I Love Money Blog Party – Episode 7


Live Hit The Road, Rodeo Posted at 9:57PM EST

And so, for playing both sides and being untrustworthy, Rodeo gets the boot. What do you think of this decision? And why did Megan have to be so mean when she delivered it. Oh wait, that’s right: because she’s Megan.

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Live Bottom 3 Posted at 9:50PM EST

Last chance: who’s going home tonight?

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Live Best Interview Ever Posted at 9:41PM EST


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Live Rodeo Maaaadddd! Posted at 9:32PM EST

Rodeo’s really starting to lose it. How far do you think her rage will go? Should we be worried? How ’bout excited?

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Live Love Is In The…Throw-Up Tongue? Posted at 9:21PM EST

Whiteboy + Megan = WTF?

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Live Winding Up… Posted at 9:14PM EST

Hoopz and Rodeo are ready to throw the game so that the Green Team wins. Are they playing smart or playing dirty? Or is it that to play this game smart, you have to play dirty?

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Live The Unfairest of Them All? Posted at 9:03PM EST

Megan reveals the secret to her alliance: it’s a secret alliance! Ingenious plan or destined to fail?

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