Poprah Keeps It Real


Last week, shortly after our I Want to Work for Diddy premiere recap went up, it received a long comment from the show’s most divisive personality (and, arguably, its most watchable too): Kim aka Poprah. She wrote in to set the record straight, not just as it pertained to the recap, but to her portrayal on the show in general. We were impressed not just with her writing skill, but with her conviction and the wealth of information in her response. Clearly, she had a lot to say about the show, and we had a feeling that wasn’t going to let up anytime soon.

And so, we’re opening the floor for Poprah to weigh in on each episode — every week, we’ll get a recap of the show as seen through the eyes of Poprah. The first one, tackling Episode 2, is below. It’s long this week, so we’ve gone ahead and bolded the particularly juicy and/or hilarious bits. As usual, Poprah’s upholding her image as a big girl with big ideas.

Episode 2 starts with a recap of last week’s episode clearly showing that everyone hates me, Kim aka Poprah. But I am obviously not one to mess with. Boob girl, Georgette gets her ass sent home after her poor accounting cost our team the 1st challenge. 1,2,3, you’re out, via a verbal ass kickin’ in front of the judges, by yours truly.

Next we get a brief lesson in Tranny 101 from Laverne, she explains the truth about transgender, to the amazement of some her housemates and the disbelief of some others.

Sometime later, in the dry-cuzzi Rob comes out of the closet, and acknowledges he’s gay and been hiding under the gay-dar since his 5 year stint in the U.S. Army, fearing that he’ll lose his benefits.

The next morning, we are awaken guerilla style. Diddy’s security comes in yelling screaming, startling everyone out of their sleep. “GET UP, GET UP, you got 5 minutes to get dressed and line up, right now!” Imagine, flashlights in your face, these big dudes everywhere screaming at you, your heart’s racing like you’re being kidnapped or something in the middle of the night, and you don’t know where they’re taking you!

They took the teams by van to a helicopter pad. We tried to enjoy the experience but were obviously thinking, “Where are we going and what it’s in store!” I’ve been on a helicopter before as a news-reporter, so sightseeing is the last thing on my mind.

They take us to an army base where we are rushed to a barrack where we have to change into army clothes. They didn’t have any army pants big enough for my big ass, so they had to sew two pair together. (Where’s Lane Bryant when you need it!)

Anyway, we get a crash course in plotting coordinates. Rob is cocky and confident, even showing off about he was in the Army for 5 years, and knows this stuff already. He’s constantly interjecting his comments during the class, to the point that the instructors ask him to slow down, because the they are teaching us in a particular order. He really seems like he’s the only one who already knows what they are trying to teach us. Laverne on the other hand, seems confused and keeps interrupting with silly questions that confuse the teachers and the other contestants. This is obviously not her “bag” of tea, no pun intended.

Rob says he knows this – he knows hot to plot coordinates , he’s been to Iraq, we have this in the bag. “I may have an unfair advantage”, he says. He gives the Uptown team a false sense of security that he can lead us to victory because he’s done this thing before.

Boris obviously doesn’t feel comfortable with Laverne all in his personal space during the Army class.

The team goes out to the woods. I started feeling ill. I started having trouble breathing. I knew I was approaching an asthma attack, or as the doctors describe it, a serious asthmatic reaction to extreme pollen, which brings on a full asthma attack without immediate proper medical treatment. I had already used my inhaler 4 times and it wasn’t working anymore. Anyone who has asthma or knows someone with knows that when the inhaler stops working, you have to go to a hospital. Not being able to get air and struggling for every breath is some serious s*** whether you understand it or not.

The Uptown team, expresses doubt they I am really allergic and having an asthma attack even though I am obviously in distress and am holding an inhaler for asthma with my name on it in my hand. If it seems coincidental, it should. I was allergic to the woods and it kept getting worse because we entered the woods for the challenge, counting our footsteps. And that’s when I knew I wasn’t gonna make it. I had exceeded inhaler limit and still couldn’t breathe. I stressed to the team that I am not a quitter, and emphasized that I was willing to “die in the woods” if it meant that the team would be disqualified or that I would be automatically sent home. And I meant it. The team pledged their support and expressed concern for my well being. It was agreed by all of us that they, Uptown would go on without me. I left with the army medic and was immediately transported to the hospital by ambulance. God works in mysterious ways, and I really believe he used the pollen to take me out of the competition for just that day, so the world could see my team for who they really were and that they couldn’t blame me or my so-called attitude for losing.

