I Want To Work For Diddy Recap – Episode 2 – A Martyr Is Born


First there was Jesus. Then Martin Luther King, Jr. And now…

…there’s Poprah, latest in the line of great leaders.

It’s time for a lesson! But to prepare our minds and bodies, how ’bout a stretch?

Feel better? Now that that’s done, welcome to Transgender 101.

Laverne schools some of her seemingly more tolerant competitors on transgender’s ins and outs, as it were. To say the least, the term covers a broad spectrum.

Meanwhile, Kendra, Mike and Can Do discuss Laverne and her sexuality in another room.

Mike repeatedly refers to Laverne as a “transvestite,” which just goes to show his need for Laverne’s lesson. But he sounds like Amanda Lepore’s best friend compared to Can Do.

Can Do refers to Laverne as “sick,” and he doesn’t mean “sick of judgmental idiots.” Instant fail! He says that Laverne doesn’t respect her body or the gender that God gave her. He doesn’t respect the capacity for empathy that his god instilled in him. Who’s worse? Kendra politely explains that Laverne feels that she’s a woman who was born into a man’s body. Can Do winces and says, “It doesn’t happen that way.”

Then how does it happen, oh expert of queer theory? God, listening to him spout ignorance for 30 seconds is excruciating. Imagine the lifetime of that Laverne has had to put up with.

Not that she’s fazed. She’s too busy twirling and dropping it like it’s painless.

Which, come to think of it, it probably is.

Later, Brianna and Kendra grill Laverne about her love life. She dates white men, mostly. Do they have kids? No. “I’m not really stepmom material.” So true! She has a lot more style than your typical stepmom.

The topic turns to Rob’s love life, which gives him the opportunity to tell everyone that he’s gay. Kendra and Brianna become giggling school girls at the prospect, all, “I knew he was the gay one!!!”

Whatever, at least they’re not stoning him or, like, wincing. Laverne asks about his time in the military, where he wasn’t allowed to be out, per the don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. It was, in a word, hard.

Then, we see some footage of Diddy talking about his policy that goes, “Sleep is forbidden.” He explains that he doesn’t sleep because he’s in love with his work. Shouldn’t he be sleeping with it then? If he loves it so much, he should marry it, but the next best thing is sleeping with it.

Anyway, this is all leading up to another Saw-like twist: while everyone sleeps, some dudes bust in the apartment and wake everyone up, as caught on night-vision cameras.

They tell everyone that they have five minutes to get ready and that talking is forbidden. How about oxygen? What ways will the powers that be devise to take that away?

Anyway, it seems all worth it because all this is leading up to a helicopter ride.

To hell!

Kidding! That they’re in a military scenario does nothing to deplete Suzanne’s excitement over being airborne.

Love that her hair looks as excited to be airborne as her face does.

They’re brought into a room lined with men who bark at them. They’re given, I don’t know, something that looks like a really complicated protractor…

They have to plot points or something. It’s complicated. Laverne who’s been coincidentally paired with the person in the house who’s expressed the least amount of tolerance for her, Can Do, stands up as one of the military dudes instructs them.

Can Do is evidently uncomfortable with Laverne hovering so close. He asks that they be taught separately. Do you want separate water fountains, too? For someone who calls himself “Can Do,” it’s kind of shocking that he should be easily thrown off by what’s going on in someone else‘s pants.

Not that there’s anything to report! In response to Can Do’s open hatred, Laverne says she doesn’t know what he’s worried about. She doesn’t want him. “He’s never been my type in any, like, even nightmare that I’ve had,” explains Laverne. Gee, can’t imagine why.

Rob, meanwhile, seems to be getting everything they’re shown. So perhaps an alternate lifestyle isn’t a complete liability on this show, after all!

Anyway, all this plotting is in advance of the challenge.

They’re going to plot the points that they must travel to. There, they’ll answer a question about Diddy. If they answer it properly, they’ll be given the correct next point to plot. If they get it wrong, they’ll be directed to a detour, taking time out. Whichever team can complete the course first wins. The title of this challenge?

It’s worth the mouthful.

We see Diddy explaining the reason behind this challenge.

It all boils down to, “Now if you can’t see the forrest through the trees, you need to chop them motherf***ers down.” Then why isn’t this a wood-splitting challenge? Probably because the contestants couldn’t be trusted around each other with axes.

The one most likely to get choppy actually falters…

Poprah starts wheezing and coughing because of, according to her, all the pollen in the air. How bad is she coughing? The look on Brianna’s face when she’s describing it says it all:


Poprah clearly is gunning to sit out of this challenge. This raises suspicion. Is she trying to get out of this just because she’s big? Poprah levels with her team: if she can sit out of this challenge without ruining the game for her team, she will. If her absence causes their disqualification, she’ll stay in. “I’ll die in the f***ing woods,” she says. From a cross she built herself!

Anyway, she’s allowed to sit out. She receives oxygen…

…before being carted off. Hey, at least she went out with a bang!

The race begins.

Confusion abounds. People get lost. Quickly, this show has gone from being Saw-esque to Blair Witchy. No one throw the map in the river, please!

Boris struggles on account of his size.

Funny that Laverne isn’t tripping over her sexuality. Who’s the liability, now?

Rob is a major disappointment to his team, being a former military man. He suggests a shortcut, which ends up as a total misdirection.

Let’s check in with Brianna for a status report:

Yep. It’s going that badly.

More footage of Diddy waxing oblique about this challenge:

This time, he tells us, “I’m known for going the extra mile, but sometimes the extra mile is 3,000 miles away.” So saucy with his cliché manipulation this week!

Finally, a team reaches a checkpoint. It’s Downtown, whose members are presented with this question:

The answer is 3.

They quickly migrate to the next question…

…whose answer they agree on is 19. Right again!

Uptown finally makes it to the first question…

…which they answer with “one,” because that’s what Rob read on Wikipedia. You’re better off talking to my mom than trusting Wikipedia sometimes, and she thinks that hip-hop has something to do with cool rabbits. They are, of course diverted to a detour…

How’s that feel, Brianna?

Thought so.

Downtown reaches its final question.

They choose “2002,” but come to find that they are…


There’s some carcass thrown in the mix, moving things nicely into Texas Chainsaw territory…

…which is a great set-up for what happens next, when the military men hit everyone over the head with hammers.

