I Love Money Blog Party – Episode 7


Live Hit The Road, Rodeo Posted at 9:57PM EST

And so, for playing both sides and being untrustworthy, Rodeo gets the boot. What do you think of this decision? And why did Megan have to be so mean when she delivered it. Oh wait, that’s right: because she’s Megan.

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Live Bottom 3 Posted at 9:50PM EST

Last chance: who’s going home tonight?

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Live Best Interview Ever Posted at 9:41PM EST


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Live Rodeo Maaaadddd! Posted at 9:32PM EST

Rodeo’s really starting to lose it. How far do you think her rage will go? Should we be worried? How ’bout excited?

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Live Love Is In The…Throw-Up Tongue? Posted at 9:21PM EST

Whiteboy + Megan = WTF?

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Live Winding Up… Posted at 9:14PM EST

Hoopz and Rodeo are ready to throw the game so that the Green Team wins. Are they playing smart or playing dirty? Or is it that to play this game smart, you have to play dirty?

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Live The Unfairest of Them All? Posted at 9:03PM EST

Megan reveals the secret to her alliance: it’s a secret alliance! Ingenious plan or destined to fail?

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  1. lawrence says:

    It is absolutely interesting~~ I enjoyed it! A hot debate is taking place at Richromances.com now among hollywood writers and celebrities’ fans. More photos of gossip girl can be found over there

  2. nunya says:

    rodeo and hoopz needs to go home. They are so wrong. Toastee butter not go home.

  3. Kay Kay says:

    I think that either Toastee or Hoopz should go home Rodeo definitely has the edge over both of them

  4. lindsay says:

    I hope hoopz goes! So sick of her

  5. CHad Ford says:

    SO Megan has gone from MTV reality show, to VH1 reality show, to a worse VH1 reality show. She is on a clear path to the porn industry. Slow, slow death.

  6. Angela says:

    God, everyone on this show is such a freaking idiot. Why am I still watching? Seriously, I feel like ~)%@$&#^!@@$~~%*& slapping them all!

  7. Tricia says:

    megan is a stupid i hate her. like she need the money in all reality none of these people do lol rediculous man give me half a million i juss lost my crib in a flood

  8. chris says:

    rodeo will be going.
    megan can’t risk white boy and real being mad over hoopz,
    nor can she risk pumkin and brandi being mad over toasteee.

  9. Kristi says:

    I cant stand Meghan … she is the dumbest most useless human

  10. jenny ortiz says:

    ohzz does woops like whiteboy

  11. michiboo says:

    Crazy b???? and her dog should have got rid of hoops. I hope hoops takes her out first.

  12. Sheneir says:

    i )$*!+$(`))_@)&$+ s wit Hoopz, Rodeo is just playing the game safe trying to fit in with everyone, and Toastee is a manipulating (_(&~)~#`)`$%$&_~ like Megan, so Toastee needs to get the hell outta there

  13. robin d says:

    u &%)_$~$`+^!(~`~() es r all messed up go seek counseling please help save your selfs…….. :)

  14. ilovemoney says:


  15. The Sexiest Man ALIVE says:

    All I gotta say is if they eliminate my women Hoopz THEY ARE DEAD

  16. Annie says:

    MEAGAN, PLEASE PUT ON SOME CLOTHES! NO ONE LIVES IN A BIKINI! Not even in Mexico, Maybe she is hoping Heff is watching, am sure you would be more well dressed there. Oh and by the way, your dumb dog is just that, a dumb dog, not @*^(*&%!((~#!^_`*( ed, just dumb, it’s a dog, how many times has that dumb dog pee’d on you? Good Grief, and we all know you are using Whiteboy, who talks so getto, he’s needs a name more fitting, cuz, if he’s white, why doesn’t he act white?

    Meagan, you are truly, a phony person and Brandi C. is so darn ditzy, for once she actually made sense on tonight’s episode. You messed up Meagan, we all know, it’s because you are SCARED of ahem, white (not) boy and (un)Real. Get a backbone, you need it to help up them plastic boobs.

  17. omg says:

    omd i hate u megan if u! i hope u go home. but thanxs 4 not sended hoops home though. but b4 u gosend home pumkin,and brandi

  18. UNIQUE says:


  19. Kioki says:

    OMFG Rodeo did NOT deserve to go home. Take Tostee home the little !$+)%+!!`+)$+&_!$

  20. The Sexiest Man ALIVE - DJ SCOOBY G says:


  21. RodeosOnlyFan says:

    Man, what a disappointing failure that Rodeo is. I used to be really inspired but now… I just want to die. She was such a spineless coward, I’m glad she is gone now.