Thereafter, both teams head to the woods after plotting their first course.

The teams said they were willing to go on without me, were concerned for me, and then celebrate my not being there. They were concerned that my lack of physical fitness would cause them to lose. We’ll see about that, won’t we?

Rob takes the leadership position and immediately they start to realize that they may be going the wrong way, he says they should walk alongside the road instead of going into the woods, in a straight line. After going some distance in the wrong direction, he admits he may be wrong but then assures them that he knows the way, though his short cut was very wrong.

Red really questions if Rob even knows where he’s going, Rob starts to blame Red’s anxiety and concerns about his leadership for his own lack of focus and ability to lead the challenge. (Always someone else’s fault, right?) A real leader is not easily distracted, especially in a crisis. This guy was in Iraq, how did he handle bombs and terrorists? Weren’t they distracting, too? This is obviously a croc of s***.

Anyway, from the very beginning, both teams are having trouble finding their way. Downtown team is concerned about Boris’ physical state, being a big boy. Mike and Boris start to argue about Boris keeping up. Borris is defensive, I’m just trying to tie my shoe,” he says. But Mike doesn’t let up. “Stop taking things so personally, dog,” Mike scolds him.

But soon after, the downtown team finds the first marker where they have to answer a question about Diddy: How many Grammys did Diddy receive?

They make their choice from A, B or C and each letter corresponds to an army box with the coordinates for the next point. Apparently they choose what they think is the right answer and head off enthusiastically to the next marker.

Meanwhile the Uptown team is not so lucky. They are obviously getting lost, and they start to realize that maybe Rob doesn’t know as much as he claims, and is obviously getting concerned. Finally after backtracking considerably, eating up valuable time and energy, trying to keep their cool, they get back on track.

Meanwhile, the Downtown team finds their way to yet another marker. This time the question is: At what age did Diddy become VP of Uptown records? They pick an answer after a little debate. It’s obvious that most of them just agree with whatever Mike says.

Uptown finally gets to the first trivia station and Rob swares he knows the answer (1) and says he even read it on Wikipedia. He actually says he read that Diddy has received one Grammy, and though Suzanne says she thought he was wrong she went along with the others. This was very wrong and has them on a detour, wasting more precious time and energy.

Downtown finds another trivia station where the question is: What year did Diddy change his name from Puff Daddy, to P. Diddy? They guess about this answer and once again Mike pushes for his choice, and they concede. Even though he was wrong. Mike seems to be the bully on the downtown team, but he does it with charm some no one notices. Since Kendra is obviously infatuated with him, she follows his lead. They obviously have a thing going, though they try to hide it. (Mike has a girlfriend he claims to love soooo much.) Boris just wants to be accepted like most white guys who want to be black, and Stephanie is a follower and easily influenced like the stereotypical blonde, and plus she’s Kendra’s buddy. Hey, it is what it is. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Back in the woods, Uptown is wayyyy lost now! So lost, that they are now out of the woods and at a main road. To everyone’s dismay, they have to retrace their steps. AGAIN. (Thanks to Rob, the army expert.)

Downtown finds themselves on a detour, because their last answer was wrong. And have to retrace their steps. While Uptown continues to debate over where they went wrong, finally accepting the obvious, that they are totally lost because Rob made a miscalculation in the coordinates. GO ARMY!

Knowing neither team has an ice cube’s chance in hell of completing this challenge, the Army guys come in and shut down the competition for both teams. Capricorn and Derek meet the teams and tell them they were all awful and that Downtown wins by default because they completed more of the challenge.

Back at the loft, the teams are obviously revisiting the challenge and everybody, including the Downtown team, keeps commenting on their surprise at Rob, the army guy’s poor performance on the challenge.

Red decides to inform me just as I returned from the hospital, that everyone is going around saying that I faked my asthma attack. This is ridiculous considering the Army acknowledged it was the worst pollen count in New Jersey, which could easily trigger an asthmatic reaction. I would be putting my life in danger going in the woods, because they weren’t sure they could get me out of the woods before I would die from oxygen deprivation. I argued to go anyway, y’all know me. I will argue. But the judges and medic insisted I got to the hospital after they checked with the paramedics to be sure I wasn’t faking it. The paramedics had checked my oxygen levels and then decided to rush me to the hospital in an ambulance since they didn’t have breathing machine I needed on the ambulance. How can I fake my own oxygen levels? I mean I’m good, but that’s ridiculous!