Kidding! But they do come to tell the teams that the challenge is over.

Capricorn and Derek address the teams. Capricorn informs everyone that they performed terribly and looked deranged. The better to reality TV you with! She names Downtown the winners reluctantly but makes sure everyone understands how equally worthless they are. Gunnery Sergeant Capricorn is TCB!

At home, the loft is abuzz with Poprah discourse. Was she faking it? Should she be eliminated? Poprah tells Suzanne that she received a breathing treatment. She asks about the challenge and concludes that “So, there’s nothing I could have done.” At least she isn’t too hard on herself!

Poprah gets all up in the confessional camera’s lens and rants about losing…

…and then, she is faced with the truth: most people in the house seem to believe that she faked asthma to get out of competing. Red tells this to her straight-up.

This causes a ‘cross-the-room battle that culminates in Poprah declaring…

Maybe if I had just went on in the woods and died, then everyone would believe me.” Maybe. Certainly, it’d be the only thing more dramatic than this argument. Fatal and non-fatal, alike, Poprah’s abounding with good-TV ideas.

Then, Saw V:

The team sits down to face Capricorn.

Rob’s misdirection is brought up, as is Poprah’s forfeit. Oh, and so is her potential sainthood: “I was willing to sacrifice my life to go out there!” she declares. This is obviously overblown, but not exactly wrong: her team did encourage her to sit out, and it’s pretty foul that they’re now using that against her. Some people were even happy that the bigger girl wouldn’t be there, slowing them down. I hope we learned an important lesson on discrimination today. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I know it’s important.

The team votes for which member is going to land in the bottom. It’s split 2-2 between Rob and Poprah. Suzanne gets the deciding vote and she chooses Poprah…who promptly brings Rob along with her. Well, that worked out nicely, didn’t it?

The two plead their cases in front of the Inner Circle.

Rob calls out Poprah’s physical limitations. Not so fast, says Poprah! Her forfeit was ordained by her maker! “First of all, this was God’s intervention. He used the pollen to take me out of the equation.” That sounds suspiciously like The Happening, pre-stabby gibberish and all! Poprah continues by comparing Rob to a used-car salesman: he’s all promise, no delivery. For example, he touted his military experience, but couldn’t direct his team. Kevin is taken aback by this and Rob kind of sputters something about his four years in the military not giving him land-navigational skills. No one can believe this because it’s pretty damn unbelievable.

The judges deliberate. Capricorn doesn’t think that Poprah should be voted out for something her team was cool with, but at the same time, Rob accepted responsibility for his unwise actions. Kevin points out that Rob’s argument focused on him being the best for the team, while Poprah thinks they’re all incompetent, anyway. Decisions, decisions.

As we await the results we see Poprah backstage fretting over what she feels has been a betrayal and saying the best thing she’s said yet on this show:

They did the same thing to Jesus. They did the same thing to Martin Luther King. They do the same thing to every great leader.” There you have it, people. Poprah just put herself in the same category as Jesus and Martin Luther King. Before you scoff, ask yourself: did Jesus and Martin Luther King ever carry a reality show? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, it’s elimination time. Kim cries real human tears…

…but for naught, as the judges have decided that it is Rob who is not ready to work for Diddy.

He interviews that he does not agree with the decision. What, you expected him to take this lying down?

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  1. Kenneth says:

    What if diddy asked kim to go get a doughnut in 5 mins? will she have a pollen attack? she needs to go…i just do not understand…all of these requirements all she can do is pass a test at a buffet or ABC store

  2. Allure88 says:

    I like KIM. Who cares that she is big, who cares that she “might” have faked it. She made it TWICE and she can take down anybody. I do think that this is her last free pass and she is going to need to prove herself in the next challeges to remain in the game and save face.

  3. adam says:

    jesus and martin luther king! oh my god is this $^^#!$*$##(%`~#*& serious? i swear to god if they dont throw her fat *)&($^(~+##_$() off the show then i will personaly start a boycott movement against this show .obviously they are keeping her on because she is so stupid, fat and everyone wants to watch to see her fail .but damn hurry up and fail im tired of looking at your ugly *)&($^(~+##_$()

  4. JR says:

    Kim needs to go home because she had a big mouth and she screams on the first episode. I’m glad Rob had left the competition because he has a boyfriend. He’s gay. Loser.

  5. C* says:

    I am most certain the producers are keeping Kim on the show for ratings. How dare she compare herself to the Holy Jesus and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! She can’t finish an obstacle course but Jesus walked in the hot sun with a heavy cross to bare, not just the physical cross but our sins. Not to mention, he was beaten and stoned, and had little to no food to eat AND Kim tells the world she stands before us as Jesus did?! Are you kidding me?!!…This reality/ratings whatever you want to call it has gone toooooo far! She has disrespected many of us that have faith in Jesus and followed MLK’s teachings.

    Also, if she knows she has a chronic illness such as Asthma, then she should carry her pump, nebulizer, or whatever it is to control/avoid respiratory distress….get it together!

  6. DARLENE says:


  7. s d says:

    how stupid do the producers think we are?
    i decided to stop watching this show when rob got kicked off instead of kim; the show has lost all credibility; a potentially decent role model gets kicked off and an insult to anybody’s intelligence kept on;
    i never wanted to boycott a reality show until now…

  8. Derek says:

    To Adam: This is a reality show they filmed this months in advance you would not of known her name if you were not watching this show. Kim would be a great choice for the job, because she is cut throat in Diddy’s world and for a job like that what do you expect everyone playing nice and getting along no. Diddy is demanding perfection in his $@(@*@!+)()!#^^ istants. I could be wrong

  9. Derek says:

    To Adam: This is a reality show they filmed this months in advance you would not of known her name if you were not watching this show. Kim would be a great choice for the job, because she is cut throat in Diddy’s world and for a job like that what do you expect everyone playing nice and getting along no. Diddy wants the perfect ~&~#()`^*^*++@& istant for the job. I could be wrong

  10. Shina says:

    I must admit to send Rob home and not Kim was unbelievable as well as disappointing. Rob made a mistake but inorder to make a mistake means you have to try and Kim didn’t. There is nothing worse than someone who talks loud and says absolutely nothing and unfortunately that’s all she has done at this point. Other than that I’m enjoying the show and looking so forward to the rest of the season. Thanks VH1 and P Diddy!