    HELL @*@)~@@+^$)%^#_* 12 PACK ILL BEAT HIS ^@)_~&*%@*$`#+$ THAT PUNK ^@)_~&*%@*$`#+$ ^(++(@!&*&~(%#$`&

  23. colleen says:

    change the name of the show to
    “i love dummies”
    fits most of the cast best.

  24. andrea d. wiener says:

    aw man, my girl Rodeo is GONE!! she got jerked around, man!!

  25. LYNESHA says:


  26. Tawanna says:

    I think that Hoopz should have went home on this episode. She is a trader and she is not a team player. She is one of the strongest players on the team and when Megan had the chance to eliminate her, she was so stupid for keeping her around. I hope that when the time is right that the Green Team will send her home for good. I feel that Rodeo needed that money more than Hoopz did. Rodeo is a team player and she was trying to get along with everyone in the house instead of choosing alliances. I like the fact that she was a neutral player. I wish Rodeo the best in the near future and i will always be a fan of hers.

  27. WhiteBoylover says:

    White boy and Megan should totaly get together i think its perfect. they should get married and have kids


    Megan is on her way to a bikini or lingerie career. Perhaps a Playboy job. WhiteBoy is a fake white boy. Go back home. I cant believe I what this crap. I just wasted an hour of my time watching this crap. Bring back Paradise Hotel. This is really a copycat of that yeah-right reality tv show. You guys suck and so do your reality tv shows. You are a music television station – come on – bring back the music videos.

  29. Mandy B says:

    the whole secret alliance is bull (~+$^`!!)+~*“%( Pumpkin needs to get the hell out aswell as Toastie!there such back stabbing %@*@^`*%)&)@~#&(` es.those dirty hoes..dont mean to be negative just need to tell the truth..I hope everyone see’s these tricks’ plans and quick..Hoops,whiteboy,real are the only people who deserve to be there!Hope they make it through..but first get those white %@*@^`*%)&)@~#&(` es out.-Pumpkin,Toastie,Megan,Brandy C…ha ha ha ha

  30. lindsay says:

    hahaha, best episode ever, megan sould have got rid of hoopz, rodeo is far more entertaining

  31. Shirley says:

    All I gotta say is that Megan is nothing but a Dumb Blonde, her and that stupid dog of hers will eventually be sent home, now that there is no more teams, poor Brandi C cant’ hide behind anyone.
    Megan,Heather,Hoopz,Brandi C,Pumpkin and Toastee will get what is coming to them that’s for sure, they made the mistake of sending Rodeo home, they gotta alot of nerve saying she was playing both sides, everyone else is not any better, come off it ppl!
    Rodeo was there to win for her son and her Fan, she is not a failure, they rest are on the show for tv ratings and to get ppl to notice them, their fake, Rodeo is not.
    I have and always will support Rodeo, could careless who wins I LOVE MONEY now, the ones left on the show are jealous of Rodeo.
    Toastee,Pumpkin,Brandi C and Megan, Heather you should have been sent $$_#)`!*!_`%_@##& n’ a long time ago, what goes around comes around, Karma is a (&`~)!@^$)^^@$~~^ Rodeo don’t put up with people’s crap, she tells it like it is, you cross Rodeo, and you’re gonna wish that you never had.
    Rock On Rodeo, love ya!

  32. YEAH BoyZ says:

    Yeah boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. For the worst show on television. I couldnt help blogging to let you people know that this is mindless entertainment. I rather watch Bob Barker on the Price is Right or Pat on Wheel of Fortune. This aint funny and it aint good to watch. VH1 you suck – you suck so bad that you aint even playing music. MTV owns ya and killing ya with this bs realtynot shows. go get some music and play it. uniteagainst.com

  33. arhcbu says:

    Well first of all.. I am disappointed that it came down to rodeo and hoopz because those are the most honest people in the house. I think this is all pumpkins fault she is a back stabber,her and toastee. Megan can’t be trusted either but everyone expects that from her. I’m happy that there is no more teams now everyone can stop arguing and we can see who is going to win the money.

  34. Dascoop says:

    YeahBozZ – you got it right, but Megan da hotty – she too good looking to go – boobs and blonde = ratings.

  35. loco says:

    yall are stupid yall should of sended home toastee cause she has an aliance with pumkin and brandi c

  36. IhateWhiteBoy says:

    Arhcbu – You got it wrong – Entertainer should have ousted WhiteBoy a long time ago. It is all his fault. Toastee should have ousted Real . Mr Boston should have stayed on – he was a trip to watch. No one else is interesting. I bet the blonde bimbo alliance will fall apart – cant trust Megan boobs.