Nevertheless, I was willing to risk dying in the woods if it meant elimination for myself, or disqualification for my team and I told them that. My trifling-ass team members deceitfully told me that they were genuinely concerned for my health and convinced me to listen to the medic rather than risk my life, knowing that they just wanted to get rid of me and planned to use it against me later. Now that my friends, is sheer “bitchassness”.

Every year for the last 5 years in Atlanta where the pollen counts is extremely high, even record high, I’ve ended up in the hospital needing a breathing treatment at least once. The doctors finally told me that inhalers could keep it under control as long as I avoided direct contact with lots of trees and plants. This only happens every spring, not year round, so it’s seemed to work. Never in a million years did I expect to be sent into the woods where I would be in direct contact with every blooming flower and tree around. It’s like putting a person who’s allergic to peanuts in a peanut factory: they’re fine as long as they avoid nuts. I’m fine during the spring as long as I avoid heavy contact with trees and plants, ie. going directly into the woods. What are the chances of a job requiring that? What are the chances of Diddy sending his assistant in the woods, really? I never needed to go in the woods during the spring before, and I just wasn’t medically prepared for that. I hated myself for that cuz I knew these fake-ass people would use it against me.

Meanwhile Red, being the two-faced little troll that he is, goes around the house making fun of my physical condition and weight, stressing to everyone else that he I can’t handle the physical demands of the job. Funny enough he’s the same guy who thought Diddy got Emmys instead of Grammys for his music. He obviously can’t handle the mental demands of the job. What the hell is he even doing on the show? He doesn’t know the business at all, and he knows it.

Okay, so obviously, Uptown is back up for elimination and the accusations start flying. It starts off with everyone stating that Rob took a leadership roll, got them lost, gave the wrong answer to the trivia which sent them on a detour and just a list of his mistakes one after the other. And being the one used to putting up a smoke screen, i.e. hiding sexuality from the army for 5 years, he deflects all the blame and puts it on Red, blaming him for distraction. I just sat their quietly (I know that’s hard to believe), hoping that the team will just hang itself. (Believe it or not I know when to shut up, but sometimes I don’t give a damn and would rather say my peace.)

Just like last time, the team gets to put someone up for elimination and amazingly, they throw me under the bus. Rob votes me up for elimination claiming I’m not fit for the job because I did not participate. Red agrees. Brianna thinks with her head and says Rob should go home strictly based on his performance, despite her personal feelings for me (I respect her for that). And hesitantly Suzanne (so she claimed) nominates me as well. She’s the fakest of them all. Watch this bitch in action, she’s subtle with it.

So there you have it, big girl is on the chopping block for Uptown’s loss, even though I wasn’t even there. Ain’t that a bitch!

Here comes the judges, Capricorn, Kevin Liles and Phil Robinson and they’re in no mood for excuses. Immediately, Phil tells me he didn’t want see me up for elimination again and then he asks Rob to explain what went wrong and why he should stay. In a nut shell, Rob couldn’t justify why he lead the team to defeat when he bragged about having 5 years army experience. Once again, Rob to tried to deflect by saying I wasn’t physically fit for the job.

Why did he do that? I, hit his bitchass with that one-two- three punch everyone’s grown to love, and explained that (One), while I was ill and could not do the challenge, all employers offer their employees “sick days” but no one offers “incompetence days”. I implied that Rob was obviously incompetent and should not be allowed to continue. (Two) I also stressed how the team betrayed me saying that they cared about my health which they didn’t, and proved that they lacked integrity. And lastly, (Number Three, folks), I pointed out that Diddy would definitely hire brain over brawn, so the decision was obvious. Rob didn’t have what Diddy needs, brains. Damn, no wonder people say I should have been an attorney. I don’t know, but the real is the real. That’s how I think, nothing more.

Apparently the judges agreed, because the next thing you know, those two big ass security guys in black suits come and escort Rob’s bitch ass out, gansta style.


Your girl, Poprah!

Poprah @ FamousVH1Friends.com

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  1. Lizzie says:

    I think its a little hypocritical how in her first comment, she is like “yeah, I said live tv – it was a slip of the tounge, get over it” but when Red says Emmys instead of Grammys she doesnt give him the same slack she gives herself, and is all over him for it.

