Luke’s Daughter Reveals His Dating History


Instead of the usual mix of deleted scenes and episode-specific commentary, the online extras for Luke’s Parental Advisory are a series of video blogs from Luke and his family. The most telling one this week comes from his daughter, Lacresha, who describes what life was like before Luke became engaged to his fiancé, Kristen. In the video above, Lacresha reveals, “I used to always just see the girlfriends come and the girlfriends go,” and adds that she and Luther both thought that Kristen wouldn’t last. “My gosh, when is she gonna leave?” she wondered. In the end, she says that she’s happy for her dad and Kristen, but the subtext is far juicier than standard well-wishing.

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  1. 1day says:

    Hi Luke,

    I guess I am the only one that has written to you it’s cool I met you a couple x in NY, any way I always thought you were mariried never knew you were single. I wish you the best ! You have nice kids they speak very well doesn’t seems as if they have had bad up bringing..These days you never know what kids like so even if you are wrong, in telling what to do.. I am you just want the best for them, of course kids don’t see it that way.. I have watch other shows on VH1 and the things I am seeing makes me ashame not going to mention no names..Reason why I wrote you cause I have never witness you being nasty to people or rude which is a plus I think you get a joy out of bringing a smile on someone face which is cool it makes people forget about what they were unahappy about …Yes you r crazy but not in a shameful way..until next x be yourself cause that’s all you can be Peace.. One ….1day

  2. Emily from Baltimore says:

    I watched the show and was instanly hooked. I remember listening to LUKE when I was in high school. It is definately interesting to know how he was and still is, but is nice to see his softer side. It is nice to know that it is all a image. LUKE can be a family man. I truly wish him and his family all the best and good luck with the show.

  3. Jamie of Atl says:

    It’s good to see you back….I love the show, you’re hilarious!!!! Great fam. The best of luck to you & your family. Can’t wait to see more!

  4. sherian says:

    Well I think yo nephew is so sexy tell him to get at me

  5. kandi405 says:

    Hands Down!!!! The very Best Show on TV!!!!! I luv it!! I luv it.. Me and my kids really enjoy this show. We all sit down after dinner, after everybody gets out of the shower to watch.. We luv this show. Uncle Luke you keep doin you. You been duck’n haters for a long time, keep up the good work. I cant tell you when was the last time i really enjoyed a Tv show so much. God Bless you and your family, much luv. Kandi405 okc, we luv you Luke!!! The realest REALITY SHOW on TV!!!!!

  6. kay says:


  7. sheilae says:

    What a Fun and Wonderful family! WELL raised children, Beautiful and understanding wife, Cute little Baby Luke JR .(ABSOLUTELY Adorable!!) he looks like you PaPa. I love this show its very entertaining it brings laughter to our family livingroom, dont mind giving you ratings.