I Love Money Blog Party – Episode 6


Live Chance Says, “Audi 5,000!” Posted at 9:58PM EST

And so, Pumkin has started to chip away at the Stallionaires alliance by sending home Chance. Was this the right decision? Who should have gone in his place?

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Live Bottom 3 Posted at 9:47PM EST

Last chance to weigh in: who’s going home?

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Live Megan vs. Chance Posted at 9:38PM EST

Chance and Megan are at each other’s throats. Who’s right? Is it even possible to see past their childish bickering to choose a side?

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Live A More Perfect Union? Posted at 9:35PM EST

Toasteee and Pumkin are torn between alliances. Which one is worth sticking with: the new, all-girl alliance or the good, old Stallionaires alliance?

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Live Hot or Not? Posted at 9:16PM EST

The guys are going on and on about how hot Megan looks. But Mr. Boston told us that her attitude destroys her looks. What do you think — do catty girls need love too?

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Live Blonde Faith Posted at 9PM EST

Megan’s come up with a plan to win the game, and it involves forming a secret alliance with Brandi, Toasteee and Pumkin. Megan’s already showed us her scheming side (at every possible opportunity) — can she be trusted this time?

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