  2. l.shanks says:

    rob i was really rooting for poprah to go i had to agree with the juidges rob it made no sense for you to enlist in the army, go to iraq, get out and not have a clue as to how to plot a course way to gi joe.

  3. l.shanks says:

    Pporah i hope you are working on your attitude. you act like an obese version of new york.

  4. Erin A says:

    Get it girl you keeps it real and they cant take that you already have what it takes to be diddy’s ^)^$*)~+&`(&@&^ istant. But on the real work on your attitude because that’s the only thing that is going to stop you so be strong but don’t down your team because there stupidity is already going to come through regardless.

  5. Ms. B says:

    you go girl
    I live in ATL and when I seen you on TV representing the “A” and a being big girl
    I said “I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT”
    Show Diddy How we do here in the A
    we take noboby, I mean NOBODIES #$*%~&__)_*_(+$( you get them Girl.


  6. Kesha says:

    By no means nessary you are the strongest but you a little too sure of your self not that you should’n be but its not just you and you haven won yet. If you are sure of your self then you and your group need to win the next task. I hope that you win only because you are the strongest.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Kim Poprah should NOT be kept on the show. She is not the image of what a Diddy employee represents. She is an insecure plump girl with low self esteem who feels she has to bully people. Leaders do not talk down to others. Leaders motivate and are team builders. This girl has to realize that she is NOT the smartest person on the show. She will be an insult to Sean Combs. She will be a liability to Mr. Combs NOT an @`#!`~#^`#!$(#& et. Get rid of her.

  8. JaneGoodallOfSkeaze says:

    Me, me, me, I, I, I.

    We have all seen this person before. She’s the one who sucks up to anyone higher than her (witness the tearful crying in front of the judges) and kicks anyone she perceives as lower on the totem pole. (Too many examples too count.)

    Problem is her ego is as inflated as her behind. So even people who are peers are seen and treated as inferior. These people usually kiss-ass to a lower middle management level and spend the rest of their lives making everyone they work with miserable while they gloat about it.

    Also MLK? Jesus? She compared herself to these people over a REALITY show? Ugh! Even therapy doesn’t help nit-picking sadists like these.

  9. KP says:

    I’m with the rest of her team. Kim has to go home. She is not a team player and she is the weakest link on her team. Confidence is great but not at the expense of dividng the team. She needs to get it through her head-No one wants to work for her. If she brings that &@@`$!)^@$_)&+^( y attitude to Bad Boy, she won’t last one week. A key characteristic to being a great leader and team player is knowing when to humble yourself.

    When Kim falls, she is going to fall hard. It’s just a matter of time.

  10. Calvin says:

    I want to work for diddy

    KIM should not be there. No Leadership skills. She is a bully.
    She will be BAD for The Bad Boy Team. She is not a team player nor is she a leader therefore she is a loser. If you watch the folk who presently work for Diddy they are secure, They do NOT bully. They motivate. They are not 250 lbs. They do not pretend. Watch Kim’s tears when she wants sympathy. She is a bad stabbing insecure ignorant young hefty woman with a bad attitude. I don’t understand why the judges keep her?

    KIM is Omarosa # 2. As with Omaraso Kim is a disgrace. She definitely Doesn’t have the Sean Combs image. She is LOUD and doesn’t allow anyone else to have an opinion

    Yelling does not motivate anyone

    She is NOT a professional because if she was she wouldn’t have to say it.
    to call everyone else non professionals is ignorant.

    Send her ^“~`!&`!`$@)__!# ng please and she can yell in a GYM

    Her 250 lbs were a cushion for her feet that’s why her feet didn’t hurt

    She is a phony and an insecure disgrace. I am embarrassed FOR her.

  11. JLJ says:

    She obviously didn’t get the job if she is sitting around searching for internet gossip to respond to. In the form of obnoxiously long messages every week, at that.

    She kinda reminds me of Tanisha on the Bad Girls Club…people just don’t like women like that. Comparing herself to Jesus? Please.

  12. Simply_Love3 says:

    Kims too proud of herself. REALLY PROUD! I don’t like her.