  11. Tia says:

    I hate what they are trying to do to Kim. I feel that her survival tonight is a testament to wat being successful is all about…HEART! She is confident and bold. Everyone knows in Reality TV the _!(%(*@!~+%^@*&$) is the star. Even if she gets kicked off for her inability to run, she is playing the game better than the rest. I was insulted for her when the whole team tried to make a decision about why she was having an asthma attack at that moment, and making her weight an issue to hinder her ability. Hello does anybody remember Oprah from the eighties. You go Kim and keep them haters at your back. Further, I am amazed that the team is not intelligent enough to realize this is an individual competition and banning together without any individual distinction makes them _!(%(*@!~+%^@*&$) assed.

  12. mal says:

    at this point i see kim as a survivor…..how dare everyone use her weight as an excuse….what they are scared of is the strong person she is……i want to give it up for the big girl…yes she is loud, yes she is big, yes she might be physically challenged…but she to me has the stuff diddy is looking for…she is not scared, she speaks her might, and she is a go-getter…….but when doing team challenges she needs to focus more on teamwork…than i work…..if she does not get that right she will not be out another time at facing the judges….i see her being in the top two….kim my advise to you is to sit back examine the group, plan, plan, keep quiet some time, speak at the right time, and you will survive…….go get the for the bgc(big girl club)….pls represent us well…..american is putting us in the we cant do it catagory………make us proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. JazyDeeva says:


  14. don from texas says:


  15. allison says:

    the producers must think were stupid everybody knows kim is being kept on the show for ratings if i wanted dramma id watch daytime soap operas there is no REALity in this show p diddy your about to get a lesson in backlash

  16. Tea from Texas says:

    I think Kim is the strongest and the others all know it. Therefore they are always looking for a way to eliminate her. Each one that has crossed her path in a “&(+^$*#*%_~*@+_ assness way has been dismissed. Kim, do tone it down a bit and work with your team because in any business you cannot do it alone. Others. stop discriminating on her weight, she can lose the lbs but her skills are authentic. Keep it it up Kim I am in your corner….. Diddy’s a driven man who needs a strong, knowledgeable and driven team and Kim has all the characteristics.

  17. LIL MO says:


  18. george says:

    KIM you compared yourself to jesus and martin luther king you just set us back 100 years thanks alot why do straight guys think all gays want them? hey kim try walking on water then compare yourself to the risen lord and saviour and DR. king you gotta be joking

  19. yanyan36 says:

    make me understand why you keep that fat loud mouth around the next show if you dont rid of her Im done watching this show.

  20. ray says:

    i can hardly type cause of my asthma ill continue through the pain to say GET RID OF KIM !!!

  21. daniel says:


  22. adam says:

    to derek no !$`@`+~#$%)(&)$* i watch the show ur a )()$*&)+*_&%*^@) in dusche bag

  23. Tionnshia says:

    i don’t know what kind or Type of show is diddy doing on VH1 but from what i readed it sound and look kinda of wried

  24. jodi says:

    Listen, Kim and her forked tongue should have gone home since last week. She brings too much negative energy to the group and she can’t hang. Look how many times during the New York challenge she kept saying “slow down! slow down!” and the guy was WALKING!!! The today, before she even starts doing any work, she’s sitting down! Add to that, she’s not a good leader because she is way too disrespectful of her team. That is not how you work with people or motivate them. She can talk a good game and that’s why she’s been able to stay. But she’s worse than Rob. She’s a USED car salesman! She talks about how good she is now but Rob is right… She is going to be tons of problems for the downtown team later on.

  25. Eric says:

    Personally I feel Kim was the weakest link out of the group from the debut she has been granted easy task whether it is barking out directions or taking an ambulance away from the competition she tries to find the easy way out and is detrimental to the team. Yes she has the ability to tickle a few ears but she is not yanking my leg.She has a take no B.S. attitude but she can’t accept tough challenges she need to ask herself, “What & how would I personally handle Diddy telling me to go and get him a cheesecake and walk to the location of his choice like the crew from making the band.” She probably wouldn’t be able to do it and may cop out of it by blaming Asthma. Kim plenty of people have asthma but they at least try. Would Jackie Joyner Kersee who suffers from Asthma give up on continuing a race and give up going for a gold back in the day? No but she toughen it out. Sending Rob home was a mistake because due to him being in the army and not passing the task is ludacris. The army train everyone on different jobs the military trains many on different jobs just like sniper training you have one guy who is a spotter and the other is the gunman the spotter plots the target the gunman fires at the spotters pinpoint. So who knows Rob could have been a desk jockey in the Army or a cook in the Army and maybe wasn’t out in the field. He was a stronghold for the team and Kim was the weakest link and if she is being kept around for ratings well that is wrong.

  26. Lisa Baltimore Maryland says:

    wow…as i was watching tonight my mom called me and said…i’m watching this Diddy thing and i think that’s kim k*****y…i stopped what i was doing, ( i was online and not really paying close attention and said OMG MOM!!!! THAT IS KIMMY!!! what she said the 1st show is very true….BOTH of kim’s parents are deceased and she has always been a smart, independent young lady. now quiet as kept i DO agree that kimmy needs to hush it UP sometimes and play it smart but BELIEVE me when i tell u that she is MORE than capable of doing this job. and about her weight…yeah ok…it’s OBVIOUS that she is plus size….ANDDDDDDD? kim…keep movin your plus size )(^@$+(^(+$!~^^ and get this job ma! and remember what i said…KEEP THAT BIG AZZ MOUFF SHUT SOMETIMES!! AND STOP CUSSIN SO MUCH U STARTIN TO SOUND LIKE ME!! lol also mommy said she’s gonna wash ur mouth out if they bleep u ONE MORE TIME! NEW UNITY IS WATCHING YOU SWEETIE!

  27. Dwayne says:

    I agree with Eric. She’s been getting a free ride these past two shows. It’s time for the bus to stop and let her off.

