTHING!!!! I can’t wait for the day when rappers, singers, athlets, actors and actresses switch pay checks with factory workers and teachers.

  102. Mike-n-la says:

    I thought it was aight but I want to see more of the contestant Deon! I found him to be fascinating and hope he gets more face time before it is all over with! I will keep watching because of him!

  103. Yvonne says:

    I swear Kevin Liles, one of Diddy’s Inner Circle, looks like Russell Simmons.

    I am going to watch this again. I might learn something when it comes to what to look for in an employee when I start my business. I would not be that extreme with people but it could be something there worthwhile I could pick up on.

    I could never work for Diddy. I am not giving my ENTIRE life over to anyone. I don’t mind working hard for something I really want but this is just too over-the-top for me.

  104. red says:

    I love and respect Diddy.I Think that he is a very good person.I love the fact that he is a good dad to his childern.I love the way he treat Kim oldest son.I pray that he never forget all the good Diddy has done for hem.I know God blesses thoes that love hem,And most of all have faith in hem.Kim,Please be patient,You will one day be Diddy wife.Respect the fact that he loves you and the childern enough not to marry you and then cheat on you.It takes a real man to say kim i love you but i am not ready.All i ask,For you all.Please don’t let the fame go to your head.God is watching.Money can’t buy you a ticket to heaven.Please make sure you run that buy Diddy mother.Tell diddy mother she can be humble.No one will take advantage of her.Because her son is one of the heavy hitters in this game.On judgement day.We will all be equal.Their will be no rich or poor.We all will stand before God.Diddy,If you see,Some one you love doing some one wroung,or speaking to some one wroung.Like Your mother.Speak up.You might be heald accountable for that.Rich preachers,can’t get youin heaven.But your action,faith and believe.Can get you their.Holding on by all of God words.Kim,please don’t get besides yourself either.You are in deed a very beautiful person.Stay that way.If i had 10% of what you all have.I would not ask God for nothing else.I Pray for Usher.He think that the world revolve around hem and that little baby.I am happy for Usher,But he is one person that think he is all that and a bag of chips.And Bow wow.Some one told that litte boy that he ruled the world.Jay-z he is a goog person that tries to stay away from fony people.Good job Jay-z.I love you Diddy.I didn’t mean no harm.

  105. JOEY JOE says:

    What happened to the days when being a Stars slave-assistant was a crappy job that hopefully leads to a better one?I mean waiting on someone hand and foot and basicly becoming a “Personal Slave” wasn’t something you would want to see every week for a hour give or take???Well I will tell you what happened…Alot of money and NO MORE Biggie Smalls pumping out platinum records every year for you is what happened!It’s called SELLING OUT PUFF DADDY-or P. Diddy-or whatever your name is this year!!Go eat a Whopper at Diddy King and wash it down with some tiquila!Shows a POOR rip off of Trump…Who you will never be!

  106. Dwayne says:

    Kim is a %%%*+!~)$~&^^#~@( I’m rooting for Kendra

  107. Miakesha says:

    diddy i can do better your picks are cookies they crumble under pressure.

  108. Ron Khan says:

    Dear Diddy,

    Im a big fan but whats up with the casting this time ! At least have some hott females to look at like in makin the band. The characters are so bland and you got rid of big boob hot chick. Come on diddy sex sells ! and you kept poprah on there ? wow she gives me such a headache that i dont wanna watch your show anymore! Hope the episodes get better as the show moves on. Id be happy to be a judge on there for free or hell id even pay you but there needs to be a better selection process than this ! People dont wanna see a fat cow on their screens. Step it up diddy !

  109. Style Q says:


  110. Lovely L.L. says:


  111. Lovely L.L. says:


  112. Betty Dominguez says:

    The first time I tuned into vh1, I discovered this show, ” Who wants to work for Diddy” I decided to watch it and it turned out that I really, enjoyed it!!! thanks!
    sincerely betty

  113. Keronnie Leftdwrige says:

    What’s up Derick it is Keronnie from Goldsboro Nc.

  114. Lexy says:

    Okay, why do people keep posted messages to Diddy on these boards asking for jobs!LOL! Are you people that &!(__`)(@+#%)*`^“ ed? You just watched a show where you saw this man’s insane entourage of %%!~_&`*)_!!%`+ istants and helpers. Do you really think he has spare time to read a message board?LOL!!! If you want to get on a reality show look for a casting call online and apply. Geez…

  115. jan says:

    That transexual dude looks disgusting.

  116. Kelly says:

    Actually, I think she’s beautiful! She looks a lot better than Kim! That’s for sure! She also has a better attitude and worked well with the team! She is a team player!

  117. Kelly says:

    Actually, I think she looked beautiful! She looked a lot better than Kim! That’s for sure! Plus, she worked well with the group. She is a team player!

  118. Kaylyn says:

    Digusting! Kelly are you gay and blind? You sure sound like it. That gay dude is atrocious.

  119. sean'p........... says:

    wow ‘ had no idea ,,, this blog would go ………….lol i was so exited about the show ,,, and the thought of this new series ,,,that the first thing i did when i woke was preyed ,,,,,and said to myself i wanna be on there its gonna be an intense ride ,,,, and i can make a fruit salad,huh 101 years and all gramma’ taught me ,lol
    but now its out there , wo! its really out there , let it be known then i like the show and the aspirations of how it’d be to work for a cant stop wont stop empire ………………….. and master behind the motivation lord ,,lol ………here we go

  120. Cathy says:

    Thought Diddy was health conscious. Surpised to see that he doesn’t value sleep as being healthy. Not allowing your body to sleep is as unhealthy as smoking, not exercising and not eating right. Nothing will age you faster. Be interesting to see what he looks like in 10 years – oh but then again he has enough money for surgery.

    The show is entertaining.

    Surprised by the looks of the room where they make the decision to send people home. Dirty gray carpet and metal chairs. Most certainly not a plush atmosphere like you would expect from Bad Boy.

  121. Mel says:

    Whew!! After watching last night’s episode (I don’t mind admitting it), I finally see the ONLY value to this senseless, egomaniacal MESS is the synopsis provided on this website!! Truly, this page is funnier than the show in its entirety. Thanks for proving that one can laugh in the face of adversity!! Oh yeah, Kim is REALLY offensive, which means she will be on for many more episodes, I’m afraid…………

  122. nee says:

    Rob got eliminated and I know everybody wanted poprah to go home but how could you have gone to the army but not know how to navigate your way through the forrest?

  123. mizj says:

    “POPRAH” or should I say “NOPE-RAH” needs a reality check so bad. I only wish I was there to give it to her. Please tell me that Diddy can see straight through her manipulative bullsh*t. She is great for the shows ratings because everyone loves watching people make a fool of themselves which she continuously does each time she opens her mouth to talk about how much of a professional business woman she is. Hello “NOPE-RAH”; Diddy professsional and McDonalds professional are two totally different things.

  124. mabuhay says:

    Ms. Ann I agree with you. Diddy is a slave owner, and his slaves aint lovin’ it they just love the publicity and the ooooos and ahhhhs they get as his employee. These workers are “garuts”(garoots) in our filipina language is people who are followers and not fit to lead that is why they dont mind running around like a chicken without a head looking insanely brainless. In my corrupted country we have city officials that practice the p. diddy effect towards there own kind of people if you choose not to do what they ask then you must be treated worthless. How does vh1 have the gull to air this kind of slave driver program who does he think he is GOD. No . He is more like a demon in disguise. His attitude STINKS.

  125. crystal says:

    whos left on i want to work for diddy???

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  127. 2910592 says:

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