  13. kellz says:

    She is fat&Miserable..The only thing she has going for herself is her work experience. But Like her teamates said..shes too big to physically be able to “keep up” The @(^^#()*#^@^)~@!% has asthma, diabtetes, high blood pressure and arthritis LMAO..who wants an ~%#`+`_@)@$`$*& istant that might day tommorow.I wouldn’t blame the team members..I dont give a @)()%@(^~“_(@%( about that @(^^#()*#^@^)~@!% either Just die fatass! She is LOUD, OBNOXIOUS..AND BOSSY but yet nobody listens to her! If you’re gonna try to boss peple around atleast make sure they even like you enough to LISTEN first!! How could you even go on T.V looking loike that you fatass piece of _&#&!^&#^!_%(@@!

  14. THEY GOTTA LOVE US says:


  15. Enimisaj says:

    ARE YOU 100% SURE YOU WANT TO BE DIDDY’S ~%`_$$%_~@$@!!~ ISTANT??
    C’mon Kimmy… now you are waaaayyy to full of yourself AND you think you’re going to be able to work for THE Mr. Combs?? Give me a break. Im not doubting your work skills, but communication and teamwork arent your high points. I truly think what you need to do is sit down and re-eval this whole “I Want to Work for Diddy” thing, because you need to work on your people skills.

  16. disgusted says:

    Get that fat, conniving, trouble-making b#@tch of the show. She is as ghetto and unprofessional as they come. She is going to ruin Bad Boy’s Image. She sits on her obese @ss then shifts the blame to the other who are working there @sses off. She then has the audacity to say God kept her out of the challenges. Bulll!! She’s unable to control her own appetite. This means she has no self-control, and no discipline. Put her on a diet and see how long she lasts without cheating. Put her to the test. Will she cheat? Absolutely…she will either cheat or break down. Guaranteed!! Prove me wrong!! She would be a lousy ~#_+$_^_`~+*~$~ istant. Throw her in the river. If Puffy chooses her he is an idiot. End of story.

  17. still disgusted says:

    I’m watching the show right now…she’s only a blame shifter. Blame shifters never bring the company to new heights…They only get their co-workers fired and make excuses. SHE CAN NOT DELIVER!! Separate her from the group and see if she can deliver…She can’t even breathe properly because of her long-standing lack of self-control? company liability. What happens when she over spends company monies? lack of self-control…company liability. What happens when a VIP client or banker is on company grounds and he hears her screaming and yelling at co-workers? lack of self-control… company what? liability. What happens when her heart explodes from over work? company is now liable. Oh yea…your insurance premiums will increase to account for the increased health risk you just brought on board.

  18. david williams says:

    hey i like her she goog to work for diddy an she need to win that job.

  19. LY says:

    This Kim girl has the WORST attitude! If her team keeps voting for her to go home then damn it send her butt home! Diddy needs to send her to the damn park and run for a WEEK! She doesn’t has effective communication skills, she doesn’t really like to work, and she doesn’t work well with others! She is a FAKE! She is too fat to be anyone’s `_~#%&^#%(@$$$~ istant. She will be too busy eating! LMAO!

  20. LY says:

    This Kim girl has the WORST attitude! If her team keeps voting for her to go home then damn it send her butt home! Diddy needs to send her to the damn park and run for a WEEK! She doesn’t have effective communication skills, she doesn’t really like to work, and she doesn’t work well with others! She is a FAKE! She is too fat to be anyone’s _%)!@!@#$@#$*~% istant. She will be too busy eating! LMAO!

  21. LY says:

    I meant she doesn’t have effective communication skills! LOL

  22. T-zilla says:

    Ms. Poprah, off top, you are the epitome of an angry fat, obese black female. You demonstrate a special gift in foresight; the ability of anticipating an upcoming event(s). i.e., the compass test, you knew once exposed to a forest like environment your asthma would be active and you brought your inhaler? You knew. I believe this gift was enhance do to your obesity life style and your “know it all” personality. What a combination? You are a disgruntle, professional, overweight whatever? You blame everyone but yourself; yet you want to be a leader. How dare you compare yourself to Jesus and Martin Luther King Jr., who personify selflessness and love. You hide behind your experiences from your professional jobs that you successfully failed at. You unmistakably show everyone you are successful in never learning from your errors. Example, how many times have professional people requested you to lose weight? How many times have you failed to listen? My point exactly. The industry, you are in will never except an aspiring obese, angry, loud, black woman. Learn how to play the game and stop playing the loud annoying foolish woman. In your Myspace bio, you said you like watching reality TV. What have you learned? Fat people do not win. Example, when fat people have their own reality TV show, the basis is to lose WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means the winner is THIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. OS212 says:

    Okay people lets get real here…poprah is good for TV, and that is the real story. She will be a part of the story line for a bit and then booted off because let’s be clear someone with her extremely unprofessional demeanor is not close to being a viable candidate to work for Mr. Combs.