  28. lacrikuya says:

    As much as i like to see kim go home i have to say she’s pretty smart. the only problem those people have with her is because she’s to controling and she’s fat.she’s to controling and she need to tone that down she called the other team members”incompetent” and “amateurs” she needed to understand that if she gets the job with diddy she’ll have to work with other very smmart people and i dont think she would be happy if they called her that.but the bottom line is KIM NEEDS TO GO HOME because the are going keep voting for her

  29. shelby19 says:

    I believe that kim is going to get it. She somewhat puts you in the mind of diddy. her attitude is just like his. yes, i do agree that she does need to tone it down a little but other then that she is the one that is mainly fighting. like literrally grinding. If you watched the first episode the judges tell you right then who is going to be the next `@$~!@$+`)+@^~$ isitant. The show is not about getting along with your team mates its about who will get the job done.

  30. Marcy says:

    That’s it…I was a fan for two shows. I’m not watching this show anymore. I can’t believe you guys got rid of Rob…Get rid of Kim…bring Rob back!

  31. Pancho says:

    I think the judges made a mistake 2 wks in-a-row……Kim may just be the most business minded person in the group, but shse’s tooo negative, in respect to the TEAM mentality!!!!!Although, the show is about searching for the next *^!!`)^%@&`^%!# istant for Diddy, it’s ultimately about adding another individual to his already impressive team and Kim is not ready for the Diddy Team…..I agree with the bloggers who think that she should be the next to leave….Also, those of you who think that the military teaches everyone navigational skills…….you know nothing about being part of a functional team unit…..

  32. Mister GQ says:

    No ~$+()(+@*@&)*)(($ ASSNESS! haha thats a classic!

    you gotta keep Kim on, she keeps things exciting! its all biznazz

  33. shelby19 says:

    I am so glad that someone agrees with me( misterGQ) Its all about BIZZNAZZ.

  34. keno_yum says:

    LOL!!!!!! I can’t believe Kim is still on the show, but then agian i can, only for ratings/drama………
    The 1st show all she wanted to do was sit her &!`)^~$~!%+^@+^ down and give orders and probably wish she had a bucket of Kentucky chicken wings, while everyone else is out and about running around!!!!! Now the 2nd part of the show. ALLLLLLL of asudden her asthma want to start acting up…..WOW GURL ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!! I wonder whats goin to be the issue next week??????? She has the MOUTH and BIG vocabulary to keep her in the game. The question is does she have the skills and quality to really play the game?????? Anyone with a mouth and speak a good deal but your actions shows the REAL DEAL!!!!! So producers get it togather cause we all know why Kim is still on the show…..ONLY FOR DRAMA!!!!!!!! We get enough of that watching NEW YORK!!!!!!

  35. Pancho says:

    keno_yum….Props 2 ya…..ratings, it’s all about the ratings……The producers need to have more field outings for the teams to test the stamina, physical and mental, of the cast……attitude and determination go a long way…..and the B.S. that kim spits is just that…….she really needs to put up and shut the **** up.

  36. Dara says:

    I want Kim gone! I know the only reason that their keeping her is because she is filled with drama, and thats what people want to see. I have no doubt that she faked her “medical” issuse because it would of been too funny to see her fall flat on her +^@_(~(@$!#$$^$ the whole time. She is bossy and ignorant. I think she will be up for elimination every episode. She will never work for diddy, she has no class, no personality appeal other than pure #!^(%$$(^*@))_`_$ and most important no style. She’s a big girl and dresses like a slob. Im not hating because she dose generally have the right ideas to win but a good leader makes people want to follow them, not make them dispise you. And I do dispise her.

  37. keno_yum says:

    I really felt like Big boy was trying to come for the trans!!!!!!! She hasn’t said nothing neg. or disrepectful to or about anyone. But there’s always a hater in the group. If you guys pay close attention to the body gestures that he makes im pretty sure the kids use to call him FRIUT LOOP in high school. Just because someone is different or want to change themselves doesn’t mean a thing. Everyone should be treated equally NO matter of gender, color, race, trans or weight cause us people are not going to be on the judging table when judement day comes only GOD (if you believe in him)……..They both have breast. Larverne only paid for hers (or how ever she got them) but his came from being too over weight, so instead of him talking about her he should probably ask to borrow one or a few her bra’s………LOL….Them juggies look a lil saggy!!!!!!!

  38. Rob says:

    Well, Rob got the boot…oh well. Kim should have been booted first time out, but she is agressive, maybe thats what puff daddy wants. Now dont get me wrong here, I think the army training was stupid, but Rob messed it up, he should have known better. More games like the first episode will tell you who is ready for the task since thats what they will be doing 24/7 anyway. Kim is a target because of her style of leadership. She is not a team player, she is a team leader with agressive style. Right now i can tell you that out of all the ones that i have watched i dont think any of them will make the cut in the long run.

    But as a betting man, i’d put some money on Kim making it to the finals.
    Peace out

  39. Trinirita777 says:

    OMG! Kim compared her situation to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus Christ!
    R U kidding me? This is some krak-a-lak-a-bull@@! How in the hec did she get to vote someone off when she did not even compete in the 2nd episode? She sat on her fat azzz while her teammates did all the work! CLEARLY SHE HAS THE JUDGES WRAPPED AROUND HER FINGER-guess she will get her own reality show like New York huh? I can understand the judges trying to give her a 2nd chance to get that superimposed image she has of herself in check, but she has failed that test miserably….AGAIN! She still consistently disrepects all her teammates and needs to be sent home. It’s as if she gets a “green card” to do whatever the F she wants to do! Someone needs to put this &^^#`$##*@~@~%`^@) in check! The judges certainly can’t do it! The favortism she is receiving is enough to lose viewership for the show!

  40. Marjah says:


  41. Joe Gotti says:

    YOOO! This show is so wack!!! i cant believe they let this Fat PIGGGG stay on the show for not participating. What a joke. ive never ever Blogged for anything in my life but this is absolutly rediculous! She wants to work for Diddy but she cant walk 2 blocks. She should be eliminated for not participating. Shes a FAT `!&&$%`(_!@(+&_% ing slob. Fake coughing what an ACTRESS!!!! I hope she GETS KICKED OFF PERSONALLY BY P. DIDDY. ALL IN ALL SHE MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP! i dont even think ill keep watching this show because its so obviously fixed!!!!! KICK HER OFF!!!!! AND SHE HAS THE `!&&$%`(_!@(+&_% IN NERVE TO COMPARE HERSELF TO MARTIN LUTHER KING..AND JESUS????!!! IS THIS *`$@(+^+(+%)%)&`_ ON CRACK OR WHAT???