  37. Shirley says:

    Rodeo was a Team Player, she is not a coward or a failure! Everyone on I LOVE MONEY was and always will be intimated by Rodeo, they are jealous. Brandi C, Pumpkin, Toastee, Megan and Heather are fake hoes. Sooner or later the lies will come out, what is the sense in watchin’ it now, the Best and Great person was sent home because of Megan, who is sharing the same brain as her dog, go fiqure, Hoopz is alright, she will fight to the end, best o luck to Hoopz,WhiteBoy and Real.
    And to Rodeo: Being a Great Friend and Fan of Yours, I wish you all of the very Best in everything you do hun, ROCK ON RODEO!!

  38. stasi says:

    lol Rodeo definitely made a fool outta herself in this episode.
    And now that nobody’s on teams anymore
    the weak people are gunna drop like flies. lol

  39. greg says:

    omg lol i wud hav done the same thing

    make rodeo just like do so much stuff then just get rid of her

    megan wus funny in that episode

  40. Bill Hugs says:

    I know VH1 saw teh whole competition go to +~!)#(+#(*(`#_&* first it was the weakest getting elimated but someone was smart and figured put the weakest keep the weakest. Thats the only true fair way every man or woman for themselves again why are the stalonairs so angry about chance there is only one winner even if you make it to the last 3 you chance chancse brother and whiteboy someone is going hom only one person wins. The only thing ican think of is whitboy needed Chance and real it’s good for him but whiteboy is not goinng to elimate himself if they end up the last 3, he didnt want in the box when the time came. I hope Megan, real, pumkin are the first to go oh hoops has to go. She was mad when Chance went cause she had an alliance she was protecting her own !#`@^&!(%_)^!#^ I can live with any of these wining the whole show, 12 pack, Entertainer, 12 packs girlfriend, Toastie. Whiteboy has some weird alliiance on and on about chance like he is his girllfirend I wonder why you would even have chance as a friend I kid of think if he was white and the same person you would hate him I think you want to be black deep down inside and you have lost your idenity but do think your smart and can win the show and you are dangerious becaue you are strong and smart and if you win then you deserve it cause you played the game well. dont. Although 12 pack has teh whole show down i think entertainer and him will be the last 2 standing and 12 will take it. The girls are getting off first. but at least second weakest wont win thats a bad show to watch everyone good getting elimated and fixing the show to lose so there is no competition at all. And it 250k after taxes it like 150k and you cant live off it for the rest of your life you will still have to work. Make it a million or a million after taxes you know vh1 gets a couple million per commercial. And that diddy show are you kidding me who wants to watch him, and brook that kid was the best thing that happend to your show and you kicked him off.

  41. Shayla says:

    LMAO Yup…Rodeo definitely mad a complete fool of herself on this episode. It was almost too painful to watch. I really dont care thats he went home..she wasn’t unique, funny, or interesting so in my opinion she should’ve been gone a long time ago

  42. Kim says:

    Tawanna you can not be serious! Rodeo is wack. she was playing both sides of the fence and got the boot..just like she deserved! and so what if she needed the money more than hoopz..she should’ve never been acting so wishy washy and desperate. The game is not a pity party..only the strongest will survive. she was weak, and 2-faced..so she got the boot!!! GOOD FOR HER!!!

  43. rol12momma says:

    here all this time i thought hoopz was the one playing both sides, cuz she’s on the yellow team, but is in alliance w/ the green, and a ll that commercial footage of her and the entertainer…but whatya know? Rodeo’s gotta go. I kinda figured it’d be her as I watched. cuz we’ve all seen the bonus footage of toastee yelling by the pool (and nobody’s seen that episode yet) plus the episode where Real’s all sweet on hoopz and noones seen that yet either…so by process of elimination rodeo’s gone!

  44. nickk says:

    that’s smart on what the blonds are doing!!!! goooooo toastie!

  45. RodeoFan2007 says:

    Rodeo put her heart and soul into this game..cant’ say much about the others
    Megan(her dog)should have went home weeks ago along with Toastee and Pumpkin
    Hoopz,Real&White Boy will get even in the end
    Rodeo, I wish you lotz of love and support in your career and everything else you do
    For all of the ones who don’t like Rodeo, that’s your problem, she willl and always be #1

  46. RodeoFan2007 says:

    Rodeo put her heart and soul into this game..
    She will always be a Winner

  47. JY says:

    Rodeo got karma, she made the gold team lost the game and it came back to hunt her. The gold team would have won, and she wouldn’t be eliminated if she just play the game fair. I think she deserve to go home. She’s a good woman but she played the game wrong. Rodeo, I’m sorry for your lost but you made your own destiny. Only if you play smarter. I actually thought that Rodeo would win this $250K because she’s strong, have a good heart, and fair. Unfortunately, she got emotionally involved about the whole alliance thing and truly believe that she would be save from them.NOT AT ALL.