    However, Mr. Combs and his team are great business people, and the ratings need to be there…I mean look how many blogs are on poprah…the show has just begun and the ratings need to be on point…SOOOOOO keep the B*** around a bit until you have the audience hooked then pick the real winner. It’s fairly textbook; an antagonist needs to be in play in the beginning of the story to make it exciting.

    I mean in a way Poprah is being used as well and she is probably fine with it, maybe she will be able to make a mountain out of a mole hill like Ms. New York did and get a few other shows, but Mr. Combs !_~*“*(^*&*@)$ istant, I don’t think so, her ego would get out of hand and she would trip on him too…I mean the broad compared herself to MLK Jr., COME ONNNN….

    by the way, I am going to post this on ALLLLLL the other Poprah blogs to make my point about he real reason for her survival thus far.


  24. roses says:

    I learned this news in another place. A hot debate heats up at Richromances.com. Let us check what pinions other celebrities and wealthy guys’ opinions are about this story. Many guys joined this discussion over there

  25. bronzie24 says:

    Kim, like Laverne is good for TV. Is Kim obnoxious and rude and all that? Yes. Will I be watching? YES! She has drive but lacks people skills and there is no way Diddy would let anyone with that type of attitude represent him. It has to be the total package and I can’t imagine who will win out of the people they have there. Kim will probably make it for a while, but I truly doubt that she will win.

  26. tasha says:

    U need to stop the cring and do the damn work .U not ready to work for DIDDY!!!!

  27. KelliLynn says:

    I keep watching the show because of Diddy first and u Popra mext. I’m a strong black woman who gets hated on as well.
    You make Diddy’s show fun to watch with you sassy, strong, but true comments.
    I hope you make it till the end.
    You are strong, black, big but beautiful in and out.
    Tone it down towards the other haters so you will make it because you do have to get along with others.

  28. KelliLynn says:


    Confident you are and I love it because I’m confident to. I viewed your web site and discovered why you are so entertaining on Diddy’s show. You have plenty of talent. Where can I get your music? Truly, out of all the contestants, you are the best and most talented and fit right into Diddy’s industry. I hope you make it and again hope to see you at the end of the show.

    I’ll be mad at Diddy, whom I love, if he let the untalented others hate you off the show. They are boring and you make me and my friends keep watching.

    Again, Diddy mentioned that you must get along with others so do what he says and twhat he other leaders say and you should make it because you have everything else that it takes.

    I’m going to celebrate if my girl wins!

    Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Don't Hate Me says:

    Kim’s portrayl of this show is skewed and biased. Where is Rich?

  30. Alan Johnson says:

    I cannot stand Poprah. She is the A Typical big mouth fat A$$ know it all. She needs to lose about a billion pounds (of attitude) I wish she would just shut her big trap. Enough of POPRAH what a poser fake a$$. PLEASE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. But it does demonstrate that this show is headed towards becoming another Diddy Flop. Diddy got skills but he is not as super smart as he sells himself to be. He is the ultimate salesman. His biggest accomplishment is self promotion. He needs to leave the TV and Movie world go. This show is a train wreck.

  31. Alan Johnson says:

    I just saw that Kim just escaped the chopping block yet again. What a joke this show is a total setup. What would you expect from Puffy (he’s such a fraud) he speaks of punk A$$ well Puff what about not stepping up when your dog got blasted where were you when Biggie needed you? And what about all that cedar you get off the backs of the kids in Hodorous. Damn Diddy you have no room to talk (PUNK A$$) it takes one to know one. You have never in your life fought your own battles. And the big bad former manager who passes judgment on the contestants is an empty puff. He always said don’t let me see you in front of me and that big mouth no talent hack Kim stands in front of him two times in a row but he pu$$es out and keeps her. He is a little +)#^!%~^)%$(#`&#+ I am done with this totally setup fake as Diddy production. Diddy is a Joke. At least he was smart enough to make his money off the talents of others. He has not done anything himself in years. He is a sell out … I mean dude BK commercials seriously is that gangsta….LMAO