  42. tyLER 20 says:

    2 dead parentts before 20 = Job opening? Lets all catch our asthma-ridden’ breath slow down and have a cry party for Kim. She just a puppet for Diddy ratings anyway. The show about him, not her.

  43. Renee says:

    First, let it be known that it is correct that her parents both passed away 6 months apart from each other, That fact is true and actually let’s not even bring that up. Let her parents rest in peace.
    Yes, she had no right in comparing herself to Jesus and Martin Luther King, I am sure her being overwhelmed and totally speaking out of her head that is the statement that unfortunately came out.
    Yeah those tears were real and she knew she could not afford to be standing in front of the judges again.
    I am sorry but on the first show you can’t complain her for incompetency of others, as she said it, we lost because number 1, #2, and #3 and she was right.
    How quick we forget the smaller size female(Georgette) ? Was she not complaining about her feet and how small is she, ummmmm, let’s be careful when we talk about size.
    Kim was able to sit the challenge out and No she is not the reason they lost, I don’t think so.
    what you need to do is look at the ones that were in the challenge? if it was me I would be thinking how can I be blamed for something I had no involvement in? was it fair that she go up for elimination, Yes I agree that she should have went because she should be held accountable for not being able to participate. To the comment whether the army teaches you navigational skills or not speaking from a female’s view all I can say is I would not want to be trapped on an island with Rob, Thank GOD I am an independent female because I probably would be saving him and me.
    Just like everyone thinks Kim was using asthma as an excuse, that comment about navigation is an excuse also, forget what you didn’t learn you a man take charge, take lead. As I said, I would not want to be trapped on the island with Rob.
    Okay, Kim is aggressive and what does everyone think Diddy is “meek and mild”, they couldn’t deal with Kim last week I guess they are not going to be able to deal with Diddy for 5mins.
    I guess security will be escorting his “true &&&_!+(#(^@&*_# istant” out the door.
    If it’s for the ratings then let me thank you on behalf of VH1 and Diddy for watching, remember you have choices in Life, you don’t have to watch the show. Back to choices the judges did the right thing, you go Kim.

  44. Tarrah says:

    Well, all I have to say is that I regularly watch I Love Money and my new fav is I Want to Work for Diddy and Kim is RIDICULOUS!!! She really annoys the crap outta me! She is completely self-centered and thinks her *@#$ don’t stink. Comparing herself to Martin Luther King and Jesus…the only thing she has in common with them is that she is the same size as both of them put together!!! LOL!!! I hope she gets booted off soon. Then I will thoroughly enjoy watching the show!!! KIM–GET @_&!$~@!&*^`%)(%% N’!!!!

  45. gee says:

    they kept Kim past the second episode coz she makes good TV ratings not coz she is smart or capable of being Diddy &%$)&_~!%%*_(%% istant… she has an Omarosa and New York type attitude that just wont work with Diddy… here’s to great TV and us having to watch her on our screens sucks hey..like Diddy says “i do it for TV”

  46. Tracey says:

    KIM IS A FAT `()&(*#%#(~&`+_ FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. sue says:

    all right Diddy it’s time for you to make that fat hefah or break that fat hefah(Kim) that is. she needs to be put to the real test,all that B.S. put to the side let’s see if she hang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Tracey says:

    IF Kim wins diddy will not keep her cause they are going to clash you know diddy loves to be in charge and Kim loves to be in charge its not going to work they should’ve sent her home they didn’t even run anywhere before she started complaining she is a fake just because ROB was in the army the doesn’t mean he should have known how to do that how many years ago was he in the army he said he only took one class if he was there for four years how long ago did he take the class its clear everybody wants Kim gone so why not put her out if nobody likes her VH1 and these shows makes you really mad

  49. Aja says:

    How could they vote to keep “Poprah” on the show? Ratings of course because she couldn’t work for Diddy or anybody else!!!! She claims to have all this entertainment experience and what not. If that is the case, why is she trying to work for Diddy?

    A person of her caliber should have people dying to work for her because remember she is right up there with Jesus and Martin Luther King….(LMAO)

  50. ComplexNDope says:

    I DON’T think Kim is going to make it to the end. Homegirl has just been blessed with the gift of gab. She has YET to practice what she has preached. I highly doubt Diddy wants a loud mouth working for him, there can only be one…and that’s Diddy HIMSELF.

    Another little tidbit: Kim was on another Reality TV show (~`%(_#%^&`(~#^ led: Fat March. Funny how she harped to the judges about Georgette’s feet hurting, when she quit that show for the VERY same reason.
    Google Fat March Kim & find out for yourself.

  51. ceeMARIE says:

    i hope im dies …. she makes me sick … she is just a good talker but if she really wanted this she would’ve gone into the woods and died … and made the lives of everyone on the show easier .. she just wants to sit her 250 pound @%!*^&^_@@)`+&& on a chair and act like everyon eneeds her … diddy needs someone who can run swim jump out of planes and ride a bike this ^`~)$)@(#&(__`)$* can do none … KIM KICK YOURSELF OFF THE SHOW FOR HEAVENSAKEEEEEE GOD HIMSELF WANTS YOU OFF.

  52. leelee99 says:

    Kim I hate you!!! I think you are just a ^!!(!)&“+`@_~$_ talker!!! If you knew anything about Diddy you would know that he does not do FAT!!! So put all your energy into losing some weight instead of bashing your team!! I beleive you’re only still on the show because you bring the drama, but in the end hgopefully he won’t choose you!!! You’re to argumentive also, shut up sometimes… You know you faked that attack you know your fat _(_!+$@^*#`+$)@ would not have kept up with the group, so that was your way out FAKE _(_!+$@^*#`+$)@

  53. Marjorie says:

    YOU got to be kidding….This Oprah wannabe…Is a JOKE!!!! I know they kept her for the ratings!!!!….OMG….I hope this is not another NewYork(flavor of Love) in the making……

  54. Trinirita777 says:

    Dearest Renee,
    One thing has nothing to do with the other! We all have trials and tribulations in life-yes, it’s sad she lost her both her parents, but it doesn’t give Kim the right to go around treating people like shyyt@@! Kim is full of hot air! Her “asthma” and “weight” issues aside, she did not have the right to be up there judging wether someone else should be booted off when she did not even compete her dam self! Clearly she is a pawn used to increase ratings! What she’s doing is eroding the credibility of the show-Period-it has nothing to do with the viewing audience beating up on her! Hell, she’s the BULLY@@! And she gets special treatment because she’s a ratings queen-end of story! I would love to see her talking to and beating up the other “Professionals” that already work for Diddy! He would fire her azz so quick she would really see stars! And quite frankly, no one on the show thus far has shown any real “Diddy” qualities that can take them far in life! Or maybe there is such a character on the show, but we don’t get to see them shine because Kim has taken on the role of “Baffoon” to keep the audience watching? HMMMM??@@!!

