Diddy‘s Rob: Out and Blogging


Here’s something you probably didn’t catch from watching last night’s premiere of I Want To Work for Diddy: Rob Smith is an out gay man who isn’t shy about knocking down the doors of what he calls in a post on AfterElton the “somewhat homophobic hip-hop world.” He continues: “Visibility matters, and for both myself and my transgender competitor Laverne Cox, I know that it was very important that we represented who we were openly from the very beginning.”

Rob is writing recaps of the show for AfterElton, and despite his use of the screencaps from this blog’s first-episode recap without giving credit (a-hem, screencaps don’t take themselves), we’ll be checking in on his stuff each week, if only to gain insidery nuggets like this: “Over on the Uptown Team, there were actually even more altercations with Kim [“Poprah”] that didn’t get shown, including a screaming match between her and Brianna that happened during elimination. Oh, and there was no editing trickery going on with the challenge. We were actually up for 24 hours and, yes, we did smell at the end of it! Mike is exactly as nice as he seems, and Kim is exactly as…Kim as she seems.” Heh. [Rob’s I Want To Work for Diddy Episode 1 Recap]

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