  32. Stella A.Haskin says:

    Hello Mr. P. Diddy
    Let me start out by saying, “I AM……… A NATIVE NEW YORKER”, and my question to you Mr. P. Diddy is; is this young lady Kim a staff member and planted in the show to make sure the ratings stay up? I asked this question because there is not way that you or the staff members that are making the decisions as to who stays and who leaves this particular show can’t see that this young lady………….is not business material. In my opinion; she has a very bad attitude and if she was to survive and become your EXECUTIVE #)_&+!“`&!#%*@ ISTANT………………the minute that she has to interact with someone with status ………….because they have paid the cost to be the boss…………….she is going to have a problem……………..There is no way in “thee hell” she would have lasted this long…………………the negativity is too much….it most certainly outweights any positiveness that she may have………..I really don’t get it………………….but then again…………it’s all about that dollar………..which is sad……………….cause money……………….it ain’t nothing….compared to being spiritually centered……………..”but I don’t think you know anything about that…………….YET. The young man Robert that your staff members so insightfully terminated from the show and I use the word insightfully very lightly……………made a big mistake………………..”was it something he said? possiblity……………….let’s keep it real, that young man displayed a personality that is needed in the business world………..”oops, I forgot………..you see things from a don’t be a @@%*~(^`^&@#^_@__ need I say more on that? I don’t think so…….I did plan on watching your show for a few more segments but………………..that move turned me completely off.
    Oh…………and in case you’ll wondering what a woman of my statue is doing watching your show……………..my husband and I watch it……………CAUSE MY GRANDKIDS WATCH IT.
    Be Bless………………….and get rid of Kim………….she is not the ONE

  33. nee says:

    you go poprah you keep them ratings high.

  34. nee says:

    I don’t see why everyone hates poprah

  35. nee says:

    I want to work for diddy

  36. jawbonin says:

    You can win.

    Just study the Art of War and stop trying to tell everyone how strong you are and make them think you are weak. You show more by your actions than by your words- this will go over especially well with the judges. Also, stop all that cursing and act like you are in the boardroom even when everyone else acts like they live in a zoo. You’ll go far with Diddy if you keep your attitude to a minimum- there’s a time to get gansta, but this isn’t it….

    Go get it!

  37. Tiffany says:

    Miss Kim… Keep it up lady! I know you can win this!

  38. dat dude says:

    YO straight up i cannot stand yo ~$`+%@!*#~~&)#_ man you got an attitude problem and if you talked to me the way you do your teammates id slap your ho ~$`+%@!*#~~&)#_ those judges need to kick your ~$`+%@!*#~~&)#_ off the show ~`~+)&)#^!(*@*%$@

  39. Robyn says:

    i could not be on her team because i know for a fact i would be kicked off because she shouldn’t be allowed to talk to them the way she does. they are setting her up for failure because if you notice in all the challenges she either dont’ want to work physically or she stages a health issue. i can’t stand her and i hope she does get eliminated because she is negativity to the team.

  40. Kelly says:

    LOL… “They take us to an army base where we are rushed to a barrack where we have to change into army clothes. They didn’t have any army pants big enough for my big `)(!$@%@+((&((& so they had to sew two pair together. (Where’s Lane Bryant when you need it!)” xD

  41. Kelly says:

    LOL… “They take us to an army base where we are rushed to a barrack where we have to change into army clothes. They didn’t have any army pants big enough for my big *~^%#!&%~^(_“+ so they had to sew two pair together. (Where’s Lane Bryant when you need it!)” xD

    hey @ least shes keepin it real.

  42. ANNIE says:

    I think Kim is too arrogant,conceded,full of herself that she needs to be the one that gets eliminated. She can’t handle it mentally or physically. She puts people down and is always negative towards everyone and can’t take constructive criticisim. She needs to get off of the show just for being a fricken &*@“(@_^_)##&%!&

  43. Donna Edgeston says:

    Ok Ok….what ever KIm had an Asthma attack….t I can’t blame her team for voting for her I wouldn’t want to work with her either. She thinks she can handle everything, she knows everything and she can do everything but when it came down to a real challenge she couldn’t even handle the pressure. If she was the best person for the job she would be able to do whatever was asked of her and she couldn’t so they should’ve sent her @~~$^`+$+$!^)$#)( NG. She don’t know Diddy might need her to go to the woods……Can’t nobody be sending you to the hospital every other day cause you got a health condition..she crazy as hell!!!!

