Tailor Made On Breaking Up With New York


Last week, we presented New York on the record talking about her breakup with I Love New York 2 winner Tailor Made. Tailor Made, in turn, has spoken out with his perception of what went wrong. As he told SOHH.com:

“We’re just very different people. The same things that I’m very attracted to in her are the same things that made a relationship with her difficult. She’s very emotionally volatile, very passionate, which is great but at the same time that can present a challenge in a relationship. We’re good friends. She’s definitely a sweetheart but I just think we weren’t very compatible. I still wish her the best and I think she’s going to be very successful with her acting career.”

So there you have it: irreconcilable differences. That’s it? For something involving New York, this seems decidedly non-dramatic. It’s almost a let-down. We’ll get to watch their breakup play out this season on New York Goes to Hollywood. Fingers crossed for broken dishes! [SOHH.com]

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