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  1. Andrea says:

    DMB will never be the same without him………may his memory live on through the rest of the band!!!!

  2. Sarah Stovall says:

    I cant believe this has happened, my deepest sympathies to the family members, and band. I feel so deeply blessed to have been able to have seen him play live several times. I cannot even fathom what this is going to do for the bands future, and tour dates that were scheduled. I hope every one is ok, and most importantly remember that you are loved by countless souls,. as your family member, and band mate made our souls cry with happiness when you all played together. Much love, and good wishes, and healing your way.

  3. Justin Work says:

    DMB will never be the same and my family hearts and prayers go out to his family. I hope Dave and the rest of the group can keep playing in his memory

  4. E&J says:

    Our depest sympathy goes out to the family of LeRoi Moore. The Dave Matthews Band is actually the DMB ensemble. LeRoi was an integral part of the ensemble. We have been fans of DMB as are many others for many years. Each show is a festival or a celebration. Hopefully the band will continue the celebration in honor or LeRoi.


    Last Show: Front Row Center HOUSTON Summer ’07

  5. lucy says:

    He is a talent guy. His music is awsome It’s said he recently joined a celebrity dating site named “”. Many fans are talking about this. Who know his screenname at that site?

  6. MP3Million says:

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