  48. SHAN says:


  49. SHANTIERRA says:

    THATS SUM !$))@&$~$)#)^@_~ PPUMKIN YO &()%#~^!~*`$~^) LOOK LIKE U GOT AIDS I HOPE HOOPZ WHOOP YO &()%#~^!~*`$~^)

  50. Nicky says:

    Awww Rodeo went home :( She was fun to watch and seems like a genuine person. Everybody in the house is playing both sides, so they cannot single her out for playing both sides. I hope they sent HOOPS home soon. Hoops is really annonying to watch, acting like she’s all that and her “cockyness” attitude… HOOPS is so full of herself… she has to go.

  51. lady says:

    Every dog has his day.Magen and pumkin will be next

  52. Devin says:

    wow im guessing your racist pathetic anyways Hoopz is hot `!)`*)+$$&_)#`~# the entertainer he’s !!)^**+#+`)!~+!~@~ ed

  53. TheGame says:

    I have one question to ask everyone reading this…. do you think that Megan and Brandi are the ulgiest most deceiving %(^%$#_*%+&$#*_(_ es on the face of da Earf. I mean really they re only hot because of there boobs and every girl on that show is like that. So really Hoopz is the hottest one on the show. And Real is that last true gangsta on that show… not punk +~$$^)$##)$_*__ Whiteboy.

  54. sparky says:

    rodeo was so annoying. i’m so glad she went home.

  55. Ashlee says:

    who was paymaster??????

  56. Lavendersilk316 says:

    I’m glad the team idea is over. Now it’s survival of the fittest and Hoopz or whiteboy is going to kill all of those punks. I can’t believe they never figured out The dumb blonde alliances. It’s only a matter of team before all of those 4 blond &+(@(^@%^)~%(%($* es are gone. I still think it was &^*!`@!%$^+)(+%% ed up how Pumpkin sent chance home.

  57. GINBA says:

    megan is a backstabing ^#_“`)_!)^@$&!)@ she is a witch who should not be there .she cares about bout herself not goong home /hoops should had gonbe home not rodeo. rodeo is a smart , talent person.is got guts. megan is just dumb. punkin is also a ^#_“`)_!)^@$&!)@ thinking she is all that .

  58. teamMEGAN says:

    I love Megan. Megan is sooooo smart, you guys don’t even understand. Part of her intelligence is using what she has, the ability to lie, the ability to look less threatening to others so she is isn’t prey, getting strong people in her corner. Megan is definitely in the game. She made the right decision getting rid of Rodeo because Rodeo is a fool!! Threw the challenge, got put in the box, got eliminated by someone she was always hating on. Rodeo is stupid, Megan is smart. And so is Pumpkin.
    I want the ones everyone underestimates to win.

  59. Thomas hiatt says:

    seems to me everyone is kissing to much azz on there but nobody realizes it all still comes down to one person but hey who am I to say you gotta do what you gotta do even if you lose a friend hey thiers more out there watch you back not others let me on there I’ll show you how to be betrayed u got me hoopz ur beautiful

  60. Thomas hiatt says:

    I would do anything to get on that show or even for money I’m 6″3′ 205 pnds short light brown hair ice blue eye and a heart of gold my soon to be ex-wife says I’ll never be anyone important I want to proove her wrong so someone help me out

  61. E-LoCo187um says:

    Get those (4) four weak chic’s out of that crib, and let the game’s really begin. ( Brandi C., Megan, Pumkin, and Toastee) And, 12 Pack of _@$@@($)_+)&&*(# your going down sooner than you think buddy boy. Yeah.. yeah.. Mister’s Enter your “tainer” its back to the parent’s basement for you… BROKE! ! ! I LOVE HEATHER ! Hoopz, Real, and Whiteboy; if one of them go I’m gone also… I am gonna leave it right there.

  62. jackie says:

    ~`^)`^%+*&%*+#^% all these stupid )@_+_&&$&)_~^#%_` es i hope hoopz ~`^)`^%+*&%*+#^% s there +^~&@~)~^~$@&$_) up

  63. Ebony says:

    I think that Whiteboy is playing with Megan 2 much…He knows she likes him…so he tells her thing.(Knowing she will do them) and personally I dont like her…she is a SNAKE…But she aint send “MY GURL” hoopz home …so she cool….