  55. TRADIGGY says:

    Yes kim is a &(_@(_%&~($+^)&^! but sometimes you has to be. Does she go tooooooooooooo far, YES!!
    Come it down GIRL!! Being a &(_@(_%&~($+^)&^! is the best way to be famous. Look at “New York” and all the other &(_@(_%&~($+^)&^! of reality TV. Hey She might Not win the show, but with 54 respones all about her, she is doing something right!!!

  56. michael says:

    First of all, Kim isn’t carrying the show! I’m to the point to where I don’t want to watch the show because of the horrible judgment of the persons who keep her on the show. At one time I had respect for the judgment panel. Diddy says her trust there judgment, well someone needs to get a grip! Kim should have been gone a long time ago.

  57. Pencil says:

    I agree with Michael. I am finding that these judges have a very bad idea of what is going on. I thought that this show was to find the best &)(*&@!`@%@*$(~ istant for Diddy, but I see that just as with other shows, this show is just for ratings.

    I am finding this all to be a bunch of BS. How can that Lazy F , Poprah kim, possibly be the best candidate to be his &)(*&@!`@%@*$(~ istant. She scams her way out of actually doing anything and then always turns it around on the people who actually give it thier all.

    I just hope that once she is finally found out and kicked off, that VH1 does not give her nasty a$$ a show!

  58. Quinton Brown says:

    It is what it is—and Diddy said he trusted the three judges to hire for him. But, that VP/Motivational Speaker (though quite successful) is a terrible judge of character…he is terrible at reaing people. There is absolutely nothing about Kim that says “teamplayer” yet, he continues to defend her…I cannot believe he thinks Diddy would hire such a selfish, self-serving person. STUPID!!!

  59. Kathy says:

    I just had to express how I felt about episode 2 of “I want to work for Diddy”. All I want to know who is this Pophra chick related to?? She must be Diddy’s long lost cousin or some &##!@^*`^!)#%&!* Why the hell is she still on the show????? She was told she didn’t want to be seen in front of the panel again, but there she was and she was allowed to STAY what kinda crap was that. And she had the nerve to compare herself with Jesus & Martin Luther KIng!!! This girl has lost her damn mind, Martin Luther King wouldn’t fake an ashma attack to avoid a challenge! She did nothing to support her team, she’s rude and condesending toward her team she needs to GO. I won’t even touch the comparison to Jesus, she will deal with that when she meets her maker.
    I was looking forward to watching the “Diddy” reality show but after last night’s episode, I will not be watching again, Rob should not have been let go.

  60. Jasmine says:

    LMAO!!!! Wow…. I’m at work… trying my hardest not to bust out laughing!!!!! They did the same thing to Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr?!?!?!?!?!? Who the hell does she think she is??? lol…. omg. She needs to chill out. I mean, I think she is pretty and you can see that she has a sweet heart. But if she can’t take this challenge…. how the hell does she expect to be running errands, lifting dozens of luggage, in addition to staying up all night for Diddy ALL BY HERSELF…. Sigh… Diddy is looking for trouble and non-reliability if he chooses her.

  61. Hershel Grant says:

    i cant beleive what i just saw on this show i know Didddy has to be disapointed in his former ^&%!~@@_`*$@~^^ istances for the obviously wrong desision that they made. If he is not disappointed then i am for him. There is no way that a participant in a compitetion as demanding as this one should be able to remain if they are not able to take part in any one of the events. It dosent matter if they had asthmia penumonia or the flu. if you cannot participate then you cannot compete. Even though the gay army dude did not help his team nobody else on his team was able to help him either so they were all equally responsible, there or not. When it all balls down to it the person who was supposed to know all about diddy could of helped her team win because they would of been on track and would of gained more time when she answered the first queston right but that didnt happen. And i dont think that Kim is smart she is just pushy and semiwitty but thats how birds are in 2008 go to any project and see for yourself. Iam not even gonna go hard right now because iam trying to make a point that big girl should be gone. Oh and no homo

  62. Mandy says:

    I’m rooting for Red.

    I want him to win, he could totally kick @^~`_`()(“^$+) doing this job.

  63. Dana says:

    YO! that was the worst! Very Badddddddddd decision. What are scared about getting protests from over weight people? She didn’t even do the challege — What the Hell! But i guess Diddy needs ratings, so keep the drama. Besides Diddy IS DRAMA Too! When they get down to the serious ++)~^)(&$~!!!^# istants then i’ll watch it again!

  64. Enimisaj says:

    Are you kidding me?!?!?!!! That was ridiculous…
    Kim CLAIMED to be having a sudden asthma attack at the START of the physical challenge. When they were visibly exposed to those elements prior to entering the warehouse – that I’m sure isnt vacuum sealed so that pollen and other allergens could not enter. My sister that HAS asthma, has gone through several breathing treatment sessions at hospital and afterward she is exhasted. Theres no moment where shes up an roaming around asking questions about how you day went and she wouldnt dare to have an arguement over what someone believes and whats fact. Kim also said that she wouldve done it had the powers that be told the team that they would be DQ’d. Which to me means she really couldve just went along for the challenge. Not only that shes consistently degrading the team. What she seems to be forgetting is that (from the looks of it) working for Diddy means TEAMWORK!! She will not be the sole +$`!@^$+*^#)%&@ isant or confidant.
    Lets get real Kimmy.
    How dare she compare herself to our past great leaders?? Before this show aired how many people had ever heard of Kim aka “Poprah”? Show of hands. Anyone?? Hello??
    Damn skippy! Not a damn soul! She needs to get off her high horse and chill the hell out with her high mighty routine. It really seems like a cover up for something she LACKING.
    Watch out there now!