  44. thicknlovely29 says:


  45. vanessa_m says:

    I understand tenacity. I understand determination. I understand what it takes to be a leader. But I also understand how to work WITH people and how to motivate them to see things your way without being condescending. I’m not saying that you’re wrong about your teammates, but the way you go about it is just so wrong. You can be a leader without being so abrasive. I think that’s why your team is so willing to throw you under the bus each elimination.
    Your desire to win is amazing and I think that’s why you have stayed so far, but I wonder when it comes down to the end of it, will they really pick you? If you are really going to work for Diddy, you are going to be on a team and you are going to be low woman on the totem pole. I don’t think they’d tolerate your abrasivenss because THEY are the professionals and YOU are the newbie. I would hope that your +~##%!%@%$&(!*+ ertiveness won’t come back and bite you in the end.
    Good luck to you. I’ll be watching every week.

  46. shesocrazy19 says:

    formost kim wonders why this is her SECOND time being on the chopping block. talking to her teamates like thatyou will always be on the chopping block! But i will give you this i believe u go very far if you just losen up the attitude because at the end of the day diddy doesnt wnt a *!$!%^`%@!#`@#(*( ass %)_((+~(!*#~*$& itant

  47. van says:

    i am just surprised that diddys crew believed that she is serious. it must be a ratings thing. she quit on the first leg of fat march because she didnt want to walk anymore. it all was very familiar to me, the show she put on. i hope she gets called out. she should be an actress instead.

  48. Marilyn says:

    Kim is an arrongant brat to her teammates, and I personally think this is gone beyond far, she needs to get eliminated soon. I think she’s so fake. She doesn’t have any respect for any of her teammates. I have no idea what the judges are seeing in her, cause there’s no determination in her. I wish they rolled her on out. I personally think they keeping her for ratings. THAT’S NOT FAIR TO HER TEAMMATES. I PESONALLY THINK SHE’S THE BIGGEST @#$%&.

  49. Marilyn says:

    Kim is an arrongant brat to her teammates, and I personally think this is gone beyond far, she needs to get eliminated soon. I think she’s so fake. She doesn’t have any respect for any of her teammates. I have no idea what the judges are seeing in her, cause there’s no determination in her. I wish they rolled her on out. I personally think they’re keeping her for ratings. THAT’S NOT FAIR TO HER TEAMMATES. I PERSONALLY THINK SHE’S THE BIGGEST @#$%&.

  50. Monya says:

    Kim am not mad at your hustle..Be careful what you put out in the universe.. I watched you on Fat March, The weight loss reality competition. You are up to no good o.k. Same tatics…Like I said do you…..You could be a great ^#_&#@(#^~~!^@& istant but you are going about it in the wrong way.Who wants to work with someone who is broaderline NASTY…It’s about ratings that is why you are still on the show. Trust that’s the only reason you are still there.. Good luck you will need it in the END if you make it that FAR…………………

  51. Helio says:

    There are two jokes here, one, that the show presents working as a whipping dog for Diddy as some sort of honor, and two, that there are people who believe it enough to go on the show and provide themselves as the butt of the joke. Diddy is, although well off financially, no more than a great promoter along the lines of Don KIng. The difference is that they have different hair, no more no less. They both get rich from the talent and drive of others and present it as if they are an integral part of the success of the venture, all the while never taking responsibility for all of the failures they are involved in along the way. What a joke.

  52. LO says:

    poprah is not real….she needs to go…shes simply a poser! P-OPRAH??????? can someone say….original?! shes also very negative with her holy-ier than now attitude…thats infectious and not good for morale!!!!!

  53. Acai Plus says:

    Nice bog you have here. I pretty much lurk the internet when I’m bored and read all I can about the organic lifestyle, but I really liked you view on things. I’ll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!

  54. jason says:

    this is totally off the subject but I think she is the finest big girl on tv right now!

  55. Henry o says:

    i don’t get it. Why would people want to work for an @*$(_(%~!($~_+$ hole like diddy. People get a life and work for a living. This guy “diddy” treats you like &)*$!^+$$&_!$$*^ hes a *+%#%~^)(($`++$~ ing jerk with fame.