  64. Thinking says:

    I think Meagan is scared of Whiteboy, Real and Hoops Meagan is dumb Pumkin send home one of the strongest for you to be safe I mean come on she listened to you so you Meagan should of return the favor and listen to her and your alliance. Only thing is I wish Rodeo was still there she lets Meagan played her for a BIG fool but don’t worry Meagan will geet hers. And Meagan dont be stupid Whiteboy do not like you he is playing for a fool cause he knows your weakness so he is play with it girl be strong…ya’ll have to be strong Whiteboy is brillant he is playing everyone and ya’ll so blind no body can fiure it out while except for 12Pack, I know you would get him out there.

  65. E~Zee says:

    I aint gone front. Rodeo iz very spirited & i like that about hur. But dat ish wuz madd pathetic uv hur.
    So yes she deserved 2 go because she knowz dat if she wuz neva @ risk uv leavin, she wouldn’t hav tried 2 make peace wit everybody. & she wuz neva makin tha show interestin fa me anywayz.
    Stop hatin on Hoopz kuz she’z been nuthin but real & str8 forward. & u can say she betrayin hur team if u wanna, but jus remember she MADE the damn team and didn’t git with tha green team till AFTER 12 Pack, Heather, and ENT saved Destiny against the majority vote
    Speakin uv Heather, duz anybody else see it so funny how she wuz all big bad azz with all tha blondez on RoL b4, but now she seemz like she’z scared uv Hoopz!? l0l plz.
    && itz effed up how Pumkin wuz apparently Hoopz friend b4 all this but now all of a sudden she’z tryin 2get hur sent home. [[SHADY]]
    and too ALL of you callin whiteboy a fake, I only got one question…. fake what?!? I don’t get it. And you prolly couldn’t even answer. So I call -you- a HATER

  66. monk busted says:

    Megan should have sent hoops home, followed by real, and whiteboy

  67. DD says:

    Rodeo is pathetic…..funny Megan put her on blast about her being an old lady crying!! Rodeo deserved it for always trying to act like a badass. This lady is sad! I was mainly annoyed by her stupid &$&&+_)`_$%(~#& laugh and weeha BS! Goodbye – hope we never have to see this man I mean woMAN again.

  68. jennifer says:

    i want to see white boy and mehan hook up

  69. Ruthie says:

    I think that Megan is totaly stupid,…I just cant stand her,..and I think that sending rodeo home was so crazy cause rodeo was one of the best,..

  70. david says:

    I think someone needs to remind WHITEBOY he is a WHITEBOY!!! Real is FAKE. They should of sent Hoopz home. I knew megan would not because I remember seeing a preview and seeing REAL (FAKE) and hoopz on a romantic dinner together, and since that hasn’t happen I knew it was going to be Rodeo. I think heather is going to win personally

  71. tammy teffteller says:

    Whiteboy…try to show us that you’re truley not the skank that you’re starting to show us!Come on now?!Hoopz,I always thought of you as a pretty classey lady until I seen tonights episode.You actually showed some ghetto ^!%%!(!^_#%@~!` blah,blah,blah”with your teamates.But I can understand it when it came to Entertainer all up in your face putting you on blast.It’s all good though I guess,because he’s made my butt itch a few times too.But don’t go there with Heather.

  72. david says:

    and dont be fooled by Megan’s Im a dumb blonde routine, she is pretty damn smart……

  73. flaco says:

    Megan & Whiteboy yes! Megan is so @$@!#%& hot! I wanna see dat hook up too!

  74. Andrew says:

    Megan is smart she was on Beauty and The Geek. A Manipulative liar, but smart. Isn’t it how you are suppose to be in this game. I’m sorry to be the one to bring people down, but unfortunately people play dirty for money. Would you all watch a show if everyone was genuinely nice to each other all the time. As much as we all like to see it. It won’t happen sorry. Now that my rant is over at least teams are gone no more secret alliances. Everybody for themselves it was inevitable people.

  75. Amy says:

    Megan! u should have eliminated “Hoopz” she is the most loyal. Rodeo was still floating back and fouth and she may have formed and alliance with you??? The best thing on the show was “pumpkin” voting off “chance” , Chance and “Real” would have won the game if she had not done so. Whatever its a game right! Heather made me irrate when she let “hoopz” talk down to her like that…wtf??? i couldnt believe that s***! F**K ,u can take on “Daisy” but not Hoopz????? IDK….anyways! The show is BS! However, the name of the show is my favorite!!!!!! I LOVE $$$$$$! its not like fake like the other shows where its just a …..SHOWMANCE(CR)! it comes down to the green :) although people are still using there bodies and sex to manipulate? i hate midget mac :( he sux ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( k drunk gnite :) amy OC!

