Introducing: Glam God


Above, watch the trailer for Glam God, the uncommonly straightforward (at least for VH1) reality competition that finds 12 fashionistas vying for $100,000 and the satisfaction of being named the show’s top celebrity stylist. Below, get a better look at the dozen who’ll compete for the titular title.

Glam God premieres Thursday at 10/9c on VH1.

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  1. pinkosupasta says:

    GooooOOOOooooOOOO Aaron! Can’t wait to see what you do on the show!

    Nice pic! You’re looking mighty dapper! **hot**

  2. SAMANTHA says:


  3. kathy says:

    Let’s go Aaron!!! you rock!

  4. Peter says:

    I am a big fan of watching “realty” shows trying to turn nothing into something people will watch. “Glam God” has succeeded in turning nothing into “nothing much”. Vivica Fox, in trying to seem like anything on this show is in the least dramatic or important, ends up looking ridiculous. It sounds like she didn’t quite practice her “tag line” enough as you can almost hear her saying it in her head as she’s laying it on the contestants. “you should keep reaching for the stars ………blah, blah, blah.
    The first two people who were released from the show, Aaron and Coxy, were obviously just brought on to be thrown off. Frankly, Aaron seems like the only one you had on who had any real class and elegance. So now that he’s gone, so am I.
    This proves that just because someone can get a show on TV, doesn’t mean they should.

  5. SteveR says:

    Just saw the first episode and was blown away.. from BOREDOM! The extras, especially the one with Aaron as the self proclaimed straight guy that just happens to love fashion, makeup and Bette Midler was MUCH funnier, fun and more entertaining then anything in the actual show! How could you eliminate the one guy that was funny?

  6. Fern says:

    Too bad you let this one go. I guess the show’s actually about drama and not style. Aaron has too much class for such a trashy show anyway!

  7. Andy says:

    I am picking Tiger Lily now, she’s gonna go the distance in this series.


  8. RealityLover says:

    Oh man…Vivica Fox sux. PLEASE get her off the show!!!!

  9. Tulips says:

    Well, there goes an hour of my life I can’t get back! This show is a real sleeper! I can’t believe they let the only two real people on the show go. Aaron, you have way too much class for this show. Be glad you got out when you did!

  10. preston walters says:

    What’s up with Tiger Lily’s fake accent? Have yo

  11. Preston Walters says:

    What is up with that fake accent? Did she forget that she was being interviewed? If she is going to speak with an “British” accent at least make it easy for the Vh

  12. Preston Walters says:

    What is up with Tigerlily’s fake accent? Did she forget that she was being interviewed? If she is going to speak with an accent at least make it easy for the program editors to cut and slice her interviews so it could be kept “real.”

  13. ILOVEREALITY says:

    OMG!!! I have to say this…the point of this show is Fashion Styling, yes? Who the hell is styling Vivica? gurl those outfits, shoes(episode3) and Lord please, what is up with the wigs? NO NO NO! I love Vivica, she’s a red carpet Diva but her Vh1 stylist needs to be a part of this group to develop their skills. In the meantime, Vivica use your regular red carpet stylist or work it yourself gurl I know you have to have your own flava!

  14. Nikki Oregio says:

    I jus found out online that Tigerlil’s Mom is Jamaican and her Dad is British. She grew up overseas in London and the Cayman Islands, hence her accent is untraceable. As for Preston and his comments about her accent maybe he should get the FACTS!!

    (a fan of Tigerlily)

  15. pink osupsata says:

    I quit watching Glam God the episode after Aaron Marino was eliminated. I don’t understand why they would have people of his talent on the show and now showcase what he can do. Baffles me. So, I am waiting for Glam God to bring him back because they made a big mistake!

  16. Shelly says:

    I liked the show. Thought it had a lot of promise. Not after last night’s episode. Clearly the wrong person went home. It was ironic that the theme was “integrity”, cause the show didn’t have any. We don’t need Indachio’s drama to watch the show, but I guess the producers think they do. He should have been gone.

    See ya Viv. Catch you on your next project.

  17. Keep It Real says:

    Indashio should have gone the hell home!!! I can not stnad him! He ^^@*_@%_^~~@@~~&* ed out in front of all of america and now he claiming that he is at war with the whole house, you lose ^^@*_@%_^~~@@~~&* Vivica please save the show and send this ^^@*_@%_^~~@@~~&* home.

  18. haselnub says:

    Does anyone know where I can find earrings like Tiger lily? She always wears some fierce, large earrings and would love to find out where a girl can find them.

  19. Deb says:

    Could someone please let me know where I can purchase the T-shirt Jess was wearing on last week episodes. The shirt readed “Beauty is within”.

  20. Dana Michelle says:

    I think Glam God is such a amazing show for a aspiring stylist, such as myself. i really would love to know when they are having the casting call.

  21. Jodie Lyn says:

    Tigerlily’s earrings can be found at

  22. missthangoffdachain says:

    hey boo i just wanna congratulate you on winning glam god know i was with you all the way and you proved yourself very good especially with the diva ya did da damn thang and u know whatcha gonna do with your 100g’s?holla back

  23. scott says:

    I got hooked on this show when the totally drunk drag queen got kicked off. It was fun to watch and I admired the talent of many of the participants. I have been a big fan and loyal viewer of many VH1 shows but when I saw that Indacio won the competition (and like most “reality” shows- everything is fixed)- I just wanted to vomit. What an untalented, whining, little ingrate that boy is. I am not homophobic, on the contrary, but he spends weeks pretending be down on another woman, yet we know what he is…. that aside, he still can’t compare with talent to the other two finalists, let alone earlier competitiors voted off. I hope his only 15 minutes (of undeserved) fame is being on this show, and even after seasons of “Flava of Love” and it’s equally moronic spin-offs- this show and it’s final decision are the lowest that VH-1 has yet to sink. Even Brooke Hogan has more sense. Oye.

  24. anle says:

    I agree that Vivica does the show no favours. She rude and forgets where she came from. Someone gave her a chance and she got lucky. My friends and I stopped watching because she has no credibility. hope they replace her with someone fabulous soon!

  25. Legal sounds says:

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