  65. T-zilla says:

    Ms. Poprah, off top, you are the epitome of an angry fat, obese black female. You demonstrate a special gift in foresight; the ability of anticipating an upcoming event(s). i.e., the compass test, you knew once exposed to a forest like environment your asthma would be active and you brought your inhaler? You knew. I believe this gift was enhance do to your obesity life style and your “know it all” personality. What a combination? You are a disgruntle, professional, overweight whatever? You blame everyone but yourself; yet you want to be a leader. How dare you compare yourself to Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr., who personify selflessness and love. You hide behind your experiences from your professional jobs that you successfully failed at. You unmistakably show everyone you are successful in never learning from your errors. Example, how many times have professional people requested you to lose weight? How many times have you failed to listen? My point exactly. The industry, you are in will never except an aspiring obese, angry, loud, black woman. Learn how to play the game and stop playing the loud annoying foolish woman. In your Myspace bio, you said you like watching reality TV. What have you learned? Fat people do not win. Example, when fat people have their own reality TV show, the basis is to lose WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means the winner is THIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. BDJ says:

    It’s all about ratings and Kim is ratings. I wasn’t planning on paying attention to the show until I heard the Jesus Christ clip and said I need to see this girl. I suffer from year round allergies, especially bad during pollen season. Did anybody else see pollen creating flowers on the military base’s forest?? I honestly know real little about asthma, but she was sure yelling and cheering when she went up in the helicopter and standing around outside.
    That challenge was crazy though. Again I say it was all for ratings. It worked. This show has created a messiah and everyone is buzzing about her and now they will get some more viewers. I’ll root for Suzanne who I listened to on my local radio station in Atlanta (Q100) because she decided in 2005 to leave her job and travel around the world for a year by herself. She would call in from all over the world and blogged about her experiences. She is kewl. But Kim is ratings but Diddy isn’t gonna want her.

  67. enlew says:

    I was pretty shocked when they decided to keep Kim. They even commented that she was still insulting her team, only in a nicer way. Obviously she hasn’t learned, and neither did they. In the first episode she didn’t want to be physical either…she blames someone else for getting lost and going the wrong way. But, did she ever try to stop him, no, she just followed him and made him slow down because she couldn’t hack it. Yet again, she didn’t want to be physical and couldn’t hack it. Kim is just one of those “Poor me!” people, nothing is ever their fault, everyone else drags them down, and they are never to blame. She says her team lost anyway, maybe if she wasn’t so out of shape she could have helped them answer things correctly at least.

    The whole idea of the show is sick anyway. Sean Combs is disgusting and selfish. Why does any one person need so much attention. Having to bring enough clothes for a small nation where ever you go, it’s ludacris. He is narcissitic and overly self-indulgent. The man has too many things, including people. Will we need to kill his %_$@`*$)`%($)(# istants when he dies so that they can guide him then too?

  68. BeeSkin says:

    Kim brings ratings…Kim brings drama…which brings ratings. After a while…her big )_%#)$@~@^@+$`^ will get kicked to the curb that she came from. She can claim that she was in charge of her own comapny…but I don’t know any successful CEO that wants to work “for” someone.
    Kim is clearly not a fast learner. (Did not take advice from judges to stopp team bashing)
    kim is not a person who is anything like Christ. (She claims to have been treated like him and MLK, but has yet to show humility, compassion or love…)

    Frankly…what does around comes around and She’s putting out some pretty bad stuff.

  69. Zion Leoni says:



  70. Kay Kay says:

    kim needs to take her (ask )home

  71. Sam says:

    vh1..it is so obvious you are keeping this LOSER around for ratings. I am no longer watching this show after Rob was eliminiated. Yall can only pull this RATINGS BS so much before all the other idiots recognize whats going on.

  72. RJ says:

    I HATE that b***h Kim. She is soooo fake and she should have been sent home after the first show. She will NEVER have what it takes to work for Diddy. I feel that VH1 is keeping her around because people want to see her kicked off. She is the meanest person ever. She is doing what gives all black women a bad name. Everyone else has been very professional and took responsibility when they did something wrong but what does she do…blames it on everyone else. KICK HER A** OFF NOW!! She also has no clue what No ^%#*+%%`*)~__+^^+ assness means.

  73. Lady T. says:

    Since i been watching the show i see why kim goes up every time to go home. Her ATTITUDE!!!!!!!! Sinks and personally i dont think she is being a team player. i understand you got to do what you gotta do to get where diddy is but the route she going she isn’t gonna last that long. So i guess what i’m saying is KIM YOUR DAY IS COMING, WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR *** HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Jawbonin says:

    Rob’s “I forgot all my training” (!&@!(`$@!_&~+% needed to go home. How do you do 5 years in the military and manage to get lost in the woods? Especially after you brag that land navigation is “easy”? How do you decide to go on a show called “I Want To Work For Diddy” and you know nothing of the man’s accomplishments? On top of that why would the Uptown team listen to a man who has had them lost for 5 hours. The entire Uptown team showed )`#*^“+%)%^@#$#_ azziness and with the exception of Kim- I do not expect any of them to be hired by Diddy.

    Kim, I’m rooting for you. But if you do not shore up your attitude and just do what you do and do it well, you will lose. Lose the attitude, study the Art of War: Stop trying to show your opponents how strong you are and let them think you are weak, then show strength in your actions. Your actions will speak louder than your words.

  75. kriss says:

    i think KIM should be kicked out, dont like her at all.
    send her home, now


  76. mike says:

    Ive got an idea that will help us all…Boycott the FIRST SHOWING of the next EPISODE and unless kim is sent __%!^!*~%%@)#^+^* ng DO NOT WATCH the show again!! That will help send the message we want.