  76. J1460 says:

    Rodeo you are a huge disappointment I thought that out of all the people in the house you were the one that was a true leader and a inspiration, but after seeing you beg and fake cry and groveling you are with out a doubt the saddest and the most pathetic player I have ever seen on any reality show you are the biggest disgrace to the human race, you are like a confused person that does not know what boat to stay on your sobbing and your kissing *`&+_@%()&`_$@@ is so fake so disgusting ,but then again you wanted Megan to pick you. physically you are stronger than all the woman put together. but mentally Megan had you locked down. if you would have stayed loyal to gold team you could have stayed to see another challenge but you are a fkn loser a traitor and that is why you are gone so long.

  77. don hor says:

    hoopz made this team!!now she turns her back on the team!!!!!and rodeo not knowing how.to think for herself needs a leader!!i think her house has kicked her in the _`^@%*+)_%#!`@^ or head!!!!!!!bye,bye c—t!!!!!!

  78. chinadoll says:

    I said that Megan wasnt dumb, she playing to win, whatever it takes, she kept toastee for the blonde alliance, even though they wanted Hoopz gone, and she kept Hoopz for the Green team. So she wouldve still been in the game until they said no more teams. Now everybody has to be out for themselves. And when it comes down to the end, they are all gonna be backstabbers. Whiteboy is not gonna be lookin out for Real or Hoopz he is gonna be lookin out for himself. Who’s to say that these next challenges will be about strength and the strongest surviving, so right now I think its anyones game. Im torn between Hoopz and Heather as far as who I want to win. But like I said it might not all depend on strength. As for Rodeo, im sorry but that was a pretty pathetic way to go out. And as far as Megan dissin her at the end like that, she shouldve popped that bi–ootch in the mouth. So at least all that crying and Megans insults wouldnt have made her look so bad. Hell she was already going home, she shouldve went out with a bang.

  79. Serina3 says:

    Meagn is a spitful $$@@!^@`+#&*~~`_! She has the body of a 15 year old boy with fake boobs!! What a joke…Rodeo at least has a heart…Megan can maybe get a heart implant with money if she wins….she needs one.

  80. G.I. FINEST says:

    hoopz is the one 2-faced rodeo threw the challenge because of her if they won her boy real or white boy would have went home rodeo should have just won the challenge anyway at last she would have been safe

  81. wizzle says:

    on the bottom three pic yo hoopz it trll, shawty dont give a +$!!#$&^&~&#$)*+ forreal and she keep &`!#~$!`!*$+~$_* on them other ))~##!*+^+^@^*(&~ es. rodeo was real cool to until she started kissing up to megan ))~##!*+^+^@^*(&~ _&$!~**)&~) Rule number 1 never give blondes the upper hand(except heather). she lost my respect all rodeo had to do was try and be a gangsta like white boy and she would have keep u round and let u hit…….LOL and as for toasteeee man that bi%#h run on beers by the hour yo she get sober hangover she cant fuction unless she drunk

  82. Angela says:

    My name is Angela and I would like to say that the wrong people have been going home. They all have been playing this game the wrong way. If I was going to build a great basketball team like the Chicago Bulls why would have weak people on my team who distract and mess up the game. Only the strong survive not the weak and dunb. Megan Pumkin Brandi C and Toastee should have bounce a long time ago. I want someone one my team that strong and will help futther my goal of winning not someone who prances around the house holding a ding bat dog and think that showing her &^(%##!_+_*&^!$ and _!**()_((~^!`~& s are something wonderful. if you have to cheat to win you deserve a damn thing. Like the saying goes cheaters never wins.

  83. RACHEL says:

    I think Rodeo deserved to go. she was a two-faced backstabber. but then again on a show #)$^**_^(`(^+@` led “i love money” you couldnt expect more. Everyone’s gotta story of some sort of hardship that isgoing on their lives….she just made an (*`$%!`+&+)~@@_ of herself trying to get pity.

  84. Robin says:

    I think Rodeo needs to give up the reality show gigs. She is always a loser and makes an _$%!^@++@@_@+~) out of herself on every show. Stick to the BBQ sause sister. _$%!^@++@@_@+~) kissing is not your thing.

  85. mandy says:

    megan needs 2 4get about whiteboy she can do so much better.hope he is next 2 go,,hope one of the girls from the secret alliance wins.

  86. Rose says:

    Her dog should have got rid of hoops. I hope hoops takes her out first? It’s a big suprise that she is hot blogger at a celeb site richromances.com amazing

  87. Lynne says:

    Rodeo is a winer. This is the second show she got booted from.

  88. mandy says:

    r heather.i like hoopz she is pretty n str8 n real.but megan should send her home cuz she is str8.

  89. adrian says:

    I am a big fan of Rodeo,but I knew she was going home because she scared Megan

  90. buterflimadam says:

    This is so stupid in the end Toastee is going to win the whole thing. the secret alliance is going to turn on each other. Megan cant be trusted she will turn on Brandi C and she is just to stupid to see it coming. Then Pumpkin and Toastee will turn on Megan and get rid of her. Toastee will turn on Pumpkin and send her home and the last one standing will be Toastee.

  91. josh says:

    that ^@~`(@^_!_*!%#+&% is crazy!

  92. Shana says:

    I totally think Rodeo deserved to go home. She had to know that if the gold team lost her and Hoopz would be put in the box for being traitors. If she would not have thrown the challenge, she wouldn’t have had to worry aobut it. Its totally her own fault that she went home.

  93. yeah says:

    Im glad rodeo was sent home and now that thier not in teams the weekier ones will start being sent home.

    Go Whiteboy

  94. fabulous says:

    i think that rodeo is CRAZY!!!!!!! physco crazy

  95. dwemmy says:

    What I found particularly funny was at the end she said, “I hope I don’t disappoint my fans (tears)”. Fans?! None of these reality “stars” has any real fans. They will be forgotten in less than a year.

    Almost as funny was on “I love NY” when 12 Pack was overheard saying.”this is going to be the biggest show in the country. I can write my own ticket after this”. He got the boot post haste.

  96. isabella julianna says:

    omg i love this guy but i hope he is not serouse about megan i hope he has better taste than that dumb azz beatch!! i think him and hoopz make a good couple or hoops and real :)

  97. guess who says:

    does megan own any clothes?

  98. doll baby says:

    first of all, why megan made it this far i don’t know, everyone states that she is a sneaky snake but yet no one has yet successfully got rid of her scandalous butt.

  99. jenna says:

    rodeo sould not go hoops sould go

  100. Whispering Lilac says:

    I think Megan did alright, getting rid of either Hoopz or Rodeo, because these two women are strong. Now that there are no teams, having an alliance doesn’t seem to matter.

  101. Doobie Us says:

    Rodeo didn’t quite make it 8 Seconds, I mean 8 Episodes.

  102. Pat says:

    Did the producers forget to tell Megan to bring clothes?

  103. Pat says:

    I want to see Pumpkin go home

  104. Dahlia says:

    What is with Meagan’s laugh? Is she mental or what? I hope she gets eliminated soon, she is so evil, lying and why does anyone trust her. And what is it with her dog? Poor thing having to deal with an owner like her. I hope that 12- Pac and Heather win. They are the only ones being honest and make a great couple and so does Hoopz and Real.

  105. CHRIS says:


  106. Drnknmunx44 says:

    Dude honestly I use to have this huge crush on HOOPZ but i definatley seen a side of her that was so unattractive. . I thought she was a straight up person but WOW she disappointed me.. dont get me wrong, i would love to watch her and drool over her sexy ^!^@@&_*)!#^!%! but attitude wise she sucks and needs to get BOUNCED

  107. princess says:

    that interview with lily was so funny! she just sits for 2 secons nd then next thing you know she says in dog language, “that &*`)*$)`~_%`^`^&` is crazy” !!!!!!

  108. ally says:

    go sell some BBQ sause

  109. E~Zee says:

    I’m sorry, but Rodeo iz a COMPLETE dumb “+&$`!$_$~)“& 4 laughin n ish after hur team just LOST!! WTF R U THINKIN BOUT?! “Oh, I think they kno that i tried to throw the challenge…”
    U THINK?!!
    And wusup wit yall callin whiteboy a fake gangster?! He neva said he was a damn gangster, so how could he be fakin?! Thatz just him. What he’z supposed 2 be all preppy and suburbian jus because he’s white?!? Plz
    Seriously, get a lyfe, and stop hating

  110. kidnice says:

    Hoops get off REALs HEAD SACK already and play your game correct b4 you catch another bad one,because that Alliance is a JOKE..,and don’t you already have a MAN ? Damm you must be in some heat to want REAL LoL ! The Black John Wayne haha… Stop looking Desperate for Real and play your game because in the end only one wins WAKE UP !!! haha PEACE …

  111. E~Zee says:

    & 4 everybody trippin off Hoopz and hur attitude, trust me. If u wuz in dat sitiation wit all dat money on tha line, u would tripp out and go off like dat too! Ish like dis is stressin. U cant help but let ppl have it sumtimez. I’m more than sure she’s not like that all the time.