  77. Kelia says:

    All i have to say is everybody is downing Kim, but overall she’e the smartest and have the most ambition. Alot of them need to learn its everyman for him/her self. Kim came to work for diddy no one else and i thnk she’s making that well known. Why is is that everyone keeps saying kim’s not physicallly ready to do a job. It’s not the way you look, It’s would you go the extra mile to get the job done at any cost. Sometime a little attitde is necessary in order to get progress. And girl i would have to say is In LOVe DidDY……

  78. Pencil says:


    Kim is a lazy a$$. She has not proved for one minute that she has ambition. If it comes to her having to move around, she has an excuse. duh. that is not ambition, Watch the show before you comment, dummy.

  79. Dawn2Vegas says:

    Kim is a very insecure, unhappy, mad-at-the-world type of person. I hope that Mr. Combs and/or his “Inner Circle” reads some of Kim’s post on the VH1 Message Boards in response to what fans of the show have written. She’s insulted people’s looks, insulted their intelligence, and still talks about how successful she is (although not yet proven by her actions on the show). Tell me Bad Boy, why do you keep someone that (in Episode 2), talks about “That’s what sick days are for”! Do you really want someone working for you that is already contemplating sick days while they are still in the interview process? If so, maybe you seriously need to read her posts—–is this how you want her to deal with your clients? If she doesn’t get her way, perhaps she can tell the client how successful she has been and how they are unintelligent and she thinks that they are ugly! Kim’s controversial ways may get you some ratings, however, the true fans of the show are already claiming on the Message Boards that they are going to no longer tune in. Keep up the “good” work Kim–and pray that you get hired. After this show, I seriously doubt that any other employer would hire you for ANY position based on how you present yourself!

  80. Jay says:

    Im sick and tired of shows keeping people around just cause they cause drama and raitings go up. If its a reality show its a reality show these reality shows are fake. If anyone ever gets on a reality show just stand out be different to a point cause drama get everyone to hate you and then you win. If KIM really wanted to work for diddy that bad she would have never got in the ambulance truck in the first place she would have started walking her fat ^@~__@$%%*@~@~( with her team. Shes running game on Diddys crew and diddy and they dont see it thats sad

    i would have booted her from the first time she threw the dice, that right there told me she was an actor.

  81. Ree says:

    I think Kim should have gone home this week in stead of Rob. She is not a team player at all, she thinks that she is better than everyone on her team. As Diddy always says, he has a TEAM of people that works with him. When you work together as a team, “YOU WILL WIN”. Kim has some good skills, but! I don’t think that she is ready to work for Diddy. Let’s see if she keeps the same mentality as time goes on or hopefully she will change for the better, The Judges always tell her each and every time she is in front of them, and that is that you have to keep working with the same people you call names. So, lets see if you can become a better TEAM player as time goes by.

  82. Mac says:

    Yeah, I think she should have been sent %&@+#@!%$$)+@_~(# ng too. If she’s worked with so many people in the entertainment biz before and she’s such a professional, then why does she need to compete on this show for a job. Let me see your resume. Why isn’t she recommended by others? Just a question…

  83. Oahu says:

    I think behind that Domineering attitude, Poprah is a really nice person. But like you all said that this is Show Bizz-ness and the “BIG MOUTH” actors boosts up ratings for an OVERLY Dramatic scene On-Air, Producers get Richer and Audiences get Frustrated returning Week after Week for the Next Episode, That’s Reality…….And We Love It !
    Poprah is a very intelligent women, Quick Problem Solver, Strong Headed, and Very Determined. I don’t know if she can be told, What to do. She is very Independent and can work better Alone. She’s better off having her own business, Probably as a Counselor for Low self-esteem Children or Adults where Motivation Skills are strongly desired, or Human Resources / Job Finders, where Experience and Capabilities matter, meeting her requirements. Poprah can make things happen……..

    Hey Diddy !
    Any vacancies in the above Departments ?
    Our Gal Poprah would fit right in if she doesn’t win.

    Good Luck To you,

  84. pyrate says:

    ProbablySuzanne or Laverne would make a Great Candidate for Diddy. They both seem so professional and Calm. Appearance …. Suzanne has to tame down that Hair-Do. Maybe Laverne can help Kendra with an Up-Do style with bangs. Laverne is pretty fashionable like Kimora Lee Fabulous ! she can give the whole cast a makeover, Especially Capricorn, kinda’ Tired looking. I thought appearance was a factor in the P. Diddy business, I guess he’s running her rag-ged, with no time to retire (sleep).
    The panel of judges frighten me. I thought of myself being one of the candidates thrown hard to answer questions from all directions and failing to answer only with “UMs” and “Ahs”, I dislike that part of interviews I don’t know how these people can hold conversations I find it to be all talk battling of words Hybolical Words what ever happened to plain and simple.

  85. Poppa says:

    Dont even worry bout them haters on the show just handle yours cuz inthe end you the 1 gotta look inthe mirror.

  86. Doc Robb says:

    First-Of-All! Look How Vicious U All Are About The Womans Weight!!! Damn! And For That Alone Makes All Of Yall Fake! Simply Because Kim Does Appear To Sound More Qualified Than All The Other Contestants ( Fat, Skinny, Gay, Straight or Otherwise…… Just Take A Good Listen To Diddy’s Past *`)@%+~^#_($@“ istance Interviews????? “NONE OF THEM SOUND TOO SMART THEMSELVES”!!! And They All Have Variuos Different Looks. But It’s True That None Of Them Are Fat!!! So With That Being Said…… Its So Obvious That Image Means Everything. So It Does’nt Matter That, Big Kim: “Was Really No Louder Than Any Of Them”….. But Everyone Chose To Attack Her Because Of Her Weight. Because Big Fat Black Women, Are Not Suppose To Be That *`)@%+~^#_($@“ ertive. And If A Black Woman Has To Be Strong (Or) Loud – She Better Be At Least Skinny & Cute. Not To Mention…. That All Of The Contestant and Former *`)@%+~^#_($@“ istants Must Have Failed At Some Point. Because No One Person Is Perfect. So In My Opinion. Yall Should Give The Fat Chick A Break! Because Any Of You Would Have Done The Same Thing To Survive And Remain On The Show!!!!!!!!! Now Let Just See What Happens????? At Some Point, Everyone Must Show and Prove!!! Lets Just Put All Looks Aside and See Who Is Best Suited 4 The Job?????? Diddy Knows WTF He Is Doing!!!!!!!———- And My Vote Go’s 4 Whoever Comes-Up With The CheeseCake!!!!!! Just That SIMPLE.