  112. kidnice says:

    Oh wait about Meagan I was starting to like Meagan but now I see how much of a wimp she really is you were suppose to take out HOOPS!! HOOPS HOOPS HOOPS HOOPS SMH Brandi coouldnt say it any better this will come back to byte you harder then your wacked out chiguagua ever did,which I’m sure he has because your one looney bin, Poor dog is about to flee with his flees to Cancun and leave yo Butt Dry …. haha

  113. HEATHER SUCKS says:

    Heather has a new personality coming out. It’s always the ugly one. Your a loser Heather! Hoopz picked her and now she is a skank to Hoopz.

  114. Jim says:

    Pumkin your groosssss……….and Heather, 12pack, entertainer were the first traders to their team and they have no business telling Hoopz that she was not a trader……

  115. Daddy says:

    Heather is washed up stripper!!!!! Entertainer is annonying and needs to get a job. He is a loser.

  116. shaqan says:

    bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymmmmmmmmmmm the rest of the stalienares plus hoopz need 2 leave

  117. Sammie p says:

    Rodeo you were probaly the most genuine. People on your on team started alliances and you had not choice but to form with the others. Good luck, you will succed at anything you do.

  118. HEATHER IS a HOE! says:

    Heather is evil and mean.

  119. Hoopz is Good! says:

    Good luck to you hoopz! I wished you would have beat Heather’s @ss. She needed it.

  120. HEATHER IS A SKANK!!! says:

    Heather too afraid to hit Hoopz, she knows Hoopz would have kicked her @ss. Beat her @ss, Hoopz!

  121. Entertainer Sucks! says:

    You so annoying, you are always screaming in people’s faces as if you needed a hearing aid. I gues you can’t afford one because you still live with mama. You loser

  122. Cher says:

    rodeo is an idiot. She made herself a target then displayed the fact that she threw the challenge. Then she got eliminated. She need to take her old boke `^@@(#@&&(!(+&` home and away from the humiliation that she called on herself

  123. jobline says:

    Get a job entertainer, you need to speak clearly and stop yelling. You have a low self esteem by trying to get attention by yelling, you pizza delivery boy.

  124. Entertainer is a loser!! says:

    Entertainer you don’t go yelling at everyone and saying nay nay booboo at women. Tattling and tattling. You have hidden subconcious anger towards women, which most likely came from your mom. Based on the video, you still get scolled at home. Your a loser!!!!!

  125. slaveofmoldy says:

    Is Megan a heroin addict?

  126. lovehoops says:

    i think pumkin brandi megan and drunk *_#!%!$`+%`#!$+ toastie needs to take their pale face azzes home and whiteboy aint real let him come to my turf wit that he’ll get ate up

  127. goalz says:

    Heatheer need to shut up itwh her mann lookin )_“~!)~+*&_&$)

  128. Goalz says:

    shaqan need to shut up probley look like a he/she wanna be

  129. SATINDOLL says:


  130. sjf says:

    Somebody need to beat the @#%%~^$%*++&*@)% out of Meagan, 12 Pack’s gay ^$@_)$@@^+@)^^` and the grown ^$@_)$@@^+@)^^` man that still lives with his mama. This is the most stupiest show ever and I no longer allow it to be played on my TV.

  131. anna79 says:

    man i think hoopz is the $$$$ i belive she the winner if not i hope its real that win…

  132. ROLjunkie says:

    First, I want to make sure that everyone saw that there will NOT be back-to-back episodes this Sunday night as stated last week. Episode #8 is on Sunday @ 11am and 9pm and then episode #9 is on Monday at 8pm. What a bummer this is.

    I’ve heard word of a new, shocking alliance. I think the most shocking alliance would be Punkin and Real. In the upcoming preview, they showed them talking and I have a feeling that Real is going to try to get Punkin into their alliance for some reason (maybe she or Tostee is the pay master this time around). Also, in the preview from the episode filmed on Valentine’s Day, Megan, Hoopz and Punkin are sitting in the living area when Real comes up with flowers for Hoopz. It seems as though maybe the three of these girls will have an alliance, which could be the result of a Punkin/Real alliance. We’ll have to watch and see……

  133. ivan says:

    i think that Destiny and Rodeo should come back.

  134. myesha says:

    all are stupid

  135. austin says:

    i love rodeo forever

  136. austin says:

    i love rodeo